tagRomanceA New Level of Life

A New Level of Life


Saturday evening, after dinner, I suggested, "Why don't you enjoy a hot bubble bath?"

As my newlywed wife luxuriated, I prepared. In the bedroom, I closed the curtains, brought in several lavender-scented candles, then gathered the various stuffed animals she had collected over the years - plus a few new ones I had bought for her but had not yet presented to her - and placed them on the bed.

Earlier in the day, I had also bought a vase of roses and had hidden them in my tiny office in the basement. While Tina continued to enjoy her hot bath, I brought the roses to the bedroom, taking each flower out of the vase and placing it so that it appeared to be held by one of the stuffed animals. Then I stepped back and admired the scene for a moment before lighting the scented candles.

It was then time to prepare myself. I undressed fully and added a touch of cologne, then went to the bathroom door and knocked.

"It's okay," I heard softly through the door. Still, I hesitated a moment before opening the bathroom door.

"Are you here to join me?" my young wife asked.

"Actually, no," I responded, kneeling beside the bathtub for a moment to kiss her cheek. "Time's up."


"Already." I stood and reached for a large towel, and she took the hint, reaching forward to open the drain before standing in the slowly-descending water.

Seeing my wife naked and wet reminded me of the previous times when I had seen her naked and wet in a different context. While this situation was indeed quite different, she was still just as alluring and just as beautiful. As the water dripped from her body, I could well have been looking at a fabled siren, and my body began to react accordingly.

With great care and love, I dried her, then set the towel on the counter, but before I could pick her up, Tina was kneeling before me, fondling me, enticing me, looking up at me with great devotion and respect and love.

"Go ahead," I whispered to her, thoughtfully brushing her hair away from her face.

She took her time, practically worshipping me with her mouth and with her hands. Like an expert, she brought me to my full fullness fairly quickly, and then maintained me there for a long time.

Finally, I could take it no longer. I had to either erupt in her mouth or force her to stop, and since I had a plan which had just gone temporarily awry, I chose the latter.

Tina squealed with delight as I picked her up and carried her from the bathroom to her bedroom. She fawned over the many stuffed animals and roses on the bed and enthusiastically peppered my face with kisses before I settled her down on the bed, surrounded by the many vestiges of the girlhood which life circumstances had robbed from her.

As she held a new stuffed panther to her chest, I perched between my wife's spread legs, bending forward, planting a line of kisses along the inside of each thigh...

I teased her for a long time, watching as her passion became more plentiful as it flowed from her feminine folds. I purposely avoided her succulent sex, at best simply exhaling onto her clitoris, and soon her small voice began to whine and then beg for me to touch her...

After making her beg just a little more, I slowly laved her wet sex, producing a long groan of frustration crumbling as I tasted her tangy passion. After that, I did not hold back: I ate this exquisite young woman with an extreme relish, enjoying how her thighs attempted to crush my skull as she humped my face like a true sexually-aroused woman.

"Oh my Goddess...!!!"

Tina's orgasm was swift, her broth expelled onto my face and into my mouth, and I ingested as much as I possibly could. As her thighs finally fell away from my ears, as her small breasts rose and fell quickly atop her chest, her voice shaky as I moved into position above her, brushing the dripping tip of my manhood along her wet sex.

"So precious..." I commented softly, and as she smiled, I pressed into her.

We made love. It was not about having sex with someone. This was about something deeper, something far more meaningful, something truly from the heart. It was about each of us enjoying as much pleasure as possible without tipping either of us over the edge too quickly.

Her small form surrounded by the roses and the stuffed animals, her sirenic voice, her expressive eyes all ultimately paled compared to her glorious release. Her already-tight passage became even tighter, the additional friction the catalyst, and we plummeted over the edge together, my wife clutching me fiercely, our bodies and our hearts fused as one, our recent statuses as husband and wife falling away to reveal two souls experiencing a new level of life.

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