A St. Nicholas Surprise

byBlack Tulip©

"You want me, don't you?" David's deep voice reverberated next to her lips. He kissed her, opening her mouth with his tongue, exploring the warm wet cavity and then plunging his tongue deep inside, causing her to thrust her hips against his hand. "My own white thoroughbred." His fingers kept stroking the entrance to her pussy, never entering her, making her squirm and moan ever harder.

Just when Eva thought she couldn't stand it any longer, David lowered her to her back and spread her legs. Kneeling between them he started kissing her all over. First her neck, then her breasts, giving lots of attention to her sensitive nipples. He sucked and licked till the pink tips felt like bursting. She tried to capture the hard cock resting on her belly, but David grabbed her wrists and held them above her head.

"Patience my beauty. There's no hurry. I want to taste your skin first. Feel the silk and the wetness between your legs." With that he bowed his head and started trailing kisses down her belly, one hand still holding her wrists and the other fondling her breasts.

By now Eva was nearly sobbing. "Please David, please fuck me. You're driving me crazy. I need to feel your cock. Please fuck me."

David looked up and smiled to her flushed face, but he shook his head and without saying anything he took up kissing her once more. Finally his warm mouth reached her pussy and the soft brush of his tongue on her clit made her cry out again.

"Mmm, yes. Come for me Eva." He never stopped licking her as he shifted slightly and inserted first one, then two fingers.

Eva could feel her muscles starting to contract within seconds. His fingers moving inside her cunt and his tongue bathing her clit made her feel so good. "God David, you're making me so hot." Her hips started bucking and she clenched her cunt around his digits.

"Do it Eva, explode on my fingers. I want you to come. You make me so fucking hot. Let me see how hot I can make you. Show me Eva, show me."

David's voice urged her on. His fingers worked in and out of her pussy in a maddening tempo, his dark eyes burning holes in her body.

Suddenly she arched her back, threw her hips up and froze like that for a few moments. The only movement was inside her cunt. She cried his name and lowered her hips, bucking them against his hand, almost sucking his fingers further in.

She opened her eyes and let her breath expel with a loud sigh. She started to say something, but David pulled his fingers out off her still twitching pussy and placed his cock at the slick entrance. The look of that big, black cock at the point of entering her cream and pink flesh was intensely erotic.

"Yes David, fuck me. I'm all open, waiting for you." Eva opened her legs even wider and pulled her knees up to her chest, showing David a beautiful dark pink entrance, glistening with moisture.

That gesture and the blazing black eyes intensified her feelings. The moment she felt his cock slide into her she sighed and closed her eyes in bliss. She found that David had released her wrists to lean on his arms as he pounded his cock in her. With both hands she grabbed his head and kissed him deeply. Opening her mouth and her pussy for him at the same time. His tempo increased and she could tell he was getting close. Still kissing him she started to move her hips to bring him over the edge. She felt his balls slapping her ass and his pelvis stimulated her clit. They came almost simultaneously.

Exhausted she rolled on her side, looking at the beautiful black body lying next to her. Somehow they were no longer in the sunny garden. It looked more like her own bedroom and she smiled. She rested her head on the broad chest, wrapped her arms around him and closed her eyes. "Thank you, David", she murmured.

Reluctantly, Eva opened her eyes. She had absolutely no wish to wake up from such a wonderful dream. God, it had been intense, and so real. At some point she could have sworn she even smelled him cuming, a hint of that special peppery scent. She sure as hell had been coming; she was still wet between her legs and the bedcovers looked like there had been a war raging during the night. But reality was waiting for her. The girls had to get dressed, they needed breakfast and she had to walk them to school.

With an intense feeling of satisfaction she stretched and got up to make her way to the bathroom. She stood in the shower with one ear open for the girls when she thought she heard a door slam. She smiled and rinsed her hair. The neighbors were early for a change. My, my, life never ceased to amaze you. Wrapped in a thick soft towel she returned to the bedroom, her mind on the tasks still left to do before the kids could have their Happy Evening. She dropped the towel and turned to get some clean underwear when she noticed the odd color on the small table on her side of the bed. She still thought of her side, even though she had the whole bed to herself now. Frowning she walked over and snapped on the little reading light.

Her legs gave out and she collapsed on the bed. Sitting there on the table was a box, wrapped in black paper that was decorated with tiny white horses. It was a beautiful St. Nicholas gift and she had no idea where it came from. Eva was almost afraid to touch it but in the end her curiosity won. She picked up the box and unwrapped it carefully, not wanting to damage the peculiar paper. She could not remember ever having seen paper like that before. She knew she was stalling as she straightened the paper and folded it with care.

She took a deep breath and looked at the oblong of wood, feeling the smooth finish with the fine grains barely visible in the white surface. She lifted the lid and looked inside. The blood rushed to her face when she saw what was in it: a lifelike plaster cast of a cock, painted in a purple-black color. The small white card said: "The original is yours as well. Black Peter."

I like to thank my editor for helping me polish this story and thinking along with me. I hope you like our efforts. If you have something to praise or criticise, please send feedback.

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