A Trick or Treat to Remember


Maria pulled me toward her, encouraging me to lay next to her while she reached out and guided my wife to lay in front of her, gently coaxing her head between Maria's spread legs.

My dick grew harder by the second as I watched my wife lick and suck Maria's pussy, her tongue slipping between her lips time and again.

"Fuck her hot pussy now!" Maria demanded in a whisper.

I crawled behind my wife and lay on top of her back, gently pressing my dick between her legs. She lifted herself enough to allow me to engage into her and then lay flat down again while I slowly started stroking in and out of her wet pussy.

"OH yes! Fuck her hot pusseeee!" Maria cooed as she pulled her own nipples in time with my wife's licking tongue. I continued to stroke into her pussy, slowly pushing her toward her inevitable climax as the minutes passed.

"OH FUCK!" my wife screamed into Maria's pussy when her body finally decided it couldn't hold out any longer. Her whole body bucked time and again as she groaned into Maria her body eventually reduced to trembling as she struggled to catch her breath and continue licking Maria's pussy.

"Stop!" Maria said gently, pushing me back off my wife. "Come lay here." She said patting the bed next to her. I crawled up the bed, and lay on my back, my hard dick sticking in the air, glistening with my wife's cum.

She coaxed my wife out from between her legs and then crawled on the other side of me. She lay with her head near my hip and then reached out for my dick. I watched it disappear into her mouth inch by inch until her nose was touching my body, and then pulled back until I slipped from her mouth. She aimed it at my wife's mouth, and then whispered that it was her turn.

I watched my wife take as much of me into her mouth as she could, and then saw Maria lean over and whisper to her, gently pressing her head down on me. She gagged slightly as she slipped me deeper into her mouth and throat than she had before. I groaned in appreciation as she pulled back up, my saliva coated dick slipping into Maria's mouth again. Maria bobbed her head up and down my shaft several times before releasing my dick for my wife, who tried to repeat Maria's example.

Maria moved closer to me pressing her tits against my leg as she returned my dick to her mouth, her ministrations pushing me closer to cuming.

"Oh god. I'm going to cum!" I warned my wife as she bobbed up and down my shaft, alternately pushing me into her throat and licking up and down my shaft. She gagged as my first shot of cum shot into her throat, and was forced to pull off, my body jerking and shooting squirt after squirt into the air.

Maria giggled and began licking my cum from my thighs and belly while my wife licked what was still drooling down my dick.

Finally declaring me clean, Maria slid up my body, snuggling against my body with her large firm tits, laying her head on my chest. Following her lead, my wife moved up on my other side, sighing contentedly as she lay her head on my chest, kissing Maria's lips softly. The two kissed wetly for some minutes before settling back, the three of us falling asleep in a tangle of sated naked bodies.

The morning sun was shining into the room, and my eyes, dragging me from the deep sleep I was enjoying. I looked around, my mind quickly recalling the previous nights activities. I was a bit surprised to find myself alone in our bed, and climbed out, slipping on a robe and padding barefoot out to the kitchen where I heard my wife rattling dishes.

"Hey lover." I whispered as I stepped up behind her, wrapping my arms around her.

"Hey yourself." She said, irritation clear in her voice.

"What's the matter?"

"You." She said simply.

I was really lost. "Is Maria gone?"

My wife stopped what she was doing and turned around to face me, pushing me back away from her. "Maria who?" she asked sharply.

"Your friend, Maria, who came over last night?"

"I didn't have any friend come over last night. I came home from my mothers and you were laying on the bed naked, sound asleep!" she said coldly.

I looked at her stunned. I couldn't possibly have imagined the whole thing. "You didn't come home and have sex with me?" I asked guardedly.

"Hell no! I planned to, but I came home and couldn't wake you at all. You just lay there looking like you'd already been fucked silly and wouldn't answer me."

"I'm confused. I clearly remember undressing you and having sex with you, several times." I said, really not understating if she was pulling my leg, or what had happened.

"Nope. Not a bit." She said with a curious look. "You remember having sex and I don't remember having sex. One of us must have been dreaming. And who's this Maria?"

"Some friend of yours that you had come over to join us." I said quietly. I watched you two eat each other out."

"I bet you fucked us both two?" she said with a hint of anger, but her nipples clearly hardening under her robe. "I'll admit I always wanted to try something like that, but I don't know any Maria."

"I'm really confused." I said shaking my head and turning to walk away. "I know I didn't dream it."

"I think you did." She said, following me into the livingroom.

I plopped on the sofa, trying to understand what happened. I looked over and saw a slip of black cloth, and pulled it from where it had slipped down next to the sofa cushion and held it up. It was a black zorro mask, similar to the one my wife had worn. "What's this then?"

"My mask." She said.

"Uh uh. Yours is on the table." I said pointing to the coffee table where her round hat lay, her mask sticking partly out from under it.

"Then who does that belong to?" She asked, looking at me while I looked back, my mind swirling with questions I had no answers for.

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