tagLoving WivesA New Way of Life Ch. 05

A New Way of Life Ch. 05


Azman must pay the price for his fun with the other ladies as well as Earl's wife. Although he may not like it at first he is intrigued by the sight of Art's big cock spreading Azizah's pussy lips.

I had told the group of my success with Azizah, and the fact that Azman had agreed and joined in. This left only the need to introduce her to the members, and how it should be done, either in a group, or one couple at a time. Azman had already been added to the group prior to Azizah joining him here. He already had developed a taste for all the ladies, but had absented himself when Azizah arrived. The group had enlarged to the point that I didn't think it was feasible to make her introduction to the group as a whole, so I suggested to both Azizah and Azman that it should be their choice.

Initially Azman was opposed to the idea of introducing Azizah to the group, preferring that only the three of us have her. However, I reminded him that since he had already had enjoyed all the other ladies before, he must be fair to all the group members and allow Azizah that experience also. I pointed out that he was missing the opportunity to have the ladies again and again because of his reluctance to bring Azizah into the group. I knew that he was already missing all the fun he had been having with them. Azman saw the point. Somewhat grudgingly Azman agreed it was only fair to bring Azizah into the group at our next meeting. Azizah on the other hand was leery of the idea of joining the group. I think the thought of having all the men, other than Azman and I, trying to get their cocks into her pussy on the same night was a daunting one. She had never experienced anything like that. Before her latest experience with me, the idea of getting fucked by men other than her hubby had never crossed her mind. What was happening? Was Azman not only fucking other women, he was actually agreeing to the idea that other men should fuck her, and not just one, but apparently many more! While the idea was exciting after what she had found after having had the three of us on her, now there was the prospect that she was going to be fucked by several, maybe even at the same time! The prospect was daunting. She remembered that her pussy had been almost prohibitively sore after her experience of that first night with Ting, Azman and myself all working her over, regardless of how she had been thrilled by the experience at the time. She looked confused as she saw the three of us discussing how she would be shared with the entire group.

Fortunately, there had been plenty of the same in the week that followed for us to break her in to multiple lovers, both male and female. For myself, I was delighted! Ever since I had had her that first time, I knew I couldn't go on without her, even as I watched Azman fucking Ting beside us. The atmosphere in our home had changed dramatically, and for the better. We no longer needed to hide what Azman and I were doing to Ting. It was absolutely delightful to be able to fuck Azizah as we watched Azman's cock filling my wife's cunt with his hot cum. What was even better was Azizah's slow conversion to the idea of multiple lovers being the norm. She admitted to us that it was both exciting and fun. Often, even during the day, one or the other of us would find a partner and enjoy a slow, gentle fucking that left each of us wanting only more of the same. Although she still had some trepidation, even Azizah was beginning to think in terms of the delights of having as much sex with different men as Ting told her she had found so captivating. Slowly, and with Azman's support, we managed to convince her that the joys she had experienced so far were nothing compared to what she could look forward to. The sheer number of men who wanted her still caused her some concern, so we compromised. We suggested that we invite two members and their wives, then she could determine whether she wanted more men to fuck her the same night, or would just take on the others a couple at a time. After thinking abut it for a couple of days, that was how it stood when I contacted Art and Park.

I knew that Park's oversized pork would open Azizah's pussy to its fullest and that he would shoot multiple loads of cum into her that would be enjoyed by both Ting and Miriam. Whether or not Candy would want some of that hot cum, I wasn't sure, but I knew I would certainly enjoy spreading her swollen cunt lips with my own cock as I watched her husband fuck Azizah.

Art and Park were really overjoyed, knowing they would be among the first to suck those lovely tits, and screw her hot pussy. Both had been drawn to Ting initially as an Asian woman and admitted that it made them even harder when they realized that screwing Azizah's hot young body would be as exciting as fucking Ting the first time. They had been patiently waiting for the opportunity ever since seeing her picture so long ago.

We made arrangements for Art and Park to come over the next evening with their wives, Candy and Miriam. We took our time getting ready. The play pen downstairs was ready for the occasion. The baby sitter, Sandy, Art's daughter, was willing to sit for Azman and Azizah's kids. Since Sandy had been initiated into the group as soon as she reached 18, we told her she could join us as soon as the children were asleep. I hadn't told Azizah that the teenager was Art's daughter and I think it surprised Azizah to see she was black. It certainly had an effect on Sandy. I could see her eyeing Azizah's full breasts and knew that it wouldn't take long before she would be in the playroom with the rest of us. Sandy, like her mother, liked to go both ways. I had already fucked Azizah that afternoon and so she still had the slippery remnants of my cum in her tight little pussy.

Azizah didn't know that Art was black and I saw her eyes widen with surprise when they met for the first time. I knew what was going through her mind - the endless stories of the oversized black cocks. What she didn't realize until later was that Park put us all to shame with his eight plus inches of male meat. The moment Azizah came down to meet with our guests, there was only a short introduction before Art asked her to sit down on the couch by him. Azman, always the gentleman, smiled and took Candy's hand, leading her to the other couch. He waited long enough to see that Art was quite happy with his choice and gave Azizah a smile when she glanced over at him as Art took Azizah into his arms. Art kissed Azizah in that gentle, provocative way of his as his hand roamed over her breasts. Candy had already found Azman's cock and was slowly stroking it as he unfastened the buttons of her blouse and exposed those lovely full breasts of hers. I watched with a smile of my own as Art copied Azman's explorations. He worked the strap of her dress down, baring one breast to his warm mouth.

Azizah gasped with pleasure when she felt Art's lips close over a generous portion of her c-cup lovely. Her body was shaking with pleasure, but she took a moment to glance over to where Azman was sucking one of Candy's nipples while his hand gently squeezed the other. Obviously Candy was quite pleased. Seeing that her husband was very occupied and apparently uncaring about what Art was doing to her, Azizah pulled Art's head closer to her breast, encouraging him to suckle her as Azman was doing his wife. Slowly, ever so slowly her curiosity was building. She let the hand she had on Art's thigh work its way to the bulge that had become so impressive as soon as he had seen her. She felt it growing even as she pulled his head harder against her breast. Art used one hand to unfasten his trousers, extricating his swollen staff before taking Azizah's free hand and putting it on the already seeping cock.

She gasped as she felt that oversized muscle swell in her hand and again when she felt Art's hand working its way beneath her long loose dress. He wasted no time. Within a few minutes time he was cupping her crotch, working his hand slowly over that smooth soft flesh letting his fingers work between the swelling lips and then into her. While kissing her, his other hand had pulled the top of Azizah's dress down, baring both her breasts while his fingers found their way into her tunnel of love. I had known from the start that the difference in their races wasn't a concern any more than it had been the first time I watched Art's cock disappear into my wife's cunt. Whatever reluctance Azizah had show to meet other men was evaporating fast as Art began very slowly working his fingers in and out of Azizah's beautiful pussy. I think he could easily have given her her first orgasm of the meeting that way, but he had other ideas. Lifting her easily, he carried her towards the playroom. As Art passed Azman, I couldn't help but be impressed by the size difference. Azizah, smaller than her husband in almost all dimensions, was more like an oversized doll in Art's arms. The difference in skin tone made it absolutely delightful. I knew then that Azizah was going to get one of the most thrilling fucks she had ever experienced. As they turned the corner toward the playroom I saw Azizah look down at her husband who was stroking his own fingers into an appreciative Candy. Azman must have felt her eyes on him. He took in the scene of his wife being carried into a room where he knew she would be fucked by this woman's husband and smiled. I was surprised when Azizah responded with a smile of her own. I think she was looking forward to feeing that hard dick in her cunt.

While Art had been busy preparing Azizah for her first fucking by a black man and Azman was busily arousing an always sexy Candy, I had taken my place beside Miriam. Miriam was almost drooling as she watched Art fingering Azizah and saw Azizah's juices beginning to flow as his slow manipulation began to work its magic. When the two of them had left, I unfastened my trousers and suggested that she might like a taste of my cock. There was no hesitation as she slipped down off the couch, took her place between my thighs and began sucking the head of my cock, watching me for a reaction. I took the obvious one, unfastening her blouse and baring those luscious jugs of hers that had drawn me to her months before I found out she was just as delightful to fuck. As I fondled those lovelies, I looked across the room to where my wife was lifting her skirt as she straddled Park's crotch.

I loved it when, as she so often did these days, began helping herself to his bounty. She had his trousers unzipped and down to his knees before she took his thick cock and began rubbing it over her own cunt lips. I should mention here, I suppose, that there was little or nothing preventing any of us from some speedy action. We had long ago given up the idea of wearing anything in the form of undergarments unless it was something sexy, such as the half cup bras most of the ladies all favored now. Neither Ting nor Azizah, although less endowed than Miriam, needed that assistance to let those perky peaks display themselves. The sight of Ting feeding her tits to Park as he drove his cock up into her smoldering pussy had Candy hot. While Ting began working her cunt down the length of Park's pole, Candy had unzipped Azman's trousers and began sucking his cock. Fortunately for all of us, the furniture we had replaced over the years was chosen specifically for use by two or more people in an active sex act. The tables were at just the right height for fucking or eating the pussy of a lady reclining on one. Chairs were reinforced in the likelihood that two or more bodies would be in them at the same time. Couches all seated three or more and could be pulled out to make beds, so I had no fear that the three now astride each other in that chair would cause a breakdown of anything except their ability to fuck each other again and again.

All this was going through my mind as I caressed Miriam's tits and she put her superlative cock sucking abilities to work on my throbbing meat. Miriam loved to suck cocks almost as much as she liked to fuck, and she was extremely talented at both. Used to Parks oversized cock, she could deep throat any other man in the group without any sign of discomfort and swallowed loads that would have normally nearly drowned anyone else. Still, I loved to help her, and had both hands tangled in her hair as I pumped my hips, driving my dick into her hot mouth and throat as she sucked me clean. I nearly fainted with the pleasure as she brought me to that perfect orgasm. I felt load after load of my sperm empty into her mouth and nearly collapsed as her throat closed around each until it emptied into her belly.

My cock refused to go down, even after such a fantastic blowjob. Watching my wife taking a long, hard dick in her gasping pussy often had that effect, and I knew I would need my recovery to properly thank Miriam. I lifted her onto the couch with me and began trading french kisses with her as I fingered her swollen labia which opened wide to accept me. Pushing her back so her head rested on the cushioned end of the couch, my mouth was even with those luscious tits of hers and I wasted no time before sucking each to full blossom, while my cock found her pussy
opening on its own. With one foot on the floor, and the other on the back of the couch, she was spread perfectly for my entrance into her delightful bit of heaven.

Meanwhile, Art was finding that Azizah was just as perfect of a partner as he had ever dreamed. Once on the padded mat, she lay there, completely and openly naked her thighs spread wide as she accepted his oral worship of her breasts and pussy, and then the sensation of his cocks welling between them, she had opened her thighs and let him slide through the tight muscles guarding her vagina, and into the depths of her cunt. She gripped his muscular body tightly to her and was panting with pleasure as he pressed his full length into her, stopping only when he could feel the opening of her cervix and his balls were crushed between them. Her hips lifted slightly as her legs curled over his own and Art bottomed out in her tight pussy that began to work its rippling muscles up and down the length of his dick. The contrasts of color, between the enormous black body of Art and a little delicate golden one of Azizah, coupling on the mat was absolutely beautiful. Being the his only other Asian, besides Ting, Art was very excited fucking Azizah to the fullest and he felt the heat of his cum filling her tight little pussy until it formed a beautiful white ring abound his cock, buried to the hilt in her cunt.

After shooting the first load of cum into Azizah's cunt, Art hadn't been satisfied and, with his cock still swollen with its need, he lifted Azizah and turned her so that she was on all fours. Azizah responded willingly. The orgasm he had given her was one of the hardest she had ever experienced. As he got behind her and began to ease his cock into her pussy, he got a better idea. Allowing himself to enter her just enough to coat his dick with the thick cum filling her, he slid his cock head up to her little rosebud. She had gasped as she realized what he was about to do, protested loudly, especially when he pressed hard enough to get the head of his dick past that tight sphincter. Her protests were in vain.

He had her hips between his large hands and pulled her back against his cock until the head was inching past her entrance. Even as he held her by her hips, he pressed forward, keeping what he had gained until she was no longer gasping with the pain. Easing his rod almost out of her, he pressed into her again, gaining an extra half inch or so. By slowly working it in and out of her tight bowel, his cum soon had him to get his full length in her. He found that by kissing her neck and fondling her tits, he could take her mind off the fact his cock was working back and forth in that tight channel. Azizah was no longer protesting his penetration of her ass, instead she was pressing back, wanting him deeper inside her. Art could hold on no longer. He felt the tightness of his balls shooting ropes of cum into her until finally there was nothing left to fill her. The feel of his cum filling her back passage in a blast of hot sperm was nothing short of miraculous as she felt that slippery load coating her insides.

Sliding his hand beneath her, Art fingered her pussy and clit as he let his softening dick work back and forth until Azizah howled her own pleasure and began shuddering in his arms. He rolled her over on her side and kept his dick in her ass until she began to slowly move her hips back and forth as though welcoming his still semi-rigid length just where it was Azizah, in a soft voice indicating almost physical exhaustion for her love's hard use of her body, whispered to Art that he just gotten her virgin ass, a fact he had already assumed.

Art told her that there was much more to come, as he pulled her to the bathroom to shower together. As they return to the play den, a few was still playing. Candy, after being fucked by Azman, was sucking on Park's rigid stalk as Ting lay on her back between Candy's legs, lapping at her cum filled cunt. Azman, Miriam and Earl were just resting, smoking or drinking by the bar, and watching. Azizah assumed that Art would exchange her with Ting when Park pulled her down beside him. The sight of that massive muscle caused her eyes to widen as Park told her to sit on that wrist-thick shaft piercing which is wet from Candy's sucking. Apprehensive as she was, she allowed Park to pull her over to him until she was crouched over that rigid rod and could feel it pressed tightly against her opening. Shuddering and gasping, she slowly lowered herself, occasionally halting long enough to work her hips up and down to smooth the way into her depths. It felt like some enormous shaft was working its way into her cunt, but the sensation of being filled so full with a self-lubricating rod was pleasant until it hit the end of her vagina. There was still almost an inch to go before Park bottomed out and he watched patiently, busying his hands with her swollen breasts, as Azizah managed to work in that final inch.

With the last length of hard dick in her pussy, Azizah leaned forward on Park's chest, intending to rest and pull some air before she began riding his insatiable length. That was when she felt Art's promise coming true. He pulled her up slightly, grasping her breasts in both hands as his cock once again pressed tight against that little brown star and entered her. She gasped, feeling as though her body was being torn apart as both men took her. The pain was nothing compared to what she had experienced the first time Art slid his dick into her ass, but it was still enough to take her breath away and she was glad that neither man had rushed his entry. It took a little time for her to become use to being the 'meat in a sandwich', but the overall effect as they began slowly using her was very pleasant, sending her into an orgasmic shudder before either of them filled her with their seed.

Both men fucked her for more than a half hour before almost at the same time she felt the gush of hot semen filling her completely full and sending her on an unforgettable orgasmic high before she had almost fainted from the pleasure flushing its way through her body. The men pulled themselves from her holes, and left Azizah sprawled on the mat. Before she had fully recovered, she saw Ting straddling her face and the approach of that sweet, cum-filled pussy to her mouth. She opened it widely in welcome, having learned to love the taste of juices generated by sex-loving men and women who wanted to share. Just as her tongue reached my wife's open lips, she felt someone spreading her legs once more. She looked down just before Ting's cunt filled her mouth to see Miriam and Candy each taking a leg and then taking turns to fasten their own full lips over Azizah's cum-filed pussy, sharing her like they would have a meal.

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