tagLoving WivesA Walk on the Bi Side

A Walk on the Bi Side


All characters in this story are over 18, and so should you be if you are reading this.

I'm a married man, happily married to Kate for over 11 years. Kate is a beautiful, intelligent sexual dynamo; I still wonder how I was lucky enough to find her. This is a story about an adventure we had while on holiday in Lanzarote.


It had been a long year so we decided to get ourselves away for a cheap and cheerful break to sunnier climbs. We booked our usual 7 day break in Lanzarote and within a week we had flown out to the island, looking forward to relaxing and unwinding.

The first night was the usual. We arrived late and I was itching to get out to the bar and get some food, so after dumping the bags we headed to the restaurant and enjoyed a lovely meal, washed down by some very welcome beer for me and wine for Kate.

We could both feel the stresses and strains slowly begin to melt away as we sat out in the veranda and finished our drinks, enjoying the warm breeze rushing over us. While we were sitting back just talking and relaxing, I felt Kate's foot slowly creep up my leg, making its way up my inner thigh. I looked over at her and she 'that' look. The look that told me she was horny and looking forward to a week of games and lots of sex. The look she gets when she is in that mood always turns me on. Not that her foot slowly creeping between my legs wasn't also doing the trick. We continued talking neither of us was really paying attention to the conversation anymore. My cock hardening inside my shorts as her naked foot softly massaged my balls, moving up to trace the outline of my stiffening dick.

By the time it came to leave the restaurant I was sporting an almost full erection and Kate took no end of pleasure watching me get up from the table to go and pay for our meal with a noticeable bulge in my shorts. We got back to the apartment and as soon as we were there I caught her and held her to me and started kissing her passionately. My hands went to her sides and back, slowly stripping her clothes. My cock was pressing up against abdomen as I pulled her top over her head and brought my hands back down to rest on her pert ass, pulling her closer to me.

Kate had me so hot from the restaurant that I wasted no time in pulling up her skirt, feeling the warmth of her bare skin against my shaft. She moved her left hand down between us, anxious to get a hold of my shaft, her fingers encircling me as I felt her breath heavy in my ear. Slowly, Kate sank to her knees in front of me, looking up at me with my cock resting in her small hands, a look of pure lust on her beautiful face. Without taking her eyes off me she opened her mouth and took just the head past her lips. It was all I could do to stop myself thrusting into her mouth; my pre cum spilling onto her waiting tongue as her lips surrounded my cock head.

I closed my eyes enjoying the sensations of her mouth massaging my dick as she began to slowly bob up and down, beginning to take my entire length into her throat. It was about this time we could both hear noises from the room next door. From the sounds of things, we weren't the only couple feeling horny. We could hear moans and bumps and the occasional groan very clearly.

"Suck my cock honey, that's it; take it all the way down."

We both looked at each other and smiled, it sounded like the couple in the next room were mirroring us and now providing a sound track for what we were doing. We both smiled as Kate continued sucking my cock in and out of her hot mouth.

The sight of Kate on her knees in front of me coupled with the sounds coming from the next room were getting to me. I needed to feel myself inside her, I needed to fuck her. I raised Kate up with my hand beneath her chin and once she was standing I leaned in and kissed her deeply, my tongue exploring her mouth, tasting my pre cum as we got lost in a sexy, sensual kiss. Without any more words I moved her back to the couch and laid her down. She opened her legs and started rubbing her pussy lips, knowing what was about to happen.

"Oh Yes...That's it, fuck me, fuck me baby. Stick your big cock inside my pussy."

The girl next door was almost shouting now, desperate for her partner to penetrate her.

I took this as my cue and positioned my cock head at the entrance to her very wet pussy. Her lips began to open on their own, inviting me in. I watched the head of my cock slide inside those moist lips, enjoying her reactions as inch after inch slowly pushed deeper and deeper inside her throat. Her breathing getting more ragged with every inch that entered. The couple next door were really going at it and I started to move in and out of her with more speed and force.

Pretty soon I was slamming my cock deep into her waiting pussy, my balls slapping against her ass with every thrust. Her whole body moving with me as we got lost together, her pussy squeezing and gripping me, trying to coax my hot cum into her cunt. I held her legs open wide and keep slamming myself in and out. I moved her right hand down to her clit; she didn't need much directing and soon was spreading herself wider and rubbing her hard clit as I slid my cock out until only the tip was inside and then rammed it back inside to the hilt, feeling her pubic bone nudge against mine with every stroke. Kate's breathing became slower and shorter; I could tell she was close.

"Cum for me baby, cum with my cock inside you" I said.

I felt her pussy contract and grip my shaft tightly, the feeling was exquisite.

I knew she was about to cum so I sped up, jack hammering myself into her pussy as her orgasm built and took over. I felt her hands grip my sides as she tensed and I knew she was cumming. Kate's sweet juices flooded my cock as I rode her, the sounds of our fucking spurring me on even more. With one final shove I shouted and flooded her well fucked pussy with my hot sticky cum. Spurt after spurt, so much cum that we both felt it spill out around the shaft of my cock and begin to drip down between her cheeks, pooling between her legs.

After a few minutes I rolled off her and lay onto my back, both of us panting and spent. The noises were now quiet from the next room and we giggled as we recounted what had happened, wondering if all four of us had cum at the same time. I told her how hot I thought it was that both couples were doing the same things to each other at the same time. My mind began to wander and I wondered what it would be like if they had been in the same room as us. She told me that it turned her on hearing them too, I asked what if they heard she and I could tell she liked the idea. Her hands went to her dripping pussy and she started to slowly play with herself as she talked about them hearing her moan, hearing her suck my cock like a slut...

Eventually we drifted off to a satiated sleep.

When we got up the next morning for breakfast, it was glorious day. It was only 8.30 am and the sun was out, shining and the air was warm and close. I got up first, put the kettle on and fixed us a cup of tea. We sat out in our balcony sipping our tea and just enjoying the warmth as we saw the couple from next door walk by on their way to breakfast.

They were about the same age as us and looked quite fit. She was about 5'3" with dark hair and pretty features, including a nice ass and good sized breasts. He was taller, about 6' and was well built. I noticed her look linger on him as he walked by. We both looked at each and started to laugh, each remembering the events of the night before.

We saw Paul and Sara a lot around the complex that day. They had set up their sun beds right beside us and were a very affectionate couple, always kissing and touching each other. Before lunch we struck up a conversation and were just shooting the breeze together when I noticed how intently he would stare at her. I have to admit it turned me on to think that he enjoyed watching Kate lying back, prone, on the sun bed. I went into the apartment to get some coke and when I came back she were talking about the hotel and being here before. I heard her say that the only thing she had against the hotel was the walls were paper thin.

There was a pregnant pause as we both looked at each other and then back them. It was unspoken, but we all knew what the other was thinking. They heard us last night. There was no embarrassment between us, just a knowing, an acknowledgement. My mind started going into over-drive, I liked the idea of them knowing we heard them, and the thought they also heard us was really hot. I knew she would be loving that idea, probably escaping to a little fantasy even as we all sat there talking. Never one to shy away from a situation, I decided to be brazen.

I said "I know what she means about the walls being paper thin. I almost couldn't hear Kate beg to be fucked because a couple in one of the next apartments were going at it so hard."

She froze. He froze. But she just looked up at me, with a mischievous smile on her face.

"Funny, there was a couple in one of the rooms next door to us distracting us too; I had to shout even louder to Paul to make sure he did what I needed him to last night."

The energy around had changed. She was still silent, as was Paul, but I knew she was interested as to where this was going. I could see Paul was beginning to get aroused. As he sat, he tried, unsuccessfully, to hide his growing hard on. After what seems liked minutes, Sara and I just started laughing, the tension eased and a marker laid.

We stayed chatting together by the beach. She and I sitting on one lounger, Paul and Sara on the other, getting to know each other now that the ice had been broken.

Sara was very touchy feely with Paul. Her hands were constantly on his thighs, or his back. At one point in the conversation I looked at her and followed her gaze between his legs where Sara was surreptitiously stoking the tip of his cock through his shorts. I knew Kate would be getting wet watching this. It was hard not get too turned on. Even though no one was explicitly saying anything, the sexual tension between the four of us was unmistakable. A little later we parted ways; we were going to get ready for dinner. Paul and Sara were going out for the evening. They invited us with them but I declined.

I had other plans for us.

Once we got back into our apartment Kate was like a woman possessed. As soon as we were inside she came up behind me and swiftly pulled down my shorts, exposing me to the warm air. She guided me into the bedroom where she peeled off her bikini top and bottoms; pushed me back on the bed and in one movement slid herself onto my not quite hard cock. She began to grind herself on me, feeling my cock harden inside her. She was so incredibly wet. I reached between her legs and felt her wetness, scooping a little up on my finger and presenting it to her, feeling her mouth suck off her juices from my finger.

"Did you like watching Sara stroke Paul's cock in front of us?" I whispered.

Kate didn't answer, she just groaned louder and began fucking me with more force.

"Would you like to have seen her take out Paul's cock and play with it in front of us, or would you prefer to see him push his rampant cock into her wet slit?"

We had talked about our fantasies, about sharing each other, being watched, about pretty much anything. And the way she rode my stiff prick told me she didn't hate the fantasy. She came with a shuddering climax around me, tensing and going silent for almost a minute. I could feel her pussy juices flood out and coat my tightening balls as she began to come down from her orgasm.

As soon as she did I flipped her off and began to get ready to go out. She looked up at me confused, expecting me to at least keep going and give her the cum she loved. But as I mentioned earlier, I had other ideas.

I was sitting down having a beer waiting for her. Kate came out looking ravishing. Her hair was down and slightly curly, her lips full and painted, her beautiful figure visible through the light, clingy material of her top. Best of all, she was wearing Thai fishing trousers, which could be unravelled to give me access to her legs and pussy but without she having to completely disrobed. As I said, I had a plan.

We went for dinner, starting with our usual cerveza for me and wine for her. My mind wasn't really on the dinner and I lost track of some of the things Kate said to me.

"Hello, where are you gone" she said.

"Oh, nothing, just getting lost in thoughts" was my reply, little did she know.

After dinner I suggested we take a walk. There was a beautiful promenade just outside the complex, with a long pier to the west. I grabbed a couple of beers and some pre rolled joints from our room and we walked toward the pier, arm in arm, enjoying each other's company and the warm breeze from the sea.

As we walked up the pier it began to get darker. Kate had already spied the year before that the lights on the pier didn't work and she wanted to have some fun out there. For some reason I said no, worried we might be caught. But this year I had no such reservations.

We got to the end of the pier cracked open a beer and enjoyed a smoke each. We started taking about the couple we had met and I said that I thought they were both hot, and I told her I thought Paul had a think for her, that every time he met she he seemed to get a little hard.

She asked me why would I be looking at that and I smiled with a little embarrassment and a little nervousness.

"What did you make of Sara? You two seemed to hit it off?"

Kate told me that she liked her, how she was so forward and uninhibited. I started to tell her about a fantasy I had that afternoon, where Sara would go down on her while I watched, stoking myself. As I told Kate about my fantasy I slowly moved my hand between her legs. She opened slowly to me, and I took my time creeping my fingers up her inner thigh, delay the inevitable touch of my fingers against her pussy for as long as possible.

Eventually, with her breathing became a little laboured, my fingers found her lips...she already incredibly wet.

"Mmm so you like the idea of being with Sara?" I said.

She didn't answer me, so I changed tack. "What about you going down on Sara hon? Me standing behind you, gently pushing your mouth onto her pussy. Teasing her with your tongue?"

Still Kate said nothing but her breathing and wetness were giving her away. I opened her legs even wider and sank to my knees. Her bare legs were bright in the moonlight; I traced my tongue along her thigh toward her glistening pussy. Her hands went to my head and gripped me tightly. I could feel the heat from her pussy as she brought me closer.

When my tongue felt her lips I felt her twitch a little. I opened her a little wider and began to cover her pussy with soft kisses and long laps of my tongue. I could feel her squirm with every touch of my tongue. She could see people walk down the end of the pier and I knew that this would only turn her on even more. Kate loved the idea of exhibitionism and the thrill of having people close to us as we played would be having its effect.

As I buried my tongue in her, I couldn't help but free my stiff cock from the confines of my shorts, and slowly began to stroke it as I sat on my haunches, eagerly lapping at her dripping cunt, while smearing my pre cum around the head of my cock and coating my shaft as her legs began to grip my head tightly.

After a few minutes of this I felt her stiffen quickly. I thought she might be coming but there were none of the other tell-tale signs. I looked up at her and she was just staring down the pier a little. I pulled my head from between her legs and looked to where her eyes were fixed. I could see Sara and Paul about 15 feet away, standing against a rock, just watching us.

Sara had her skirt up around her waist and Paul had his shorts down around his ankles. She was slowly stroking his stiff cock and he was strumming her clit, both intently watching the show that we were unwittingly giving them. I thought about stopping, but I knew this was a chance to try something very new. Without another word I put my head back between her legs and searched for her pussy with my tongue.

Far from getting me stop Kate opened her legs further and really began to pull my head between her legs. Beginning to grind herself onto me. She was now using my face, not just my tongue, but my nose and chin to give her more pleasure. I looked up and she had a beautifully wicked grin on her face. She was loving being the centre of attention, being the cause of another horny couple to start getting down to it. She felt so alive and slutty, showing herself like that to almost complete strangers. But knowing that doing so was too much from them to bear and they just had to strip down to pleasure each other while they enjoyed watching her be pleasured.

I was totally engrossed in licking her delicious pussy that I didn't notice Paul and Sara move closer to us.

Until I heard Sara say "He really likes liking her doesn't he, and look at how she loves it!"

I looked around and they were right beside us. I thought this might be too much but Kate grabbed my head again and urged me to continue using my tongue on her. I could just about hear Paul and Sara talk while I was working on her pussy.

Paul was saying " what a great pussy, I bet it is so tight, I'd love to feel her wrap it around my cock."

Sara spoke up and said softly, but with authority "Turn around Kate", that was all she needed to say, she took her hands from my head and turned around so her ass was facing me.

Sara moved even closer and softly laid her hands on her bare cheeks, slowly spreading them.

"Lick her ass Jon; stick her tongue into her tight ass..."

I couldn't but consent. With Sara spreading Kate wide I slowly teased her ass, feeling her quiver and open to my tongue. I could only imagine what was going through her mind, having another pair of hands on her as I licked and slurped at her asshole. I heard some rustling and looked up to see Paul had moved in front of Kate and was toying with his sizeable cock in front of her face.

The head shiny from his pre cum and all the hand action Sara had been giving him. This was make or break. I wasn't sure if I wanted this to go any further, fantasy is one thing, but my lust got the better of me. There was such delicious anxiety in the conflict of taking a fantasy too far but as I looked up to see Kate open her mouth wide to allow Paul to softly, slowly, slide his 8 rampant 7 inch cock into her waiting mouth.

Kate began to give him a really good blow job; I knew how good he must have been feeling, having been on the receiving end of so many good blow jobs from here in the past. She began to quiver and bob as she tried to get more of his cock inside her mouth while backing down on to my tongue, forcing it further and further into her tight hole. The sight of Kate sucking on another cock as I tongue fucked her ass was incredibly hot.

I didn't really care about Paul or Sara, they were just random. Even though they were here, this had nothing to do with them. I knew this was about us. We had talked about many things, and often watched group sex porn movies together, now that it was actually happening in real life, it felt strange, but good. It just felt like one of our talks, with two life sized toys there to add spice. I love watching Kate let herself go to her feelings and letting herself be used like such a slut by me.

My cock was as hard as it has ever been and I was drooling a lot of pre cum when I felt a hand reach beneath me and start to milk me from behind.

I knew it was Sara and when she said "Mmm he's got a nice cock too Paul".

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