tagErotic Poetrya quick fix of dicks

a quick fix of dicks


come over right away
i need my fix
and bring some friends
'cause i want multiple dicks
good you showed up
with kevin and todd
now the three of you get naked
and feed me your rods
a dick in my ass
a dick in my mouth
the third dick in
my hole down south
todd massages my butt
my tits are sucked by you and kevin
i feel so good
that i think i've died and gone to heaven
i love being triple teamed
i feel like such a slut
if there's something better than this
i don't know what
i keep you all hard
i make you all squirt
you fuck my three holes
'till they all start to hurt
i'm stroking two dicks
and sucking another
you're all feeling good
and highfiving each other
like the pro i am
i handle your dicks well
cum's in the air
and i love that smell
we wore each other out
and we all had fun
when it comes to cock's
i require more than one

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