tagGroup SexA Summer Fling to Remember

A Summer Fling to Remember


Note: Fiona and Frank are in most of my stories. Tracy will probably make good on her promise to return.


"I can't do this." Tracy half whimpered.

"Can't, or won't? " Fiona asked

"I really don't think I can. It's just crazy. What if I freak out?"

"Then you will freak out, and I will calm you down, and we will go on with it."

"What if someone finds out? What will they think of me?"

"You are on vacation, nobody knows you here except me. Nobody will find out unless you tell them. And if you tell them, they will think you are one badass chick. When you get back home you will think of this as the best summer ever. Now let me show you how this works."

Fiona pushed the door open. Frank was standing in the middle of the room. He was wearing only a pair of jeans. His hands were cuffed in front of him. His eyes were covered by a blindfold.

"This, " Fiona motioned towards Frank, " is your summer fling and our entertainment for the evening."

Fiona watched as Tracy's eyes were drawn to Frank. She started to say something, but quickly clapped her hand over her mouth. Summer was a good season for Frank. His skin was golden brown and his chest hair was a little lighter. And contrary to his devil may care attitude, he did make an effort to look good during swimsuit season.

"He can't see you, and he has never met you. He's not going to pick you out of a lineup. You can do or say anything you want. This room is its own little world right now." Fiona said reassuringly.

"What do I do?" Tracy asked.

"What ever you want. It can be like that trashy little mommy porn book I saw you reading. Just use your imagination."

The bedroom door swung shut, driven by Fiona's hand. Tracy slowly walked around Frank, looking at every inch of his body. Her nipples began to show through her clothing.

"He's pretty fucking hot," Tracy said.

"That's the spirit, now watch and learn," Fiona replied.

Fiona removed her shirt. She had not put on a bra, so she was naked from the waist up. She walked across the room and picked up the riding crop. She gripped the handle with one hand and stroked the shaft with the other.

"Hello old friend. Ready to have some fun?" she said with a grin. A similar grin appeared on Frank's face as she walked over to him.

"Get on your knees," Fiona instructed, placing the tip of the riding crop on Frank's shoulder. Slowly he lowered himself in front of her. She put the tip on his forehead and tilted his head back. Fiona glanced over at Tracy, who had not moved.

"Come closer, you are going to enjoy watching this."

When Tracy was standing about two feet away, Fiona leaned forward and pressed her breast against Frank's mouth.

"Suck on my tits."

Fiona felt Frank's tongue swirl around her nipple. His lips pressed tightly against her skin. For a moment Fiona forgot all about Tracy. She watched Frank's mouth on her breast. She wondered if he was as aroused as she was. His lips and tongue felt warm and wet against her breast. She moved the riding crop back onto his shoulder, allowing him to lean into her. He was almost devouring her tits.

"That's enough," Fiona said, standing up straight and looking towards Tracy. "Now it's your turn." She held out the riding crop.

"I can't, I'm not like you."

"Exactly , that's why get along so well. I will let you in on a little secret. I'm not like this either, except when I want to be. You can do this.."

"I mean I don't look like you. You are thin and sexy. I'm, well, frumpy. And that's putting it nicely. I don't think he is going to like doing that with me"

Fiona paused. Tracy had a point. Unlike all the other women she had shared Frank with, Tracy was not athletic. She was a little shorter, and had a broader build. She had much larger breasts. Fiona smiled as she thought about how much Frank would enjoy Tracy tits.

"He's going to like it because I say we say he will. He is here tonight for us. Trust me, he wants nothing more than the two of us to be naked with him. Now get over here and take your shirt off."

Tracy slowly followed Fiona's instructions. She had never been with a man like Frank. She felt like her sex life was living proof of the expression " A two at ten is a ten at two." More than once she had been told she would be pretty if lost some weight. She and Fiona were truly an odd couple. Fiona was sexy, athletic and had not shortage of boyfriends when they were in college. Tracy felt like she was the complete opposite. They might in a study group, and noticed they took a lot of the same classes. After a few semesters they were close friends. Tracy trusted Fiona, and if she said this was possible, it was probably true.

Fiona watched as Tracy slowly unbutton her loose fitting shirt. When she finally removed it, Fiona was surprised at how large Tracy's breasts were. She had to be at least a DD. When Tracy unfastened the clasp of her bra her breasts tumbled out. Fiona's first thought was of how surprised Frank was going to be.

"Put your hands on his shoulders and do what I did," Fiona suggested. There was no way Tracy could just lean forward, She would need to support herself on Frank or she would fall over. Fiona watched as Frank slowly leaned his head back, probing the air with his tongue. When he brushed against Tracy's swollen nipple he thrust his head forward, burying his face in her huge tit. Frank raised his hands, putting one on each side of her breast. He was clearing trying to figure how big Tracy's breasts were, but the handcuffs kept him from finding out. Fiona let him explore for a few seconds, then slapped his hand.

"Hands down, at least for now," Fiona commanded. Frank obediently lowered his hands. He began to kiss and lick every part of Tracy's tits he could reach. Fiona noticed Frank repeatedly start to raise his hands. He clearly wanted to caress Tracy's tits. Although Fiona was certain Tracy would enjoy the extra attention, she did not give Frank the permission he wanted. He would have to make do with his lips and tongue for a little while longer.

"That's enough. Frank, stand up," Fiona instructed. Tracy looked at Fiona like someone that had taken her favorite new toy away. Frank had a similar look of disappointment on his face. Fiona dropped to her knees in front of Frank and began to unfasten his belt.

"Could you help me out? " she asked, looking at her friend. Tracy quickly joined Fiona and began to unbutton Frank's 501s. As she got about halfway through the buttons it became obvious that Frank was not wearing underwear. Tracy quickly completed her task and began to pull Frank's jeans down. Soon Fiona and Tracy were staring at his rock hard erection. Fiona put one hand around it and stroked up and down a few times.

"Now you try it."

Tracy followed Fiona's example, then put her other hand on Franks leg. She traced the contour of the muscles in his thigh all the way down to his knee.

"What does he like?" Tracy asked.

Fiona looked at her cleavage, and then at Frank's cock. Tracy took the hint. She scooped her breasts up in her hands and wrapped them around Frank's dick. Frank began to slowly thrust his hips back and forth, rubbing his penis against her breasts This was not the first time she had felt a cock between her breasts. It was the first time it had happened without a great deal of booze. It was also the first time what a guy as good looking as Frank. Tracy moved her hands up so she could pinch her nipples as Frank's throbbing erection slipped up and down between her sweat soaked breasts. Even if he came right there, this would be the best summer fling ever. She looked at Frank's face. He was looking right at her, despite being blindfolded. And he was smiling. She wondered if he would still be smiling without the blindfold. She concluded he would, and that she was going to make the most out of her summer fling. She thought about sucking his cock, in case he was getting bored with her breasts. That's the way things usually went. Tracy decided she could make him wait, instead pinching her nipples again and staring at his sexy body.

An image of Fiona's friend was slowly forming Frank's mind. He knew she was slightly shorter than Fiona. He knew she had large breasts. The bits of conversation he had overheard made him think she had issues with her appearance. He tried to run though all of Fiona's friends, trying to remember one with big tits and low self confidence. Not a one matched that profile. The two women he had met through Fiona with large breasts were both very outgoing and confident. He wondered if this was some kind of role playing game. As his cock slid smoothly between her wet breasts, Frank wondered what she was so concerned about. He also began having trouble concentrating on anything but the feeling of tit fucking Fiona's friend.

Fiona quietly stripped off her clothes as she watched Tracy rubbing her tits on Frank's dick. It was pretty clear both of them were enjoying the experience. Several times Fiona thought Tracy was going to tip her head forward and start to suck on Frank throbbing cock, but each time she backed off. Finally she decided to interrupt them.

"That's enough, both you stand up. Trust me, it is only going to get better" she instructed. Fiona watched as both of them slowly, almost reluctantly stood up straight. Fiona stepped behind Tracy and unzipped her skirt, then pulled it and her panties down. When Tracy was naked, she took Frank's hand and guided him to the bed.

"Lie down in the middle, hands above your head," she said to Frank. She watched Frank stretch out on the bed, his arms fully extended. Fiona could see that Tracy was enjoying the view of Frank's naked body. Fiona crawled onto the bed and lay down next to Frank. Tracy followed her example and lay on the other side of him.

"This is going to sound a little strange, but it will be worth it. You are just going to have to trust me, " Fiona said to Tracy. "I want you to put one hand on your breast and one hand between your legs. I want you to talk about what you are going to do with him. Play with yourself till you come. The more noise you make, the better. I'm going to do the same thing."

Fiona followed her own instructions. She put her left hand on her breast, gently tugging on her nipple. Her right hand went between her legs, two fingers sliding inside her wet pussy.

"I'm going to rub my pussy on your mouth Frank, and I will not stop until you make me come, " Fiona moaned. She waited a moment to see if Tracy would join her, but there was only silence. Fiona fingered herself as noisily as she could, then continued with her fantasy.

"After you make me come with your mouth, I'm going to watch you make her come. I want to see you make the nipples on her big soft tits get hard. I want to watch you make her scream. And when it's my turn again I'm going to ride you. I want to feel your big hard cock slide between the wet lips of my pussy."

Fiona stopped to listen again. She could hear Tracy breathing harder, and she could the faint sound of Tracy masturbating.

"I.. I..," Tracy stuttered, " I want to watch you fuck Fiona. Then I want 69 you. I want to have your cock in my mouth while you lick me.. when you lick my pussy."

Tracy was amazed at hearing those words come out of her mouth. It surprised her how easy it was, and how much it turned her on. She could see the fantasy in her mind's eye. She could see Frank smiling with her real eyes. He was clearly turned on by what she was saying.

"That's it," Fiona whispered to herself, " get your freak on girl."

"And after you make me come, I want to watch you do, I mean screw her doggie style. I want to see you big thick cock slamming into her tight little pussy..oh,oh.." Tracy's voice dropped off into a moan as she fingered and fantasized herself to orgasm.

Frank was mildly shocked at Tracy's ability to talk dirty. He had begun to imagine her being reserved and inexperienced with sex. The sound of Fiona and her friend playing with themselves combined with her friends hard core fantasy turned Frank on than he expected.

He felt them start moving around on the bed. One of them wrapped her hand lightly around his cock and began to stroke it. He could feel her warm, moist breath on the head of his penis. He wanted to feel her lips around him. The pre-cum leaking out of his cock made it slippery in her hand. Frank felt fingertips tracing along his ribs.

"I want to watch you ride his cock Fiona," Tracy said.

Frank felt the bed shift as the two of them moved around. He felt Fiona put her leg over him.

"No, I want you to face the other way. I want to see that cute little ass of yours bouncing up and down on his cock."

There was more movement, then Fiona straddled him reverse cowgirl. One of them still had her hand on his cock. It had to be her friend, Fiona had moved around too much to keep a hold on him. Frank felt Fiona's hands on his legs as she lowered herself onto him. The hand on his cock released as Fiona slowly engulfed him. She began to ride up and down on his cock, each time a bit faster. She was hot and wet. Fingertips brushed against his cock, Frank realized Fiona was playing with herself while she fucked him. The pace began to slow down, then she stopped. Slowly she rocked her hips back and forth, rubbing her fingers against her clit and Frank's cock. Both of them were breathing faster. Frank was glad he had the blindfold on. He knew the sight of the two naked women would have driven him over the edge of orgasm by now.

Tracy watched Fiona fucking Frank. It was like being on the set of a pornographic movie. She found herself enjoying the experience of being a voyeur. Tracy resumed masturbating, imagining herself where Fiona was. She leaned down to let Frank know what she wanted.

"I want you to come inside her,' Fiona's friend whispered in his ear, " then I want you to lick my pussy while you dick gets hard in my mouth. Can you do that for us Frank?" Tracy asked.

Frank felt Tracy's large breasts brush against his face. Fiona began to ride up and down on his cock again. The feeling of her tight wet pussy sliding over his cock was pushing him towards an orgasm. The thought of Tracy's big tits only added to the pressure. Finally he could not hold back any longer, and his cock jerked as he flooded Fiona with his hot cum.

As soon as Fiona move off him, her friend moved his arms from above his head onto his chest. Then he felt her friend's nipple against his lips. Frank swirled his tongue around the firm, swollen flesh. Frank felt her legs straddling his head. He could tell that her thighs were think, but unlike her breasts, they were solid. It felt like he was between two tree trunks. Slowly she crawled forward, dragging her tits across his face, then chest. When she stopped her breasts wrapped around his arms. Frank strained against the handcuffs, trying to caress her soft pillowy breasts. He wanted to pinch her firm nipples between his fingers, but he could not move. Frank felt her knees against his chest, then her mouth on his penis. His cock was no longer hard, but still thick and swollen as it slipped past her lips. She lowered her pussy onto his mouth. She was smooth and wet. Frank explored her hot, bald sex with his tongue. He pressed his lips against her clit, and traced the edge of her vagina with his tongue. She moaned, and Frank felt it more than he heard it.

Fiona turned around and looked at Tracy and Frank. She almost completely engulfed him. Her breasts spilled over his waist and hips. Her thighs covered his chest. She had his entire cock in her mouth. Fiona climbed off the bed and watch Frank licking Tracy's pussy. She wondered if Frank had ever imagined having sex with someone like Tracy. He certainly seemed to be enjoying it. He was eagerly licking and sucking on her, and his hips were beginning to thrust his growing erection in and out of her mouth. Fiona could hear Tracy's moans of pleasure. They were muffled by Frank's cock. She watched Tracy raise her head, putting her hands on Frank's dick instead of her mouth.

"Oh yes. That's it Frank. Eat my pussy. Make me come Frank. Don't stop," Tracy moaned. She pressed Frank's cock into his hands. " Jack off while you lick me. I want to watch you stroke yourself while I come. She starred at Frank's hands. He was still bound by the wrists. He grasped his penis and began to move his hands up and down the shaft. He was still wet from being in her mouth, and his fingers slid back and forth easily.

"Point it straight up," she commanded. Frank complied and she brushed her tits against the head of his dick. As she did she cried out. Her orgasm overwhelmed her. Frank continued to kiss and lick her as she came all over his face. When she was done she helped Frank up onto his knees.

"Now you are going to fuck Fiona from behind, and I am going to help you," she said, motioning to Fiona.

Frank's head was spinning. He felt the bed shift and Fiona climbed back onto it. The warm soft flesh of her friend's breasts pressed against his back. He could feel her breath on his shoulder, and her hand on his cock. Her other hand was on his chest, pressing him against her. Frank reached out with his hands. His fingers brushed against Fiona's firm ass.

"She's right in front of you. Are you thinking about her tight little ass? Are you ready to sink your cock into her wet pussy?" she whispered in his ear. Frank felt Fiona pressing back against him. As his cock penetrated her he felt the hand around his cock slip away. The hand on his chest held him tight against her, and her hips began to push forward. She drove his dick into Fiona. At the same time Frank felt her hand slip between the two of them. The back of her hand pressed against his ass. She was fingering herself as she fucked Fiona with him. Frank felt trapped. His hands were tied, and he was pressed between two naked women with no way to get out.

"I've been thinking of this moment since Fiona suggested a threesome last week," she whispered in his ear.

"You feel so fucking good. I bet she does too. I don't want you to finish with Fiona this time. I want you to make her come, then I want to feel your cock inside me."

Fiona moaned as Frank's hips pounded against her ass. She could hear Tracy whispering something to Frank, but could not make out the words. It didn't matter. Tracy had come out of her shell with amazing speed once she realized that this would be their little secret. Fiona was more than willing to play her part in Tracy's fantasy, especially since it was getting fucked to an orgasm by Frank. She would see to it that Tray's wish was fulfilled. Fiona noticed Tracy had stopped whispering and started the odd combination of moaning and squealing that announced her climax. It was a sound Fiona was quite familiar with from their time as room mates. They had their own rooms, but the walls were paper thin. She knew a lot about Tracy's sex life, and Tracy knew a lot about hers.

Frank's cock slammed into her again, causing her breasts to bounce forward. He was driving his cock deep into her with long, fast thrusts. Each time his cock pressed against her G spot she inched closer to climax. As Tracy got louder and louder Fiona accelerated towards her orgasm.

"That's it, don't stop," Fiona moaned, " Fuck me hard, make me come. Don't stop, don't stop!"

Her instructions were immediately complied with. It felt like Frank's throbbing hard on got even bigger. He drove his dick into her so hard she almost lost her balance. Fiona regretted using handcuffs on Frank, she should have used leather cuffs that would allow him to explore her body a bit more. For now his hands were spread across the small over her back, trying to hold her still as his cock slipped in and out of her. Over and over he penetrated her until finally her climax erupted. It was so overwhelming Fiona simply cried out. Forming words was beyond her. The muscles in her belly clenched down on Frank, holding his erect penis deep inside her. Fiona's arms became weak, and she collapsed onto the bed. Frank followed her as gently as he could without the use of his arms. Fiona relaxed and Frank rolled off her.

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