A Sister Haunted


Daylight illuminated the living room. The first thought on my mind was Gale. We had to get back to the Quarter and see what she had to say about all this. For a brief moment I thought about the fact that she'd have the last laugh. I wish I hadn't acted like a jerk when she was talking to us about Ashley's 'abilities'. If I had listened, I might have known what to do.

We were on the road by 10 AM. Forty-three minutes later we were knocking on Gales door. The lady in the lobby had a message; "Gale said to tell you two she will be a few minutes, you can either walk around the Quarter for a bit or wait, up to you."

"Tell us? She knew we were coming?" Ashley asked.

"I'm just the messenger." The girl cut her off short.

We were both so anxious neither of us moved; nor did we speak a word. After some time, Gale came out of the hall behind an older lady. The lady hugged her before leaving.

"Clay. Ashley. Good to see you again. Come on back."

I'm not sure who was up the fastest; me or Ashley. We were practically sprinting to Gale's door while the secretary gave us funny looks. Gale just smiled. Somehow I think she already knew what we were about to tell her.

"So, why don't you tell me about it." She knew.

"I think you were right." Ashley said nervously. She sounded like she was about to tell her darkest secret.

"I know." Gale was confident in her abilities. "I meant tell me about the encounter."

"That's the thing. I can't. I don't remember them."

"Hm. Then how do you know they are happening?"

"I saw it." I spoke up.

"What did you see?"

I told her what had happened. Of course I gave her the same version I gave Ashley. Gale was stunned that Ashley hosted Isabelle so quickly. Normally someone doesn't host without communicating for a while. Gale believed the diary was how Ashley was able to link with Isabelle. She explained how she thought Isabelle was connecting. The resting state makes it much easier for a spirit to latch on and release a host. Therefore, each time Ashley fell asleep while reading the diary, she gave Isabelle the opportunity to latch on to her.

"It's interesting that she believes you are her former employer. That means he played a role in her choice to remain here." Gale directed her observations towards me.

"But what can we do to stop this?" Ashley asked.

"Any movie you've ever seen on lost souls could answer that for you. Even fiction isn't entirely fictional you know." Ashley and I just stared at her.

"Help her." She paused then realized we still weren't following. "Help her answer her question."

"But what is her question?" I asked

"That's what you have to find out Clay. It seems to have something to do with Mr. Du Bois. And as far as Isabelle is concerned, you are Mr. Du Bois. Ashley is the host, she's not going to recollect what Isabelle says or does. You will have to figure out the mystery yourself."

Even though our problems were far from over, my tension and fear was somewhat at ease; and I could tell Ashley felt the same. Gale told us Isabelle wouldn't be violent as long as we appeased her. I was instructed to talk to Isabelle as much as I could to look for clues. Most spirits stay behind because they had a secret, something they wanted desperately but couldn't have. In order for me to get her to talk about it, I had to get her to trust me. Gale said it's like making a new friend. Her last warning was; "Don't treat it like an interrogation. You have to live in her world if you want to get her to open up to you."

After we got home I was actually impatient to get started. I wanted Ash to go to the attic and read. She was hesitant. We were discussing questions I should ask when Ashley had an idea; she wanted to record it.

"Oh my god, I can't believe I didn't think about it before. Lets put a camera upstairs and record it."


"Because, if she's using my body I at least want to know what she's doing with it. Besides, I can help you listen for clues."

I was really nervous about the camera idea. I left out a lot of detail about my encounters with Isabelle and I was afraid of what might be revealed. But Ashley had a right to know what happened. A thought occurred to me while setting up the equipment.

"Ash. I just realized something about this space." She looked at me curiously. "Its the only area in the house that dates back to Isabelle's time. The only area that hasn't been modified or updated in some way." She was pondering my statements. "Maybe that's why Isabelle only shows up in the attic."

We hid the camera behind some boxes. We were ready. I sat in silence waiting while Ashley read from the diary. After about an hour, I saw her nodding off. I was about to have another conversation with Isabelle.

Chapter Six

I'm not sure if I blinked while Ashley was sleeping. I stared, waiting for the slightest hint that Isabelle had arrived. She was asleep about 15 minutes when her eyes darted open and looked straight at me.

"If you could see the look on your face." She laughed.

"Damn it!" I hissed.

"I'm guessing nothing happened. No cuts, bruises or new dresses I see." She looked a little disappointed.

"No. I've been sitting here 15 minutes watching you sleep."

"Now what?" She asked.

"I don't know, I guess we get a break from Isabelle tonight - finally. Did you read anything interesting before you dozed off?

"Actually, I did. I think something happened between Isabelle and Mr. Du Bois. All of the sudden she seems very jealous of Ms. Du Bois. One of the statements she made was something like... wait, let me see if I can find it." Ashley started flipping through pages of the diary scanning for a passage.

"Here it is... she wrote, 'Sometime I feel sorry for him, he is good man and he deserve respect and to be loved. But, he is not happy with her, I can't imagine anyone could be'. She has to be talking about Mr. and Ms. Du Bois, don't you think?"

"Maybe so." I left it at that.

"It would be nice if we knew a little more about Mr. Du Bois so your interaction with Isabelle will be more authentic."

"Good idea, I need to finish looking through all these boxes up here. Plus we should go check the library archives. We should be able to find something on him."

"When are you going back to work?"

"I took off for the week, I thought we'd enjoy ourselves; then Isabelle had to ruin everything."

I tried to google the name Du Bois and Wallace to see if I could find anything useful before my next encounter. Apparently Du Bois is a lot more common than it sounds, but I still couldn't find any linked to Wallace. Ashley seemed to be getting more comfortable with our supernatural roommate because she was up and down the stairs putting the last touches on her bedroom.

The last few nights of interrupted sleep must have taking its toil on me; I fell asleep. Ashley wasn't on the love seat when I awoke so I thought we may actually sleep in our beds. I missed my bed. As I walked in my room, I heard a crashing noise; like furniture hitting the floor. I looked in Ashley's room but I knew she wasn't going to be there. The noise came from the attic.

When I saw her, she was sitting on the bed, her hands covering her face. Her body was quivering just enough that I knew she was crying.


Startled, she looked over at me. "Go away Mr. Du Bois, I no want to see you."

"Isabelle, what's wrong?" I walked towards her slowly. She didn't answer. The closer I got, the smaller my steps became. If she tried anything crazy to hurt Ashley, I was ready to pounce. I sat on the bed next to her and softly called her name. A few minutes passed before she spoke.

"I am whore." She looked at me with her tearing red eyes. Ashley was right, I really needed to learn about the Du Bois'. A history lesson would have been handy at that moment because, I didn't know what Isabelle was or why she was calling herself a whore. I was like a deer in headlights; frozen in place and lost.

"Why do you say that?" It seemed like a logical question.

Without saying a word she stood and went to her restroom. She stayed in there a good while. When she returned she looked fresh. She had fixed her hair and re-powdered her face. She swayed toward me and made a comment about her water still not working. I told her I'd check it out. I asked if she was feeling better and she responded with a simple yes. She stood directly in front of me while I sat on the bed. She reached out and cupped my chin with her hand. I was looking in her eyes.

"You are good man Mr. Du Bois." Then she leaned in and kissed me.

I jumped back in total surprise. Wow I wasn't expecting that. I was so caught up in trying to figure out what was happening and making sure Ashley was safe that I didn't think about the affair her and Du Bois had; possibly. When I came to and saw the look on her face I knew she was hurt. Tears were streaming down her cheeks again as she turned away from me.

"Wait." I caught her arm. "I'm sorry, you just surprised me." She didn't react. "Do you think we can sit and talk perhaps? I just feel like I want to know you better." I was being honest.

She looked a little surprised. We sat in two chairs facing each other. I thought it was better than sitting on the bed. I was wrong.

She sat across from me and pulled her dress above her knees so her thighs were uncovered. Her legs were spread wide and her hands were pushing down between them holding her dress to the chair. She was leaning slightly forward in such a way I couldn't help but notice how seductive and sexy she looked. For a minute I almost forgot this was actually my sister sitting in front of me. Isabelle had a totally different demeanor about her than Ashley. It was like being around two different people.

"I, um." I was at a loss for words. I tried recalling all of Gale's instructions and remembered I had to act like Mr. Du Bois if I wanted Isabelle to open up to me. But I didn't get advice on how to convince her we're not lovers. Since I didn't tell Ashley or Gale about the affair, I was completely on my own.

"How do you like your room?" I wish I knew more about Mr. Du Bois so I didn't have to ask stupid questions.

"You know I like my quarters Mr. Du Bois." She stood up letting the hem of her dress fall back to the floor. "You always ask me that."

"I do?" Great now she thinks I have memory problems.

Isabelle circled around me as I sat paralyzed. She put a hand on my shoulder and slowly moved it behind my neck as she walked around me. When she got to my other shoulder, she reversed her direction and walked behind me again. She stopped, put both hands on my shoulders and leaned over and whispered in my ear.

"I like this game you play Mr. Du Bois." Then she sucked my earlobe in her mouth. I jumped out of my chair.

"I um. I'm sorry. Um." I didn't know what to do. I knew Isabelle was very fragile and couldn't take rejection. If I fled from the room there's no telling what she would have done to Ashley. Things would have been different if I were looking at the real Isabelle, but I wasn't; I was looking at my sister. Guilt was already taking hold of me over the kiss we shared moments earlier. Even-though i didn't reciprocate, I still shared a kiss with my sister. Isabelle's face grew darker. She was getting impatient with my 'game'. I was trying to focus and think of a way to get out of this situation. I was looking down at the floor when she stepped in front of me. She pushed me hard and I fell on her chair. She straddled my legs sitting on my lap and wrapped her arms around my neck.

"I grow tired of this game Mr. Du Bois."

She kissed me again. I think I closed my eyes. Did I? She pressed her hip forward so that her bottom was putting pressure on my crotch. My heart was beating fast and I was scared. I was in trouble.

She broke her kiss and looked me in the eyes. "I missed you Mr. Du Bois." Then she kissed me again with lust and passion. Her tongue invaded my mouth. I wasn't fully kissing her back but I can't say I wasn't kissing her at all. She was grinding her hips back and forth on top of me. Then I felt it. The worse possible thing that could have happened. I was betrayed and abandoned by my inner man. I was getting aroused.

I felt my manhood growing. She redirected her thrust so she could target the source of betrayal. She was getting what she wanted and I was powerless to stop it from happening. I grabbed her shoulders and begged her.

"Please, please don't do this. We can't." She didn't even react to my plea. She thrust again, reinforcing my body's treachery. Then she filled my mouth again with her tongue.

When she pulled away she reached down and started unbuttoning my pants. I pushed back in the chair trying to get out from under her but as I stood she pushed me back again. She still thought I was playing. She started playing along.

"You don't feel like being bad boy today, no?" She was aggressively pulling at my button and zipper. She even made a comment about the 'weird' pants I was wearing. When I felt her hand wrap around my stiffness I jumped again trying to get out of the chair. She pushed me back and held my penis as I fell, pulling it into view. There it was, hard, oozing with pre-cum, and pointing directly at Isabelle. She didn't hesitate before she buried it in her mouth. Her warm mouth engulf my erection and my mind flooded with remorse.

My stomach was starting to hurt and I could feel tears building up in my eyes. But even then, I couldn't change the fact that Isabelle's actions felt good. My body's reaction was all the proof she needed. She bobbed her head up and down sucking me in and out of her as she breathed heavily. She was moaning with lust. I felt tears falling down my face as I let my head drop back. 'How will I ever face my sister again?'

I gripped the sides of the chair and tried to force my hips still. Again, I didn't succeed. My hips started involuntarily thrusting upward, meeting Isabelle's downward stroke. She reacted with more intensity and lust. It didn't take many more reps before I felt my inner being stir. My body was about to release its seed.

"I'm cuming. Please stop. I'm cuming." I didn't win that plea either.

The last thing I wanted to do was leave the taste of my cum in Isabelle's mouth. Ashley would surely know something happened. I reached down and forced my shaft from her and pointed it at my stomach. I started jerking it violently trying to relieve the building pressure. Ropes of cum launched across my stomach and chest.

"You like to pleasure you self?" her eyes were full of lust. She leaned back off her knees and braced herself with one hand. She pulled her dress up her legs, above her knees and thighs, then I saw it. I was looking at my sisters uncovered privates. Her cunny was covered by short neatly trimmed pubic hair. Her legs wide open and bent at the knee. Her feet flat on the floor. She was biting on her finger.

"You go for me, I go for you, Mr. Du Bois." Her hand traveled from her lips to her center. She started rubbing her labia up and down with the palm side of her fingers. Her head fell back as she exhaled a deep moan. She circled harder against her vagina and I could see her pushing a couple fingers inside. Her hips bucked up and down. The faster she moved the louder her moans became. She was circling her clit violently. Rubbing it back and forth as her pelvis rose and fell repeatedly. She stopped suddenly. A long constant moan was building within her as if trying to escape. It almost sounded like a cry of surrender as her body started convulsing. Sweat was pouring down her face and soaked in her hair.

She let her hand give way so she could lay on the floor. Her chest was rising and falling fast as she was trying to catch her breath. I was frozen in place. I didn't move while all this happened. I didn't turn my eyes, try to run or ask her to stop. I just sat there and watched.

As Isabelle's breathing started to calm down I noticed her eyes were closed. I didn't want her to fall asleep like that so I picked her up and put her in the bed. She held my neck tight and tried to pull me in bed with her. She didn't put up much of a fight and surrendered by kissing me again before rolling over on her stomach to rest.

I went downstairs and cleaned myself off. I was like a zombie. I kept replaying what had happened in my mind and was trying to prepare myself for the consequences. I felt sick. I locked my door and laid in the bed. I could not face her after what I just let happen. Why didn't I see it? Why did I lie and not tell her about Isabelle trying to kill herself; or that her and Mr. Du Bois were having an affair. If she had known she probably would have never agreed to this. I felt the contents of my stomach trying to surface. I ran to the restroom just in time to unload what little food I had in me.

I couldn't sleep. I watched the minutes tick off the clock. Every now and then I'd have to wipe a tear from my eyes. I heard Ashley moving around. She called downstairs for me. A minute later she knocked on my door and called for me again. I didn't answer.

Chapter Seven

The minutes passed very slow. I know because I watched each and every one of them since the night before. It was after 9 AM and I knew I had to get out of bed; but I just couldn't bring myself to face Ashley. I could feel the nausea starting to return with the thought of what I did to her. A sudden bang on my door startled me. Ashley screamed my name from the other side.

I jumped up and called back as I got to the door to open it. She slapped me right across the face.

"You scared the fuck out of me! Why didn't you answer!"

"I'm sorry I. Um. I just didn't feel good." It wasn't a total lie.

"Ugh!" She pushed me and turned to walk down the steps. "Fucker." She took one last glare before going downstairs.

Did she know what happened or not? But regardless, it didn't change the fact that I did. I felt even worse knowing I had to lie about it. I closed my door and went back to bed. At 1:28 PM I decided to walk downstairs. Ashley was watching TV. She must have heard me moving around.

"You feeling better?" her voice seemed normal.

"Yeah, thanks."

"Isabelle dropped by last night. I woke up on the attic bed again wearing her dress."

The blood rushed out of my face. "Really?"

"Yeah, we'll chat with her next time though. Hope you feel better." She went back to the living room.

What little appetite I was starting to build left me. I went back to my room and went to bed. I couldn't stop my mind from replaying the scene from the night before. Over and over I recalled Ashley sitting on the floor massaging herself to climax. I thought about the look in her eyes as she swallowed my manhood again and again. I punched at my pillow to relieve frustration. It didn't help. I flung myself out of bed and went to the attic. I figured if I wanted Isabelle out of my life I needed to know why she was in it in the first place. How did she die and what is she waiting for?

I started sifting through boxes of papers. I read everything I put my hands on to search for clues about what happened to her.

"What are you doing?" I jumped out of my chair. Ashley frightened the hell out of me. And I'll admit, I was really jumpy.

"Ashley. Hey, Um. Sorry. I am just looking for clues. Have you read more in the diary?" I sounded like a criminal caught red-handed in the act. I'm sure it was obvious I was freaking out.

"No, I haven't read in it since we were up here last." She looked puzzled.

"Really, but you said Isabelle came back. Don't you have to read in the diary for that?"

"I thought so, but I wasn't reading last night before I woke up in here."

"Hm. We may need to tell Gale about that."

"Yeah, I was thinking about that." She paused for a minute. "Do you want some help?"

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