A Night to Be Remembered


As they both came down from their highs the camera caught them – Bob behind Shelli, holding her.

"So, what's gonna happen when you watch the tape?" Shelli asked.

"What do you think?" Bob replied with his own question. They both knew what Bob would be doing.

Not to be outdone, Shelli had one more question for him. Turning so he could see the grin on her face, she asked, "Why don't you tape what you do while you watch it? That way I can have a video of my own!" With that she got up, and walked towards the camera. The last thing it caught was an up-close of her tits as she reached around the back of the camera and shut it off. Without another word, she headed to the bathroom to clean up.

"Why not?" thought Bob, wondering what she would think of what she would see!

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