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A Scam for Everything


Don't get me wrong I love the internet. It allows me to do a plethora of different things from banking, chatting with friends, online gaming, keeping up on my favorite sports teams' statistics, playing poker and many more things, but I am really getting fed up with all the online scams that are out there.

Gone are the days when the scams were just on the phone. You remember them don't ya?

You have just won a brand new car! All you have to do is send us 500 bucks to pay for the taxes or shipment!

I have never fell for one myself but do know some older people that were taken advantage of. Now with the internet the scams are world wide and constant. It really starting to piss me off with the continuous emails from bullshit companies trying to get you to buy crap or telling you that you have won something and all you need is to send them some money. I would like to send them something, I would like to send them my foot up their ass!

And the most disgusting ones are the people who take advantage when a terrible event has occurred. The number of scams that were in effect after Hurricane Katrina and the terrorist attacks was repulsive. Some people wanted to help so much they were just looking for a way and in walks Mr. Crooked to scam away the money the innocent helping bystander was giving with the belief someone in need was getting it.

Stealing from people this way is bad enough and I don't feel the punishments are heavy enough for those who get caught, but when they make scams based on terrible incidents the penalties she be at minimum doubled!

All though the internet is a great tool for everyone to gain information, it also allows these losers (understatement!) access to this information too. I mean really if you are going to scam or steal don't do it to 80 year old Edna that doesn't know any better, you want to steal from someone steal from the government! They have been stealing from us for years...LOL.

It is probably why so many of the elderly are afraid of the internet and it could be such a great social tool for those not able to get around so easily any more. They can chat with family and friends, play cards on line, and bingo to mention a few. And for those involved in baking or crafts there are endless sites. Once again jerkoffs who can't make an honest buck has to go and ruin it for others.

How many of you have received this email before:

Hi, my name is Nygupi from South Africa and my father owns a gold mine and he just died. I am looking for investors so I can keep the mine running. This opportunity will net you millions! Just send a check to.

Or this one:

My name is (Random little girls name) from (either some eastern block country or once again Africa) I am a college student and I have been accepted to (random university) in USA. Unfortunately I can not afford the cost of travel. Please help me and send a donation to (random account).

Now as soon as I see an email where someone wants money from me they go right to the trash bin but others are suckers for a hard luck story. Not that I don't have a heart and I don't want to help out those that need it but my family comes first when it comes to opening my wallet. Plus I give an allotment off my paycheck every week to a host of reputable charities. My self I tend to give my money to mostly children's charities, probably because children haven't done anything or capable of helping themselves.

In closing just be aware of what evil awaits you out there in internet land. If it sounds even a slight bit sketchy, it probably is. Please watch what you do when out on the net and be careful of who you respond to when answering emails.

Don't let these scam artists line their pockets anymore! If you do receive these types of emails find out who to contact in your area forward a copy of the message to them. Hopefully if enough people take the time to alert authorities maybe we can slow down this influx of criminals trying to steal our hard earned money.

In closing, be mindful and take care. I wouldn't want my list of people I know being taken to grow any bigger!


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