A Second Chance at Love Pt. 4


"No...uh...I just feel bad about Katie, you know...uh being left out."

Jenny giggled and said, "Don't worry about her. I have something special planned for tonight."

"What?" Jim asked.

"Well, today is Katie's birthday."

"Oh God, I didn't know. Now I feel even worse."

"Don't worry lover, you will make it up to her. You see Katie wants to do something that she has never done before. She wants to be fucked in the ass and you are going to do it for her. I promised her that you would."

Jim gasped and looked at Jenny in total disbelief. "Are you kidding?" he asked.

"Nope, unless you don't want to."

"Oh God, I would love that," Jim blurted then hesitated. "I mean...uh...are you sure she wants...is it okay with...uh," Jim said stuttering all over himself.

"Yes she wants you to fuck her ass. Tonight is her special night. When I told her she could do anything she wanted with you she said she wanted you take her anal 'virginity'--her words."

The rest of the day was a blur to Jim. He was still recovering from jet lag but that was not the only thing causing him to feel light headed. He couldn't get the thought of fucking Katie's sweet ass out of his head. Every time he looked at her, his eyes were drawn to her ass. She would smile at him, causing his face to turn red. Neither of them said a word to one another about it but they both knew what was going to happen tonight.

Katie was even more excited then Jim. She had always wanted to have anal sex but had never found a guy that she felt she could trust to be gentle. She knew Jim would never hurt her, she trusted him with her very life.

That evening the ladies dressed up again to go out to dinner. Jenny made Jim wear a suit again. They took Katie to her favorite restaurant downtown. While they tried to act like three average people out to dinner, it was impossible to disguise the affection they had for one another. They sat in a booth close to each other at the fancy restaurant. Katie sat between Jim and Jenny. She felt very loved and protected.

By the time they were home and ready to go to bed, everyone was a little nervous. Jenny told Jim to wait downstairs until she called him. He reluctantly agreed, going to the bar to fix himself a drink.

It seemed like an eternity before Jenny called down to Jim. He practically ran up the stairs, taking two at a time. As he started to push the bedroom door open he suddenly felt very nervous, almost like a young man on his wedding night. The feeling was appropriate; when he looked into the candle lit room, he saw Katie standing next to the bed in a white teddy, white garters and nylons and a veil over her face. Jim stood paralyzed.

From somewhere out of the dark, Jenny stepped up to him and took his hand. She led Jim over to Katie. "Isn't she beautiful," Jenny whispered.

Jim could only moan.

"Kiss your lover," Jenny said and pushed Jim into Katie's arms.

Jim lifted the veil and turned it over her head. He took her face in his shaking hands and brought his lips to hers. Both he and Katie moaned as their mouths opened and their tongues met. They kissed and hugged for a long time, Jim loving the feeling of her soft breast, warm body and wet lips. Finally, Jim walked Katie slowly back to the bed and let her sit down. He rushed to strip off his clothes until he was naked in front of Katie. His cock was already throbbing in front of him, dripping juice to the floor. Jim was still almost in shock as he looked at this beautiful woman waiting for him to fuck her virgin ass. He slowly went to his knees and pushed her back on the bed. He didn't notice that Jenny had joined them, lying close to Katie.

Jenny could feel Katie's body shaking as she pulled her to her close. She kissed her lips gently then turned to watch Jim spread her legs and bring his mouth to her covered pussy. Jenny kissed Katie again as Jim's mouth began to suck her lips through the crotch of her teddy.

"Oh God, I want his cock Jenny," Katie moaned.

Jenny pushed Jim back and pulled Katie to the middle of the bed. "Get on your hands and knees," Jenny instructed.

Jim climbed onto the bed and got to his knees behind Katie. He watched as Jenny knelt next to them then reached to the crotch of Jenny's teddy and unsnapped the material, exposing her ass and pussy. He sucked in his breath as he saw her beautiful ass in front of his eyes.

Jenny smiled at Jim and opened the cheeks of Katie's ass. She turned her head and kissed her way down the soft ass cheeks. With a moan, she licked down the crack to the little rose between the cheeks.

Now it was Katie's turn to moan as she felt Jenny's tongue licking her back passage. She almost fell to the bed when Jenny's tongue pressed into her. Her hips pushed back attempting to get more of the tongue into her little hole. A little moan of frustration came from her lips when Jenny pulled away and got off the bed for a moment. She returned quickly.

Jim watched as Jenny opened a tube of lubricant. He saw her take some on her finger and gently smear it on Katie's asshole. Then with a lustful look Jenny pushed her finger slowly into her ass. Jim moaned as he watched the finger move deeper and deeper until it was in as far as it could go. Then Jenny pulled her finger out and squirted on more lubricant before plunging back in. Soon she was moving her finger in and out rapidly. Katie almost screamed when Jenny added a second finger.

When Jenny pulled the digits out, a moan of frustration escaped Katie's lips. Jenny then covered Jim's cock head with the cool and clear lubricant. She looked at Jim and said, "Are you ready sweety, are you ready to fuck her sweet ass?"

Jim closed his eyes and moaned. He opened his eyes again when he felt Jenny place his cock at the entrance to Katie's ass. His hips moved almost without his control. He watched as the cock head spread the tiny hole and moved inside.

Katie moaned as she felt Jim's cock begin to open her ass. She was just a bit scared but also very excited. She wanted his cock in her ass more then anything else in the world right now. Her hips pushed back as Jim pressed forward. Slowly she felt the resistance of the ring of her ass give and let the cock slid inside.

The smooth lubricant helped Jim slide his cock deeper and deeper into Katie's ass. He felt like his cock was enveloped in a velvet glove. He could feel Katie's ass walls caress him as his cock moved deep into her dark tunnel. Soon he felt his balls touch Katie's pussy lips and knew that he was in as far as he could go. He turned to Jenny and saw her lust crazed eyes. Her lips met his in a passionate kiss, as his cock remained unmoving inside Katie's ass.

Katie pulled forward and then pushed back, wanting to feel Jim's cock moving in and out. She began to move slowly back and forth slowly, letting her ass get used to the large invader. It wasn't as bad as she had thought it would be. She was proud that she had taken his cock so easily. Now she wanted to fuck. She heard Jim moan as she worked herself back and forth.

Jim felt Jenny's hand slowly move down his back to his ass. He felt her move around him but didn't think too much about it as he began to fuck into his lover's ass. Suddenly he felt Jenny's finger slide between the cheeks of his own ass. He gasped as he felt her lubricant covered finger begin to slide into his own hole. No one had ever done that to him before.

Jenny smiled as she pushed her finger slowly into Jim's ass. She pushed it deep, looking for his prostate. Jim moaned as she began to massage the little gland.

The combination of Jenny's finger and Katie's tight ass was bringing Jim rapidly to the point of no return. "Oh God," he moaned as he fucked into Katie's ass.

"Fuck me, fuck my ass Jim, oh yes, yes, yes," Katie moaned and pushed her ass back at Jim, taking every inch into her. Katie reached between her legs and began to massage her clit. "Oh yes, oh God, I'm going to...ohhhhhh...cummmmmmm!!!" she screamed as her body began to spasm in pleasure.

The contractions of Katie's ass on his cock and the still plunging finger were more then Jim could take. "I'm going to cum, oh yes," Jim moaned as he pushed his cock deep into Katie's ass. His large cock head pulsed and poured a torrent of sperm deep into his lover's ass tunnel. Jim felt like his head was going to explode as Jenny's massaging finger caused his cock to throb over and over, pumping out every ounce of juice he had inside his balls. He had never felt such an intense orgasm or one that lasted for so long.

Jim collapsed onto Katie, forcing her still shaking body to the bed. It took some time for Jim's cock to begin to soften and slip out of Katie's still tight hole. The two fell into an exhausted sleep. This time it was Jenny's turn to use her finger to bring herself sweet relief.

A week later Jenny was walking by Katie's door when she thought she heard a whimper. She stopped and pressed the door open then rushed in when she saw Katie crying on the bed. Jenny sat next to Katie and wrapped her arm around her lover and friend. "What's the matter?" she asked with great concern.

"I...I went to the doctors today." Katie said and stopped, sobbing even more now.

"Oh God, what's wrong?"

"Uh...uh, he said uh...oh God Jenny, he said I'm pregnant," Katie finally blurted out in a rush before breaking into sobs again.

"Wow!" Jenny said, and then added, "But I thought you were on the pill?"

"I am! He...he said...sob...he said...sob...that sometimes this happens. The pill isn't perfect."

Jenny pulled Katie close and said "Well at least that idiot Jerry won't be around to mess up his child."

"Oh God Jenny, it's...it's not Jerry's baby," Katie whispered through sobs.

Suddenly there was a stunned silence in the room as Jenny realized what Katie was saying.

"Oh my God..."

To be continued...

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