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A Punished Wife


A fun tale of games and gamers for your enjoyment. Votes and comments always appreciated and e-mails always get a personnel responce if your e-mail address is included.

Dom Woolf

The week after Christmas and before New Years Day was boring, especially if you were on what the company called a winter break. Rodger called it a company fuckup break. His bosses decided they would be better off financially if they laid everyone off for two weeks. That way they didn't have to pay holiday pay, or deal with people taking personal paid days over the holidays.

Rodger decided that since all his buddies were likewise laid off he would host a poker party. He had called all his buddies and was waiting for them to show.

The doorbell rang at two pm, that would be Bob. Bob didn't know it but he had been invited an hour before the rest of the group.

Rodger opened the door grinning. "Hey Bob. Good Christmas?"

Bob walked in and tossed his coat on the couch. "Not bad, course I had to put up with the old ladies Mother for three days. Thank god she leaves tomorrow."

Rodger placed a cold beer in Bob's hand. "Yeah, in-laws and holidays. There ought to be a law limiting the time in-laws can hang around."

Bob grinned and looked around. "Where's Carol? She run off, when you told her about the poker game?"

"Nah, She upstairs." Rodger's grin got wider. "Why don't you go up and say hi. She can't exactly come done at the moment, she's being punished, but she would love for you to stop in and visit her for awhile."

Rodger headed out towards the living room. "Take your time, I got to finish setting up the game, and the rest of the guys won't be here for a while yet."

Bob stood for a moment wondering at Rodgers statement. He decided to ask Carol what he meant about being punished. Bob had been over to Rodger and Carols place hundreds of times, he and his wife were best friends with them for years. He headed up the stairs and down the hall to the master bedroom.

"Hey, Carol honey, what's this about you being punished? You burn the Christmas turkey again?" Bob walked into the master bedroom and stopped dead stunned at the sight that greeted him.

Rodger had converted the two small bedrooms at this end of the house onto one huge master bedroom after his kids had moved out. Centered against the far wall of the room was the California king sized four poster dark wood bed with padded head board and heavy iron overhead that Rodger had said would be used for a canopy and extra storage. Bob had wondered about that at the time because it has sturdy enough that he could do chin ups with his 210 pound body and the damn thing didn't even shake.

Now he could see Rodger had built it with other uses in mind, for in the center of the bed suspended by chains was a very naked and much secured Carol. Bob was about to shout for Rodger when he saw the note addressed to him hanging on the poster nearest the door.

He walked over and fumbled with the envelope openly staring at Carol's naked body the whole time. He tore his eyes away long enough to focus on the note within.

Dear Bob,

You have been our best friend for so long and we owe you so much for all the things you have done for us. Carol decided that since she was going to be punished for getting lazy and not doing her chores that she wanted to be punished by you. You will find an assortment of toys in the chest at the foot of the bed. Be our guest and use anything your heart desires. Merry Christmas.

Rodger and Carol.

P.S. Carols wanted this for years; she just never had the guts to ask.




What you decide and whether or not you decide to tell Mary is up to you.

Bob looked down at Carol, his best friend's wife, his wife's best girlfriend. She who had fueled many wet dreams and quiet masturbation fantasies over the years. Carol had a great body. At forty four she could have passed for early thirties. Bob knew she watched her weight and exercised regularly. He had watched her every summer over the years in her tight bikinis with the great cleavage, the prominent camel toe when she swam, the rolling hips and bouncy ass with that tiny scrap of cloth covering, just barely, the crack in her ass.

Now here she was spread out, buck naked, her smoothly shaved pussy with its tiny landing strip of brunette hair winking at him. Her normally torpedo shaped breasts, lying pooled on her chest with those hard, ruby colored nips standing straight up begging to be played with.

Bob walked up beside the bed where he could look down at Carols face. Even with the gag in her mouth, she was smiling up at him.

"Carol, honey, is this really what you want?"

She nodded her head. Despite the gag stuffed in her mouth, Bob heard her plead. "Please."

Bob stared at the tits he had wanted to touch for so long, slowly he grasped her breasts and began to squeeze them as he bent down to suck her nipple into his mouth and suck. He played with them, exploring how much he could squeeze and twist, lift and pull them.

He continued to kiss down across her flat stomach, pausing to explore her belly button before continuing down to the trimmed and shaped hair at the top of her darkened and pretty folds guarding the button of her clit.

He spread her lips to gaze at the wet and slick pink tender flesh hidden within. His tongue explored the taste of her and drove deep into the well below. Her body twisted and squirmed against the chains holding her suspended above the bed and Bob moved around and between her spread legs, kissing and nipping gently with his teeth, her soft inner thighs. He gripped her ass cheeks and pulled her into his face as he probed into her wet pussy, using his tongue like a miniature cock to fuck her and lick the juices from her dark hole.

Bob brought her to the edge of orgasm then backed away from the bed, listening to her panting and moans as she tried in vain to finish what he had started.

He opened the chest marveling at the array of toys inside. He could see whips and floggers, a variety of vibrators from finger sized, battery powered plastics to huge plug in electrical stainless steel ones with a big ball at the end and control settings from low to high and pulse to rattle. There were dildos in colors from flesh to midnight black, sized from small to large pony, some with holes for vibrators, others designed for use by two women or to go in both front and rear holes at the same time.

There were toys whose use he could only guess at, although the clamps were pretty self explanatory the wheel on a handle with the sharp needles he wasn't sure of. There was a big handled something that was designed to be plugged in, with a globe of glass at one end, but what it was used for he had no idea.

There was a variety of paddles, those he had no trouble figuring out. He removed one that looked like what the teacher at his elementary school had used on his bare bottom a long time ago. Nowadays of course the teacher would be jailed for even thinking of using one. Bob glanced at the chains holding Carols ankles.

He took a carabineer from the chest and rehooked Carol's ankles to the over head so her butt was now exposed to both his view and the paddle he was slapping on his hand. Carol had watched Bob look through the trunk, she had seen him place the paddle off to one side and lift her legs to expose her ass. Now as he moved to where he would have the freedom to swing without hitting anything she moaned.

Bob watched her as he prepped to paddle her butt. Carol knew what was coming; she could have pleaded with him. Instead she just closed her eyes and began to moan. Hearing her, knowing she was dreading what was coming excited Bob. He had never had women so helpless, so dependant on his will.

He ran his hands over her firm yet soft globes. Bob allowed his fingers to play with her pussy, coating his finger with her juices he slid his wet finger down and began to tease the tight brown ring guarding the entrance to her dark passage. She began to jerk and twist away from his fingers exploration.

Bob stopped and returned to the trunk. He took several coils of rope, which he looped over her thigh and then tied to the hook he found on the bottom edge of the bed. He did the same to her thigh on the other side. Now she was held tightly unable to squirm as much as half an inch.

Bob picked up a tube of lube and put a generous portion on his finger. He teased her anus, gently pressing in with each circle of her asshole by his finger. Unable to move, Carol felt the pop as his finger invaded her and then a second finger and more lube and then a third. Carol felt as if she was being spread open further than she had dreamed possible. The impact of the paddle across both cheeks of her ass came as a complete surprise.

She had barely registered the first impact when she felt the second slightly lower. Now the burn came, white hot and spreading across her butt as a third swat hit, harder than the first two landed, criss crossing the original pair. The forth crossed the first three and the fifth merely added to the heat. Carol was screaming into the gag, tears rolling down from the corners of her eyes.

That's when the white hot rod of Bobs steel hard cock shoved its way into her burning ass. Carol hung in space filled with molten steel, her body on fire as Bob pumped in and out of her well lubed tunnel. The vibrator that he placed against her clit added to the insane amount of sensation flooding her senses.

Too much. Too much.

Carols own fuse burned to its goal and she exploded, shaking the entire bed with her convulsions. Bobs outpouring of hot liquid inside her already moist and burning ass seemed almost an anticlimax.

Bob had pushed his finger into her asshole feeling it surrender, he added another watching her fight the intrusion and it was as if his fingers had a mind of their own and resented her trying to deny their entry. Another then a forth joined the assault on her asshole, working it, spreading it, demanding entrance.

Bob had picked up the paddle in his other hand and did a quick backswing across her oh so white ass cheeks. He added another lower down watching as the paddle pressed into the flesh and sent a shockwave across her leg muscles. He angled the third to cross the first two, and made an x with the forth. He centered the fifth and slammed the hard wood deep into her butt cheeks right over her greased asshole.

Bob felt as if he didn't take her right then he was going to explode. He yanked down his pants and underwear in one quick move and positioned the head of his cock at her slicked up shithole. He wrapped his arms around her tied and suspended legs and thrust into the woman's body in one hard thrust.

Carols backside and rear tunnel were so fucking hot and tight, Bob felt as if he was fucking a furnace. His cock was burning as he stroked deeper and deeper into his best friend's wife's ass. He reached down and picked up the big vibrator, he didn't even look to see how to adjust it he just jammed the buttons down and shove the pulsating and thrumming rod against her clit. God she was so fucking hot and the way her body jerked and those tits bouncing and her moaning and then her scream. Bob flooded her ass, pressing as deep as his cock could go and holding on as his world exploded.

Bob was the big loser at the poker game and the other guys teased about how distracted he was. Bob just smiled and tried to read the cards but his mind was a million miles away.

When he had released Carol from all the ropes and chains that held her, they had hugged for half an hour before they stumbled into the shower. Bob had just gotten dressed when Rodger came up to say the guys were waiting for him to start the game.

Rodger disappeared halfway through the game to check on Carol, so he said. He rejoined them twenty minutes later saying she needed his help tying things up.

Once the game ended, Rodger wouldn't even let them help clean up. Goodnights were said and the guys headed home, Bob still looking as if his mind was busy elsewhere.

Rodger stopped Mike, as he was getting ready to leave.

"Mike, Carol would like you to come up and talk to her for a minute. If you have the time?"

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