tagGay MaleA Prince's Voyage to Slavery

A Prince's Voyage to Slavery


I was a prince in my tribe and here I was on my knees on Roman galley whilst a common sailor was trying to force his huge cock in my manly hole. I struggled but was held by 3 other stinking sailors. Just as his cock touched me I heard a shout from the captain. I understood their language. He said my arse was too valuable for a pig commoner but my mouth wasn't. Before I could do anything the first stinking cock entered my mouth. The naked sailor forced my head back and forth. (I soon realised that it hurt less to it myself) I soon tasted a hot salty taste in my mouth before he pulled out and was replaced by a cock that filled my mouth so much I thought I would choke. Over the next hour my mouth was raped by 8 sailors.8 common scum had filled my mouth with their filthy seed. My stomach was full and I wanted to vomit.

The captain shouted for them to clean me and take me to his cabin. Rough hands scrubbed drying seed from my body and then oiled my firm and muscular body. I was my tribe's champion and now I was worse than a whore.

Despite myself I felt my rod harden before their ministrations. I felt even lower that my cock that had debauched a 1000 enemy women in my 18 years was hard from the touch of men.

I was lead naked and hard into the captain's cabin. He looked at me and smiled. " Now you know you are no longer a prince but a man toy. Behave for the next 15 days and you will be sold to a wealthy owner who will treat you well but disobey and I will sell you to the lowliest catamite whorehouse where your holes will be used daily by scores of men until you can longer call your arse your own."

I glared but knew I was in no position to fight my cause. The captain stripped of his tunic and lay on his bunk and beckoned me over. He placed my hand on his small but thick cock and I began to stroked him. After a few minutes thick sticky seed spurted from him. He told me to clean him and I licked the cum from his body. He motioned me to lie next to him and he stoked my hard cock until despite myself I shot my seed on my hard flat stomach.

The captain lay behind me with his cock nestled at my cheeks. He whispered, "I wish you were not worth so much money, as I would fuck your hard virgin arse for hours."

I fell asleep dreaming of cocks being thrust at my face and men using me as a toy.

For the next 10 days and nights my time was spent was sucking or stroking the captain to orgasm and eating his seed or sucking the cocks of sailors who had been chosen by the captain. I now was aware of the different tasting seed and of the heavy musk of men. I was beginning to crave the gentle touch of the captain after the rough treatment of his men.

After 10 days I was broken. I began to enjoy the touch of rough male hands and the feel of a hard cock in my mouth or hands.

I was in the captain's cabin when the door opened and in he walked holding the hand of an Egyptian galley slave. He was slim and feminine. The captain removed the slave's loincloth to reveal a small slim cock. My own cock began to stir at the sight before me. I wanted this young man more than any of the buxom women that had been invaded by my cock.

The captain led the slave over to his table and made him bend over it exposing a perfect arse. The captain slowly poured oil over the slaves arse and hole and fingered the perfect man hole. I was now fully hard and oil was poured and rubbed over it before the captain whispered into my ear,

" Fuck him. I want to watch how a barbarian like you fucks a man."

I pressed my cock to the puckered hole and started to push. His arse was tight and felt perfect around my throbbing cock. I slowly entered him until my large rod was fully in him. Initially he struggled and I had to slap his arse to settle him. I began to fuck him hard. I heard cries and moans but I cared not about the slave but only about the pleasure in my cock and balls (I was to remember this lack of compassion when I eventually surrendered my own arse's virginity)

After a short time my hot seed was shooting into the arse of the beauty beneath me. I collapsed on his back and found myself kissing his neck and whispering words of lust into his ear.

I noticed the naked captain stroking his cock and looking at us with a sexual hunger.

I carried the salve to the bunk and laid him down. My cock was once again hard. I kissed a man on the mouth for the first time in my life and felt a tongue begin to explore my mouth. I saw his cock was now hard and I slid my own into him again as we kissed. His legs came around my back and he thrust towards me. I slowly fucked him and noticed he had shot his seed on his and my stomach. Shortly after I sent a second load of seed into his hole. As I came I heard a grunt and seed was sprayed on us both by the panting captain.

The Egyptian and I spent the rest of the voyage performing for the captain and taking turns to suck him. I now lusted for the feel of a mans arse around my cock and rutted for virtually the whole journey.

As we docked in Ostia the port of Rome I knew my new life was about to begin.

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