tagLoving WivesA Weekend of Adultery

A Weekend of Adultery


One weekend my friend Carole and I treated ourselves to a short break at a country hotel. It was a chance for a couple of forty-something women to get away from their kids and husbands and just chill out.

On the Saturday afternoon we went for a swim in the hotel pool. Later we sat on the terrace and had a glass of wine. Two men went past who earlier had been getting into the pool just as we left.

"What do you think to those two?" said Carole.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well I think the one in the blue top looked very well endowed."

"Carole," I said acting shocked. "You're a married woman."

"Oh come on Kim, don't tell me you didn't sneak a quick look at the bulge in his trunks."

I had to laugh at that and admit that yes I did, and in fact I reckoned it was the other guy who had the larger bulge.

"Anyway, I don't suppose it matters, I bet they all feel the same once they're inside you."

Carole just looked at me and shook her head. I was a bit surprised - we've never talked much about sex before, but I had only ever had sex with my husband Paul, and I had rather assumed that Carole was the same.

"Why, how many men have you had sex with?" I asked.

"Four," said Carole.

"How old were you the first time?"


"Can you remember his name?"

"That's easy - it was Robert."

I gaped a bit at that. Robert was her husband, and if he was the first it meant there had been three others since.

"When were the others?"

"The first was a couple of years ago, the last was three or four months ago."

"Why?" I asked. "Are you and Robert going through a bad time?"

"No," said Carole. "It just sort of happened. The opportunity presented itself and it seemed a bit sad that I'd only ever been with one man. I had just turned forty and I wanted to know what another prick felt like."

"And?" I asked.

"And it felt very nice, so I haven't been able to resist sampling another couple since. I still love Robert and I wouldn't dream of leaving him, and funnily enough the odd little bit on the side makes me feel more secure with him not less."

That was a bit of a bombshell and it took a while to digest. Sexually I've always felt a bit shy and inexperienced and that just confirmed it.

The conversation moved on and then we headed back to our room to shower and change ready for the evening meal. We'd each brought one of our best dresses and with a bit of makeup and our hair done I thought we looked pretty good as we went into the hotel restaurant. We look rather different - Carole's five foot four, short blonde hair and a bit flat-chested. I'm a couple of inches taller, have longish, wavy dark hair and a 36D bust.

The restaurant had a good reputation and the meal was excellent. Afterwards we went out for a drink to a nearby pub, but it was too noisy, so we decided to head back to the hotel bar where we could at least talk and hear each other.

After a while we noticed that the two men from earlier were sat at one of the other tables. We could see that they were glancing at us every now and again.

"It's so easy for women," said Carole. "If we made eye contact with those two I bet they'd be over here trying to chat us up."

"Well we're not going to are we," I said.

"Don't worry Kim" said Carole. "I'm not after them, though to be fair they're not bad looking, and quite fit - no beer bellies thank god."

I laughed at that and the conversation went on to something else.

A few minutes later I saw the two men stand up and something made me think they might be headed for our table.

"Don't look now, but those two guys are moving, and I think they might be headed over here," I said to Carole.

"I know," she said.

"Hi," said one of them. "Do you mind if we join you?"

I would normally have ended things before they started by saying we were two married women having a quiet evening, but maybe it was the effect of the wine that made me keep quiet and leave Carole to speak.

"We're married," said Carole, flashing her ring. "But you can join us if that doesn't put you off."

They didn't seem to mind and pulled a couple of chairs up to our table and introduced themselves as Steve and Tony. Carole caught my eye and gave me an amused look when it was obvious that Steve (the one who I said had the larger bulge) was concentrating on me and Tony was concentrating on her.

We soon found out that they were in their thirties, one divorced, the other split up six months ago from living with a partner. They said they thought we were in our thirties (Carole's 43, I'm 44), but perhaps they were just trying to flatter us by saying we looked younger than we were.

It felt odd being chatted up by a stranger; it was something I hadn't experienced since I was a teenager.

Looking back I should have realised how the mix of circumstances were conspiring against me - a weekend away in a plush hotel, a bit more wine than usual and for the first time in years the pleasure of flirting with another man (and a younger one at that!).

But of course above everything I was very aware of Carole's earlier revelations about her sex life and wondered whether she had serious designs on Tony.

After a while we heard a disco starting up in an adjoining room. Carole wanted to go through. At first I said no, but Carole kept chivvying me and in the end I relented and we all went through.

Carole's a good dancer, but I'm no great shakes, neither were Tony and Steve, so I think the three of us were relieved when Carole had had enough.

Then after a few more numbers the DJ switched to smoochy music. Tony and Steve asked us back onto the dance floor and by now the drink meant I'd lost some of my reserve so I agreed.

To be honest it was very pleasurable shuffling round with Steve. He smelt clean and fresh with nice aftershave and it made me feel quite womanly and desirable.

However I wasn't prepared when he stooped slightly and kissed me. I was caught off guard and I didn't stop him, but nor did I respond. We shuffled around some more and now he held me more closely and though I wasn't pressed tight against him I could feel a rock solid erection against me.

Partly it alarmed me, but partly I was flattered that even though I was in my forties I could still excite a man.

With my head on Steve's shoulder I could track what Carole was doing. I could see her kissing Tony and he had one hand resting on her rump. Obviously it was dim in there and I couldn't be sure, but I suspected that Tony was discreetly fondling Carole elsewhere!

Steve turned my head to his and kissed me again. This time I responded, parting my lips slightly. His hand, which had been resting on the small of my back, slid down and began to gently stroke my bum.

I didn't know whether I should have stopped him doing that, but in the end I did nothing. To be honest I knew that I was all moistly aroused. I rested my head back on his shoulder and surrendered to the sensations.

Then someone tapping on my shoulder startled me. Carole was stood there with Tony.

"We're going upstairs," she said to me. She smiled and taking Tony by the hand they headed for the door.

Steve held his hand out in invitation. I stood transfixed not knowing what to do. After what seemed like an eternity, but probably was only a few seconds Steve made up my mind for me by taking my hand and leading me across the dance floor.

It's a good job the room was dark because I was blushing furiously. I could imagine everyone looking at us and saying "Oh look he's scored, he's going to take her back to her room and give her a good seeing-to". I felt a real mix of emotions as we followed the others - a sense of shame that I was betraying my husband, but also a stomach churning excitement that I might be about to submit to another man.

We went through the foyer and stood by the lift. One came almost straight away and we stepped inside. Before the doors could close two older ladies stepped in with us.

"Thank you," said one of them as Steve covered the door in case it suddenly closed. She smiled at him.

"Dragging your wives away from the disco are you?"

"That's right," said Steve. "I think we could do with an early night."

The others looked like they were having trouble keeping a straight face, but the assumption that I was Steve's wife just made me feel even guiltier.

The old ladies got out at the same floor as us, but fortunately we turned left out of the lift and they turned right. We got to our room and Carole opened the door. She turned the lights on, but it was too bright and she quickly adjusted them so that the only light was a lamp in one corner.

I still didn't know whether I had the nerve to go through with this and I was on the verge of saying something when Carole and Tony started kissing and Steve pulled me to him.

As we kissed his hand was feeling my bum, then his other hand started to stroke my breasts. We kissed for a while, and then Steve guided me back towards the bed and sat me on the edge of it.

I glanced across at Carole and Tony. She was also sat on the edge of the bed, but Tony had removed his shirt and Carole was unfastening his trousers. Once his trousers were down she tugged at his pants and as they came down his erect prick sprang into view. The sight of an erection has always turned me on and seeing Tony's prick silhouetted in the lamplight pushed me over the edge. I realised that I was going to be unfaithful and experience another prick for the first time.

Steve was removing his shirt so I took my cue from Carole and unzipped his trousers, and then pulled his pants down. He unbuttoned my dress and pushed it off my shoulders, and then he reached behind me and unfastened my bra.

As he did that his prick was close to my face so I leaned forward and took it into my mouth.

"Oh God" said Steve and ran his fingers through my hair. I continued to lick and suck his cock, but Steve told me I'd have to stop or he was going to come.

I lay back on the bed and started to shuffle up it, but Steve interrupted my progress by grabbing the waistband of my knickers. I raised my bum off the bed and he swiftly pulled my knickers off.

I then moved up the bed until my head was on the pillow and I couldn't help but notice that Carole and Tony were ahead of us. She was gasping and groaning as Tony thrust his prick in and out of her.

I looked up at Steve, smiled shyly and spread my legs for him. He moved above me and positioned his prick against my cunt lips. I tensed as for the first time someone other than my husband was going to penetrate me.

I was very wet so the tip slid in easily, then having got part way in he thrust hard and I cried out as the full length of his hot, hard cock speared into me.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

"Yes," I stammered. "It's just your prick...it's so big."

He felt massive, but I could take him and it didn't hurt. The sensations as he screwed me were incredible and I realised that Carole was right - all cocks aren't the same!

"Do you want me to stop?" he asked.

"No!" I said. "Keep fucking me it's gorgeous."

That was all the encouragement he needed and he began to spear in and out of me, pinning me down against the bed. You can have all the slow dreamy sex you like, I prefer a good hard fucking and Steve duly obliged. It wasn't long before I arched my back and gasped hard as an orgasm ripped through me.

The room was full of the urgent sounds of hot, hard sex. I'm a shy, quiet girl who had only ever had sex with one man. Now as if it wasn't enough that a stranger was fucking me, my best friend was in the next bed talking dirty as someone screwed the arse off her.

Steve picked up on their dirty talk and told me that I had a lovely, fuckable cunt. My husband likes a bit of dirty talk and I'm not averse to it either so I told Steve that he had a lovely big prick and that it was giving my cunt a good fucking.

"Go on, fuck me," I said, digging my nails into his backside. "Fill my cunt with your cum."

That took him over the edge and he thrust deep into me and I felt his prick stiffen and swell, then it jerked and jerked inside me and he fired what felt like a river of sperm into my cunt.

We lay there gasping and it took me a while to come round after the hottest, most erotic sex I'd ever had.

We touched, kissed and cuddled for a while longer, then we told the boys that they had to go. They both protested at that, but seeing they'd got what they wanted I don't think they were really too upset.

Carole and I were pretty shattered and soon fell asleep. I slept solidly until 8 o'clock and for a moment when I woke I wondered where I was. Then straight away the events of the previous night flooded into my mind. I could still feel Steve between my thighs and his groan as he came deep inside me. Carole was asleep with a peaceful expression on her face; it was number five for her, but only number two for me.

I crept off to the loo, but when I came back Carole was awake so we both showered and headed off for breakfast.

Sat at the breakfast table with cereals, coffee and toast I glanced around the room. I don't know whether I was relieved or disappointed that there was no sign of Steve or Tony.

"Well?" said Carole.

"Well what?" I replied.

"What does it feel like to be an experienced woman? You made enough noise - it certainly sounded like you enjoyed it."

I blushed a bit at that.

"Well you were right about one thing - they don't all feel the same."

Carole nodded.

"He had a big prick. Not too big, it didn't hurt, but boy did I know he was inside me."

Carole looked sharply at me.

"You haven't fallen for him have you?"

"Don't worry it was just sex," I said. "But it was good sex," I added with a smile. "Anyway what about you?"

"It was good," said Carole. "Very good. He had a nice prick, and he knew how to use it."

Carole looked at me.

"Whatever you do don't mention it to Paul."

I didn't reply to that.

"Kim, you're not going to tell him are you?"

I paused - Carole had confided in me yesterday, it seemed it was my turn to confide in her.

"I don't think he would mind."

"What do you mean?" said Carole.

"We sometimes talk about fantasies and stuff - you know how you do."

Carole nodded at that.

"Well Paul's secret fantasy is to watch someone else fuck me. He claims it's only a fantasy, but I'm not so sure."

Carole looked wide-eyed.

"What! You mean if he knew about last night he wouldn't be jealous or angry?"

I shook my head.

"He says it's a common fantasy though most men won't admit to it. Apparently there's even a name for it - wife watching."

"Bloody hell!" said Carole. "I never realised. Still don't tell him, I don't want Robert to know."

"OK," I said.

Further conversation was halted by the approach of the waiter. We managed to finish breakfast without any other revelations. We had to check out by 12 o'clock, so that left us plenty of time for another swim.

An hour later we were coming out of the pool when we met Steve and Tony.

"Hi ladies we were hoping we would bump into you. Would you like to join us for a coffee on the terrace."

Noticing our looks Tony added, "Just coffee, that's all."

Anyway we went out onto the terrace with them. It was surprisingly pleasant; they weren't straining to chat us up, so it was just normal, friendly conversation.

Carole brought things to a close by saying we had to think about sorting our things out as it was approaching eleven o'clock. She said she would go to reception and order a taxi for us and meet me back at the room afterwards. Tony said he had something to sort out at reception so he headed off with Carole.

"Well I suppose I'd better go back to my room and finish packing," said Steve, so we headed off together.

Walking down a quiet corridor I was aware of a certain sexual tension. We got into the lift, turned to face each other...and kissed passionately. I could feel Steve's rigid prick pressed against me, and I responded shamelessly by rubbing myself against it.

"Come back to my room," said Steve.

I simply nodded. Once we were in the room we stripped in record time and then we were on the bed with Steve's prick inside me. He fucked me for a while, and then he took some of my cunt juices and rubbed them round my asshole. Next he stuck a finger up my ass and the sexual shock brought me off straight away.

"Was that nice?" he asked.

I nodded.

"Can I ask you something?" he said.

"What?" I said warily.

"Has your husband ever fucked you up the ass?"

"Sort of," I said.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"He's tried, but it wasn't wildly successful."

"Can I try it? You've got a lovely ass, and I'd love to fuck it."

"Alright," I said. "But go gently and use some of the massage oil that's in the spa pack on the dressing table."

Steve got the massage oil and applied it liberally to his prick, then got me to lie on my back with my bottom near the end of the bed. Next he got me to put my hands behind my knees and pull my legs back so that my ass was presented to him. He took the massage oil and poured some round my rosebud, then used his finger to work some of it into me, and I must admit that felt very nice.

Then I tensed as he positioned his prick against my asshole. Slowly, gently he pushed into me. I gasped as the full length of his prick entered me, then gripping my legs he proceeded to fuck me up the arse.

"Christ what a lovely tight hole," he said.

"Gently, go gently" I begged him.

"OK, OK. I'm sorry; it's just so nice. Is it OK if I come?"

"Yes, yes" I babbled.

I felt his prick stiffen and then jerk inside me and Steve fired his spunk into my virginal ass.

After that we both collapsed on the bed. I realised that time was passing, so dressed quickly and told Steve that I had to go.

"I won't see you again, will I?" said Steve.

"No," I said simply.

"Well, can I have a souvenir then?" he asked.

"What?" I replied cautiously.

"Your knickers," he said. "They're lovely black lacy ones, and they'd be a great reminder of the time we had."

"And what am I supposed to wear?"

He smiled and shrugged.

"You've got some more back in your room haven't you?"

I smiled and nodded wryly. Then I hitched my skirt up, hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my knickers and pulled them down. I handed them to Steve and he said thanks.

"Now I have to go."

I gave him a last quick kiss and then I was out of the door and headed back to my room. It wasn't exactly a pleasant walk because my ass felt sore, and it was all squishy with Steve's come still leaking out of it.

Once I reached the room I swiped the key card and stepped inside. Carole was laid on the bed, naked except for her bra. Her legs were over Tony's shoulders and he was thrusting into her.

"Not now, not now," he gasped, so I hurriedly turned round and left the room.

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It's amazing how often a virgin ass can take a dick the size of a beer can. Who do they think they are fooling?

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