A Royal Sacrifice Ch. 23


She looked to the left and gave a sigh of appreciation and relief; Muriel stood waiting patiently by a tapestry that looked centuries old, but still sturdy and thick. Drest walked, with his bride next to him, toward Muriel. Evelyn caught a wink tossed toward her and Drest, before Muriel moved away to intercept a couple that had hoped to speak with the newlyweds. The Prince pulled Evelyn behind the tapestry and into a dark hall.

He pressed her against a cold wall, before pulling a slim panel back in place behind the tapestry. Evelyn waited in the dark for only a few seconds before Drest lit a candle and gazed at his beloved. Her features glowed under the light that did little to chase away the darkness. "When did you discover this?" Evelyn asked seconds before Drest's lips found her eager ones. The kiss was full of passion and promise and quickly ignited desire in both participants.Drest pulled away and kissed Evelyn's forehead.

"During those first few days when you were doing all you could to avoid me, I entertained myself with exploring your world," he told her before taking her hand, and leading her down a narrow hall, then turning to the left. "Here," he said to Evelyn, handing her the candle so he could press against a small notch that had been built into the wall many years ago.

The couple emerged into the Queen's private gardens, where there were no guests. Music could still be heard through the open windows that allowed the cool breeze to flitter into the ballroom. Evelyn willingly went with Drest toward the center of her gardens. He pulled her into his arms and led her slowly in a dance that eventually had them both swaying further into the darkness of the night.

They reached the edge of the garden, where a patch of thick grass gave way to a small private forest of orchard trees. Drest pulled off his jacket and laid it on the grass; he sat down, before pulling Evelyn into his lap. His fingers brushed softly along the edge of her bodice, while his mouth moved to kiss her temple. "My beautiful Evelyn, finally you are mine..." Evelyn purred softly, nestled closer to her husband and allowed her body to respond naturally to his touch. Her hands moved to explore the front of his shirt; her fingers plucked tenderly at the small strings that kept the collar of the shirt closed. "I feared that this day would never come, that Bagd..."

"Shh," Drest whispered against her ear, before taking the soft lobe between his lips and tasting it with the tip of his tongue. "We will not speak of his name, not this night Evie; I will not give his memory the satisfaction of sharing this evening with us."

Evelyn silently agreed, sealing the promise with a deep kiss that she initiated. She moved her tongue along his, over the top, then around to sweep gently across the bottom. She tasted wine and the savory evidence of a rich supper that her cook had prepared. The thrill of the kiss drove her onward in her quest for more. She sensed Drest struggling to control his own passion. Evelyn felt impowered at that moment, more so than she had during all the months before.

"Lie down, my sweet," she whispered, urging Drest back with a push against his chest. Drest pulled off his shirt, as he did her bidding. Evelyn gazed at her King; the light of the moon, the stars and the glow of the castle's lit rooms gave her enough brilliance that she was able to make out the rise and fall of his breath, the hardness of his nipples, and the soft down of chest hair that trailed off into the hidden patch beneath his breeches.

The Queen of Vix sat up just enough to release the two dozen buttons from the front of her dress. She heard Drest growl, offer his blade and then mutter a curse when she denied him his wishes. Eventually the dress's bodice lay open, and Evelyn's breast were free for her mate to enjoy. As she leaned in, he reached for her. The first touch of Drest's fingers trailing across her right breast made her shutter in delight. A puff of air escaped her lungs; her lips caught it where it emerged into the night with a hiss. He tweeked the hard pearl that arched toward him, before pushing one hand into her hair and bringing her down to lay atop his chiseled frame.

"My Evelyn...I have waited so long." They kissed again, this time the kiss seared Evelyn's soul. Drest continued to tease her nipple; she whimpered and pushed her chest deeper into his ministrations.

Drest chuckled softly, took his bride and rolled her to her back. He kissed her neck, trailed the tip of his tongue down across her collar bone, then down to the pepple he'd been toying with. He sucked it into his mouth, groped it with the flat of his tongue and nipped gently on the tip. Each tantalizing touch brought more sounds of pleasure from the Queen's lips. Her body wriggled one way and then the other. Her hands knew no home. They moved from the top of his head, down his arm, across a shoulder, down his back. For a brief moment Evelyn gripped her love's hips, lifted her own and wantonly rubbed herself against him.

"Please Drest...please," she begged. He looked down on her face, the light casting an ethereal glow around her features. "I love you so much," she told him. He kissed her hard. His hand moved to her dress and he pushed at the fabric, exposing her legs to the cool night's breeze.

"Are you sure my Queen...here in the gardens, like a common trollop?"

Evelyn saw the smirk on his face, licked her lips, and arched a brow. "I was raised a commoner, spent days, weeks, months and years working, sleeping, and playing in the woods...who am I to judge the Earth not worthy?"

Drest laughed softly. "Ahh, I am the luckiest King in all the land, for I have a wife who I can mount at any time, and any place."

Evelyn giggled, swatted at Drest and answered back. "Just be prepared to be treated just the same."

"I look forward to it," he said before reaching down and releasing the stays of his breeches. With exploring hands Evelyn reached for her husband's shaft. Her hands, callused from the life she had lived circled the hardened member. She stroked, timidly at first, marveling at the way it was both hard and soft. Her nails dragged across the tip as she slid her hand around the head and then over the ridged surface before tightening the hold and stroking faster. Drest's intake of air told her he appreciated her touch, so she quickened her pace. "Will you teach me all that makes you happy?" she asked, while her finger played with the small slit at the top of his cock.

"I will force you to practice till you have what I like down to perfection."

He took her hand away from his and placed it on his abdomen. His cock ached to be buried deep within his woman, and he knew they both wanted desperately to join no matter their state of dress. He had imagined taking her into the bedchamber, slowly undressing her and learning every inch of her flesh with the aid of candlelight. Yet, here he was preparing to take her maidenhead in the gardens. Drest shouldn't have been surprised, he had after all married a unique creature, one that would meet him head on and challenge him when she felt he was wrong.

"I pity any man or sorceror that dare come between us," he hissed before sliding himself over her and placing his cockhead at the entrance of her sex.

"And I shall cut down any woman..." Evelyn countered, thrusting her hips upward. His cock knocked against her sex. Drest groaned.

"There will be no other," he told her before pushing his cock into the heated core of her sex. Evelyn gasped; Drest swallowed the sound with the kiss he delivered just seconds before penetration occurred. Evelyn's fist curled into tight balls. A tear escaped her clenched lids, as searing pain and a flash of heat exploded from deep inside her. Drest moved again, drawing his shaft from her pussy and then plunging once more. He held still, allowing her to accept his invasion. He kissed her and whispered his adoration for her.

When he felt she was ready Drest moved. With lifted hips he slowly drove deep into his wife, before pulling away again; the speed of their lovemaking was slow and tedious to one of Drest experience, but he cared not. He worked to bring relaxation and contentment to his wife, when he felt her body was prepared and begging for more he answered the call. The thrusts increased in tempo and power. The feel of soft curls mingling with coarser ones brought a new sensation to the dance.

Evelyn ground her hips against Drest. She felt the bite of his breeches against her legs. The foreign touches, caresses, and heat from another made her body shake and tremble. Her nails racked down her husband's back. She heard him hiss, but thought nothing about the marks she would leave. The Queen of Vix was too lost in the heat of newfound passion to care about scratches and bruises. Drest growled low, the rumble urged Evelyn to experiment. Her muscles constricted around the cock that drove into her at a steady pace. She pumped her hips, held on to her mate and prayed for the sensations to never stop. As her body began to hum, her legs tingle, and her toes curl, Evie knew that the end was coming. Tears formed not from fear or discomfort, but from simple pleasure. She had known nothing like this and feared that to lose it would be more pain than she could bear. "Drest...Drest I can't...please, don't stop. Oh God, Drest..."

Her words were music to his ears and did nothing more than drive them toward the precipe he knew she was about to tumble from. His own release was close and he fought to keep his body in check with his mind. He wanted to feel her nectar wash over him. He wanted to feel her cover him with the passion he had seen since the first day he'd laid eyes on him. She was his Queen and he would go through Hell and back to keep her at his side.

They came together. Evelyn's cry of pleasure echoed along with Drest low, grunt of release. His seed splashed against the walls of her pussy, while her juices flowed hot and thick from deep within her. Sweat glistened in the light that trickled over them, and the air seemed to cover them with a cool mist that would eventually send shivers down their spines forcing them to abandon their private sanctuary and seek comfort in their chamber.

Later, after another intense joining, Evelyn rose from the bed, pulled on a robe and walked over to the window. She breathed deep the fragrance of her lands, imagined herself walking through the forest, gathering mushrooms. A young man ran out to her, her best-friend Cedric. He told her she was to be Queen. She'd balked and had tried to become what they wanted, only to realize who she was, was exactly what the kingdom needed.

The End

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