A Tangled Web Ch. 03


"I just got in last night; the flight was a little late. I thought about stopping over but then decided it would be best to wait. You look really good... did I disturb your workout? I can talk to you while you finish..."

"Sure," Alex replied, "You know where. Do you want something to drink? Go ahead and help yourself, I'll be in the basement."

"I'm fine... I'll just go down with you."

Once downstairs, Alex said, "Go ahead and say what you came here to say."

He jumped up and snatched a pull-up bar. With adrenaline pumping through his veins, Alex pulled off a quick twenty five pull-ups and dropped back down to the floor.

Jennie watched him but remained quiet while sorting her thoughts. She had almost forgotten how much she liked to watch Alex workout.

Glistening with perspiration, his muscles were tight and bulging from the rigorous exercise. Other than a little more bulk, Jennie's new boyfriend, a star football player at the college really didn't have anything on Alex.

While she watched him select a pair of fifty pound dumbbells, Jennie spoke. "I really didn't come here because I had anything planned specifically to say. I've really missed you. I guess this a little awkward..." With a slight stammer in her voice, she continued, "L-looks like your routine is paying off... you look really defined. Has it improved your swim time?"

Lying on the inclined bench press, the sound of the heavy dumbbells made a metallic thud as they touched together with each repetition. Nervously, Jennie stood close by taking in every detail of his young athletic body. His pectoral and abdominal muscles flexing deliciously under the resistance of the weights. The exhibition was enough to make more than just her mouth water.

Alex finished his set and dropped the weights beside the bench. "I haven't said anything to anyone yet... but I've been contacted by the Olympic committee. You know Jennie, I'm not real sure what to say to you, I mean like, you were my first real girlfriend and, well this is the first time for me. I don't have any experience with being dumped for another guy."

With her eyes beginning to well up, Jennie brushed the impending tears away with her hands. "I'm sorry Alex... I swear that I didn't plan for this to happen. Maybe it was a mistake to come see you."

"No Jen, I'm glad to see you... really." Alex toweled himself as he spoke, "You know, I think I deserve a few honest answers. Let's go upstairs, I'll fix you a drink and you can sit down."

Confusion may not be the only word to describe the way young Alex Sedona was feeling. Sure, he had always been infatuated with Charla, he fantasized about her often enough. But the truth be told, Alex would probably never have pursued sexual involvement with his hot stepmother had Jennifer not broken up with him.

It was too late to change anything about that, and Alex had no regrets about it. One thing was for sure though, Jennifer looked luscious to him and all the feelings he had for her had never left. Of course some of that could change depending on what he's able to find out about this college boyfriend. Still, no one would turn down a hot little piece like Jennie should the opportunity arise.

In the large family room of the house, Alex moved behind the mahogany bar and removed a bottle of cola, from the cooler. "Do you want it straight or with alcohol?"

Jennie smiled and replied, "You can put a shot of rum in mine if you have it."

Setting the drinks on the bar he said, "It's nice to see you smile, I missed those dimples." Alex admired her new look for a moment and laughed, "I can't get over how hot you look. What happened to you?"

After taking a drink, Jennie answered, "I guess I just grew up a little. I mean... I still like doing things like..." She thought for a moment and continued, "I think what happened was that one morning changed. I had new friends and was doing different things than when I was here."

Alex moved around the bar and sat on the stool next to her. "Maybe if you would have waited for me to graduate, we could have gone to college together."

Leading into the questions bothering him most, he knew he would need to be gentle in his asking.

"Well Jen, I got to say that you hurt me pretty good. You always made me think I was everything to you... but I just want for you to be happy. So if you are... I can step aside... but will you at least tell me what happened? How you met this guy?"

Jennie cautiously answered, "Well, I seen him around campus of course, Jamal's pretty popular and just about everyone knows him. I first got introduced to him about three months ago... he didn't mean anything to me at first. But I guess he liked me and eventually I started seeing more of him. He treats me really special Alex."

Alex stood up and downed his drink, "What, I didn't?"

"No... Alex... you were great to me. It's just that, well it was like I was just one of the boys. And then when you wanted to be intimate... I don't know, maybe you were just trying to hard or too fast or something. Maybe it was just that I wasn't ready yet. Do you know what I mean?"

Alex quickly refilled his glass, "I think so... it sounds to me like you've been... you know fucking the guy."

He could see by the way Jennie blushed that he hit the nail on the head. After a fake chuckle he continued, "Well, it's true isn't it? Your sister Julie told me the two of you went to spring break together. And by the way, I know who Jamal is, the starting linebacker on the football team. A black guy Jennie?

Jennie defended herself and replied, "That had nothing to do with it, I wasn't out shopping for a boyfriend... it just kind of happened. Okay listen, my friend Tami introduced Jamal to me at a commons area after our literature class. I'd seen him around, like I said, he's famous on campus. It wasn't anything at the time. Then I started running into him about everywhere, and he started showing up at the library where I study. So we started talking and after a couple of weeks he began asking me out. Of course I told him I had a boyfriend back home and he seemed understanding enough. So he still wanted to take me out though and said we would go as friends only. He even reassured me by inviting Tami and her boyfriend to go with us. So that's how it started... I don't think either him or I thought we would end up as a couple."

Alex had finished his drink and began to mix another, "A couple... so it sounds like the two of you are serious. I guess it could work out for you, he's going to be a senior this year and their talking first or second round draft pick for the pros. If that's the kind of life you want."

Alex took a drink from his glass and asked, "Will you tell me what made you decide to break up with me so you could be with him?"

"Alex... you don't want to hear the details, it wouldn't change anything. Let's not discuss this anymore okay? I came here because of something that was left unfinished between us, it's nothing bad."

Jennie watched his expression for a moment and continued, "It's something for you, and I'm hoping you won't want to turn down."

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