tagRomanceA Passionate Love Ch. 01

A Passionate Love Ch. 01


(Before I begin, I just wanted to say that this story is a 100% true recount of how I lost my virginity. Names have been changed to protect the characters in this work. If this story gets enough enjoyment, I'll continue it).

I'd just like to start with this: every single time I think about the experience I'm about to share with all of you my heart just about skips a beat. It is to this day some of the most passionate sex I've ever been engaged in. Because of this I'd like to give you all a little bit of background before I get to the hot stuff (don't worry, there's PLENTY of it when I get there).

First of all, my name's John. At the time all of this happened I was a senior in high school, not long after my 18th birthday. I had kept the same girlfriend all throughout my time in high school, but with one major twist: we were long-distance the entire time. My girlfriend Amy lived in Florida at the time, and I was in Michigan. We had met online (which we didn't tell anyone at the time) years and years before we actually started dating. We had stopped talking for a few years, then as if by fate started talking again one Summer and started dating in mid-August going into my sophomore year. Because of the distance and our ages at that time, neither one of us had been able to visit each other for quite some time.

Now, I know it sounds like a relationship doomed to fail, but to all of those out there that say a long-distance relationship can't work, we definitely proved it wrong. We were as perfect as a long-distance relationship could be. Every day I would call her to wake her up in that "good morning beautiful" kind of way. Needless to say, we were very much in love. Finally in the Fall of our senior year her dad and her decided to take the trip up to Michigan so that she could look at colleges. I was more than ecstatic when she told me; I remember nearly falling out of my bed when we were on the phone that night.

"Hey babe, what would you say if I was coming to Michigan for a few days?" She asked me in that cute little voice she always had.

"...That would be the greatest thing to ever happen to me." I replied. Of course we speculated about it all the time, so I had no idea she was actually serious this time.

"Well, then you better be ready, because I'm coming up for a visit in a couple of weeks to look at colleges." I could just about hear her smile with the way she said it over the phone.

"Wait...seriously?! OH MY GOD THAT'S AWESOME!" I was so excited I rolled over in my bed and overshot it a little bit, nearly plunging into the ground. After I caught myself we laughed for a good 15 minutes before I continued, "so a couple of weeks...that's awesome! Oh baby I can't wait to see you!"

"I can't wait to see you either baby!" She said, "and I've got a special thing planned for you when I get there too." Now her voice sounded less cute, and a lot more seductive. I knew what was coming. Since we were long distance we substituted real sex for phone sex, and we did it a LOT. I couldn't complain, it was hot!

I guess before I continue I should fill you in on her looks. She was drop dead gorgeous. Standing at 4'11", with 36C breasts, dirty blonde hair, and the cutest face you've ever set eyes upon. She was a softball player so she had a very tight, sexy stomach with a nice ab line running down it. She was by far the sexiest girl I had been with up to then, and my cock never let me forget it when she would send me dirty pictures.

"Something special for me? Like what?" I asked, returning the seductive tone she had given me moments earlier.

"I want you, John. I want to lose my virginity when I'm up there." Again, I just about fell out of my bed when she said it. We had always talked about doing it since we had been dating for a LONG time, but finally hearing those words just about made me cum right there!

"Mmmm Amy I can't wait." I replied already sliding my boxers down my legs and off, dropping them on the floor. My cock wasn't huge in length, standing at around 6 inches, but it did have a nice girth. I started stroking it slowly, my breathing changing every so often as I thought about it sliding in and out of Amy's tight virgin pussy. I stroked it faster and faster as we continued talking, eventually feeling my balls swell up I threw my head back and let go. I can't say for sure because my eyes were closed, but I'm pretty positive the first rope of cum landed somewhere behind me on my wall. I angled my cock down and let the rest of my load go all over my stomach. It felt like I was never going to stop cumming; I had never came this hard of jerking myself off but the thought of being inside of Amy was more than enough to send me over the edge.

So a couple of weeks passed and before I knew it the time had come for Amy to take her trip up to Michigan with her dad. They had decided on taking a long weekend, so she missed school that Friday to come up here, stay for the weekend, then head back Monday morning. I was already out of school by the time their plane had landed, but since I had football practice I had to settle with meeting her at the hotel later that evening.

Once football practice was over, I rushed home, took the quickest but cleanest shower of my life, changed my clothes and headed out the door ready to see Amy. When I got to the hotel she was waiting for me in the lobby. Now, we had skyped before so it wasn't like we didn't know what each other looked like, but for as stunning as she looked on a webcam, she was a hundred times more sexy in person! She stood up when I walked into the hotel, and hugged me for what felt like forever. I could have stayed just like that for hours, but after a few seconds we broke our embrace, locked fingers and walked to the elevator. We had decided to go to the pool and hang out for a little bit before doing anything else, and after a long day at school plus football practice I couldn't complain with a good hot tub.

Once we got to the floor with the pool on it, we walked in and saw that we were the only ones there. It was only a couple hours before the pool closed, and it wasn't a huge hotel to begin with, so that didn't exactly surprise me. It was better off anyway, we were overdue for a good few make-out sessions. I went into the bathroom and changed into my swimsuit, walking out just in time to see Amy taking off the clothes she wore over here white Hollister bikini. She bent over right in front of me, giving me a view of her perfect ass as she pulled down her sweats. I felt the bulge in my pants start to stir a little bit with that view. When she pulled her shirt off the hard on that was slowly setting in instantly became a full on raging boner. Her tits were practically spilling out of her bikini! All I could think about was getting my hands on them in the hot tub. She walked up to me, looking up at me with those big green eyes she had, and grabbed the waistband of my swimsuit, leading me over to the hot tub making sure her hips popped every time she took a step.

I helped Amy get in the hot tub first, then slid in after her. Once I sat down on the stone bench she instantly sat down on my lap, my still rock hard cock now pressing against her perfect, perky ass. "Oooh looks like someone wants to say hello." Amy said giggling.

"Well yeah, look at you! What would you have done if we weren't alone in here?"

"Oh I wouldn't have worried about them. Tonight you're mine." I literally threw my head back in ecstasy when she said that. She giggled at my visible display of excitement. Before she could finish laughing I looked deep into her eyes, grabbing the back of her head and pulling her into me in a passionate kiss. Our tongues danced around in each other's mouths for what felt like hours, massaging each other in a perfect tango. When our lips parted I moved my face to her neck, teasingly biting and nibbling on it. I felt Amy's body go weak and heard her soft moan right in my ear as I worked my way from her neck to her chest, kissing playfully at the parts of her tits that were exposed in the bikini. My hand slowly made its way up her tight stomach and cupped her breast, squeezing gently.

Amy pulled my face back off of her chest, grabbing my face with both of her hands, and pulling me in for another passionate kiss. "I love you so much," she said, "tonight is going to be perfect."

"I love you too, Amy. You're the most amazing girl in the world, and I'm glad we made it through all of the distance stuff, even if only for a few days. It makes all of the time spent apart worth it."

"Come on, let's go up to my room." With that I stood up in the hot tub and got out, reaching down and lifting Amy out after me. We made our way over to the table and dried off, then headed up to her room which was separate from her dad's. When we got up to her floor, Amy knocked on her dad's door to say goodnight, and then I followed her into her room. When we were both inside I held the door so it wouldn't slam, and then pulled the deadbolt over the door. Amy was already changing out of her bikini when I turned back around, and seeing that instantly got me hard again. Seeing her naked body in person was just so much better than pictures and on webcam; it was mesmerizing.

As I made my way over to Amy, she starting running her hands down her body; first over her amazing breasts, then down her flat stomach until she reached her already glistening pussy. "Take your pants off, John. I want you." While I was untying my swimsuit Amy ran her hand over her pussy, smearing the moisture from her love hole all over it. She rubbed her clit slowly at first, sliding a finger inside for a few thrusts, then back out rubbing more moisture every time over her already soaked clit.

I knelt down on the bed next to her, watching her play with herself. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen. The entire time she played with her pussy she looked me right in the eyes with the most seductive look I had ever seen. She motioned for me to come closer, and I obliged, shifting myself closer to her. Without even saying a word Amy took my rock hard cock in her hand, and starting stoking it slowly. I let out a soft moan at the touch of her soft hand running up and down my shaft. Ever few strokes she would squeeze the head of my cock, rubbing the pre-cum forming at the tip around it, then continuing to stroke the length of my shaft.

"Lay down, I want your cock in my mouth, John." Amy said. I laid down next to her on the bed, and she got up between my legs. Never taking her eyes off of me, she rubbed her soft, wet tongue against the head of my cock. It was the most amazing feeling, coupled with watching her I gasped as she took the tip of my dick into her mouth. Amy swirled her tongue around the girth of my cock, pressing her tongue into the underside of the head and flicking it. It felt so good that my body went completely limp, and I just laid there in ecstasy watching Amy giving me the best blowjob of my life. She continued to work the tip, flicking her tongue against the underside as she took more and more of my manhood into her mouth. When she got all the way to the base and I felt her tongue licking the space between the bottom of my shaft and my balls I just about blew my load right there!

"Oh Amy! Oh my GOD that feels amazing!" I nearly screamed. I had to grab a pillow and put it over my face to muffle my moaning. I had gotten blowjobs before Amy, but this was by far one of the best that I had ever experienced. "It's my turn to make you scream baby, lay down." I smiled at her as she laid down next to me, and now it was me in between her legs. I started with another passionate kiss on the lips, our tongues resuming their previous ballet and picking up right where they had left off in the hot tub. My tongue ran its way down the front of Amy's body, stopping to lick her bright pink nipples. Amy's moans got heavier whenever I flicked her nipple with my tongue, and after spending a decent amount of time there I continued dragging my tongue down her body, over her tight stomach and stopping at her navel.

"Oh god John, that feels so good!" Amy moaned as I licked and kissed her navel. I continued kissing down her thigh, and then back up stopping right before her outer labia, and running my tongue along the inside of her leg. My tongue made its way over to her other thigh, doing the same thing. Finally Amy grabbed the back of my head and shoved it into her now dripping wet pussy, my tongue gladly lapping up all of those juices that were dripping out of her pussy. I spread her pussy open and flicked my tongue at her clit, sucking on it while I rubbed her hole with my index finger.

"Mmmmmm John! Ohhhhh god that's so goooood!" Amy's hand gripped my hair tightly when the tip of my index finger penetrated her unbelievably tight hole. I continued to work her clit with my tongue while I moved my finger in and out of her pussy slowly, increasing the speed a little bit each time. Eventually I slowed back down, making a 'come here' motion with my finger, rubbing her g-spot intently.

"OH.MY.GOD JOHN OHHHHHHHH!" Amy screamed into a pillow as her pussy tightened even further around my finger, and I felt more of her sweet juices flow out of her pussy. I took my finger out of Amy's sweet hole and looked up at her smiling. Amy looked at me with those big green eyes again, then grabbed my finger and stuck it in her mouth, licking and tasting all of her sweet pussy nectar.

"Wow Amy, you're soaked!" I said amazed. I had never seen a pussy this wet before with what I had done with a girl.

"Mmmm and it's all for you baby." Amy responded, giving me another seductive look. "It's time John. I want you inside of me." Amy grabbed my cock stroking it nice and hard for a few seconds, before looking back up at me and giving me a go ahead nod. I placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy and looked up at her.

"I love you Amy." I said, and then I slid the tip of my cock into her pussy. Amy gasped at the girth of my dick, even if only a couple inches were inside of her the girth was enough to make her feel full. I slowly worked my cock in and out of her, going in a little bit deeper when her pussy became acclimated to what was already inside of her.

"Does it hurt?" I asked looking at Amy, wanting her to be comfortable.

"A little bit, but we've gotta get this out of the way sooner or later. Pop it." Amy replied. I shifted myself so I was on top of her in missionary position, holding her. I started kissing her passionately, and then drove my cock deeper into her. Amy let out a little scream as I felt my cock penetrate her hymen.

"Are you okay? I'm sorry I know it hurts..." I said looking up and stopping.

"Actually, it's not all that bad," Amy replied. "Keep going, just go slow." I obliged continuing to pump my cock in and out of her pussy slowly. The feeling was amazing! My cock bottomed out her pussy and every time I pulled out her muscles squeezed against it.

"Oh my god Amy, your pussy is incredible!" I moaned, kissing her again. I started pumping faster and faster, and Amy moaned louder and harder. After a few more minutes I felt her pussy tighten up like it did on my finger.

"OH JOHN!!! OHHHH I'M COMING!! OH BABY OOOOOOOOHHHHH!!" Amy's pussy gripped my cock like it was in a vice, milking it with every stroke. Her whole body quivered shook for what felt like minutes. Eventually, Amy let out a softer moan, and laid there panting heavily.

"Oh my god John...that was amazing! Now it's your turn! Come for me baby." Amy wrapped her legs around my body and dug her nails into my back as I pumped harder and faster. My breathing quickened, and before long I felt that swelling in my balls like I always did right before I come.

"Oh my god Amy I'm about to explode!"

"Mmmmm John let me jerk you off! I want it on my tits!" I happily obliged, pumping a few more times and then pulling my cock out. Amy got onto her knees as I laid down, stroking my cock hard and fast with one hand, and massaging my balls with the other. Finally I couldn't take it anymore, and I exploded. I came for what felt like hours as rope after rope of hot sticky cum spewed all over Amy's stomach, tits, the wall, the sheets and everywhere else. When it was finally over, I laid there like Amy had moments ago panting and completely spent.

"Oh my god John...I've never seen that much cum in my entire life!"

"All for you baby." I replied, winking and smiling at her. Amy laid down next to me, and placed another passionate kiss upon my lips. We laid there the rest of the night, my arms wrapped around her, our naked bodies relaxing against each other in a beautiful embrace.

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