tagGroup SexA Night at the Movies

A Night at the Movies


This story has both male and female bisexual action, including anal. If that is not your cup of tea, you may want to stop reading now. If you're curious or your don't mind that stuff, read on! This is my first story for Literotica, but it won't be the last.


"So, what do you want to do tonight?" I asked my wife as we lounged around the house, bored.

"Oh, I have an idea or two" she said as she gave me a mischievous grin. She jumped up off the couch and sauntered up the stairs. I followed after her and found her in the bedroom. She had removed her shirt and was pushing her jeans off her hips.

I walked over to her and wrapped her in my arms, kissing the side of her neck and down her collarbone. She laughed and pushed me away. "Easy. That's not what I had in mind." She could see my surprised look and followed up with "well, not yet anyway." She pulled away from me and disappeared into the closet. She reemerged a few moments later wearing a knee-length skirt and a loose fitting shit that showed ample cleavage.

I just stood there watching as she walked past and out of the bedroom. I heard her call after me from the stairway "are you coming?" I quickly walked downstairs confused. She had the car keys in her hand and was walking out the door. I turned the lock and followed after her.

We climbed into the car and she backed out of the driveway. "Where are we going?" I asked as she drove down the street.

She just laughed. "Be patient, you'll see". The drive continued for several long minutes. I continued to inquire about our destination and she continued to avoid answering the question. After about 20 minutes we were close to downtown. She pulled into a parking lot and announced that we had arrived.

I looked the window to see where we were at. "An adult theater?" I honestly had not seen this coming. She knew that I was something of an exhibitionist at heart, so this might be kind of fun. She climbed out of the car and walked towards the door. I followed after her. Once we got to the counter she bought two tickets and we went inside.

The movie was already playing when we entered the theater. We scooted down the row along the wall and took some seats. My wife scooted in close to me and we both sat watching the action on the screen. Some hot blonde was giving a deep throat blowjob. I watched engrossed in the action until I felt my wife rubbing her hand along my thigh. I looked over at her and she just smiled wickedly. She started rubbing my cock through my jeans.

I reached over and began feeling her breasts through her shirt. My other hand dropped to her thigh and I began running my hand up her thigh and under her skirt. She sighed and moaned. I leaned over and kissed the side of her neck, focusing on that one spot that drives her crazy.

She moaned again and unzipped my pants and thrust her hand inside. A moment later she fished my rock hard cock out of my jeans and began stroking it. It felt devious to be naughty. Granted, we were in an adult theater and this type of behavior is pretty much normal here, but I get a rush out of having sex outside and in public and my wife had no problem playing that up.

She grinned wickedly at me and stood up. She turned to face me and sunk to her knees in front of me. She took my cock deep into her throat in one swift motion. This time it was my turn to moan. I watched her for a moment and then glanced around the theater. At the far end of the isle a guy was watching us instead of the movie. When I looked over at him he gave a "yeah, you caught me" grin and gave me a thumbs up.

I shook my head and looked back at my wife who was working my cock in and out of her mouth, licking all along the shaft, sucking on my balls, kissing the head of my cock and licking all around it before plunging it back into her mouth again. On the screen over her shoulder the blonde woman was now fully nude and glistening in sweat. She was on her knees and a dark haired athletic man was pounding into her dripping wet pussy for all he was worth.

I smiled down at my wife, reached down and pulled up. I pulled her in to kiss me and kissed her hard. I turned her around and pulled her into my lap. I kissed all over the back and sides of her neck and rubbed her breasts through her shirt. I reached up from behind and unclasped her bra and pulled it off. Her ample breasts were now free to my advances. I lightly traced a finger around her nipples, pinching them lightly, pulling on them and grasping her breasts firmly in my hands.

I noticed that the guy from down the aisle had moved to the row in front of us and was about a half dozen seats away, watching intently. I decided to give him a show and pulled my wife's top off, exposing her tits to anyone who cared to look. I reached down and rubbed the inside of her thighs lightly with my fingertips, teasing her pussy. I could feel that her panties were soaked and pulled them off.

As she stood to take her panties off I pushed on her back and bent her over the row in front of us. She looked back over her shoulder and smiled devilishly. "Are you going to be a bad boy?" I answered her question by standing up and ramming my hard cock into her sopping pussy. She gasped and moaned loudly.

I took my time thrusting my cock all the way into her, and then withdrawing almost completely. I made her feel every inch of my shaft as I reamed her. I reached down and pulled her hair and pounded my cock into her.

As I was ramming into my wife I glanced over again and noticed that our watcher had his cock out and was stroking it. I nodded for him to come closer. He stood up hesitantly and walked down the isle closer to my wife. As he got near I rammed into her hard and pulled her hair until she was standing. I wrapped my arm around her and pinched her nipples. I whispered in her ear "you've given that poor guy a serious problem because of your misbehavior. I think you need to take care of it."

As I pushed her back down over the seat in front of us the man was standing there with his cock hanging out of his pants. She reached out and took his cock into her hand and began stroking him. I rammed into her hard, continuing my slow pace. She began moaning louder and louder until she shuddered in orgasm. I wouldn't give her a reprieve and kept at it.

The man in front of her began fondling her breasts and tweaking her nipples. As she opened her mouth to moan again the man pushed his cock into her mouth. Her moans were muffled by the intrusion of his cock, but she took it eagerly, rocking her head up and down his shaft.

By now her loud moaning had attracted the attention of several other patrons who had gathered around her. They were all stroking their cocks and watching the action, probably secretly hoping to get a chance with her. The man in her mouth blasted his load down her throat and she swallowed it eagerly, shuddering as another orgasm coursed through her body. A few of the other guys were close enough to fondle her, or rub their hands along her skin. Before another guy could make use of her mouth I stood her up. "One second, guys." I kissed her neck and unzipped her skirt, dropping it to the floor.

She turned to face me, grinning and said "it's not fair that I'm the only one naked here and pulled my shirt and pants off as well. I herded her down the row and got to the main isle. We walked down near the screen where the isle met at a "T". I kissed her and laid her down on her back and slid my cock into her.

A throng of people stood around us, cocks out, jacking off while watching us. A few of the more daring guys got on the floor with us and began fondling her breasts and rubbing her body again. One guy knelt down in front of her face and shoved his cock into her mouth and fucked her.

I sat up and began thrusting my cock into her faster and harder. Her moaning was muffled by her mystery guest's cock, but she shuddered in another orgasm. Several of the guys around her also chose this moment to erupt and splashed cum all over naked body.

All of a sudden I felt a soft hand trailing along my neck. Startled I looked over to find a sexy brunette standing there naked. She stepped over my wife's body and pushed my face into her pussy. I licked her pussy while I fucked my wife while she sucked a stranger's cock.

The mystery woman had an orgasm all over my face, while several more of the guys sent ropes of cum flying all around us. The man in my wife's mouth also came as he stared at the ass of the brunette in front of him.

As the guy pulled out of my wife's mouth the woman stepped back and knelt down, sticking her pussy over my wife's face. My wife licked this woman's clit and tongue fucked her for all she was worth. The mystery woman leaned over and kissed me. She moaned and I looked behind her. A different guy had slipped in behind her and was fucking her pussy. This guy pumped her hard and fast. My wife licked and sucked his balls as he fucked her and suddenly he shot his load deep inside her.

As the guy pulled out the mystery woman lowered her pussy directly over my wife's mouth and the man's cum dripped directly into my wife's waiting mouth. My wife sucked and licked the woman's wet snatch until she shuddered and stood up. She thanked us both and walked off.

I continued working my cock into my wife's hot pussy nice and slow. She motioned with her finger for another guy to come over to her. She reached up and pulled him down to her and whispered something in his ear. He just looked at her and grinned and then stood up and walked off.

A few guys had latched their mouths onto my wife's nipples and her mouth was soon filled with cock once more. I leaned forward slightly and began working my cock into her harder and harder. This proceeded for a few moments, and that's when I felt it.

There was a hand on my ass. At first I brushed it off as accidental contact, but this was deliberate. Someone was rubbing my ass cheeks. I tried to see who it was, but the light from the movie projector blinded me. I turned my attention back to my wife and the mystery person behind me scooted closer.

Suddenly there was a cock rubbing along my asshole. My wife had reached her hands around my hips and held me in place. The cock slowly pushed inside my ass. I stopped all movement unsure as to what to do. The invading cock was very gentle. He gave me a chance to adjust to its girth before pushing farther inside. After a few moments he was up to his balls in my ass. It didn't hurt it was just an odd sensation.

My wife began bucking her hips up against my cock, still buried in her pussy. She was begging me to fuck her with her actions. Who was I to refuse? I began pushing my cock into my wife's pussy. The guy behind me stood perfectly still. As a result when I pushed my cock into my wife's pussy, his cock withdrew slightly from my ass. When I pulled out of my wife's pussy, his cock buried itself inside me once more.

After a few moments of this, the cock in my ass began to feel good. I picked up the pace and the guy behind me started to moan. My wife who was watching the action as she sucked another cock began moaning loudly and shuddering in a massive orgasm.

Soon enough the cock buried in my ass began thrusting in and out faster and faster until a pair of hands gripped my hips and held me still as cum filled my ass. That was too much and I shot my load into my wife's sopping pussy and the man in her mouth exploded in orgasm as well. My wife's orgasm was so intense that I thought that she might have passed out. But after a moment she smiled and said "Wow. That was intense."

This wasn't the last time that my wife and I had some wild adventures, but those are different stories for another time.

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