tagGroup SexA Radical Career Change

A Radical Career Change


Tricia Smart was busily going over all the accounts on her computer, trying to find where she had made the mistake. It was slightly nerve-wracking, and she had spent the better part of the morning searching each and every file for the month of September, looking for her simple error.

At twenty-three years old, she had held numerous clerical jobs, from bank teller to medical records assistant, and she had started at Tyler Insurance only ten days ago. She had grown up in Wickville, attended a community college, and had moved to the larger city of Plicksburg in search of employment. Tricia was motivated, and desired only to have a long career in the insurance business, eventually owning her own firm. She knew it would be a long haul, but it would be worth it in the end.

Tricia was an attractive girl, standing 5'7" tall, her curvy figure complimenting her pretty face, which was framed by shoulder length red hair, and she usually wore it back in a pony-tail. In her business attire, she looked the perfect employee.

In the back of her mind though, her recent lack of any type of dates was beginning to bother her. Tricia was very choosy, as far as men went. She had ended a two-year relationship nearly six months ago, and hadn't been on a date since then. Tricia had been asked out, of course, but she had turned down all three offers. None of the men interested her in the least. She wasn't opposed to sex, and was actually quite horny most of the time. She had taken to frequent masturbation as a relief to her urges, but now, even that was becoming dull.

Tricia looked up for a moment, and looked over at Betty, gleefully blasting away at her keyboard, a smile on her face. Betty Tyler owned and managed Tyler Insurance, and Tricia had no problems at all working for her. The two had gotten along well in the short time she had been employed there, and Tricia enjoyed working for her.

Betty was forty-seven, and a widow, her dying from a heart attack at home nearly five years previous. This unfortunate occurrence transferred the entire business into Betty's name, and she ran the company with the savvy experience of a professional. She treated Tricia with an air of respect, flatly stating that she did need someone to take over her business one day.

Tricia paused, stretched, and stood, walking over to a small table, upon which rested the coffeepot. She poured herself a cup, added some cream, and then turned to look at Betty, who was still furiously typing on her computer.

She wondered about the flowers, again. In the last ten days, three dozen roses had been sent to her. From the small talk between Betty and her, different men had sent them all. Tricia couldn't help but wonder about this.

She looked at Betty from head to toe, trying to figure her out. Betty was not an ugly duckling by any means, but you could not describe her as "pretty" either. Moderately overweight, her jeans clung tightly to her legs, her plump rear end filling out the backside. Tricia's eyes even wandered to the worn sandals Betty wore, fitting her feet tightly.

"Perhaps it's her chest," Tricia thought.

Betty did have a nice bustline, although not incredibly huge. Her white t-shirt, with a photo of Daffy Duck on the front, exposed the seams of her bra. Her breasts were something men might want, but she couldn't really believe that, with the rest of the package.

Betty's facial features could only be described as "cute", at best. Her wide cheekbones, slightly large nose, and ears that poked out the sides of her shoulder-length, dirty blonde hair, created an interesting person, but definitely not an attractive one. To top it off, Betty wore huge, un-feminine glasses.

Tricia, for some reason, estimated her height, weight, and measurements in her mind. The figures of 5'6", 155 pounds, and 38d-31-40 scrolled down the screen in the database of her head.

Snapping out of her mental groove, Tricia sat back down at her desk, and resigned herself to her duties.

Moments later, the door to their small office swung open, and Tricia looked up to see the same deliveryman swing lazily into room. Yes, it was the same guy, Dan, from the flower shop, and he carried a vase full of bright red roses.

"Hi ladies!" he brightly beamed.

"Hi Dan!" Betty replied, looking up from her computer. She was grinning from ear to ear.

"Betty, just what do you do with all these flowers? Dan asked. He handed her the card, and then set the roses on the corner of her desk.

"Well, I usually take them down to the retirement home. The women enjoy them a lot," Betty replied.

"Wow, that's really nice. You're a nice lady," Dan complimented.

"Thanks honey."

"Okay, I have to be off. See you soon, Betty. Bye Tricia!"

Tricia looked on in amazement, waving to Dan as he walked out of their office.

"More flowers." Tricia thought.

"That Derek is so nice," Betty said aloud, reading the card.

Tricia's curiosity was reaching its peak. Randy, William, Joshua, and now Derek. She had received four sets of roses, from four different men, in the span of only ten days.

"Betty, how do you do it? The words just spilled from Tricia's mouth.

"Do what?"

"Have so many men sending you roses?

Betty looked at her, and grinned again.

"Well, I don't know if I should tell you, unless you really want to know," Betty said.

"Please, tell me. I haven't had a date in six months, and I need to know how you seem to attract men like flies," Tricia replied.

"You know, Tricia, I do like you a lot, and you are a great worker. I think we have become friends since I hired you, and I don't want to spoil things," Betty explained.

"What do you mean by that," Tricia asked. She was getting impatient.

"Well, to answer your question I would have to tell you some very sexual things. Are you okay with that?"

Tricia pondered the question. Although she wondered what was in store for her if Betty answered her, she felt more open about sexuality at this point in her life than any other time.

"Yes, I am fine with it," Tricia beamed, waving her hand.

"Well then, I will let you in on everything. Ready?" Betty queried.

"Yes," Tricia replied.

"Tricia, I love men, and I love what they have between their legs. To put it bluntly, I love to suck cock, and all of my men keep coming back for more. They can't resist it," Betty explained.

Tricia's jaw seemed to drop at Betty's bluntness.

"See, I told you so," Betty interjected.

"No, it's okay, I was just sort of surprised," Tricia told her.

"Tricia, I love it. Ever since Vince passed away, I have been on a roll. I was depressed for about a year, but I just had to get on with my life. Let me tell you this; Vince had a heart attack as I was giving him a blowjob."

"Are you for real?" Trish asked.

"Yes, no lie. He came in my mouth, and fell back on the bed, dead as a door-nail." Betty told her.

"Damn!" Tricia exclaimed.

Betty just smiled again.

"And now you have all these men?

"Yes, come over here a minute. Look at my calendar," Betty replied.

Tricia walked over, and Betty had already pulled up her calendar on her computer. All of the dates of the month were filled in with several men's names, some twice.

"You mean to tell me you have a date for every night this month?"

"You bet, honey. Now, can I ask you something?"

Beneath her long skirt, Tricia felt a twinge radiating between her legs.

"Of course. Ask me anything."

"Do you like sex?"

"Yyes, I do," Tricia stuttered.

"No, I mean, do you crave it? Do you want to get laid?"

Just those words brought wetness to Tricia's panties. Her eyes dropped to the floor.

"Yes," half-mumbling, half hissing the words.

"Well, I can help you then. I think, Tricia, this is going to be the beginning of something special, if you want it to. I could use a young woman like you to help me take care of my men. Interested?

Tricia looked back up at her boss.

"Very," she answered.

"Good. Now have a seat here, and I want you to look at the photos of my guys."

Tricia forgot all about her accounting mistake as she looked at photo after photo of naked men, all apparently in Betty's house, all with hard cocks. She wanted to masturbate on the spot. There were seventeen guys in all, and all of them were attractive in their own way.

Betty watched from Tricia's desk, and then went out onto the patio for a smoke. It was a beautiful day, and the start of a new business relationship. Smashing out the butt beneath her foot, she went back inside.

Betty and Tricia worked the rest of the afternoon, and made plans for the evening. A young black man named Jason was visiting Betty tonight, and Betty had told him that she was going to have a "special surprise" waiting for him when he got there. The plans were simple; Tricia was to come over at seven pm, Jason at eight.

Betty was all business. She made three stops on the way home: the bank to hit the twenty-four hour teller, the grocery store to pick up a two bottles of wine, and then over to a girlfriend's house to retrieve a pair of high-heels that she had lent her. She made it back to her house around 6:00 pm, and quickly downed a small chef salad.

As she busily straightened up her ranch-style house, she made all the preparations in the bedroom for her guests' arrival. Leather straps were affixed to each corner of her bed. Stepping onto a chair, she looped a long leather strap though an eyelet fastened to the ceiling, and layer a pair of fur-lined handcuffs in the base of the loop she had made, and then tied the ends of the strap back to the eyelet.

Betty took a long, hot shower, combed out her hair, put on some make-up, and donned a black bra, black lace panties, and her black stiletto heels. She lit another cigarette, and relaxed. It was nearly 7 o'clock.

Tricia could not stop thinking about the photos she saw on Betty's computer. The photos had literally lit a fire in her pussy, and she couldn't stop thinking about sex. She even stopped and bought a pack of cigarettes, even though she rarely smoked. Parking in the apartment parking lot around 5:15, she ran upstairs to her small apartment, and slammed the door shut, locking it. Strutting to her tiny bedroom, peeled off her clothes, and in the span of thirty seconds she was naked. Falling onto her bed, landing on her stomach, the images of the men, the hard cocks, seared through her mind. Her hands shot past her breasts, and slid into her soaking wet pussy. She began to masturbate hard, extremely hard. It seemed as if all of her sexual desires were flooding her psyche, overloading her brain. She would have been quite a site for someone to see her like this. She had raised her round ass up off the bed, her knees bent, her lovely tits hanging down, nipples hard, her face mashed into her pillow, hair astray, and her hands furiously rubbing her wet snatch.

Then, everything changed.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO," she screamed. Her hands flew from her body, and she slumped fully on her bed. Tricia bit into the pillow, quieting herself. Suddenly she began to beat on the bed with closed fists, her legs bouncing up and down. Finally settling down, she rolled over, and stared at the ceiling.

"Not fucking now, later. I will cum like mad, but later," she said aloud. Tricia jumped up, and quickly moved to her bathroom, flipping on the shower, and stepped in. Now she had no trouble keeping her hands off of her body, at least in a sexual way.

Soon, she was ready to go, having packed a small suitcase, and departed for Betty's house.

She followed the directions perfectly, and pulled into the driveway in front of Betty's home. It seemed like a very quiet neighborhood, the houses situated far apart, and Betty's place sported a manicured front lawn, flawless in every detail.

Betty greeted her at the door, and she stepped inside.

"Wow Tricia, you look great!" Betty exclaimed.

"Think so? You look good yourself!" Tricia replied. She spun around in a circle, showing off her body to Betty. Tricia had taken Betty's advice to dress "hot", and she was wearing a pair of ultra-short cut-offs, a white t-shirt which was tied in a knot just below her breasts, and a pair of white strappy high-heels. She didn't even bother to wear a bra, and her nipples clearly showed through the t-shirt. Her red hair was no longer in a ponytail, but drooping crazily down onto her shoulders.

Betty invited her to the living room, where the two women each drank a glass of wine. It was nearly 7:30, and Betty guided Tricia into her den, where her computer was already humming away.

"Have a seat, Trish. I have to show you Jason. He is our guest for the evening," explained Betty.

Betty opened the folder named Jason, and Tricia could see ten icons. Betty clicked on 001, and Tricia gasped aloud as the file opened. Jason was standing, his hands cuffed over his head, lashed by leather straps to the ceiling, his naked black body shining with sweat, a huge ball-gag in his mouth, his eyes looking straight into the camera.

"Oh my gosh, " Tricia whispered.

"He is cute, isn't he? Betty said.

"Oh yes, and, well, hung too. I didn't see these photos this afternoon. Tricia replied.

"Ever been with a black guy, Tricia?"

"No, but there is a first time for everything," Tricia beamed, smiling brightly. She could sense her panties getting damp.

"Good. Jason is twenty-one, lives alone, and works as a security guard downtown, at the mayor's office. He loves to be tied up and teased, and he can usually cum at least three times. He's wonderful," Betty explained.

"Wow. I don't know what else to say," Tricia said.

"Well honey, he will be here shortly, so lets go back out into the living room. Ok?"

"Lets go!"

At 8:01, there was a knock on the door, and Betty let Jason into her house. After meeting Tricia, and going through another round of wine, Betty told Jason to stand. He did so immediately, and Betty moved to him, falling into his arms, and the two exchanged a deep kiss while Tricia watched.

Breaking the kiss, Betty looked over to Tricia, who was watching intently. Betty then slid her hand into the belt around Jason's waist.

"Trish, come back to the bedroom in five minutes," Betty told her, and Tricia nodded.

Tricia sank back into her chair, and finished her glass of wine, glancing at the clock. When five minutes had passed, she walked briskly back into Betty's bedroom. As soon as she turned the corner, she was greeted with the sight of Jason in the exact same position as she saw him in the first photo, except a pair of jockey underwear covered his crotch.

Tricia could feel the sexual tension, the excitement. Her nipples strained against the fabric of her t-shirt, and her pussy seemed to be swimming in her panties.

"Now, for the final touch," Betty said loudly. Tricia watched in fascination as Betty pushed a black ball-gag into Jason's mouth, and buckled the straps behind his head.

"You see, Trish, Jason is the most submissive of my lovers."

"I can see that," Tricia replied.

"See how hard he is already?" Betty rubbed the long, thick muscle still hidden by Jason's underwear. "Come and feel it."

Tricia moved over to Jason, and laid her hand along the length of his cock, bringing forth a moan from their captive. Her eyes rolled back slightly, and she began to massage the hidden erection.

"God Betty, I could fuck him right now," she sizzled.

"Not so fast, girl," Betty told her. Betty then turned her back to them, opened a drawer, and took out a pair of scissors.

"Let's check it out," she told Tricia. With a few quick snips, she pulled the fabric from Jason's body, and his hard cock sprang free.

"Ohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyy," Tricia groaned. She just stared at his cock. It was beautiful to her, ramrod straight, thick, veiny, the crown a symmetrical knob, a drop of fluid wetting the tip. A small mat of pubic hair graced the young man's crotch, but his balls were shaved clean. His cock was pointing up and out away from his body.

Betty stepped back, and she began to do a slow strip tease, releasing her titties from her bra, and then sliding her panties down her body. She was nude, except for her heels. Taking her cue, Tricia did her best to overcome her arousal, and she slowly stripped in front of Jason, who was now beside himself with lust. He stared wide-eyed at the women standing in front of him. Betty and Tricia were standing side-by-side, arms around one another, looking at him lustfully.

"Ok honey, let's get to work. Jason likes his cock treated rather roughly, so I have a few toys that I save just for him," Betty said. Tricia watched as Betty retrieved a bag from the other side of the bed, and took out a small leather strap.

"This is a cock and ball strap, Trish. Watch this."

Tricia watched in fascination as Betty knelt before Jason, and skillfully snapped the leather strap into position around the base of Jason's cock and balls. Tricia could not resist rubbing her breasts, running her fingers over her nipples, and she could feel Jason's eyes on her. When finished, Betty playfully slapped Jason's cock a few times, and she slowly licked her lips in anticipation.

"Go ahead, Trish, play with it, slap it around. He loves it."

Tricia stepped forward, and placed her right hand on Jason's erection, pushing it downward, then smiling as it flew back up. She became bolder, more aggressive, slapping his cock back and forth, listening to Jason's muffled groans. Finally she loosely grabbed the shaft, and began to examine it more closely.

"Damn Betty, he is even harder than before," Tricia observed.

"That's what the strap does. It traps the blood in his cock. My boy Jason just about keeps a hard-on all night!"

"Betty, I am soaking wet."

"That's the whole idea, Trish. Feel like sucking him? Go ahead, show me what you got."

Tricia didn't need any encouragement, only the go-ahead from Betty. She sank to her knees, and voraciously began to lick Jason's balls, nibbling on them with her teeth, and then massaging them with her hands. She tasted his cock for the first time as she began to run her tongue along the length of his rod, finally reaching the crown of his cock. All the while she could hear Jason's garbled moans of pleasure, and Tricia looked up to see a stream of saliva dripping from one side of his gagged mouth. It was one of the sexiest things she had ever seen in her life.

She sensed Betty moving behind Jason, sliding between him and the wall. She could see Betty's hands roaming all over Jason's body, and they stopped at his cock, grabbing the base with her fingertips, shaking it in front of Tricia.

"Here it is, my horny employee! Partake!"

In one motion, Tricia opened her mouth and took as much of his cock between her lips as she could. Her hands gripped the shaft, and she began to wildly make love to Jason's hard prick. Her hair flew in all directions as she stroked and sucked his shaft. She looked up again to see Jason tossing his head from side to side.

Betty moved next to her, and grabbed a handful of Tricia's hair.

"Slow down, honey. Tease him; make him feel every movement. Take as much of him as you can."

Tricia slowed, and Betty released her hair. She began to slowly move her mouth up and down on his cock, eliciting more sounds from Jason.

"Much better, Trish. That's it; up and down with the hands and the mouth together."

Tricia had sucked cock before, of course, and she thought she was pretty good at it, but know she began to learn from an expert. Betty kept encouraging her, telling her to use a lot of saliva, and to keep his cock as wet as possible.

"Now, take as much as you can," Betty told her.

Tricia did exactly that, her mouth filling with Jason's black cock. Her mouth rode about halfway down his shaft before she felt the gagging feeling, and she pulled off. Betty marked the spot with her fingers.

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