tagBDSMA Virgin Puppy

A Virgin Puppy


I saw my new master for the first time as he pulled up in his car to pick me up. We had been talking for months about this – a weekend of roleplay in which I would play his innocent puppy slave. I was a virgin and had never gone further than oral sex. I had never orgasmed with a partner either. I had always been submissive and loved to please other people. It was my dream to have a dominating master to control me. My family knew nothing about it, so I knew I was completely under his control. No one else knew where I was, except a very trusted friend, and even she didn't know everything. Grant was thirty four – sixteen years older than me.

The car journey was quiet but I enjoyed it, sitting there twisting my hands in my lap as he asked me questions in a soft, gentle voice. It calmed my nervousness and I began to relax as he coaxed information slowly out of me. I made sure not to talk to much in case he thought I was disobedient. We pulled up at his flat about half an hour later, and he led me out of the house and inside.

He sat on the sofa and instructed me to do the same. It was a pretty non-descript place- books on the shelves, hardwood floors, leather furniture, plants in the corners of the room. I sat beside him with my knees pressed together and my back straight. I didn't usually sit like this, but I couldn't help feeling nervous. He didn't say anything for a while, then lay a gentle hand on my thigh. I was dressed in simple jeans and a t shirt as I didn't quite know what was going to be happening.

"Relax, Leine," he purred softly, stroking up my leg. "Now, before we continue – are you sure this is what you want?"

I looked up at his gentle face, his wide, loving eyes, and I nodded in awe. "Yes."

"Good," he said, removing his hand. "Now – undress."

Immediately I got up, took hold of the hem of my shirt and pulled it off above my head. I wasn't wearing a bra – I never did – and I hoped that pleased him. As I took off my jeans, he watched me lazily and began to speak.

"My darling, perfect Leine, for the rest of this weekend, you are my puppy slave. You will mostly be naked as it pleases me. You are not to hide or conceal any part of your body to me, for it is mine and mine alone. I know you are a virgin and so I will be gentle – but remember, I will punish disobedience. You are to call me Master or Sir at all times. Puppies speak only when spoken to, and that is what I expect from you. Once your clothes are off, you will become my puppy, and as such you much not stand up at all; puppies crawl around on the floor. You are mine for pleasure and I will inflict pain when I think it is necessary, but I will also reward good behaviour with love and affection. You must not cum without my permission. You may not touch yourself without my permission. If you feel I am pushing your limits too far and would like me to stop, say the safeword 'yellow' and I will stop immediately."

I nodded silently as I slipped off my socks and stood naked before him. For an instant, he sat back on the sofa and admired my body before I sank to my knees, remembering his instructions. This seemed to please him, and he leant forward on his knees, smiling at my upturned green eyes.

"Do you understand everything I have told you?" he asked me, brushing his hand down the side of my face and playing with my soft hair.

"Yes Master," I said obediently, tilting my head and enjoying his gentle touch.

"Good girl," he said, and rose to his feet. "Remember to make eye contact as much as possible – I like a sexy little puppy slave."

I knelt on the hard floor and nodded slowly, looking up into my master's face. He smiled at me, and stroked my hair. "Good puppy. Now stay here while I go and get your things." He walked out of the room and I sat still where I was, my bare chest rising and falling excitedly. My pussy was already getting wet, and my nipples were standing out proudly from my small breasts. I resisted the urge to touch myself, like I would normally do, and instead shook my hair back over my shoulders.

He returned holding a leather necklace with studs like a collar and a little metal ring attached to one side. In his other hand he was holding a slim leash and a puppy dish. He placed the leash on the sofa and put the dish on the floor out of the way, before taking the collar and fastening it around my neck.

"You are my good little puppy, and if you are very good you will get your own puppy nameplate. And this is your bowl, which I will let you eat out of when you are a good girl." I looked up at him trustingly as he clipped the leash to the metal ring at the back of my neck, and stroked my back lovingly. I was desperate to prove what a good girl I could be. "Puppy, you belong to me, and I want you to crawl around the house after me as I lead you around. Can you do that for me, puppy?"

"Yes Master," I answered, raising my body onto my hands and knees. He laughed affectionately and began to walk around the living room, allowing me to get used to crawling after him. As he did so, he spoke in his soft, relaxing tones about how he would eventually take me, and how I was to be his beloved puppy slave and he would take care of me and cherish me like a good master. "Come now, little slave, come and see my house."

I crawled around on the floor for almost half an hour as he spoke to me in those same calming tones, learning where everything was in his flat. Just being with him and knowing I had to do everything he told me excited me wildly, and the anticipation of the weekend ahead was driving me crazy. He eventually took me to his bedroom, which was simple and unadorned with a number of toys spread out on the bed. I saw a blindfold, whips, a paddle, various dildos, nipple clamps, a ball gag and some vibrators.

"Puppy, have you ever been spanked before?" he asked me as he sat on the bed. I knelt beside him, making sure to look into his eyes, and he stroked the top of my head.

"No," I said quietly, rubbing my head up against his hand.

"Well, we will soon change that," he grinned, running his hand over the handle of a soft leather whip. "I don't think you remembered to call me 'Master' just then, did you puppy?"

I cursed myself silently. "No Master."

"Naughty puppy...I will have to give you your first spanking." I shrank down beside him, frightened but excited. I was going to be broken in by my loving master. "Up on the bed, puppy."

I sprang up beside him instantly, keeping my head bowed low but still looking up at him with my big puppy eyes. I didn't want to give him any further cause to punish me.

"Get over my knee, puppygirl," he commanded, and I only hesitated for a fraction of a moment before obeying.

He spread me out over his knee, and pulled my head upwards with my collar. "Puppy, you have been a bad girl – and you also need to learn what it is to be spanked. As it is your first spanking, I will only use my hand and I will be gentle. But remember; puppies do not make noise while they are being spanked. I want to slap your pretty ass ten times to get you used to the feel of my hand, then five more for failing to call me 'Master'. Every time you make a noise, I will add one more slap, plus the one you failed to take."

I nodded silently, feeling his hand stroke my back and lightly touch the flesh of my ass. I quivered underneath his touch, feeling my pussy get even wetter.

Without warning, I felt a sharp sting on my butt and I cried out with the pain. He jerked my collar upwards and I bit down on my cry.

"Bad puppy...I told you not to make a noise. That's sixteen slaps you have to take now." Keeping a hold of my collar, he prepared to strike again. This time, I bit my tongue and held out as he spanked my white ass three more times. It hurt, but not as much as I had been expecting – in fact, I was enjoying it. My body jerked as he slapped me again and again – I was really beginning to like it now – and each time he counted out loud.

"Nine...ten." He paused to let me catch my breath. Tears were streaking down my face, and he released my collar and I let my head fall.

"Good girl. Just six more slaps and your punishment is over. Good puppy," he soothed, stroking my reddened ass. Suddenly, he delivered five more blows, then paused before giving the final sharp slap on my sore butt.

When it was over, he stroked my back carefully as I choked back my sobs. My ass was stinging badly, but I made no noise in fear of retribution.

"Good girl, clever puppy," he said softly to me, stroking my hair and tickling my ears. Though I was in pain, I was enjoying his gentle touch. I loved to feel his hands all over me, stroking me and caressing me.

To my surprise, he stroked down the length of my body, his fingers gentling over my inner thighs, and then moving downwards towards my cunt. Despite the spanking it was dripping wet; I could feel the warmth radiating outward and longed to touch myself there. He ran a careful finger over my wet slit and I shivered with pleasure.

"Did you enjoy my spanking, puppy? Did you enjoy being punished?"

"N-no Master," I whispered as he continued to stroke the outside of my pussy. His strong fingers touched ever so lightly on my clit, and I longed for him to rub it.

"I think you did, puppy, or your little pussy wouldn't be so wet." He paused right over my pussy and slowly put his finger inside me – not very far, but it was enough to make me flinch with pleasure. "You like to be spanked, my puppy..."

I purred with delight as he pushed his finger inside me further, arching my back and pushing my butt upwards. He curved his finger and stroked that special place inside me that makes me feel so good. A little 'oh' of pleasure escaped my lips before I could bite it back.

"Oh puppy, do you like me touching you?" he said, withdrawing his finger and beginning to stroke the outside of my pussy instead. "I will have to punish you for being such a slut...maybe I will make your pretty tits look a bit prettier. On the floor, puppy."

I did as he asked instantly, even though my pussy felt so empty after I got off his lap. I knelt on the floor at his feet, my eyes only straying once to the bulge in his pants. He looked as if he had a big, thick cock, and I longed for him to take it out.

He turned to the array of toys on the bed and picked out the silver nipple clamps. Standing, he stroked the side of my face and reached down for my breasts, which I offered to him by arching my back and keeping my eyes on his face. He twisted my left nipple and then my right, causing my eyes to close in pleasure and pain. He attached the left nipple clamp and let me get used to that pain. It hurt, but he caressed my breast and shushed me as I let the tears fall silently down my chin. The right one was next, and I got used to this one quicker as he placed his hands over my boobs and stroked them gently.

"Good puppy...not a sound," he complimented, and rewarded me by bending down to my level and placing a sweet kiss on my cheek. I breathed out slowly, cherishing the feel of his warm lips on my skin.

"Now puppy, it is time to teach you some tricks. I think you have performed orally before?"

I nodded. "Yes Master." By now, I was getting used to the pain in my nipples. "Good. I would like you to take off my pants with your teeth. Don't touch me with your hands; I will help you where it is necessary."

Apprehensively, I knelt up so that my face was level with his crotch. He had undone the top button already, for which I was grateful, and so I started at the zip. Gently, I pulled it down with my teeth so I could see his white boxers beneath. I pulled at the waistband with my mouth, and luckily the jeans were quite loose, so they came down easily. After they had fallen to the floor, he stepped out of them, now standing before me in his underwear. He had taken off his shirt, and I looked eagerly up at his face. He laughed at my expression, and stroked my hair.

"Tell me what you want to do, puppy."

I swallowed nervously. "I want to...I want to suck your cock, Master."

He smiled. "Ask my permission."

"Please may I, Master?"

He still looked amused. "Please may you what?"

I gave in to my urges. "Please may your little puppy slave take you big cock in her mouth and suck it til you come? Please let your puppygirl pleasure you, Master."

He seemed to like this, and his cock was straining at the restraints of his boxers. "That's good, puppy – always call yourself by your real name. My puppy," he said lovingly, and swiftly took off his boxers. "You may suck me, puppy."

Joyfully, I leant forward and kissed the tip of his cock. I really wanted to please him, to do the best I could. I wrapped my lips around the head and let the precome coat my teeth. I sucked very lightly, then licked underneath the head, before moving slowly down the shaft and licking as I did so. I reached the hilt and licked there for a few seconds, before moving back up and returning my attention to the head. He was maybe seven or eight inches long, and very thick. As I swirled my tongue over the head, I looked up at his face. His eyes were closed and his head was tilted back. I licked a little harder, then moved my head forward to take the first inch into my mouth.

A low moan escaped his throat, and he placed his right hand on the back of my head. I have always loved those who do this while I go down on them; it makes me feel so helpless. His other hand was on my breast, tweaking the nipple clamp and stroking me harder and harder.

I began to really suck, taking as much of his cock in my mouth as I could. The tip touched the back of my throat and I tried to relax so that I wouldn't gag. I let my tongue slide over the spot beneath his prickhead that I knew would be sensitive, and he moaned and pressed my head to him.

"Good girl...good girl", he told me, working his fingers into my hair. "Can you take it all in?"

I honestly didn't know. Carefully, I tipped my head back, and relaxed my throat. He pushed down gently but insistently, and I felt him slipping deeper and deeper into my mouth, still working my tongue over his length. I imagined this thick monster cock inside my pussy and it made me moan around it, letting it go further down into my mouth.

By now, it was almost all buried in my throat. He was groaning quietly as he pulled lightly at my hair, pushing my head down on him. At last, as much of his cock was in my mouth as I could take, and he slid out a little way before pumping back into me. By this point, I was really horny; I wanted to touch myself so badly. He seemed to sense my frustration as he thrust in and out of my mouth.

"Touch yourself, my puppy slave – touch yourself for me," he whispered.

Eagerly, my hand shot to my pussy and I began quickly touching myself, desperate for a release. I pushed one finger inside myself and curled it upwards, all the time licking and sucking on my master's big cock. I brushed my clit lightly and moaned again, which seemed to excite him further. He pushed in and out with more force, clutching the back of my head and groaning even more. I wanted so badly to swallow his cum. I began to move my throat around him, hoping he would cum in my mouth, but he pulled out swiftly, panting and continuing to stroke my hair. I stopped touching myself, my fingers dripping with cunt juice.

"Good puppy, good girl," he said to me, stroking my ears. "But I don't want to cum just yet, I am saving my cum."

I nodded excitedly, hoping that means what I wanted it to mean.

"Puppy, would you like me to take your virginity?"

I sighed happily. "Yes Master, yes, I would like that more than anything."

My answer pleased him. He took hold of my collar and led me into the living room. I knelt on the floor and he stood behind me with his hands on my shoulders.

"Puppy, I will have to be careful when I take you – I don't want to hurt you, though this will probably hurt a little. I will take you like the good little doggy that you are. If it really hurts, I give you permission to tell me and I will be gentler. Puppy, I love you very much and I want to make your first time enjoyable for you and me as well. I will cum inside you as it is your first time; but don't worry, I will let you take a contraceptive pill so you will not get pregnant. Now there is one thing, puppy: do you trust me?"

I did not hesitate. "Yes Master, absolutely."

"Good girl." He reached behind me and fastened a blindfold around my eyes. "Puppy, I want you to get on your hands and knees while I prepare to fuck you."

The reality of my position hit me as I did as he asked, exposing my virgin pussy to his thick cock. I arched my back and prepared myself, unable to see anything. I heard him kneeling behind me, and felt his touch at my entrance. Instantly I opened up to him, welcoming his probing fingers inside my slit. I was very wet, and he noticed this, trailing my juice around my ass and up to my clit. For a minute, he fingered me slowly, getting me more and more excited.

"I like my puppy to show her excitement – you may make noise if you would like, but remember that you are a puppy. Puppies bark and whimper but do not speak words." I gave a high pitched little whine as he stroked my clit, and pushed my ass back onto his hand. He laughed softly, then moved his hand away.

"Are you ready, puppygirl? I want to take you now."

I barked quietly in reply, shoving my ass higher for him. I felt his body on top of me, his knees outside mine and his arms wrapped around my slender torso. His cock was at my pussy entrance and I was momentarily frightened at what was going to happen. Still, I pushed back on him as he stroked my tits and ran his fingers lightly over the nipple clamps he had put in place. Now, I felt his cockhead pressing at the entrance to my cunt. He pushed a little way, and an inch of him was inside me. I whined with pleasure, arching my back against him. He pushed a little further, and now it began to hurt. His big cock stretched my virgin cunt that had never had anything bigger than a finger inside it before. It felt incredible, but I throbbed with pain as he thrust himself further in.

"Just a little way to go now, puppy; I'm almost there."

I took comfort in his gentle words and whimpered as he pressed his body to mine. After what seemed an eternity, I felt his balls against my ass and registered that his cock was buried all the way inside my tight pussy.

"Oh God...you feel wonderful, puppy girl...you are so beautiful."

I whimpered for him, letting the last of my pain subside and give way to wonderful pleasure. I was still blindfolded, so all of my other senses felt heightened. I could hear his every breath, feel every inch of his cock inside me. I squirmed under the light touch of his fingers on my smooth body.

Tentatively, he pulled out about halfway, then pushed back in slowly. He repeated this a few times until I got used to it, and then began to thrust faster.

"Are you alright, puppy slave? Does it feel good to have your master's cock so deep inside you?"

I moaned my reply, wanting it faster and harder, whimpering under his weight that I was struggling to support. He began to pump inside me faster, fucking me with gentle force. My cunt squeezed tighter around his long, thick cock and I moaned louder as his dick throbbed inside me.

"I'm cumming for you, puppy," he grunted in my ear, his hand wrapping tight on my puppy collar. "Feel my cum inside you. Ohhh...bitch! My fuckslut puppy, I love you!" He exploded inside me and I collapsed beneath him, his cock filling me like nothing had ever done before. I gave a few little mews of contentment as he slowly pulled out of me and stood up. I remained on the floor, panting hard.

"Turn to me, puppy slut."

I did as he said slowly, kneeling before him with my head tilted expectantly. He stroked my face and I put out my tongue to lick his fingers.

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