tagErotic CouplingsA Very Good Morning

A Very Good Morning


I woke early this morning in an oddly good mood. I stretched a bit and as I brushed against my nipples they grew instantly hard, sending a wash of pleasure over me. I smiled a secret smile. How could I forget? As I played with my breasts, echoes of his pinching and gripping rippled across my body and I found myself aching for his touch again.

Sliding my hands down, over my smooth skin, I found my pussy dripping wet with merely the thought of my new lover. Slowly and gently I ran my fingers over the outside of my pussy, teasing myself as I used my other hand to cup my breast, twisting or pinching my nipples here and there. As I slid my fingers into my hot, wet slit, I slipped into a bit of fantasy.

Picturing him with me, watching me, directing me... It was almost enough to make me cum right them. I turned my head into a pillow to muffle my moans and pictured him covering my mouth and nose with his large hands restricting my air.

Right as I was about to cum he walked in the room. "You're a good girl, but don't cum yet."

I was happy to see him but aching to cum. "Please, please I need to. Please don't make me wait. Please I'm right there."

"No," he said taking off his pants and shirt, "you will not cum until I tell you to. I want to taste that sweet pussy first." And without another word he dove face first between my legs and started licking.

"Oh god damn PLEASE can I cum! Your tongue is amazing! Please!"

He didn't answer. He just kept licking my pussy and sucking on my clit when suddenly he had two fingers inside me rubbing the sweet spot and I thought I was going to explode. "Please! anything you want just Please let me cum!"

With his fingers still going at jack-hammer speed he lifted his head and said "CUM for me slut".

I came so hard I squirted all over him as my hips bucked and I cried out. When I opened my eyes he was at the foot of the bed stroking his cock.

"Crawl to me slut."

I eagerly obeyed, I love sucking cock... but when I got to the foot of the bed he only let me lick it before he pushed my head away.

"Turn around slut. Let me see that ass."

I turned around on all fours so my ass was facing him and my feet were hanging down the edge. I looked back to see what he was doing.

*CRACK* He smacked my ass right across both cheeks. "Eyes front."

I quickly looked toward the head of the bed. Slowly he slid his hands all over my back and legs. Pulling apart my ass cheeks, grabbing handfuls of thigh, scraping nails down my back. This inspection was turning me on and I found myself relaxing under his touch. Gently he placed is thumb over my clit and slid his fingers into my pussy. My head dropped and I moaned with the feeling of his fingers fucking me again. Slowly this time, in and out, no rush. I could feel another orgasm building and I tried to urge him faster by bucking against his hand but he'd have none of it and kept up the steady rhythm.

"I'm going to fuck you now dear slut, and when I cum, you can cum. But NOT before. Understand?"

I could hear his hand working on his well lubed cock. I knew he had to be as turned on as I was and I hoped he wouldn't take long to cum because I felt ready to burst again. "Yes, please. Please fuck me, I'll be good."

And without another word he put both his hands on my hips, shoved his cock in my ass, and held it there. I was shocked. I couldn't tell if it hurt or not. I knew he couldn't be all the way in because his legs didn't touch mine but his cock felt huge. I wanted to turn around to make sure it was still him but I didn't want another spanking.

"Breathe lil girl. Big daddy's gonna take good care of you. Breathe and you'll see it's all good."

I took a few deep breaths and I felt my ass relax a little. He moved his hand back to my pussy and slid his fingers in.

He said, "See? You're so wet you're dripping. Your pussy knows you want this", as he slowly slid a bit more of his cock inside and started rubbing my clit.

Bit by bit he slowly worked his whole cock inside my ass with words of encouragement and plenty of clit rubbing. By the time he was all the way in I was starting to enjoy the feeling, and with plenty of lube he started to fuck my no-longer-virgin ass.

Slowly he built up speed, fucking me in a way I never realized could feel so good. As he started to pant and moan I realized I was too. As his strokes slowed I could tell he was getting close and the thought of the whole thing brought me to the edge.

As he reached over and squeezed my nipples he shot his load in my tight ass, and the combination of those feelings brought my own orgasm crashing down around me. We collapsed together in a sticky pile of sweaty limbs and cum soaked sheets.

He pet my hair and whispered in my ear, "Good morning."

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