tagGroup SexA Stimulating Opportunity

A Stimulating Opportunity


Hi! My name is Randy. I spend the best money possible on very exclusive, and very sexy and stimulating opportunities.

He traced the outline of his black card, identified only by a special logo and a small photo on the back.

Formalities need to be followed and that is one of the reasons I like this club. That, and the adventure behind it all. Different locations, different women, but always outstanding sex.

This time around there will be a big yellow tent at specific coordinates, that I had received by carrier pigeon yesterday.

I followed my compass, parked my truck, jumped aboard my ATV then used my compass to find the exact location.

The tent beckoned. I could hear it calling me. As I got closer I could sense the excitement in the air. I know I'm so radically addicted to sex, that at this point my desire was barely controllable. I think addiction is something you enjoy too much and these experiences I liked entirely way too much. No ties, no binds, just incredible hot wild sex any way I want it with lots of beautiful women with wet pussies, big tits and tight little toned asses.

I'd been looking forward to this erotic experience all week. Since joining this sex club I found in the Personals, my bank account had been declining but my erections have been rising and keeping me very satisfied. I knew, in my mind, hat I had never had such powerful erections as the ones I am now experiencing. This sex club stimulates the imagination and exceeds expectations.

I walked into the lit area, and saw the tent. As I walked closer I saw silhouettes fucking wildly. Their positions and intensity varied. Some fucked slowly. Others fucked fast. My hard on was growing. I wanted some hot pussy.

I looked over at a large man fucking the ass of a very small woman. Her tight ass cheeks were in his hands and his very large cock was plowing into her with a sharp jerking action in a steady powerful rhythm.. I could feel myself getting harder as I watched. He was so big and she looked so tight. The expression on her face indicated that she was struggling to accept his hard erection as he kept going deeper and fucking her harder.

I looked over to another section or is that sextion, a tent in the tent, watching a woman with long hair flicking her hair as she arched while accepting a big cock deep into her mouth. I stood mesmerized, watching, already feeling the aura of excitement and raw sexual energy pulsing in the air.

I opened a flap of the tent revealing three smaller tents. In front of each tent there was a line up of men. Some familiar, some not. I was hoping I had arrived early enough to experience a short lineup. I looked down at my growing erection and decided to have it well taken care of, and immediately.

I stood in Lara's line. Today I wanted to pull her long blonde hair and ream her sexy ass. It was Friday after a brutal week and I deserved a good fuck.

When Lara saw me she looked at me happily.

Seeing I was overworked she looked warmly into my eyes asking, "Rough week?"

"Yeah," I replied grumpily, my emotions caught between how tired I was and how fast my erection was growing.

Lara smiled at me. I was a regular and she liked me.

"I'm gonna take care of you baby. I'm gonna satisfy every one of your pent up needs," Lara purred showing off her incredibly sexy body and big tits.

"Come fuck my this sexy body and pour your hot cum all over me. Then stand in line again and do it again and again until you feel ready to enjoy this weekend. Okay, you sexy hunk of a man?" she asked smiling.

Clearly she was trying to cheer me up, and she was the girl to do it.

I told Lara I want my cock licked and kissed all over first. Soon I felt relaxation settle in at the feel of her decadent mouth kissing my manhood with wet kisses. I closed my eyes. It had been a hectic week. A possible take over, and that meant lost revenues in stocks and likely my job. I closed my eyes feeling the pleasure of her precious mouth relieve me of all my pent up feelings and fears. I felt my senses taking over. Her mouth sucked me so expertly. Holding her head I just gave it to her hard pounding my big cock into her sexy, and oh so pretty little mouth. I pulled out, spraying her face. Back in, she swallowed some more of my cum. I gave her a taste and pulled out soaking her face again, and getting some on her gorgeous big tits. She smiled as she handed me a towel.

"Not bad for your first time through the line honey. Cum and seaman me again as soon as you're up and ready handsome."

Corny but cute. I was just here to fuck these women anyways, just to get out of my head for awhile. I could feel the tension leave my shoulders, my cock was feeling satisfied yet I knew I needed to do more with this sexy seductress that I was growing more and more fond of.

I briefly turned my attention to the silhouettes of erotic pleasure outlined in the neighboouring tents. Yes, this little adventure was definitely brilliant.

I wondered where the next sex event would be held and if his beautiful Lara would be there or perhaps he would choose a different beauty. Such wonderful choices.

While waiting for Lara and round two, my eyes fastened on a gorgeous woman behind the tent screen. She was tall and had a long torso that she arched incredibly deep. Her arch effectively pushed her sex ass out seductively as a big man entered her tight pussy. She was so tall and long and lean. It was poetic. The sight made me just about cum in my pants. I had to fuck her.

I couldn't stop staring. I switched lines abruptly, noticing that this tall beauty's line was filling was fast. Obviously what I saw, other club members were seeing too. Finally it was my turn. She was so gorgeous that I couldn't stop running my hands up and down her gorgeous breasts and curves. She moaned as I stimulated her clit. My hard cock found her sexy ass. She did the familiar arch, pushing back into my erection. I ran my hand down her back and started pounding her hot sexy ass, absolutely loving every minute of pleasure.

All of sudden the tent flap lifted and a photographer snapped some pictures. I grabbed everything and quickly ran after her. After about a quarter of a mile I was able to reach her. I grabbed her by the legs and pulled her down. I landed right on top of her. She looked up at me with big beautiful brown eyes. I don't know why I did it. Already incredibly turned on I looked down at her and kissed her ripe lush lips hard. I was use to fucking who I wanted, when I wanted.

At first she struggled, then seemed to change her mind and go with the experience. We both took off our clothes slowly.

A blanket attached to her backpack became our love making location. She showed me her sex club card and smiled. I don't know how she managed to get the exclusive card, but I do know the club catered to both men and women.

The card read, Alliacea Bering. Alliacea was a member of the club. Maybe the pictures were innocent. None of that seemed to matter now. Here in front of him was a beauty whose gorgeous body needed fucking.

I kissed her small firm breasts and then kissed my way to Alliacea's sweet pussy. Excitedly I began tasting her juices. After a few minutes she began to buck. Her pulsing orgasmic release lasted a long time. I kept licking and felt her pussy pulses with my tongue.

Alliacea took her wet pussy, straddled me, slid down onto my hard cock, and started riding me. Watching her tits bounce made me harder. We fucked in every position imaginable on that blanket until she was covered in cum and spent.

Alliacea went to get some tissues. Although I didn't notice, she was moving farther and father away from me now. All of sudden Alliacea broke into a fast sprint. She's a fast runner I thought, following quickly behind her, thinking maybe the picture was more sinister than I had imagined.

When I finally caught up with her. She kissed me again, and so sweetly, stroking my cock through my shorts.

I ignore my lust and said, "No, this is bullshit. What are you doing with the pictures," I demanded.

I could see she was attracted to me, yet fiercely interested in the pictures and I didn't quite know what to do.

"Okay, okay, I'll tell you the truth."

Alliacea started telling me about her blackmail scheme and explained how she only did it to pay her bills.

We both looked at each others lips. I looked at her sexy body and thought of all the ways I had just fucked her. Despite everything my cock was rising once again.

This was a definite attraction that wasn't passing and wasn't fading. I watched as Alliacea shamefully erased the photos on her digital camera.

We talked and walked hand in the hand. She was smart and witty and so incredibly sexy. She was the real thing. Feeling quite satisfied we looking forward to booking a fine room and enjoying romance and fun along with more wild sex.

I made a mental note to remind myself to suggest she find a new line of work.

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