A Week to Remember Ch. 06B

byChris Cross©

After a minute or so, I began to feel a little frustrated. I decided I couldn't keep going in this position for too long and that it didn't let me go at Marie the way I now longed to. What I really wanted to do was get Marie onto the ground, where I could go at her hell for leather. I slapped hard into her once more and came to rest, my cock wholly inside her and our pubic hair brushing together.


"Huh? Yeah?"

"Let's get onto the ground."

"God, yeah."

I carefully let her slide down until her feet reached the grassy earth, my cock slipping free in the process. The blanket came mostly with her and Marie grabbed at it, snapping it into the air and down onto the ground. She turned to me and took hold of my cock, squeezing it and tugging me forward towards the blanket.

"C'mon, quickly..." she panted "Get back inside me." She was kneeling and I lowered myself with her. She let go of me to lay back on the ground, her head just on the edge of the blanket and strands of her raven hair trailing amongst the blades of grass. I looked at her; green eyes, long hair, full breasts, shapely hips, wet yawning pussy; and my cock felt like an iron bar wrapped in flesh (a 'Terminator boner' some portion of my mind crazily suggested?). I seized her legs, lifted them until the backs of her ankles rested on my shoulders and pushed forwards into her again.

Marie actually cried out in pleasure and her legs struggled briefly in my hands as I was about to find my rhythm. I let go and she adjusted herself, toes still pointing up at the stars but legs yawning even wider apart, away from my shoulders. Her hips humped almost impotently up at me and I dropped down, hands either side of her shoulders and ground my groin into her, a forwards motion that thrust upwards at the end. Marie gasped again

"Ohwh!" and we had our rhythm. Oh God yes, this was it. Time to really go. I started slowly, Marie clasping me to her; then began to go faster. Marie gasped and writhed under me. My stomach clapped fully against her belly with each thrust. This sound filled our world as we screwed under the stars; the slap of flesh on flesh, my breathing against her neck as I worked, Marie's as she panted and moaned. Marie lowered her legs, placing her feet on the bare earth and suddenly rocking her hips up to meet mine. We went faster still, full speed ahead, warp factor bloody fast. Marie's face suddenly contorted in pleasure and laughter burst out from her; a quickly trilling and almost musical

"Ha ha ha ha ha hah" followed by an intake of breath then "Ha ha hah" a gasp, "Aha", gasp "Hah," gasp "Ahhhhrrr." Then in time with each thrust "Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!"

I realised what was going on before my ego had any chance to query what the heck Marie was laughing at and I gave her my all, trying to send her over the edge and into ecstasy. Marie's cries became closer together and more high pitched as I increased speed until with a final, almost disappointed-sounding "Oh." she came. Her eyelids fluttered, hands gripping my shoulders and thighs clamping together, ensnaring me like a fist. Oddly, her pussy didn't feel to contract that much. Although I could feel her gently pulsing around me, I'd fancied that given the ability to grip with it she'd displayed earlier; my cock might be yanked off in the throes of her orgasm. Marie rode her orgasm silently, unable to vocalise anything for seconds as the pleasure ripped through her. Her features slowly relaxed little by little and she sucked in a huge gasp of air, panting to get her breath back.

I'd slid to a standstill to enjoy watching and feeling her cum and was smiling down at her when her eyes flickered open. Marie now looked weary, but she smiled and stroked a hand down the side of my face uttering one word that made me feel particularly happy.


Then I relaxed onto her and we lay together for a few seconds, feeling our hearts pounding and the sweat on our bodies drying in the night air. After a minute, Marie broke the silence.

"Did you cum?"

"No, but don't worry. That felt great. Really great."

"Yes, but..." her voice trailed off.

"But what?"

"Well, you've made me see stars, in more ways than one, but all you've had to look at has been my mug."

"Like that's a hardship." She chuckled again.

"Thanks. But even so...c'mon, up you get." And she pushed at me.

We finished in that field with me on my back on the travel blanket and Marie on top of me, riding me luxuriously slowly, as she had done in the car long minutes earlier. Hands behind her, resting on my shins, hair playing about her face and shoulders in the breeze, she worked away, squeezing me every other stroke with her hidden muscles. Her large, but still firm breasts were pushed forward as her back arched. Marie sucked gently at her bottom lip with her teeth.

I marvelled up at her, this confidant, brassy, raven beauty of a woman. I ran my hands over her hips, thighs, waist, the fullness of her breasts. She looked down at me from under hooded eyes and smiled softly, then let her eyes slide shut again and returned to her work, confident in herself and her ability to give pleasure and enjoy that giving almost as much as the receiving.

Stars glowed in the velvet sky above her as I let my hands fall back either side of my head and gave myself up to her. Had she been some ancient goddess, demanding a mortal sacrifice to appease her hungers I would have, there and then, given myself up to her. As it was, she soon drew form me what she sought, for scant moments later I scrabbled at her thighs and moaned her name aloud as my panoramic view of the distant stars was cut off by the dark red of my eyelids and my orgasm pulsed from me into her, milked by her hidden muscles.

We cleaned up using some wet wipes and tissues Marie had thoughtfully put in the car and freshened using some deodorant she'd brought in a bag, along with some (slightly) less provocative clothing. This lady could plan in advance. Closing and locking the gate behind us, we departed. On the drive back to West Street, I wondered if we'd be sleeping together tonight, or if Marie would want to draw a line between us on our return. When we arrived back at about 11.45pm, only Adele's lights were on, so we said to hell with it and went back in together. I felt quietly concerned at being seen with Marie by Adele, not having had the chance yet to really talk over what had happened between the two of us last night. Yet we got back to our landing without incident. Unlocking her door, Marie beckoned me into her rooms with a grin, whispering that she had been having far too much fun tonight for it to stop now. As it turned out, we both discovered that we still had some fun left in us and that fun continued until the early hours of the following day.

(To be continued)

So, what did you think? Please take just a moment and give me your marks for this story, or even better; leave me some feedback. I always enjoy hearing what you think about my stories, good or bad, and I really do appreciate it! Many thanks, Chris Cross.

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