A Promise is a Promise


I cum hard and deeply. She can feel the hot, thick spurts of my cum, the feeling of my cock twitching and jerking as I empty myself into her and it triggers another orgasm for her. I feel her pussy clenching me, once again milking me, draining me, claiming me. Both of us are moaning at the same time as I slam my cock into her one last time, bury it as far as it can reach, my cum feels like liquid fire as it runs through my cock and shoots out deep into her.

I pull back and start to fuck her again very slowly, between my cum and her own juices it feels like my cock is soaking in warm oil, she keeps cumming as I continue to stroke my cock in and out and she is still fucking my ass in time with my stroking.

As the shaking of both our bodies subsides, she slowly pulls the vibe out of me making me shudder as I feel it slip along my asshole. When it's fully out, she starts to raise up off my cock ever so slowly, driving me crazy with the feel of it.

Once fully off me, she rolls off to the side and snuggles against me. My heart is beating so fast and loud I think someone could hear it outside the house, she kissed me and said, "I glad you always keep your promises. I love you."

"I love you too," I reply kissing her back. "That was incredible."

"I'm glad you liked it," she said smiling at me, "We'll have to do that again then."

"Anytime and as often as you like." I say smiling tiredly back at her.

"Good, I'll hold you to that and remember what you promised me." "Let's see.. how did you put it?" ....."Fuck, anything, anything you want, I'll do anything you want."

"Well, that's a good thing because I think what your going to do next, is take me back to that toy shop." "I think we'll get you a vibe of your very own, since you seem to enjoy it so much." She giggles. "That way you can take it with you and you can use it on yourself when I'm not around to do to you."

"You can imagine it's me doing the fucking." She continued smiling wickedly.

"That's sounds like a fun idea." I replied smiling back at her. "But I've got a feeling that's not all you want."

"That's right." she replied, "When we were in there last time looking around, there was a double ended strap-on I'd think I'd like to use on you next time." "That way I can get in on the fun to."

She looked at me smiling wickedly. "And, I can fuck you like the sex crazy boy-slut you are."

She reached down and started massage my cock, smiled and said "Remember you promised."

"And after that, if it all goes like I want, perhaps we'll talk about the sharing me with another girl." She continued with that shit-eating grin she knows turns me on.

Here we go again, whenever she has me by the cock, my heart and mind follows, and I've never been able to say no to her.

Well, a promise is a promise I thought as my cock gave a slight twitch thinking about it. Hmmm.. two girls....

But that's more stories for another time.

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