A Visit From 'Boyfriends Past'


Jason pulled back to about eight inches from Sandra's wet pussy and sucked hard on her inner thigh, like he was giving her a hickey. Sandra sat upward and moaned as she watched. Jason quickly licked up to her pussy and sucked her clit into his mouth and lashed it with his tongue. Sandra's head fell back and her eyes closed as she moaned loudly.

Zach and Daniel were on their knees next to Jason. They could smell her hot pussy and see her juices running down toward her ass. They looked at each other and smiled widely.

Zach spoke softly. "Is Jason as good as you remembered, Sandra?"

"Oh God. Even better." Sandra cupped her tits and squeezes them hard. Her eyes were closed and her head was back as she let out a long, loud moan.

Jason pulled back as he lightly rubbed her clit with two fingers. "Here's how to make our Sandra cum, guys." Jason took the two wet fingers and pushed them slowly into Sandra's pussy. He didn't stop until they were all the way inside. As he pulled them out he curled his fingers across the top on her pussy walls. Sandra bucked as he did it again and again.

"Are you ready, Sandra?" Jason asked. Sandra didn't have time to answer. Jason glued his mouth to her clit and sucked hard as his fingers pistoned in and out. The wet sound was suddenly drowned out by Sandra's long moan, which got louder and louder. She began to shake and quiver. Suddenly, her whole body tensed and held taught as she became silent.

Then it happened. She began bucking, and let loose a loud scream as she shook nearly out of the chair. Zach and Daniel each grabbed a thigh and held her in place as Jason continued sucking and pumping. Sandra shrieked and shook as she looked at her three boys with crazy lustful eyes. Finally, her head fell back and her body slumped. Jason eased back to gentle licking as he slowly removed his fingers, then stuck his tongue deep in her hole and slurped up her cum.

Eventually Sandra raised her head and opened her eyes to see her three ex-boyfriends grinning at her. She reached for Jason, pulling his face to hers, and kissed him hard. "Oh, my Jason. You can do that any time you want, I don't care if the whole world is watching!"

Zach and Daniel began to clap and speak. "Holy shit, that was so hot." "You really know how to make her cum, Jason." "No wonder she likes it the best from you!" "Sandra, you're the sexiest girl on the planet!"

Zach filled Sandra's wine glass and handed it to her. She still looked dazed as she took a few sips. Finally, she sat up, letting her skirt drop. She looked at Zach and smirked. He smirked back.

Sandra stood on wobbly legs and put her hand on Daniel's chest. She pushed him back until he fell onto the couch. "I think I've owed you something for a long time, Daniel." She fell to her knees and started pulling on his belt.

"Now Sandra, you don't owe me anything.."

"Quiet, Daniel, and let me enjoy my visit from 'boyfriends past.'" She ripped open his belt and quickly opened his pants.

"Take it like a man, Daniel," laughed Zach. "This horny ex- of yours wants to give you that blow job you always dreamed about. And you are going to love it!"

Daniel stared as Sandra pulled his hard cock free and licked all around the head. She smiled at him as she slowly sank her mouth down around his shaft. "Oh, Sandra, that feels so good. And I have dreamed about this, many times."

"Me, too, Daniel," Sandra answered around his cock. "Me, too."

Sandra pulled his balls free from his boxers. She sucked one into her mouth as she used her hand to pump his shaft. She then moved a hand to his balls and wrapped the other around the base of his shaft. She smiled up at him, then started vigorously sucking on the top few inched of his fat cock. Daniel moaned as his head fell back. But he had to see this, and his head came back up to watch her sucking.

Sandra pulled her mouth off and continued to pump hard with her hand. "I want you to cum in my mouth, lover. I want to swallow every drop of your hot cum." She looked him in the eyes as she began teasing his cock head with her tongue, trying to push her tongue tip into his cock hole. They both moaned as she again swallowed the end of his cock and bobbed her head fast and hard.

After a moment Daniel spoke. "Jesus, I can't believe it Sandra. I'm going to cum in your mouth. I'm going to do it, Sandra. I'm finally going to cum in your mouth." He put his hand on the back of her head and guided her as she slurped up and down. They were staring into each other's eyes.

Sandra could fill his cock twitching in her mouth. She knew he was close, so she slid a finger down and touched his ass hole. That was all it took.

Daniel's hips bucked up off of the cushion as the first blast shot into Sandra's mouth. He squealed as another shot filled Sandra's mouth, then another. Sandra never let up on him as she coaxed out everything that he had.

Daniel's hips fell back to the couch. He saw cum dripping down Sandra's chin as she slowly continued sucking. She pulled away and took a big swallow, then gently licked his cock from bottom to top while scooping cum from her face and into her mouth. Daniel smiled at her as he fell back limp on the couch. Sandra crawled up onto his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Now it was Zach and Jason clapping. Sandra stood, gave a small curtsy, and fell back into her chair. Daniel sat in a daze and grinned.

Sandra sipped her wine and looked at the boys. She wasn't done yet. "Damn, I've had some pretty good boyfriends! OK, Zach, you crazy fucker, what next? I suppose that you and Jason have a couple of hard-ons that need attention."

"Sandra, do you remember, sometimes we'd be fucking and you'd tell me your fantasy? What was the one fantasy that you told me over and over?"

"No..." she replied softly.

"Yes. Come on, you sex-crazed hottie, what did you tell me that you wished for?"

Sandra blushed as she looked around the room. Zach went over, pulled her to her feet, then pulled her tight. Her tits were still hanging out of her blouse, and Zach took a nipple and pinched it hard. "Tell us your fantasy."

Sandra winced at the pain from her nipple, but Zach just squeezes it tighter. "Tell us, Sandra."

She squealed. "I wanted to be fucked in the ass and the pussy at the same time!" Sandra yelled.

"And you owe Jason a turn in that tight ass of yours, don't you?" Zach pinched Sandra's other nipple just as hard. "Ask him to fuck your ass while I fuck your pussy."

Sandra looked from boy to boy while she grimaced in nipple pain. Her eyes settled on Jason. "Jason, please fuck me in the ass!"

Zach let go of Sandra's nipples and sucked one into his mouth, then the other. "Jason, she has a bottle of lube in the drawer next to her bed. Go get it, and bring a towel from the bath room." Zach quickly pulled off Sandra's blouse, then unzipped her skirt as she stepped out of her shoes. When she was naked, he pulled his own shirt off and quickly shed the rest of his clothes.

Zach pulled Sandra down to the carpeted floor. "Here it comes, Sandra, you're going to get your fantasy fulfilled." He laid on his back and pulled her on top of him. "Come on, Valentine's girl, ride my cock."

Sandra didn't hesitate. With a sex-starved look, she swung her leg over Zach, grabbed his cock, and quickly sank all the way down. Her eyes rolled back and she moaned loudly.

Jason returned and gasped at what he saw. Sandra grabbed him by the belt and pulled him to her as she worked on the buckle. "Come on, Jason, I need your cock in my ass." She tugged his pants and shorts down, wrapped her hand around his cock, and gave it a kiss. "Strip, lover."

Jason quickly stripped while Sandra held his cock, then leaned down and kissed her. "I've dreamed of this day, Sandra. Do you really want me to fuck your ass? Say it."

"Jason, I want to feel your cock deep in my ass. Get behind me."

As Jason stepped behind her, Zach spoke. "Have you ever done this, Jason?"


"Well let me help. First, pour some lube on her ass hole. Then rub it all around while lightly pushing and stretching her hole." Sandra gently rocked on Zach while Jason stroked her most private place. After a few minutes, he could feel her loosening up.

Zach looked into Sandra's eyes. "Ready?" Sandra just moaned. "OK, Jason, now slowly push your fingertip inside. Then, gently fuck her." Jason's slippery index finger pushed inside and Sandra pushed back onto it. Jason pushed softly in and out as Sandra moaned louder.

"She'll need another finger in there before she's ready, Jason. Take your time, and when you think she's ready push in another one." Jason worked his finger in deeper, until it was fully inside her tight hole, and pumped it in and out. After another minute he worked his second finger through the tight ring of her ass. Sandra grunted as she pushed back onto his hand.

"I think she's almost ready. While your fingers hold her open, take the lube and stick the nozzle right inside of her. Then squeeze a big glob into that hot ass of hers." Zach could tell that Sandra was ready, and he felt her wiggle when the cold lube shot into her ass. He saw Daniel leaning forward on the couch and looking up Sandra's ass.

Zach grabbed Sandra by the hips and pulled her up until just his cock head was left inside of her. He held her tightly. "It's time, Jason. Rub some lube all over your cock, line yourself up, then push until your cock head slips inside. Slowly and gently."

Jason pushed, then pushed harder until his cock head suddenly slipped inside of the tight hole. Sandra threw her head back and growled, then pushed back against him, taking another inch of his cock inside.

Jason questioned Sandra. "Are you OK, Sandra?" He held still while waiting for her to answer. Sandra reached her hand back, grabbed his ass, and pulled more of his cock into her ass.

"Give it to me, Jason. Push it in all the way." She tugged on his ass as he pushed in until his cock was buried to the balls. Sandra howled and shook then took a deep breath, staring at Zach. She smiled at him then dropped down hard onto his cock. She was filled in both holes.

"Oh, God, so full..." Sandra began to bounce on the cocks. "I'm getting it, Zach, I'm getting fucked in my pussy and my ass......"

"She wants a good fucking, Jason," Zach said. "Let's give it to her." They both began firmly pounding her quivering body. Sandra was moaning constantly, eyes closed and body bouncing.

In only a minute, Sandra's moans and squeals became louder as she bounced on the two cocks. "Oh, lovers, I'm gonna cum. Fuck me, I'm gonna cum..."

Suddenly, Sandra was bucking and howling and twisting and cumming. Zach and Jason held her tightly as she flopped between them. She was crying and laughing at the same time.

The boys just kept fucking her as she regained control of her body. Pretty soon she was fucking back. They developed a rhythm, taking turns thrusting as Sandra pushed against them. Zach held her by the tits, and Jason held her hips.

Sandra spun her head toward Daniel on the couch. "I want all of my lovers inside me, Daniel. Let me suck your cock again." He didn't need to be asked twice. He stepped out of his pants and peeled off his shirt as he stepped toward Sandra. She wrapped both hands around his ass and pulled his hard cock into her mouth.

They could all tell that Zach was smiling as he spoke. "How does it feel, Sandra, to have all of the cocks that you've ever known inside of you at the same time?"

Sandra looked at Zach, smiling with Daniel's cock in her mouth. She twisted her head around and looked at Jason as she licked Daniel's cock head. Next, she looked up at Daniel and sucked him deep.

"I want your cum in all of my holes, lovers. Fill me up. Give it to me, my Valentines."

Sandra bounced and pushed at the cocks below her as she grabbed Daniel's balls and sucked him all the way in. She was grunting and singing around the cock in her mouth.

Jason started it. "Oh, Sandra, your tight ass is sucking it out of me. I'm going to cum in your ass." He grunted and pumped harder, then let loose with a yell.

Sandra literally screamed around Daniel's cock as she began to shudder and buck. Her pussy and ass squeezed tightly on the cocks inside of her. Daniel grabbed her head firmly and held her in place as he grunted and filled her mouth. Zach nearly tipped over the pile as he pushed up hard and fast. He grabbed Sandra's tits and held on tight as he shot into her again and again.

When the pumping stopped, it was like the air was let out of a balloon. Daniel fell back onto the couch. Sandra collapsed onto Zach, and Jason fell onto her back.


The boys had carried Sandra into her room and laid her onto a towel they had put on her bed. Zach found her phone and snapped a picture of her as she looked at him with a glazed smile. She pulled her knees to her chest, and he snapped a few more showing the cum dripping out of her pussy and ass. Her chin was dripping cum down onto her tits.

"These will help you remember this night." Zach smiled and set her the phone next to her bed. "Are you OK? Would you like one of us to spend the night and keep an eye on you?"

Sandra slowly looked from face to face. Her three lovers. She smiled sadly. "Oh, how could I ever choose?" she asked. "I love you all. No, I'm fine. But I do have one favor to ask."

With some difficulty, she pushed herself up onto her elbows. "If none of us are seeing anyone next Valentine's Day, would you all come and visit me again?"

She fell back onto her pillow as her eyes closed. The three boys covered her with her sheet, dressed, and locked the door on their way out.

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