tagErotic CouplingsA Steamy Encounter

A Steamy Encounter


The hot spray beats down my back, turning the skin red with the near scalding temperature. I lean my head back, lifting my arms to rinse the white lather from my thick hair, the soap bubbles sliding over my skin, pooling in a river between my breasts. Closing my eyes I sigh, utterly relaxed in the steamy atmosphere, the glass enclosing me, fogged over with the heat and mist.

You walk into the bathroom, your eyes immediately drawn to my body, slightly distorted as you look through the glass. Quickly you shed your clothing, eager to join me. I gasp as I hear the shower door open, turning towards you as you step in with me, pulling me close to your body and claiming my pliant mouth. A soft moan escapes my throat as your hands slide up and down my wet flesh, your lips gliding over mine in a heated kiss. Your erection throbs against my belly, forcing desire to bubble inside me as water cascades down our bodies.

You pause, just holding me against you with a sigh, and then pull away to look at the droplets on my skin. The hunger in your eyes is a magnet, drawing me in a step closer to you. I grab the bar of soap and trade places with you so you are underneath the spray. Tilting your head back you let the water soak through your hair and down your shoulders, as my hands lather the soap against your skin, rubbing in circles over your chest and shoulders. Your hands rest on my hips, your thumbs running lightly over the ticklish skin. Moving my hands lower, I lather your belly and hips and then step even closer, hugging you to reach behind you, soaping your back and bottom. You rest your head on my shoulder, inhaling the clean scent of shampoo. My breasts press tightly to your chest while I slither down your body, rubbing down your thighs, calves and feet. White bubbles flow down your body in little rivulets in the wake of my deft fingers. I slowly straighten up, giving you a devious little smile while I rub my hands over the soap, getting them very slick.

You snake your hands around my waist, pulling me forward and lay claim to my lips. Leaning into your kiss, I moan against your lips, trailing my soapy fingers down your stomach and hips, to the very center of your pleasure. Placing my hands around your rigid manhood, I slowly stroke down, the lather offering no friction against your silky flesh. I hear your breath hitch and I tighten my grip in reflex, leaning forward to nip at your neck, sucking on the soft skin as my hands stroke your engorged flesh. You slide through my fingers faster and faster, as I reach with my other hand to wash your sac, rolling it with my lathered fingers. I press you into the wall of the shower, moaning as your hands tangle in the hair at my neck. I watch you intently, reveling in each moan and twitch of your body as I rub my silky, soapy hands up and down and around you.

Groaning, you grab my hands, keeping me from going any further. You wrap them around your neck, and grasp my hips, lifting me and wrapping my legs around your waist. I arch back and cry out, the tip of your manhood pressing into my wetness. Teasing me, you move your hips ever so slightly, your mouth devouring my lips and neck, leaving burning trails of need.

Slowly, my feet touch the floor of the shower again, leaving me groaning with frustration and need, my hands pulling at you wildly. Grasping my wrists, you hold them away from you while you nuzzle my neck and bite gently. I close my eyes, not even aware that you released my hands until I feel your hands guiding the soap over my tingling flesh. I struggle to stay still as you rub right above my breasts, then teasingly down the sides and underneath, avoiding touching the sensitive peaks. Your touch moves down to my belly and sides, then around my hips.

I moan, opening my mouth to say something, but you see it and give me a scorching kiss, stealing away my words. Your fingers travel down my thighs and calves, over my feet, and then back up, along my inner thigh. Holding my breath in anticipation, I widen my stance. You slide the bar of soap higher between my legs, so very close to where I want you to be, but you pause, stopping to rub in small circles, your knuckles brushing against my pink womanhood, causing me to jerk involuntarily. Your expert fingers find their way back up to my breasts, and lazily caress lather over them. I gasp as your palms graze my nipples, a loud moan escaping my lips making you chuckle softly, continuing your lazy washing.

You turn me around, placing my hands above my head, the water falling down my flushed body. Your mouth scalds the nape of my neck as you wash down my back and sides, your fingers teasing my breasts, playing havoc with my hormones, making me writhe against you. I arch my back, my bottom pressed against your groin, drawing a sharp intake of breath from your lungs. Your hands never pause, continuing down my hips and over my ripe ass. You spread your fingers wide, each hand claiming a cheek, rubbing in circles slowly and squeezing the flesh in your fingers. I arch my back again, my ass out and open for your touch. Your thumbs move up the small of my back, then down, delving into the crevice and sliding down to cup my ass underneath.

Pressing my butt into your hands, I moan louder, your touch such an erotic sensation. You let your hands slide around my hips to my belly, stepping forward, pressing your quivering manhood against me, your feet pushing my legs even farther apart as your lips latch onto my neck. I plead with you to take me, the burn of desire eating me up inside. A hot breath tickles my ear, goosebumps rising on my skin as you oblige my need, running the tip of your finger back and forth over my hardened clit. Spasms ripple through me with each pass of your finger, forcing me even harder against you. You wrap your other arm around me, and rock your hips forward, replacing your fingers with your cock, sliding it back and forth along my slit. My knees almost buckle with your onslaught of pleasure, the pressure building inside almost unbearable. Your fingers tangle in my hair, pushing me forward while you raise my hips and plunge deep inside me with one sure stroke.

My scream echoes on the shower walls, your name reverberating along the tiles, while I stand trembling around your cock. You pause, just holding yourself fully inside me and then slowly begin to move your hips in and out slightly. In a daze, I lean my forehead against the wall, a low moan falling from my lips. Faster and faster, your thrusts deep and sure, sending me closer and closer to the edge. My muscles tense and I tighten around your cock, reveling in your groans and increased speed. I beg you for more, pushing off the wall to allow you to pummel me, pounding deeper and deeper. Your cock writhes inside me, the build-up coming hard and fast.

Reaching around me, your deft fingers search out the nub of my pleasure, your other hand grasping my buttocks savagely, pulling me onto you. My vision clouds with red as my body tenses violently, clenching around your cock. You lose control, hammering into me like an animal, biting my shoulder as you shudder with release. Screams again erupt from my lips, the most intense pleasure flooding over me, my entire body throbbing with release. You collapse against me holding me up against the wall, your labored breathes tinkling musically in my ears. I turn in your arms, cradling you against me, the still warm water raining down upon us.

Hugging me tightly, you turn off the water, and then sweep me up into your arms, carrying me to the bed, a trail of water left in your wake. Settling me on the bed, you crawl over me, resting your weight on your hands. I caress you with heavy-lidded eyes, too sated to do more than smile. Gently you kiss my lips, kneading them softly, and then planting butterfly kisses all along my brow and chin. Gazing down at me you notice a red bruise on my shoulder, ringed with teeth marks. You touch it gently and lap at it softly, wanting to sooth any ache. Wrapping my limbs around you, I roll over, claiming dominance. Your lips part to ask for forgiveness, but I shush you with a kiss, carrying your mark with relish and delight. I sigh and stretch lazily over you, then snuggle down beside you, sated and content in your embrace.

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