tagBDSMA Story For Her Ch. 02

A Story For Her Ch. 02


Author's note:

My many thanks, again, to D-Lo (DCL) for her inspiration to me for this story. This second inspiration is drawn and taken from her ideas about a vacation trip.


Another envelope arrives in the post some seven months after that night in the hotel suite. Again delivered during the week, you did not notice it arriving. You did not notice the envelope when you collected the mail each day when returning home from work. You placed each day's mail in the basket to be delt with on week's end.

Now you are sorting the week's mail. All the know junk mail goes in the trash bin, unopened. All the expected bills go in a pile on the desk next to the checkbook. The rest of the envelopes to be weeded out, one at a time.

The envelope is also different. Made of the same fine paper stock, just like the last one you received. The address is printed on the envelope, again an engraved printed style. Black printing on an almond colored stock. Your address is printed twice, once on the front of the envelope and once on the flap on the rear side. The front side printing is much larger than the printing on the flap.

You open the envelope and you see a card inside. Printed as the envelope, the card contains the following message in the center of the card, just 2 lines: "Stony Fork Cabin, George Washington National Park on May 22. You are to pick up an envelope, with your name on it, waiting at the ranger station for you at check in." You stop, but not dead cold this time. Millions of questions float through your mind. "Him again?" you ask yourself. "Why seven months since that night does this arrive?" you wonder. Just like the last time, you throw the card and envelop down on the end table.

You tend to the bills, making all the necessary payments. You tend to the other items that require your attention. Later on, you check the web to find out where the park is located. You also find out the nearest airports to the park. Then you check the nearest airport to your home and find out that the four airlines at the airport only fly to Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Detroit, Memphis, or Philadelphia. There are no direct flights to Roanoke from your hometown. You have already decided that you are going on this adventure. And thus, you will drive to the cabin in the park, a distance of about 425 miles and 8 hours travel according to the online map services.

You take your evening shower. Your now distant friend, Mr. Shower Massage, still does not help you, especially tonight. He has not been able to get you to cum since that night seven months ago in the hotel suite. You are frustrated as you go to bed, again without sexual release. Seven long months without a release. You sleep, but again not restfully, waking a few times that you recall. For the rest of the weekend you are tilted yet again, a bit off center. You do the usual things that you do for the weekend. Laundry, cleaning, shopping, exercises, and so on. All the normal tasks and jobs are completed, but you cannot shake the feeling. This feeling of excitement that you have this time. You feel like a child with a new toy. And in fact, you have many new toys that you have wished and wanted to use regularly.

In the morning at work, you remember that the last card you received had printing on the back. At the end of the day, you rush home to look at the new card again. You look at the back of the card and you see very small print messages. You need that magnifier lens again to read the print. The first paragraph reads, "The presentence of your toy bag is required. Bring all toys, new and old, with you." The next paragraph says, "You will bring two days clothing only. You will wear a skirt and blouse combination or a dress only each day. No Bra or Panties are to be worn. High heels, to be between three inches and five inches high only are to be worn. Jet-black pantyhose are to be worn. No other clothing is to be worn or brought to the cabin. The pantyhose will be completely sheer from waist to toes. The pantyhose will be the type that massages the legs while being worn. The pantyhose will be crotch-less, either you will remove the center panel, or you will use a seam ripper to open the crotch section of the pantyhose. You will wear the vibrating egg and the small anal plug when you leave home." Now you know for sure that you have to drive to this adventure. No way can you get the toys past security or baggage screening packed in your suitcase. "What if security wanted to inspect/search your suitcase with all the toys in the bag?" you think to yourself.

You are dripping wet after reading the just discovered messages on the back of the card. Your juice is running out and down the insides of your legs. Your nipples are hard, like pencil erasers. You feel your pulse in your clit and in your nipples.

You look at the envelope and card many times over the next 2 months sitting on the end table. Each time you look, you get the same reaction. You become sexually excited, close to the edge of an orgasm. But, no matter how hard you try, you just cannot get over that edge. The desire to orgasm within you is great. Just that you cannot get there. You see both sides of the card in your mind at work, at the park when exercising, even when shopping at the grocery store. You get the same reaction each time you think about the card. Instant horniness.

You relive that night in the hotel suite in Florence as well. The night that you never expected to happen. The huge suite all paid for in advance. "In cash" they had said. That impressed you. That he was there watching you and you did not know it for how long still remains in your mind. "When did he enter the suite?" you wondered many times. Many questions, so few answers yet again.

You are to bring the toys that drove you nuts. The leather collar. The leather cuffs. The vibrating egg. (You never did find the controller for the egg.) The ball gag. The ear plugs. The ear muffs. And the anal plug. The small anal plug you have worn a few times at home. Always on a weekend when you knew that you were not going to go anywhere. No more than a few hours each time. However, you have worn it enough to be fully comfortable with it now. "If he only knew." you think.

A month later, you sent him a text message, again asking if he sent you the card. The next day you receive a short text message reply that reads "Huh? Do I know you?" "OK so much for that idea." You think.

You look up the park on the web. You look at the information on cabin rentals. You look at the map of the area and try to get that to the online map service to give you the details on how to get there.

Again, you have the car checked out about a month before you are to go. Your mechanic says again that the car is still in very good shape and he would still trust it to go to California and back. You do the research on the online map services to plot your course. Just like before, you line up pit stops and rest stops to eat along the way. You get the address of the Ranger station to check in. You calculate out the cost of food and fuel to get there and back. About the same cost as the previous adventure to Florence.

With just two days to go you, call the ranger station. You got the number from the web site. You want to check on the reservation. The person who answered your call tells you that your reservation is waiting on your arrival. The person then states that the cabin is paid fully in advance and thanks you. You reply politely. You are not shocked this time to hear that the cabin is paid in full already. You get details on travel to the park from the interstate highway on where/how to pick the keys for the cabin; you thank them, and hang up. You merge their instructions into the map service instructions and save everything together. You print it all out.

You figure that you will need to depart no later than 6:00 in the morning to be there by 4PM. You do some last minute shopping for some items you think he would like. And also to comply with the instructions on the card as to what to wear there and on the return trip home.

You have a light breakfast before leaving. You leave on time and the drive is very nice. After an hour into the trip, you notice your nipples are hard and your cunt is wet. You clit and nipples are throbbing as well. There are no problems with traffic at all. There are no problems with road construction. Your stop for lunch goes very well. There are no problems with the weather, in fact it is bright and sunny all the way. No sun in your eyes for the whole trip. Warm yes, but the air-conditioning is not needed on this trip. The fresh air smells good with the windows open, as well. All the pit stops go well also.

As you pull into the ranger station parking lot, you feel tightness in your stomach. One part of your inner self wants in, and another part is concerned and wants to turn around and go home. You exit and lock the car. Just then, the egg in your cunt begins to vibrate slowly. Your knees buckle, but you catch yourself by leaning on the car. Once you recover, you walk over to the ranger station.

You meet with Ranger Johnson. He is an elderly gentleman, in uniform, early 60's you guess. He is well spoken, no accent that you notice. He reviews the rules and regulations with you and you sign the paperwork. He offers to guide you over to the cabin and you accept. He remembers that they have an envelope for you. He explains that the envelope was left by the currier that also made the reservation and paid in full for the rental with a money order.

You leave the ranger station and go back to your car. You open the envelope as you are sitting in the car. There is a local area map of towns nearby the park area and places like food stores and pharmacy sites. The map also shows the streams and creeks, with fishing sites also noted. There is also a note in the envelope. The note says "See the instructions in cabin, on main room table".

As you pull out of the parking lot the egg stops vibrating. You follow the ranger some miles and he finally pulls off the road. He waves you up alongside his jeep. He points up the road and tells you that the cabin is up the road at the end. He says you cannot miss it. He closes with telling you to have a good stay and he drives off.

You watch the ranger drive off. You follow the dirt path/road up the small rise and across an open area. You see the cabin. It looks nice. You pull up close and you take out your suitcase. You lock the car and walk to the cabin. You use the key you received from the ranger to unlock the cabin door and you walk in.

You are amazed by what you see. Really nice, but not the same as the hotel suite. A real cabin, with two floors. You see the envelope on the table, you put the suitcase down, and you walk over to the table. You pick up the envelope and the egg begins to vibrate very fast. In the shock, you dropped the envelope as your knees buckle. You take some time to recover yourself. You bend over carefully and to pick the envelope up from the floor. You fetch the envelope off the floor and tear the envelope open.

The page inside reads as follows: "Very good. You have arrived. There is an order waiting for you to pick up at the Whitesville Grocery store. When you return, you will put the groceries away. Then you will strip down to your hose and heels only. You will put on the leather ankle and wrist cuffs, the leather collar, the earplugs, and the earmuffs. You will put the blindfold on your forehead above your eyes. You will put the gag in your mouth and secure it tightly." Just after reading this the vibrating egg slows down to very slow

"You are to make and cook dinner. Do not touch the carrots. I will prepare the carrots for the salad my way. HOWEVER, you are not to serve dinner. I will serve dinner. Once dinner is ready to be served, you will sit in the chair to your right side, the one with the four steel rings in the chair. Each steel ring has an open padlock. You will use the padlocks to lock yourself into the chair using your ankle cuffs and your wrist cuffs. Before you lock down the last wrist, you will pull the blindfold over your eyes." You look over to the right and see the chair with the rings and open padlocks. A chill runs down your spine and more fluid leaks from your cunt.

The note continues. "Your room is the little one to the far left. DO NOT go upstairs at all. You are to remain on the ground floor only at all times. Put your suitcase in your room. Go for the groceries. Take off your clothes in the room and unpack your suitcase. Lay any unused toys out at the foot of the bed in your room. You need permission to enter the bathroom or to use the shower. Follow your instructions now!'

You get busy. You put the suitcase in the bedroom. You notice the very small bed. A single bed. You lock up the cabin and make sure you have the local area map. You see the notation about the location of the Whitesville Grocery store on the map. You drive off to the grocery store. As you pull away, the egg stops vibrating completely.

At the grocery store, you inquire about your order. They show you the boxes of groceries waiting for you. You load the groceries into the car and no one helps you. When you are done, you notice that you are sweating badly. Yet you are also sexually turned on. You smell of sex and you feel your sex juices running out your cunt and into your hosiery. Your car smells of sex also. You nipples throb with your pulse, hard as nails but pulsing. Your clit also throbs with your pulse.

You arrive back at the cabin. The egg begins to vibrate slowly again. You unload the groceries into the cabin kitchen, one box at a time. As you unpack the boxes, you see the makings for dinner, for breakfast, and for lunch. You sort everything out and put the items away properly.

As you put the items away, you work out that dinner will be a salad, though no salad dressing was located. There is lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, radishes, tomatoes, green peppers, red onion, and mushrooms for the salad. There are two very nice pieces of Salmon, for dinner you presume. "Broccoli and corn on the cob with the Salmon or in the salad?" you wonder. You wonder about that for a while. You notice there are no starches at all for the meal. Three eggs, for breakfast, you presume. There are all kinds of fruit, blueberries, pineapple, blackberries, grapes, yellow and green melon, pears, and strawberries. There is sliced turkey meat. "Lunch." you think. There is a loaf of whole wheat bread as well. You also unpack three bottles of red wine, a few sticks of butter, six decaffeinated tea bags, and a pint of fat free milk

Now that the groceries w put away, you go to your room, remove your clothes, and hang the clothes up in the closet. You put on your toys on as instructed. The rest of your toys go on the bed as instructed. You go to the kitchen and begin the salad makings without touching the carrots. You begin to steam the corn and the broccoli. The salmon broils up nicely. When all is ready, you are proud of your work.

You go to the chair and lock your ankles in. You lock the left wrist in as well. You pull the blindfold down and then you struggle to get the right wrist locked in. You are in total isolation. You can smell and you can feel. However, you cannot see, you cannot taste (ball gag blocks that), and you cannot hear. You smell the scents of the food but no more.

Suddenly you feel a soft touch on your shoulders. What you do not know is that a pillowcase has been placed over your head. Just to be sure that you have the blindfold in the proper position. Next, you feel the collar that you put on being removed. The collar is replaced by another collar. After the new collar is tight around your neck, you notice that your head movements are strictly restricted. You can move your hear up just a little, but left, right, or down is not possible at all. You never feel the pillowcase being removed.

You feel your legs being unlocked and let loose. You legs are moved, one at a time, and placed over your arms. Then you feel your legs secured into position. You feel the vibrating egg leave your cunt, being pulled out. A moment or two later you feel something enter your cunt, bigger and longer than the vibrating egg. Unknown to you, two cleaned and peeled carrots have just been buried into your cunt. You feel no warmth from the item in your cunt, however, maybe just a little cold. Sometime later (10 minutes) the item (the carrots) is removed and then something is placed back in your cunt (the same carrots but with the other ends of the carrots going deep this time). Sometime later, the item (two carrots) is replaced with something new (two more carrots) and the cold is there again for a while. Sometime later, the carrots are flipped again, but all you feel is the loss and then penetration of something in your cunt.

Unknown to you, a gravy boat has been placed at your bottom between your asshole and your cunt lips, catching your cunt juice running out of your cunt, towards your asshole. Five minutes later the item in your cunt (two carrots) is replaced again with two more carrots and the cold is there again for a while. The process repeats 5 times.

Your cunt is now empty (the last two carrots removed). The egg is placed there again some minutes later. You did not know for sure it was the egg until it started vibrating again. You feel the juices running, almost like a river, out of your cunt. The gravy boat is filling up nicely but you do not know that.

Sometime later, you notice that you are no longer tied down. All of the locks have been removed. You are pulled out of the chair by your hair and you are forced to your hands and knees. You are pulled along by your hair until you are stopped. You feel your legs being pulled out. Something is wrapped around your waist. You also feel something at/around your knees. You feel less mobility now. You test the bonds and find out that you are fully restricted. You can move an inch, if that much, left, right, up, down, forward, or backward. You smell something, but you do not know what.

As the blindfold is pulled up, you see a salad on a plate on the wooden floor in front of you. A sign next to the plate says, "EAT". You wonder how. Your head is pushed into the salad and you notice a familiar scent. You open your mouth and try to eat. Slowly you eat all of the salad, some of it sticking to your face. You notice the flavor on the salad but cannot place it. You never knew that the juice collected from your cunt was your salad dressing. Your cunt juice was the familiar scent and taste.

The blindfold is lowered over your eyes again. You try to smell something or feel something but you smell or notice nothing. You keep trying to sense something. Suddenly you smell a difference just as a pain is created in your ass. You begin to think the smell was not real. More pain in your ass.

As the blindfold is pulled up again, you see the salmon, broccoli, and corn. The corn is not on the cob. The "EAT" sign is still there on the floor. Your face is pushed into the plate of food. You eat as you can. No hands to help you eat. The salmon is cutup into small pieces. The broccoli is also in small pieces. You struggle to eat the food you cooked. You spill corn all over the floor.

All this time the vibrating egg has been going higher in speed slowly. While you are eating dinner, you are also on the edge of a very real orgasm. You try hard not to cum whilst you eat. You are so distracted at time the orgasm builds and yet you do not really notice it until now.

The blindfold covers you eyes again. You are released. The restrictive collar pulls you and you follow. Upstairs you go, or so you believe, on your hands and knees. Then you feel being pulled upright. Next you feel being attached to something, and you are attached spread eagle. Arms and legs pulled out far. So far out that it hurts you and that hurt strangely feels good to you. You feel something touch your cunt and move back to your asshole. Then goes back to your cunt. Yet nothing goes inside you.

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