tagErotic CouplingsA Passionate Evening

A Passionate Evening


I've been away on business, it's been a week since we last set eyes on each other and I can't wait to see you again. I've arranged to meet you in a very upmarket hotel restaurant for dinner. Before we parted on Monday, we agreed not to indulge in any sexual pleasures alone, in the week, but to keep your passion for each other inside us for when we meet again. As a result we are both very horny, we can't get each other out of your heads. We can think about anything else but when we will making love to each other again. Where will it be, how will I feel, and what will we do to each other, is all that goes through our heads? We have not been apart from each other for more than a few days, until now and the tension that has built up from not making love, not kissing, touching or just falling asleep in each others arms, is so great we can think of nothing else but sex.

I'm sitting in the restaurant waiting for you to arrive I've asked for a nice quite table out of the way. The lights are dim, soft music is being played at the piano, just one thing missing, and at that moment you arrive, and what an entrance. You're in a long black dress, thin straps over your shoulders, no bra, (but you don't need one) stunning. I catch your eye; you smile and start to walk over, every head in the room turns to watch you. I stand to greet you and we kiss passionately, I tell you how much I've missed you and how I've long to kiss you all week.

We order our meal and start to chat about how much we have missed each other, can't keep my eyes of you. I touch your hand over the table, kiss it gently, your skin is so soft and delicate. You slip your heels off under the table and start stroking your foot up my leg, I do the same and we spend the meal playing footsy. I look into your eyes; you're so beautiful such a sexy smile.

We finish our meal and I've got a surprise for you. I've booked the bridle sweet for a night of passion. You can't get out of your seat quick enough, and before we know it we are kissing in the lift. I'm running my hand down your back squeezing your firm bum, your unsupported breasts are pressed against my chest and I can feel you nipples, hard and erect. We step out of the lift, my hand still on your bum, as we walk to our room. As I open the door we are greeted by the sweet smell of freshly cut flowers, I've had the room filled with your favourites. As we kiss I slip the straps of your dress off your shoulders, it slides to the floor, your wearing a lovely pretty pair of silk knickers, with a matching suspender belt and stocking, you undress me and we fall kissing onto the bed.

We lie side by side running our hands over each other's bodies; our hearts are racing, as we caress each other. I undo your stocking and slowly roll them down your legs, kissing every inch of flesh as I go. I sit at your feet admiring your sexy body for a moment. I can't believe how horny you look tonight. I run my hands up you legs, nice and gently, so smooth and soft. As I reach your knees you spread your legs for me, your silk knickers are pulled tight over your pussy and your full lips are creating a lovely mound.

A small wet patch appears in the gusset of your knickers, as my hands rise up over your sexy thighs, I watch as it grows as a run my fingers softly over your inner thighs. I reach the soft silk of your knickers, I brush by fingers lightly over your lips, you moan gently, as I circle your clitoris, getting slowly closer and closer. I can feel the hard lump under my fingers and a tease it gently, you gasp, as I continue to stroke slow and gentle. I kiss your clitoris through the fabric; breathing in deeply, you musty sent drives me wild with lust. I slip a finger into your waist band and gentle tug your dripping wet knickers down your legs, with them over your feet I sniff them again, licking the sweet juices.

I rise up your legs once more; your legs are spread wide. I place a finger each side of your lips and gently pull them apart. Your love juices run from your lips, I rub the sweet nectar in to your labia. Taking my right hand, I grip your bum from between your legs, 2 fingers on each cheek, my thumb pressed against the opening to your vagina. I feel your whole body relax into my hand, I'm in control of your body now, and you surrender it to me. I squeeze your bum as your juices run through my hand, I ease your hood back gently and start to lap at your clitoris with my tongue, you moan softly as the tip explores the folds of your pussy. You taste divine. As I continue your hips start to lift of the bed, you are pushing your pussy into my face and I am loving every minute of it. I release the grip I have on your bum, and press gently against your vagina with my fingers.

Your pussy is very wet now, and your vagina seems to suck my fingers inside of you. With my middle and index finger, I explore your warm hole, feeling you get wetter and wetter. I feel for the spongy flesh of your g-spot, as my fingers move firmly across it, you lift your hips into the air once more. I lap at your clitoris and stroke your g-spot simultaneously as you get nearer and nearer to orgasm, your vagina feels so tight and your clitoris so hot, that it is only going to take a few more strokes to make you cum. You start to cry out, your hips lift high into the air, as your vagina contracts around my fingers, your juices run down your legs, as you orgasm for the first time all week. As your contractions subside you lie in my arms, your whole body is shaking, and I know you wont more!

As we lie naked on the bed, my erect penis pressed against your thigh, we kiss passionately. I kiss you're neck softly, your body is tingling with lust, and you announce that you want me inside of you. I continue to kiss you, working down to you're breasts, I cup your swelling bosom in my hand, teasing your nipples gently, circling them with the lightest of touches, edging slowly closer and closer. As my finger brushes over your erect nipple you moan softly, I kiss your once more, telling you how sexy you look.

I slide you on to your left side, my chest pressed firmly against your back, my hand caressing your firm buttocks for a moment, before sliding on to your inner thighs. They are swimming in your love juices, and as I rise up, you lift your right leg making your pussy assessable once more. I part your outer labia with my fingers and slid my penis through your wet lips up to your clitoris. As I rock gently back and forth the head of my penis is pressed firmly against your swelling clitoris, your lips raped round my shaft and your vagina dripping juices on to my testicles. I slid my penis back through your lips, as the head runs over the opening of your vagina I pause for a moment, teasing. I apply the lightest of pressure and my penis slips inside of you, your are so tight, warm and wet. I slide slowly deeper, until the entire length of my 7" penis is inside you.

I stop for a moment, kissing your neck, running my hands over your breasts, we moan softly together, you rock you're hips slightly and my penis begins to slid back out of your vagina. I take control again and start slowly and gently thrust into you. The head of my penis is on the opening of your vagina; I slide in a few inches then out again, then in a little further then out. I start to pick random depths in which to thrust into you. You have no idea were the next move is coming from. With out warning my penis slips out of you, still wet and slippery from your hot juices, I run my shaft through your lips, and over your clitoris. I press the head of my penis in to your clitoris hood, before sliding back into your vagina once more. Deep, shallow, shallow and the deep again, every move a different pressure and depth, but always slow and gentle, constantly teasing.

I run my left hand under your body to caress your breast, while my right runs down your body and between your legs. I scoop up some love juices with my fingers and use them to lubricate your clitoris; I rub gently through your fleshy lips. My penis settles into a steady rhythm, with I know you require to orgasm. The head of my penis has found the spongy pad of your g-spot, and as I kiss the back of your neck, squeeze you're swelling bosom, and caress your clitoris with my fingers, I can feel you nearing orgasm. A few more minutes pass, the sexual tension between us is building all the time, your vagina begins to contract rhythmically as your body slips into another earth shattering orgasm. As your orgasm hits you, your vagina grips my penis so tightly that I stop thrusting for a second, but I'm mot ready to cum just yet, I have resisted the temptation to orgasm with you now, but I plan to cum with you on the next one.

With your vagina still contracting around me, I begin thrusting again, nice and gently, at the same pace and rhythm as before. You scream out, as your body trips into multiple orgasm, each one more powerful and intense than the last. I continue thrusting nice and gently my fingers still rubbing your clitoris, my hand still squeezing your breast, and my mouth nibbling at your earlobe. Your contracting vagina is griping me so tightly that I can hold my self back no longer, with a final trust my penis begins to twitch. I shoot my load with such force that you can feel it squirting over your cervix

We lie trembling in each other's arms; my orgasm has been so intense that I do not loose my erection for 5-10 minutes, so we lie together my erect penis still in your vagina. Our love juices are running out of you and on to our legs. With your vagina still twitching from time to time, we lie naked in each other's arms.

The warm happy glow that goes through you, after making love to someone you love is running through us both, and as we kiss softly, we drift gently of to sleep.

And in the morning...

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