tagInterracial LoveA Night For Liz

A Night For Liz

byRonnie 1946©

Liz and I had been to a fabulous wine tasting dinner at Darling Harbour.

She looked stunning, as usual, in a fitted black skirt, about calf length, that moulded her beautiful bum (that she reckons is way too big) and her lovely long legs. The skirt fitted just tightly enough to show no panty line, so I knew she wasn't wearing any. (This isn't unusual; she prefers to go without knickers. Likes the feeling of fresh air on her shaved pussy she says). The top was scalloped enough to show a fair bit of her beautiful cleavage and accentuate her gorgeous tits.

(I often look at this fantastic woman and wonder, how I am so lucky?)

We had wandered back to our hotel, with our arms full of goodies we had won at the dinner, and I suggested we have a night cap in the bar.

"Darling, not with all this stuff we've got," she grimaced.

"You sit down and relax. I'll take the stuff to our suite and be back in a jiffy."

She leaned towards me and gave me a kiss. "You spoil me and I love it," she smiled and pinched my bum as I walked off.

I was only gone a few minutes and when I returned I asked her what she wanted to drink.

"I'll stay with wine now, thanks darling. I don't want to mix drinks and end up with a hangover."

I ordered the drinks and was waiting for the barman to serve them, when I voice beside me said; "Hey man, don't I know you. It's Rob isn't it?"

I turned to see this tall black guy looking at me. I recognised him immediately, although it had been three or four years since I'd seen him.

"Yes it is, and its Jay isn't it?"

"Yeah man. Wow it must be four years eh?"

Jay is English but obviously born in the West Indies. It always makes me chuckle when I hear these guys speak. You're expecting the West Indies accent and you hear a Pom!

The last time I saw Jay was at a swinger's party with my ex-wife. He was the hit of the party. No woman had ever seen a cock as big as his. It was at least 12 inches long and very thick. He fucked more women that night than I'd done in ten parties. He was unstoppable!

I don't know if he'd taken something to keep it hard, but his cock stayed permanently erect this night. Some of the girls went back three times!

Funnily enough, he didn't fuck my ex, but she was pretty hung up on one of the regulars and really loved fucking him, so I guess she was pre-occupied.

"You here with your wife man?" he asked.

"No Jay, we're divorced. I'm actually here with my girlfriend". I pointed to Liz sitting at a table by the window. "Would you like to join us for a drink?"

"That'd be great man, I'm in town by myself. Just finished work."

I remembered then, he was a DJ and did big parties etc.

"Must have been a quiet one Jay, to finish so early." It was only 1am.

"Poor little rich fourteen year olds, but they all had to be home by 1. Cars and taxis queued up at the door from 11.45 on. Guess the parents weren't taking any chances eh?" he grinned.

We took our drinks over and joined Liz.

After the introductions we chatted, mainly small talk, with Liz asking Jay about his life travelling around the world doing DJ work.

I got up to get us another round of drinks. When I came back Liz was telling Jay how we'd been away a few weeks before, and how we had spent all our days getting all over tans on a nudist beach. She loves to try to shock people.

Liz is the ultimate lady. The way she dresses, her manners, her speech, everything is cultured. It comes from good schooling and upbringing. But she can floor you with some outrageous statements, most of which are true, but you just don't expect it from her.

I hadn't told Liz how I knew Jay and she hadn't asked. If she had known I'm sure she wouldn't have bothered to try the shock tactic. She was aware of my swinging ways with my ex and let's be honest she was no flowering virgin herself. (You may have read my original story about her entitled "Liz")

I came into the conversation as Jay was explaining to her that he couldn't go to nudist beach.

"Why?" she asked, "you don't seem like the shy boy to me. Or are you too prudish?"

Before Jay could answer, I answered for him.

"He doesn't want all you women falling over yourselves trying to screw him," I said, rather boorishly.

"And why would we do that?" she asked dryly.

"Because he has a monster cock," I explained slowly, "It's at least 12 inches long and probably as thick as your wrist."

Liz's eyes opened wide. "Is this true?"

"Actually it's more like 14 inches when it's erect," Jay said.

I could see the lust beginning to show in Liz's eyes as she struggled to digest this information.

"I don't believe it," she said.

"Honey trust me, I've seen it," I said, "It's even about 10 inches on the slack."

I watched the expression on her face. The lust in her eyes was beginning to give her away.

"You're sitting alongside him. Feel his thigh in his trousers," I suggested smugly.

Liz looked at Jay quizzically.

"Go ahead if you like," he grinned.

She put her hand down on his thigh. I could see her feeling up and down his upper leg.

"Oh my god," she exclaimed, "You're not kidding me. It's bloody huge. You could kill someone with that thing!"

"Never been guilty of that," Jay grinned, "but I have had some ladies tell me they wished they hadn't had it. But that's usually the next day. Now you see why I don't go to nudist beaches," he kept grinning.

"Any bloody wonder. It probably drags in the sand." Liz laughed.

In spite of all this banter, I could Liz was getting turned on. I must confess the thought my girlfriend examining Jay's monster cock was turning me on as well.

After at bit more small talk, mainly about Jay's huge cock, I made a suggestion. One that later, I realized, I may come to regret!

"Why don't we grab a bottle of wine and take it up to our suite."

"I'm game if you are," Liz said, looking directly at me. There was just the slightest hesitation in her voice. I could sense she was concerned what could happen and wanted my OK.

"Of course I'm game," I scoffed. "What about you Jay? You game?"

"I've never been gamer," he said, answering me but, looking directly at Liz.

The flush on Liz's face took me by surprise. I think she was embarrassed her lust was so obvious.

The bottle of wine in hand we adjourned to our suite.

When we decided to go to the dinner I booked us into one of the more upmarket hotels, at Darling Harbour, and booked a suite with a spa. It was our delight, when we arrived earlier in the night, to find it was a large spa, the type that will hold four people comfortably. So I suggested we have our wine in the spa.

"Without swimmers or undies I assume?" Liz asked dryly.

"What ever you're most comfortable with sweetheart," I replied smugly, "But I'll be in the buff."

"I guess I will be too, as I don't have any underwear on, nor did I bring any," she smiled and disappeared into the bedroom.

The spa was in the main bathroom, off the living area, so Jay and I headed in that direction.

"You get ready mate. I'll just open the wine." I said to Jay and went to the kitchen.

I was heading back to the spa when Liz appeared from the bedroom, naked!

Liz has an awesome body. She's quite tall, about 5'8", and weighs about 75kgs (about 165lbs). But she's all in proportion. She has magnificent 38D breasts (which are fabulous considering she has had two kids) then tapers into a 30'' waist. She has a flat stomach and totally shaved pubic area. Then her body flares out to her fabulous thighs (which are sooo big, she doesn't want to talk about them, according to her) and is topped off by her great, long legs.

"I thought of putting a robe on, but it didn't seem much sense," she said dryly.

The sight of Liz naked always gets me horny and I could feel my cock hardening looking at her (just as I can now, relaying this story to you).

"Are you coming?" she asked.

"Almost," I said.

"Very funny. Are you coming to the spa?"

"Of course. I wouldn't miss this for quids."

"What do you mean?" she asked quizzically.

"Well, I want to see how Jay reacts when he sees you starkers. And I want to see how you react when you see his monster."

"Oh well, come on then," she said impatiently.

Jay was leaning on the side of the spa when we came into the bathroom. He was naked. Jay's reasonably tall, about 6' plus, but his cock was hanging limply down to just above his knee. It was also much thicker than I remembered, about as thick as my forearm.

Liz took all of this in, in one very quick look. She hesitated, just slightly, and then walked towards the spa.

"My, you are a big boy, aren't you?"

The same effect Liz has on me, started to have the same effect on Jay.

His cock started to stiffen! And lengthen! And thicken!

I held Liz's hand as she stepped over the edge of the spa. It was obvious, as her pussy lips spread whilst she gained entry to the spa, that she was aroused. You could see the moistness glistening on her inner lips as she straddled the spa's edge.

It was also very, very obvious Jay was aroused as he climbed into the spa. His cock was almost at full mast. If I was a girl I wouldn't know whether to fall upon it and suck furiously, (assuming one could fit it in ones mouth), or run a bloody mile!

I think Liz was thinking of the former!

I passed a glass of wine to each of them then climbed into the spa myself. My own cock fully erect!

Jay and I sat either side of Liz.

Liz couldn't help herself! With glass of wine in one hand, she reached out to touch Jay's cock. A good 6 to 8" of it visible above the water line.

"Do you mind me touching it?" she asked Jay.

"Be my guest," he grinned.

Liz took hold of the monster, her fingers not joining as she wrapped her hand around it.

She stroked her hand up and down the full 14" as she sipped her wine.

It was obvious Jay was enjoying the stroking.

After a little while, and almost finishing the wine, Liz put her glass down on the edge of the spa and wrapped both her hands around the huge cock. She stroked up and down, quickening her tempo, the sudsy water allowing her hands to move swiftly, and freely, up and down Jay's cock. He just laid back against the side of the spa and enjoyed Liz's ministrations.

She massaged his balls with one hand as she stroked him then bent her head over his cock and licked and sucked at his knob.

"Take him in your mouth babe," I urged her.

Liz lifted her head. "No bloody way," she exclaimed, "I don't want my mouth stretched out of shape."

Liz kept working his cock over, licking and gently sucking on his knob, totally involved in what she was doing. She just loves sucking and playing with cock! She gets wet at, even the thought of it!

You could sense he was getting close to coming. Then all of a sudden his body stiffened, and I'll swear his cock got bigger, and a torrent of spunk jetted out, most of it landing on Liz's face and tits.

She kept gently stroking 'til he began to soften.

"There," she said smugly, "that should get the dirty water off your chest," as she swallowed the rest of her wine.

"Maybe you should wash his dirty water off your chest...and face," I said dryly.

"Oops," she grinned, washing it off with the sudsy water, then asked "Are you cranky with me darling?"

"Why would I be cranky," I replied sourly, "I just saw you give a bloke's cock a thorough work over, a bloke you've only just met I might add, and here I'm sitting with a raging, fucking, hard-on."

"Oh poor baby. Here sit up straight for me."

I did as I was told, exposing my raging hard-on to the air and Liz promptly descended on it with her mouth, taking it all the way in to the back of her throat. One hand went to the bottom of my shaft, the other cupping my aching balls.

(It always amazes me that she can suck my cock down her throat, yet gags taking an aspirin.)

Liz worked my cock over expertly, stroking my shaft in unison with her mouth sliding up and down, her other hand gently massaging and squeezing my balls. It wasn't long before I felt my orgasm approaching.

"I'm gunna come," I warned her.

"I know," was her, mouth filled, muffled reply.

With that I erupted, come spewing out of my cock. Her mouth stayed on my cock, sucking and swallowing every drop of my sperm, 'til at last I began to soften.

Giving it one last little suck, Liz looked up at me, "Is that better darling?" she asked.

"Yes, thank you my love," and bent down and kissed her, the taste of my slightly, salty sperm still on her lips. I looked across at Jay, now recovered, who had a big grin on his face.

"That's one hell of a woman you've got there Rob. You lucky bastard!"

"Yeah, I think so," I agreed.

"Oh stop it boys, you'll make me blush," Liz chimed in.

"Yeah sure," I said dryly. "I think I'll go and get us all another drink," and climbed out of the spa.

When I came back, a few minutes later, Liz was sitting up on the edge of the spa, her hands behind her, leaning on the very edge, supporting her body. Her legs and thighs were spread wide apart and all I could see was the back of a black, curly haired, head between her thighs. Jay's mouth was obviously clamped well onto Liz's cunt giving her a thorough tonguing.

She looked up at me, through half closed eyes, as I entered the room. She had a little bit of a guilty look on her face.

I put the tray of drinks down and walked around to her and kissed her passionately as Jay continued his ministrations to her cunt. She kissed me back even more passionately. As we broke the kiss she whispered "You're not angry with me are you?"

I just smiled at her and shook my head.

She whispered again. "I want to try to take his cock in me. Is that all right?"

Before I could answer, she went on "I don't know how much of him I can handle, if any at all, he's so huge. But I have to try. Can I? Please?" She almost begged.

I bent right down to her and whispered, "As long as you don't try to take him up your arse. That hole's only for me from now on," I grinned down at her.

"You've got to be fucking joking," she whispered back vehemently, "That fucking monster's not getting anywhere near my bum hole!"

By now the juices were literally running out of her cunt, but she still hadn't orgasmed. Liz takes a fair while to reach her first orgasm, but usually after that she manages a couple more.

"Jay, I think the lady needs to go to bed."

Jay looked genuinely puzzled.

"Are you tired Liz?" he asked.

Before she could answer, I answered for her.

"No. She needs to be fucked, now! And she wants to try that bloody great monster of yours!"

Jay grinned and we both helped Liz out of the spa. We grabbed a couple of towels and both towelled her dry. Towelling her luscious body brought us both fully erect again.

We all went into the bedroom and laid on the king size bed.

I began kissing her passionately, her arms went around my neck returning the kiss, as Jay began to lightly run his hands all over her body. He stroked her full breasts, tweaking the nipples lightly, ran his hands over her flat stomach, over her shaved pubic area and down her thighs. I felt her movement as she opened her thighs to allow him access to her cunt. He slipped his fingers into her easily.

The juices were now literally running out of her.

I broke away from the kiss and moved slightly away from her to allow Jay easier access to her cunt.

Liz spread her legs further apart.

Jay bent over her and began kissing her, their tongues intertwining, as her inserted more finger into her wet pussy.

She was now leaking juices down the crack of her bum.

Jay broke away from the kiss and knelt to position himself over her, between her open thighs. His cock was nudging at the entrance to her opening yet he was still kneeling between the calves of her legs. Seeing his cock this close, I was literally only inches away from it, made me realise just how enormous he was.

It was so thick it looked like a baseball bat, and I don't mean the handle end!

He was huge. I didn't know how she was going to take it.

I have fisted Liz, on several occasions, and my fist isn't small, probably about 9" in circumference. But I usually ease her up to it. First a couple of fingers working her up, getting her wet, then three, and so on. Even though Jay had done similarly, I couldn't see her accommodating this monster. It had to be at least 10" in circumference!

"Do you want me to put some lube on my cock?" he asked her gently.

"No. No. I'm sure I'm lubed up enough for all of us. I'm running like a bloody faucet. Just put it in me!" she begged.

He rubbed the knob up and down her cunt lips, lubricating the end of his cock. She wasn't joking; her juices were now running down to the sheets.

He pressed, his now glistening knob end, firmly against her opening.

Nothing happened!

Liz raised her knees and spread her thighs as far apart as she could.

He pressed firmly again and this time there was a little movement, a portion of his knob slipped between her lips.

Liz gasped involuntarily.

"Do you want me to stop?" he asked in a worried voice.

"NO! NO! Just keep pushing. I want you! I want you in me!"

Jay pushed a little harder and the rest of his knob disappeared into Liz's cunt.

She let out another stifled gasp. Then, more of a growl.

He paused, having entered her wetness, feeling the luxury of a tight cunt around his monster.

"Oh. Oh my god! It's hurting like hell! My pussy's burning, like it's on fire! But, oh god! It feels wonderful," Liz gasped. "Give me more please," she begged.

Jay obliged and started to feed his monster into her.

I watched it disappear into her, inch by inch, until he reached the depths of her cunt.

"Oh my god!" Liz gasped, struggling for breath, "I feel like I've been filled by a telegraph pole. I'm so stretched and full of cock I can't move!"

I looked across at Jay. A good six inches of him was still outside her and couldn't go any further. He was in her as much as she could take. He had filled her up completely.

What a waste, I thought. He would never feel the joy of his pubic bone grinding against another. That feeling of ecstasy, when the base of your cock rubs against your partner's clit.

Mind you, Liz didn't seem to be too worried about it, the way she was moving her hips, encouraging Jay to start moving in and out of her.

(When Liz and I fuck, her favourite position is on her back with her legs over my shoulders. This helps lift her bum off the bed and allows the top of my cock head to rub her "G" spot. She then grabs the back of my thighs and pulls me hard into her cunt. This position serves both of us well. I get maximum penetration, and she gets manipulation of her "G" spot, which in turn causes her orgasm.)

Liz lifted her legs up to Jay's shoulders!

But there was no way she was going to try to pull him in further! For starters, she couldn't reach around to his thighs, and secondly, he couldn't get any more of his cock inside her!

Jay pulled back, 'til just the head of his monster was in her. I could see the heavy coating of her juices glistening on his huge organ. He pushed forward again. Again burying his cock in her as far as it would go. As he pushed in, again Liz gave an involuntary gasp, as though she was slightly winded.

Jay kept this action up for a few minutes then he pulled back again and lowered Liz's legs to the bed, her thighs still spread very wide to allow his entry. He lowered his face to her breast and started suckling on her as he began to pump in and out of her, now with more regularity. His monster cock was now awash with her juices and his fucking action was getting faster and faster as her lubrication allowed him easier penetration.

Jay kept this fluid motion going and both their bodies began to show perspiration. Liz just lay there, arms wrapped around his back and legs spread, allowing him full unobstructed access to her cunt, her eyes glazed as he pounded his huge organ in and out of her.

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