A Summer Fling to Remember


"I hope you have something left for me," Tracy said as she climbed on top of Frank.

"Yes Frank, I don't want you to disappoint our guest," Fiona added.

Frank took a deep breath has he felt Tracy leaning forward. He put his hands out, feeling the air for her breast. When he found it he wrapped both his hands around it. Her hard nipple stabbed.into his palm has his fingers dug into her soft flesh. Frank craned his neck, trying to find her other breast. He felt her hand on the back of his head, guiding him to it. Frank flicked his tongue against her nipple, then began to kiss and lick all over her breast. A few times she pulled his head in tight, almost smothering him.

The sound of Fiona and Tracy whispering to each other reached Frank's ears has his hands both caressed her large breast. The next thing he heard was Fiona's voice in his ear.

"Room for one more?" she asked.

"Of course," Frank answered, not sure what was asking.

The mystery did not last long. Frank felt Fiona lips on the back of his hand. He spread them apart and felt Fiona's face between them and she planted her lips on Tracy's swollen nipple. Frank heard Tracy moan as she felt warm lips on both her breasts. Moments later Frank felt a hand on his cock. Tracy slid down, rubbing her swollen labia on the head of his penis. She felt hot and wet. Frank thrust his hips forward, trying to get deeper inside her. She moved away, and continued to tease with just a light touch.

"Not yet," Tracy said. She wanted this moment to last as long as possible. Seeing Fiona's mouth on her breast was a bit of a surprise. Fiona had frequently comment on how sexy her tits were, at times sounding a bit jealous. Tracy never thought Fiona would admire them this way. Watching Frank was not a surprise at all. Most of the men she had sex with showed their appreciation for her DD tits the same way Frank did, although he seemed a bit more talented than most. She was thoroughly enjoying teasing him. She had never been with a man so focused on pleasing her. When she moved and denied him the chance to penetrate her, he simply doubled his efforts on the parts of her he could reach. She would let him fuck her, but only when she felt like it.

Frank focused on her breasts, caressing one and kissing the other. He could tell Fiona was doing the same. The thought of Fiona playing with the same pair of huge breasts was an unexpected turn on. Slowly Tracy moved down, letting Frank penetrate her completely. She slowly moved back and forth, riding his cock and pushing her tits into his face. Frank heard her begin to moan as she ground against him. He felt the skin on her breasts getting hotter as her climax got closer and closer. Squeals mixed in with her moans and her breathing got faster and faster. Frank thrust his hips forward, driving his cock even deeper inside her. The base of his cock rubbed against her clit, driving her into climax. Frank felt her tighten around his cock as she came. He arched his back, repeatedly sliding his cock in and out of her. When he could not hold back anymore he thrust his cock as deep inside her as he could. His orgasm poured out of him and Frank groaned through clenched teeth as his hot liquid flooded into Tracy. She leaned forward and kissed him on the lips.

"You were everything Fiona promised and more," she whispered in his ear.

Fiona watched Tracy climax on top of Frank. She had not planned to join in, but Frank seemed to enjoy Tracy's breasts so much she just had to try kissing them. When both of them were done Tracy lay down next to Frank.

"So was I right?" Fiona asked.

"Yes, you were right. I should not have doubted you."

" Can I take his blindfold off?"

" No, I'm just not ready for anyone but you to know I did this," Tracy answered.

"Well, I can't leave him like this. Why don't you jump in the shower and I will take care of him."

"I could stand to clean up a bit," Tracy said, getting off the bed and gathering up her clothes.

Once she had left the room Fiona removed the blindfold and handcuffs. Frank blinked in the light and looked around.

"She's not here," Fiona said.

"I heard," Frank answered, " who is she?"

"Nobody you know. Tracy and I were friends in college. We keep in touch, but don't see each other often. She said she was traveling this summer, so I invited her to come up and see the sights"

"And then some," Frank added.

"Yea, will I figured as long as she was in town she might as well get the full experience."

"You are such a giver," Frank said with a laugh.

"And I have something for you," Fiona said, handing him his clothes, ' you need to go."

"Are you sure, that seemed to go pretty well. She might want an encore."

"I'm taking her to the airport, she insisted this be the last thing we did, I guess in case it went badly."

"Clever girl."

"I'm pretty sure convincing her to visit again will not be difficult."

"Excellent, " Frank replied as he finished getting dressed and left the room.

As soon as Frank shut the door Tracy returned from the shower. She was wrapped in a towel, her clothes tucked under her arm.

"I could not get dressed in there, it was too steamy."

"It was pretty steaming here as well, " Fiona said with a laugh.

"No shit. And you guys do stuff like that all the time?"

"I would not say all the time, but it does happen with amazing frequency now."

Tracy dropped the towel and started to sort out her clothes. She held up her panties, pondering them. She noticed Fiona staring at her.

"I'm thinking about going commando, it would make the TSA pat down a bit more interesting." Tracy said.

"Are you Tracy or her kinky twin?' Fiona asked.

"It's me, but I feel a bit liberated now. I've been in a threesome, found out you are more adventuresome than I thought. It's been a pretty amazing day, I wish I did not have to leave. This has been the best summer vacation ever."

"I didn't plan on joining in, but Frank was so enamored with you, I had to find out what I was missing."


"Pretty amazing. I'm really not into other women, but I can see why Frank was so enthralled."

"Thanks I think,"Tracy replied.

"Get dressed, you are going to miss your flight."

"Okay, but I will be back soon, " Tray said, tossing her panties aside.

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