tagMind ControlA Strange Day Ch. 03

A Strange Day Ch. 03


Please read "A Strange Day Parts I & II" before reading this story.

By the time Oscar returned to work on Monday his headaches and dizziness were gone.

He hadn't tried to do very much with his new found powers. The truth was, whatever it was that was happening to him scared him to death! Things like this just didn't happen in real life.

Oscar wasn't terribly religious but he did believe in karma; and he didn't believe that frivolously using these powers that had been suddenly bestowed upon him would make for good karma. Instead he decided to slow things down a bit and to try at least figure out how it worked.

As he walked to his cubicle in the middle of the large office space that his insurance company leased, he saw several people looking his way. They watched him and whispered to each other behind their hands as he passed. By the time he reached his desk the whispering had reached a sibilant buzzing that permeated the whole floor.

He looked around nervously as he hung his hopelessly out of style plaid jacket on the hook and swallowed. He hated being the centre of attention!

He sat down hurriedly, turned on his computer and tried not to listen to the hushed voices as they speculated on where he'd been the last few days. He put his elbows on his desk and laid his chin on his upturned palms as he watched his computer monitor come to life.

"Hi Oscar," a woman's voice said from behind him.

He turned with a start and saw Melanie, the receptionist looking him over. She was in her late twenties and looked like she had probably been a cheerleader in her high school days. She had that fresh-faced look with her blonde hair tied into a neat ponytail and the lithe athletic body that most women would kill for. He knew also that her attractiveness stopped at her outward appearance. She was as ruthless as they came and had mastered the art of office politics. He had been the butt of jokes and rumors both started and perpetuated by her more times than he liked to remember. The expression she wore now told him that she was hungry for a tidbit she could throw into the office gossip circle.

"How are you feeling Oscar?" she asked, looking almost sincere.

"Okay I guess," he said. He averted his eyes from her and stared at the floor between them. He could never look her, or any other attractive woman, in the eye for very long.

"I heard you had an accident of some kind," she said with a shark-like smile. "Were you hurt?"

"No, I...," he stammered. "I'm okay. I just had, you know, headaches and stuff."

"You were gone for three days!" she said. "All of that time off just for headaches?"

He mumbled a little bit and went back to looking at his computer monitor. Melanie shuffled her feet, waiting for him to say something she could use. She shifted her weight from one foot to the other and frowned.

"I'm only asking you know," she said with a scowl.

She stomped away muttering and Oscar breathed a sigh of relief.

As much as he wanted to talk to someone about what had been happening to him lately, he knew with certainty that Melanie was not the person to do it with. In fact, he wasn't really friendly with anyone he worked with. Instead, he kept it to himself as he did with all of the things he would have liked to talk to someone about.

As his computer finally came to life he began to review some of the files he'd been working on the previous week. For all that Oscar might have been socially backward and unable to make friends anywhere, he knew his job and he did it well. By ten o'clock he had caught up with the backlog left on his desk and was now looking for new files to work on.

He decided a trip to the bathroom would be a good idea and stood from his desk and looked around the room.

With everyone busy at their desks, no one was staring at him as they had done when he walked in that morning. He began to worm his way through the warren of cubicles toward the bathroom.

The bathroom was next to the reception desk at the far end of the room and he'd made it all the way to the entrance without being noticed until he passed Melanie's desk. He was staring at her from behind as he usually did when he walked this way. As unpleasant as her personality was, Melanie was definitely a girl that men looked at and Oscar was no exception.

When he was about ten feet away from her she spun in her chair suddenly and gave him an icy stare. Oscar stopped in his tracks and swallowed nervously again. He absently adjusted his tie, a striped thing that didn't seem to match anything he wore, and she narrowed her eyes and sneered, knowing that she looked good and that every man she met wanted her.

She stared hard at Oscar and chuckled as he shrank away from her gaze. Oscar had no spine. She knew it and so too did everyone in the office. He was doomed to be an office gremlin for the rest of his life, a nobody who did other people's work for them and who never fought back when kicked.

She sneered again, knowing that sooner or later she would be his boss. All she had to do was continue sucking Ted's cock from time to time and making him believe that he was the best lover she ever had in her life. He would eventually give her everything she wanted.

Oscar looked down at the floor and walked with as much dignity as he could muster. He could feel her unfriendly eyes on him and the back of his neck burned under her wicked stare. He was positive he heard her laughing wickedly as the bathroom door swung shut behind him. He paused in front of the large mirror and blinked, tugging slightly on his short sleeves and beginning to breathe heavily.

He went to a stall, dropped his pants and sat on the toilet. He put his head in his hands and sighed heavily as he tried not to think about Melanie. He supposed he could have her if he put his mind to it. After all, he'd had sex with three women last week that would never have given him the time of day before his accident. Now he knew all he needed to do was think about it and Melanie would strip naked for him and take his cock in her mouth until he came. But he didn't want to do that. It wasn't that he didn't want to fuck her. He did. Any man would want to. He just didn't feel right about taking her the way he knew he could.

After he finished on the toilet he picked up his pants and fastened them. Then he opened the stall door and stepped up to the sinks and washed his hands as he stared at himself in the mirror once more.

He was more relaxed now but he hated the way he looked. He was overweight and balding and his glasses made him look exactly like what he was; a middle aged insurance adjustor who spent too much time at a desk and who had never been important in his life.

He sighed again and left the bathroom only to see Melanie whispering to Leslie, one of the other good looking office girls that Ted Mullins liked to surround himself with. If the rumors in the office were to be believed, Ted was screwing both of them. What no one was certain of was whether both girls each knew about the other.

In fact, Ted had fucked the two of them together many times. Both Melanie and Leslie were happy to swap spit with each other and even lick each other's pussies if it meant more leverage in the office for them.

The two girls looked Oscar's way as he opened the door. Melanie said something Oscar couldn't hear and they both giggled loudly as they stared at him.

"Hi Oscar," Leslie said with a grin. "How's the headache loser?"

Oscar felt himself redden and he looked down at the floor as the burning in his face forced his chest to tighten.

"I think Oscar's been taking time off for nothing," Melanie said. "He wouldn't tell me why he was away."

"What would he do with time off?" Leslie asked with a smirk. "It's not like he'd do anything fun!"

The girls laughed again and Ted walked out of his office with a curious look on his face.

"What's going on out here?" he said sharply.

The girls quieted down but Melanie pouted at him causing Ted to blush slightly. He'd heard the rumors swirling around about him and Melanie but he didn't want anyone getting the idea that the rumors might be true, even if they were.

He frowned and saw Oscar standing outside the bathroom door and studied him the way a cat studies a mouse. He knew he'd told Oscar to take a few days off work and for the life of him, he couldn't figure out why he'd done that. He frowned again and took a few steps toward him

"Oscar, how nice to see you back," he said. "Feeling better?"

Oscar nodded dumbly and tried not to look at the reception desk where the girls were watching him. They knew Ted and they could tell he was going to give Oscar a good dressing down for being away from work.

"Why don't you come in to my office for a moment," Ted said. "There's something I want to talk to you about."

The girls tittered openly and Ted shot a venomous look their way. They both put innocent looks on their faces and managed to stop giggling for all of a few seconds. Then they started snickering again and Ted shook his head and gave up.

"I'd give anything to hear what Ted dishes out to that little dweeb in there," Leslie said with relish.

"Oh I'm sure it'll be classic Ted," Melanie agreed.

"Well, I guess I should get back to the phones," Leslie said with a bored expression. "You can fill me in on the details later."

Ted's door opened suddenly and he stepped out into the reception area. The girls looked past him to see Oscar sitting behind Ted's desk and looking vaguely confused.

"Ah, girls," he said absently. "I'm glad you're still here. Oscar is going to be taking over here and you work for him now. I'm going to take some leave and relax while he takes care of the company for me."

Both girls allowed their chins to drop at this sudden news. Leslie was too shocked to say a word. Melanie stomped her foot and rushed up to Ted who was now grabbing his briefcase and walking toward the door.

"But, Ted!" Melanie said hurriedly as she pondered working for the most hated man in the office. "What about our... agreement?"

"What agreement?" he said, turning toward her with a puzzled expression.

"You know!" she said slyly. "Our agreement; we've been negotiating it now for months!"

"Oh that!" he said with sudden understanding. "That wasn't negotiating. That was just blowjobs. You're good, but let's face it. Giving head is the only thing you're really any good at. You can't type, your phone manner is awful and you wouldn't know what a file was unless you used it to trim your fingernails.

"I swear your blowjobs were the only thing that kept you employed here. Right now, I'd suggest you offer to give Oscar the best blowjob you've ever given in your life. We all know what a bitch you've been to him ever since you got here. I'd be amazed if you were still working here by lunchtime."

Melanie's mouth dropped open in shock and then her face turned a scarlet red when she realized everyone in the office had come to reception to see what the commotion was. Her face burned from embarrassment as they all stared and snickered at her. A couple of the guys gave her some suggestive looks, letting her know that they'd love to receive one of her patented blowjobs.

"And, Leslie," Ted said absently as he reached the door.

"Yes Ted?" Leslie said hopefully.

"You're fired," he said flatly. "You've been an even bigger bitch to Oscar than Melanie so there's no need for you to even beg. I just know it won't do any good."

He then opened the glass door and disappeared.

Oscar stepped tentatively out of his new office and surveyed the room. The entire staff of about fifty people was now staring at him in a state of shock.

Well," he said uncertainly. "I wasn't expecting that."

He looked from face to face and saw they were even more confused than he felt. He frowned and cleared his throat and looked around again.

"Okay, I guess the show's over," he said with as much authority as he could muster. Even he had to admit, it wasn't much. "I'll let you know if I need anything."

He put his hands behind his back in what he hoped was an imperious gesture and rocked back and forth on his heels for a moment.

The crowd in reception began to disperse. The sound of their muttering echoed back to where Oscar stood and then they were all gone except for Melanie and Leslie.

He studied them for a moment and cleared his throat again, not sure what to do or how to handle the situation.

Leslie stared at him like a deer caught in the headlights. She took a tentative step forward and her mouth worked for a moment, but no sound came out. Finally she seemed to gather her thoughts and walked up to Oscar with a bright smile pasted to her face.

"Well, let me be the first to congratulate you Darling," she said in her faux British accent.

With her form-fitted skirt and tailored blouse she looked every bit the young professional. She had been doing sales since her college days and she knew she could swing even the most reluctant buyer. She knew she could win Oscar over if she just put her mind to it.

"We always knew you were destined for bigger and better things," she said as she took Oscar's hand and shook it daintily.

Oscar looked at her and then frowned. He looked down at the floor and took a deep breath.

"Didn't you always think of me as a loser?" he said, as he looked her in the eye.

"Of course not Dear!" she said with a friendly chortle. "That was just office humor!"

"It didn't feel like humor," he said quietly. "In fact you called me a loser not five minutes ago when I came out of the bathroom."

Leslie opened her mouth to retort but Oscar put his hand up to stop her.

"I think I'm not going to fire you," he said with a sigh. "But I have a new job for you."

"Oh," she said with trepidation. "What kind of job?"

"I'll let you know," he said. "Go and clean out your office. I want a real sales rep sitting at that desk by this afternoon. I'll talk to you when that's done."

Leslie suddenly smiled blankly and nodded agreeably. Then she turned away and walked toward her office.

Oscar looked at Melanie. She was standing in front of the reception desk and looking horrified.

"Go into my office," he said. "Take off your clothes and get under my desk. Wait there."

"Okay Oscar," she said.

She stepped past him, unbuttoning her designer blouse as she went. By the time she went through the office door she was pulling it out from under the waistband of her skirt. Oscar watched her for a moment as she unzipped the skirt and slipped it down to her feet. He closed the door and turned to see Peter Wilson staring at him from beyond the reception desk.

Peter was a middle-aged adjustor just like Oscar was. He too was balding and overweight and, just like Oscar, had never had anything exciting happen to him in his life.

"Hi Peter," Oscar said.

"Hi Oscar," he replied, looking wistfully at the closed door where Melanie was stripping out of her clothes.

"Do you want her?" Oscar asked him.

Peter gave Oscar a severe look and he swallowed nervously.

Oscar nodded and opened the door.

"Melanie?" he called out. "Give Peter a blowjob would you?"

"Okay," she replied.

Peter's eyes went wide and Oscar gestured for him to go into the office.

"Go on Peter," he said. "I think you could use a break. I know how hard you work here. In fact, maybe this could be Melanie's new job around here. What do you think?"

Peter nodded mutely and Oscar patted him on the shoulder.

"Go on," Oscar said. "It'll do you good."

Peter then rushed through the door and Oscar closed it behind him.

Oscar then stepped around the divider panel separating the main office from reception and scanned the room. He looked around and finally saw Maria, the coffee girl, pushing her cart from desk to desk. He beckoned her over and she approached him with a smile on her face.

Oscar always liked Maria. She was one of the only people at this office who didn't make fun of him or put him down.

"Maria," he said, "how would you like to be our new receptionist?"

Her features lit up with a big smile and she giggled enthusiastically.

"Oh Senor Oscar!" she gushed, "I would love that!"

"Okay, you're it!" he said. "Get behind that desk and that chair is yours."

"But what about my coffee cart?" she asked him with dismay.

"Don't worry about that," he said. "I've got just the right person in mind for that job."

She giggled again and hugged him tightly. Then she stepped gingerly behind the reception desk and looked around her with wonder in her eyes. The phone rang and she looked at it with trepidation. She looked at Oscar and he nodded at her encouragingly. She looked at the phone once more, steeled herself and then picked it up.

"Mullins Insurance," she said. "How can I help you?"

Oscar smiled at her and then grabbed the coffee cart. He pushed it into Leslie's office and saw that she had just finished packing a box with her personal possessions.

"Hi Leslie," he said.

"Hello Oscar," she said.

She looked vaguely confused and blinked in surprise when she looked down at the box on her desk containing all her personal effects.

"I've got your new job worked out Leslie," Oscar said. "You're the new coffee girl."

"Oh?" she said evenly.

"Yes," he said, "you'll push this cart from desk to desk selling coffee and pastries to the staff."

"Okay," Leslie said.

"And Leslie," he said emphatically, "you're going to do it naked."

"Okay Oscar," she said.

"So take off your clothes and then bring your cart out to the office area and meet me there," he said.


Oscar turned and walked out into the office and paused while looking over the people as they worked. A few of them looked at him, confusion still in their eyes. He nodded and then cleared his throat.

"Can I have your attention everyone?" he said.

Now they were all staring at him.

"Thank you," he said. He cleared his throat again and tugged on his cheap tie. "As you all know, Ted has put me in charge here. So now I'm making a few changes, changes that I hope will be for the better.

"First of all, Maria is now the new receptionist. I'm sure she'll do a great job. I'm not sure what Melanie is going to do around here. I think I might put her in charge of morale."

Peter, who was just getting to his seat, blushed and sat down hurriedly.

"The next big change," Oscar said, "is this. Leslie is going to be our new coffee girl. I've put her in charge of the coffee cart and given her a new uniform. Come on out here Leslie. I want everyone to see your new uniform."

A collective gasp went through the crowd as Leslie appeared pushing the cart that Maria had so recently been responsible for. She wore high heels and that was all. Her breasts, a generous c-cup, jiggled slightly as she stepped up beside Oscar. Her short dark hair was combed into place and she looked like a pageboy nude model for Hustler magazine. She smiled at the sea of faces before her and then looked anxiously at Oscar.

"As you can see," he said, "she's very nice to look at, so I've instructed her to do this naked. She'll be available for anyone to use as they see fit. Won't you Leslie?"

"Oh yes Oscar!" she said enthusiastically. "I'm looking forward to being used by anyone however they want to!"

"That is all," Oscar said and then turned toward his office.

He listened to the cacophony of exclamations from the office pool and smiled to himself.

"Maybe I can make all those people happy yet," he muttered to himself.

The mostly male insurance adjustors fell on Leslie with gusto. Before she could pour a single cup of coffee she was bent forward over the first desk she stopped at and was penetrated from behind.

The sight of Leslie getting fucked from behind fascinated even the three women who worked there. They cheered on with the rest as two more men lined up beside Melanie and dropped their pants. Leslie grinned oafishly as they both tried to push their cocks into her mouth simultaneously.

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