A Sibling Rivalry


Before Nadia could react, Aidan had jumped up off the bed, grabbed her, thrown her up on his shoulders and was on the second turn of spinning her around.

"Freestyle rasslin' girl," he yelled. "Welcome to the helicopter spin."

He continued to spin her around a few more times as she screamed and laughed, before he flipped her stomach in front of his face and tickled her by motor boating her stomach, then he pile drove her onto her back on the bed, tumbling across the top of her.

From there it was on. The two grappled from one side of the bed to the other, laughing and joking the whole time. Aidan was clearly stronger and at the advantage, but he was taking it easy on her and letting her gain the upper hand occasionally. They were both obviously enjoying all the contact, and Aidan had given up hiding his arousal. He grabbed her from behind and pulled her into him, tickling her ribs until she screamed for mercy, but then she turned the tables on him, getting him over onto his back and pinning his arms down with her knees, with her cute ass stuck right in his face. He was powerless to WANT to escape this hold, until she leaned forward and started tickling his ribs and stomach. He bucked her off, mostly with his face on her crotch, and then grabbed her from behind, using his arms to pin her arms above her head. He lay back on the bed with her on top of him, and wrapped his legs around hers to hold her down. He made no effort to hide the erection that was positioned nicely between her butt cheeks, and he didn't mind at all when she wriggled around on top of him. Both twins noted how incredibly sexy this particular wrestling pose looked in the mirror above the bed and neither bothered to change for a moment, just enjoying the view. Their legs were intertwined, her hands were extended above her head, she looked incredibly sexy laying stretched out on her brother in her sports bra and shorts. Her shorts had ridden up high on her thigh, and her arousal was evident by her nipples poking through the bra.

Eventually she wrestled away, and they continued on with arms and legs intertwined, bodies in close contact, laughing the whole time. The rolling around on the big bed had moved from a wrestling battle to something more like simulated, partially clothed sex. Over the course of the next 20 minutes they worked themselves into positions ranging from missionary to reverse cowgirl to headlock-doggy-style. They kept up just enough pretend wrestling to justify continuing, though both knew what was going on and both knew the other did.

After a particularly fevered exchange, Aidan ended up straddling Nadia's chest, his knees pinning her arms down so that she was helpless. He had her now, he was the dominant one. The best part for Aidan was that in this position, his cock was now just inches from his sister's face, and he could feel her eyes upon him. She was quite obviously tracing the bulge in his boxers with her eyes, and it was incredibly arousing. She looked at his boxers with hunger, then up into his eyes, and she opened her mouth slightly and let her tongue take a long, slow, exaggerated tour of her upper lip.

The effect was overwhelming, Aidan quit breathing, had a heart attack and nearly went blind in the same moment. Just as planned.

With one quick move, Nadia pushed down into the bed, brought her legs up from behind him, and put a scissor pin around his head with her legs, jerking him over backwards. She had nailed him again.

"You men are such suckers for a pretty mouth," she said giggling. He wrestled hard to try to get out of the hold, but all he could do was flip over so his head was down between her thighs, facing her crotch. As she squeezed her knees together tighter, he realized the only way he could go was to move his face closer to her crotch. They had wrestled their way into a pretty comfortable 69 position. And at some point he accepted that fate wouldn't be all that bad.

His face was now buried in Nadia's crotch, her legs squeezing his ears shut. On the other end, his crotch was poised just inches above Nadia's face. Using all his strength, he managed to flip them over so that he was on the bottom and she was on top. His face felt so good buried in the crotch of her shorts that he momentarily forgot it was his sister, and he reached his hands around to her ass and he rubbed his face hard into her. He couldn't stop himself, but he held his breath waiting for Nadia's reaction.

Nadia froze in position, overwhelmed by the warm wet feeling in her pussy and the competing urge to stop things now. She looked down at the massive erection straining the limits of the boxers. Her face was just inches away. She moved down closer and could feel the heat rising. She closed her eyes and closed the gap, allowing her cheek to lightly touch down on the boxers. The contact caused his cock to leap harder into her face. Slowly, softly, she began to rub her face back and forth across the soft cotton cloth on his boxers. At the same time, she let her legs relax and open up to allow Aidan to move and have more access.

For the first time in several moments, Aidan took a breath. He couldn't believe this was happening, but he definitely did not want it to stop. Emboldened by the feeling of his sister rubbing her face across his cock, he pushed his face harder into her, feeling the wetness through her shorts. He could sense she wasn't wearing underwear, and her shorts were very sheer. He was in perfect position to see the reflection in the mirror above them, watching her head move slowly back and forth and watching as his hands gripped and caressed her ass and pulled her tight onto his face.

They were both too far gone now to think about how naughty this was.

They were both on fire, Nadia rubbing her face back and forth over his cock, and Aidan rubbing his face up and down along her pussy. Nadia purred softly as she ran one cheek down the length of his cock, all the way down to his balls, and then she would move over to caress the other side of his cock with her other cheek. It was like giving a hand job with her face. She was afraid of what might happen if she let her mouth come in contact with him, so it was only occasionally that her lips would brush up against him.

Aidan's mouth was watering as he moved his face up and down along her crotch. He had discovered just how thin her shorts were, as they had become saturated, and he loved the warm wet feeling on his face. He also loved the fact that he could watch the scene in the mirror above them, he was mesmerized watching his own hands move up and down his sister's body, lightly moving from her thighs all the way up her back. He thought about working his hands around to her breasts, but he didn't want to push his luck. His favorite place to have his hands was on her shapely ass, he even got bold enough to slip his hands under the thin material a few times.

In fact, they both ached to be doing this naked, but somehow fought the urge. It felt good enough — and bad enough —as it was.

Nadia was starting to lose her mind to her arousal. Aidan was pretty sure his cock had never been this hard, and he was quickly losing control. He felt his cock swelling up towards a powerful orgasm, and almost simultaneously he felt Nadia quiver, and then shudder, and then tremble violently, and he lost control and lashed his tongue out as hard as he could into her shorts, pushing them so far into her he could taste her.

At the same time, Nadia watched mesmerized as Aidan's cock bulged and throbbed until it was standing nearly straight up. She knew she shouldn't but she couldn't resist, and she opened up her mouth and began running her mouth up and down the length of his cock, still covered by the boxers. Up and down she went, and as her body exploded in orgasm she could feel his cock pumping fluid out, saturating his boxers. After what seemed like several minutes his cock finally settled down, and she took the opportunity to taste his fluid soaked boxers with a final warm, wet kiss on the tip.

For about a minute they laid there in that position, completely spent. Eventually Nadia found the energy to roll off of him and lay her exhausted head on his chest.

"Well," she said finally. "That was pretty crazy."

"Very," he stammered back. "Very crazy."

"Say, by the way, happy birthday," she said.

Aidan looked over at the clock. It was exactly midnight. Eighteen years earlier they may have been in the same position.

"Wow, you too," he said. "I guess we finally determined who came first."

She looked at him suspiciously, ready for a new battle. "What do you mean?"

"I mean that the battle is over," he said.

"Clearly, we both came at the same time."

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