A Skinny Mom with Big Holes


Then he started grunting, louder and louder. He was going to cum, he was going to shoot his sperm in my ass. How had he been able to hold off for so long?

Suddenly, I couldn't think of anything more exciting, more insane, more wonderful. His cock swelled within me, it must have been filling up with cum. Robin balled up her fingers in a fist and moved that bigger object back and forth within me. And then, just as Paul started to erupt, another orgasm roared through my body and head.

With each spurt of his burning sperm in my rectum, I screamed and pushed back against him. I also reached back with my left hand and pulled my ass as wide open as I could. I wanted to make the message completely clear: it's all for you, Paul. Waves of pleasure radiated out from my clitoris, alternatively paralyzing me and sending me into spasms. Robin's hand filled me from below and kept me from collapsing on the bed. My orgasm subsided, but Paul continued to thrust and squirt.

I moved my hand to grab the base of my son's cock, sticking out my ass. It was pulsing hotly as it sent sperm down into my body.

And then I felt something warm on my hand. What was that? I brought the hand around to my face. It was white. I tasted it. It was salty. It was sperm. It was Paul's sperm. Between his cock and his cum he had filled up my ass so completely, that the cum was being forced out. "Displacement of liquids," whispered a voice from my high school physics class.

"Oh god," I groaned. His cum in my ass. His cum coming out of my ass. When I said that to myself, I couldn't really believe it. But I sure could feel it and I could taste the results. I reached back, and ran my fingers all around my incredibly enlarged asshole, stroking his cock at the same time, and gathered up more sperm. I brought the hand back to my mouth and sucked. Repeated.

As I gathered and swallowed, Paul grunted and pushed, then he slowed down and eventually stopped. He pulled out. Then Robin pulled out her arm. That seemed to take a long time. And I felt so empty, like a balloon that was suddenly deflated.

* * *

I flopped over on my back, eyes closed, chest heaving, fluids drying all over my skin, fluids leaking out. My anus opened and closed spasmodically, I couldn't control it and that suddenly scared me a little. Was I damaged? I felt like a limp doll, unable to direct my limbs to move.

Then I felt my legs being lifted up and back, and a mouth over my cunt. I opened my eyes and found Robin sucking on me. She looked up and smiled. "I like the way he tastes, too."

She licked and sucked her way down to my gaping asshole and slurped up the sperm that was still leaking out. It was so sensitive down there that I could feel the shudderings of another orgasm, deep down inside, bubbling around, just waiting for the right moment to explode.

Then Paul straddled my chest, looked down at me and grinned: "One more hole."

He leaned forward, fell onto his hands and knees. His softening, but still long cock dangling right over my mouth, waving back and forth. I felt like I had no will to act, certainly not to resist. He lowered himself and the swollen, red tip of his cock brushed my lips. I found that I could open my mouth, so I did that and let my lips surround him. He tasted salty and tangy.

Paul smiled down on me. "Oh, that's nice, Mommy. I have been dreaming about those wonderful thick, long lips wrapping themselves around my cock for a very long time. Now suck, please."

I sucked. He groaned. I ran my tongue up and down and around. I felt Paul's cock thicken, stretch my lips.

Then I heard a buzzing sound and soon there was no doubt about what was causing that sound. Robin slid the vibrator into my vagina, all the way, returning some of the previous feeling of fullness, and just left it there, causing shock waves to spread through my weary muscles. I couldn't muster enough energy to even acknowledge the latest invasion.

Meanwhile, Paul continued to lower his ever-hardening penis into my mouth and I struggled to make room for him. I was never great at blow jobs and I'd definitely never taken anything as large as him in my mouth before.

"Two down, one to go," murmured Paul, and I was only able to wonder what he meant by that for a moment. Then I felt a finger slide into my asshole, then another and another...and then pressure. Pressure? Down there? How could that be? I was already so stretched. What was Robin doing? And then I realized she planned to put her entire hand up my ass. I tried hard to care, but mostly I was worried about biting Paul. I didn't want to hurt my baby boy.

Yet as the full width of her hand stretched me, the lower half of my body surged to life. It definitely wanted to reject a hand from its ass. My hips started to buck and twist. And that intensified the buzz I was receiving from the vibrator. Once again, there was nowhere to go, nothing I could do. Paul's knees had me trapped on each side and he moved his arms down to shoulders. I could only move in one direction: into Robin's hand. She reached further in. Now I understood Paul. He told me he would fuck every hole and now he was fucking all three: my mouth, my ass, my cunt.

The vibrator buzzed. My mouth sucked.

Robin made a fist inside me, then spread her fingers, made a fist, then spread...over and over again. My bowels rumbled, my nipples felt like they were on fire. The room started to spin, so I closed my eyes. But when I did my mind was immediately filled with that first moment of insanity: Paul taking off his boxers and exposing that monster of a cock. In my mind's eye, it got bigger and bigger and bigger. It filled my world, pushed down my throat, went deep into my ass, electrified my cunt.

My eyes popped open, came back to the real world, but it didn't really seem all that difference, because the penis in my mouth began to shoot out hot sperm. While I struggled to swallow it, Robin's hand pulled out just far enough to for her first to spread my asshole to its greatest width, and then stopped. I reflexively squeezed against it, lifting my ass off the bed. And Robin seemed to be waiting for me to do just that. She immediately pushed her fist and arm right up into me. My eyes stopped seeing what was in my bedroom. Instead, white and silver lights flashed in my eyes, from behind my eyes, and another orgasm rocketed through me.

It felt as though every muscle in my body spasmed at the same time. My spine stiffened and arched. My teeth chattered against the side of Paul's cock, which was once again softening. My hands pounded the bed. Eventually the waves of painful pleasure passed out of me. With a great heave, I managed to eject Robin's hand out of me. Paul pulled out of my mouth.

I lay there moaning, groaning, twitching, shaking. I could move my eyes. I could lick my lips. That was about it for conscious movement. I stared at Paul and found it hard to focus on his face. All I could see was the thick snake of a penis lying across his thigh. Who was this? Was he my son, my little boy? Was he my lover? Or - I found it hard to even give voice to the idea - was he my master? I sure let him do to me whatever he wanted.

Paul moved his mouth next to my ear and licked it. I shuddered. He whispered: "You always said you would do anything for me..."

He ran his hand over my sore breasts.

"Now I know it's true."

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