tagInterracial LoveA Wife Taken In Adultery

A Wife Taken In Adultery


self, I'm Bob and my wife Cindy and I have been married for 10 years. We have two wonderful children both girls, age 5 and 7. We married soon out of high school. My wife Cindy has worked for a marketing firm for seven years and has worked her way to a good position making good money. Cindy is 5' 3" tall with long red hair, firm 36C breasts, a tiny waist, nice round ass and long slim legs. I love to see her dress in 5" spike heels, her legs are fantastic and after having two kids, Cindy works out and has retained her figure. She is a knockout when we go out, I love to see her wear a push-up bra and show some cleavage. I would like to say we have an almost perfect marriage. I would like to think we have a good sex life together. Cindy knows of my perversions and we love to play out our fantasy's. Mainly I have this fantasy of becoming a cuckold and one night I told Cindy of my fantasy.

I told Cindy I get turned on with the thought of her cuckolding me and taking a lover and making me watch as she fucks another man. Cindy just laughed and played along that night thinking it was just a simple fantasy of mine. She would grab me by the cock and balls and ask me, "So, you want me to take control of your little cock. What if I say your not going to have sex with me tonight. What if I find a man to take as a lover and make you watch us." She would just giggle and we would end up having the greatest sex.

Cindy is pretty open minded when it comes to our sex life. I had seen one of these chastity tubes on the Internet one day and decided to order one. It has a metal tub that you have to slip your cock through with another ring that straps around your balls and a lock is put in place. Let me tell you, I really got turned on the first time Cindy put it on me. One thing for sure, I cannot even stroke my cock when I'm wearing the thing. Cindy put it one me one morning and teased me all day before taking it off late that night when we fucked. Cindy kept teasing me that she was going to leave it on and find a lover.

The kids were at there Grandmothers that weekend and Cindy decided to wear a mini dress around the house with no panty's and spike heels. The dress was low cut and the cleavage drove me crazy. Cindy kept rubbing my cock and I couldn't even get hard wearing this thing. She even bent down and licked my balls only to laugh and ask me how horny I was getting. I had wished that weekend would never end.

That Monday when Cindy came home from work she mentioned that they had hired a new guy that was going to be her boss. She was a little worried because she knows that they were making changes in the company. By Friday things were looking a little better when Cindy came home from work. Cindy came in singing and she had some flowers." Look Bob, my new boss bought some flowers for me today." She went into the kitchen to put them into a vase.

"Oh, Bob, can you fix dinner for the girls tonight? My boss would like to take me and a couple of the other girls out to dinner tonight". What could I say, "sure no problem". Cindy had changed into a dress with a jacket, she looked conservative but stunning. She wanted to make a good impression on her new boss.

"Oh, what is his name anyway?" Cindy told me his name is Randy Brown, a very tall man, seems nice. Wants to go over some changes with some of the girls she told me. Cindy returned home, I think it was no later than 9 and said she had a nice time and a great dinner. Mr. Brown was so charming and I knew Cindy was trying to get in good with this man. She has spent a long time getting the position she has and wants to protect it.

Everything went well and the following Friday Cindy asked me to cook for the girls again. Mr. Brown wanted to take her out to dinner again. I don't think there was a mention of other girls this time. Before I could ask, Cindy was on her way out the door in a hurry. She was running a little late. I did notice she had on a green dress this time a bit less conservative than she put on last week for her dinner date. Three more weeks had gone by and each Friday Cindy went out for dinner with her boss, Mr. Brown.

That Friday Cindy had come in around 11:30 the girls were in bed and I was watching TV on the sofa when Cindy came in and kissed me. She looked tired and was about to say something when the phone rang. Cindy jumped up and answered it." Hi Randy, I'm fine, just got home."

Cindy had walked into the kitchen talking on the phone and I couldn't hear what was being said. I did hear her giggle and say thank you. When I walked into the kitchen, Cindy was just hanging up. "Randy was just calling to make sure I got home safe." I thought to myself, Randy, what happened to Mr. Brown?

Anyway, nothing else was said and that night we had wild sex. Cindy was extra wet that night and kept bringing up the role playing fantasy. Honey, do you want me to take up a lover and make you a cuckold. Kissing me running her tongue deep inside my mouth and rubbing my balls with her long fingers. Cindy has slipped down slowly kissing her way down my belly until she licked the head of my 5" cock head. She looked up at me with her beautiful green eyes and smiled and said I think I'll put you in your little cage tonight, what do you think? My pre-cum was leaking already but I knew she wanted to play. She reached over in the drawer and took out the chastity tube, taking her time and sliding my cock in place, folding the clap around my balls and putting the lock in place. She laughed and pushed herself on top of me sliding herself forward until her mound was only a couple inches from my face. I want you to lick me Bob, get me nice and wet for my lover. She moved forward until her pussy was in my face and started to move and rotate her pussy against my mouth. " That's it, lick me, get me nice and hot for my lover Bob. Isn't that what you want to hear Bob? Do you want me to take a lover and bring him home and make you watch as he fucks me while your wearing your cock tube? Tell me what you want honey," as she kept moving herself around on my tongue. I just looked up at her as she kept moving herself faster and rotating her ass around on my face.

She was about to cum when the phone rang. Cindy got off and answered the phone. "Oh hi," I could hear her giggle and mention we were busy but it was OK. Cindy walked into the bathroom and closed the door and I couldn't hear what was being said. About five minutes later Cindy came back into the bedroom and I asked her who it was and she said, oh just Randy. "He wants me to go to dinner tomorrow night." I asked her what she told him. "I told him fine and that you wouldn't mind staying home with the girls and making dinner." Well, I guess I didn't mind, after all my wife had to please the boss.

Saturday night came and I heard Cindy taking her shower, I had noticed she had some clothes laid out on the bed. I noticed she had a black skirt very short I might ad, a white blouse with buttons all the way down. It was a blouse she had bought a couple weeks before and was low cut. A matching half bra in black with matching panty's. On the floor was a pair of black 5" spike heels shoes. When Cindy finally finished her shower and came into the room giving me a kiss as she passed by. I could smell her perfume had already been applied. She smelled good enough to eat. As she dressed and combed her hair I watched every move. Cindy seemed to be in a good mode. She finally walked over to me once she was dressed and turned around.

"How do I look my little cuckold husband?" I was kind of stunned when she said that even though we spent so many nights with our little fantasy. Right now I was thinking of her going out dressed in this sexy outfit with her boss and she calls me a cuckold husband. Cindy walked over to me and wrapped her arms around me and kissed me." Are you horny?" Cindy said, Cindy reached down to give my cock and balls a little squeeze. "Have fun with the girls tonight!"

I had told her that we planned to go out to a movie after dinner and I would see her later tonight. Cindy walked out the door giving me a sexy smile.

I got home around 10:30 with the girls and they were tired. I didn't see Cindy's car and the house was dark. It made me wonder about Cindy's boss Randy Brown. All she told me about him was he was single, 6' 6" tall and very handsome. I was laying in bed watching the clock wondering where this Brown guy could be keeping my wife out to 12:00 midnight when I heard her car pull into the driveway.

Cindy walked into the bedroom, she had already slipped off her heels and unbuttoned her blouse. She walked over to the bed and gave me a kiss. I missed you, me too. How was your dinner with Mr. Brown? Everything was fine, we had dinner than we went dancing at this club. I'm really tired. As Cindy took off her clothes I noticed a wet stain at the crotch of her panty's. I waited for Cindy to go into the bathroom and picked up the panty's and smelled. I could smell her scent with perfume. Something must have made her horny tonight, these panty's were soaked throughout the crotch area. I carefully put them down where Cindy had put them and waited for her to come to bed. As Cindy got into bed she put her arm around me."Are you still horny my little cuckold husband" and kissed me deep. I pulled her close to me, "I love you Cindy." I love you too Bob, Cindy said. She must have had a stressful night because she was sound asleep within a couple minutes.

As the next two weeks went by, Cindy had gone to dinner with her boss Randy Brown both Fridays. Needless to say she had wore something sexy each time she went out. Today was Saturday, Cindy was doing something in the kitchen when the phone rang.

"Bob, can you get it!" I walked over to answer the phone. "Hello!" The voice on the other side said, is Cindy there in a very deep husky voice. "May I ask who is calling please?" The voice on the other end said, "this is Mr. Randy Brown." When Cindy came in I told her who it was and handed the phone over to her. "Hi Randy," she was laughing and calling him sweet. "Oh, I'd be happy to...what time? Fine, I'll be ready........Good-bye!"

"Honey, I have a date with Randy tonight at 7 would you be a good husband and watch the girls and maybe take them miniature golfing or something?" A date with Randy.....I was trembling...sort of in shock the way she said date. Cindy smiled at me and put her arms around me and kissed me.

"Don't worry, I love you..." slowly lowing her hands on my waist and reaching around to cup my ass in her hands. She looked me straight in the eye's and said. "Would you like me to cuckold you? Bring my date Randy home so the neighbors can see us together?" She was giggling as she looked at me. Would you like that Bob? My darling cuckold husband and kissed me again. I knew she was teasing me but what I didn't know was if she was playing our little fantasy game or was this something else.

"Honey, I have to start getting ready, I'm going to take a bubble bath and get my clothes ready." Cindy went into the bedroom and laid her clothes out for her date. I was still in shock at the word date. Once Cindy got into the tub, I figured I'd go in and see what she planned to wear tonight. It was hot out and she had just bought a new dress this week. It was a white mini dress. The material was so thin you could see right through it. I noticed a white thong, a white bra that was so shear you could see right through it. She had also picked a white pair of heels. She was going to look hot tonight. I wondered what her and this Randy had planned for the night.

I didn't have much time, I had to make sure the girls were ready so we could go out and have pizza and maybe do some mini golf. I went back into the bedroom and Cindy was just pulling up her thong when I noticed......her pussy was shaved bald! I mean it was bare I could see her slit. Cindy had also gone out and had her navel pierced the other day. When she slipped the dress over her head she gently pulled it down over her hips and did a little wiggle. She pulled the thin straps in place and pulled the dress down a little more so her full breasts were cupped nicely in the dress. The bra was very thin and half cut which showed lots of cleavage and I would guess 70 percent of her tits. The dress was so short that if Cindy bent over you could see everything. I could even see her nipples through the dress and make out the thong. She looked and smelled hot!

I couldn't stay around any longer, I had to take the girls. I went over and told Cindy I'd see her later and she told me not to wait up. I couldn't believe what I was hearing from my wife. She gave me a kiss as I hurried out of the room.

It was a long night with the girls as I kept thinking about my wife Cindy out with this guy Randy. I wondered what exactly he had in mind besides office work. I got back home around 10:30 and noticed Cindy's car was in the driveway. I was thinking she must have cut her date short and was home waiting for me already. I hurried in and got the girls tucked in bed and went to our room but it was dark and no Cindy. This guy Randy must have picked her up. I had thought about what she had said about the neighbors seeing her with another man. Especially dressed the way Cindy went out of here tonight. I had mixed feelings about everything. My wife was not home yet and she had gone out dressed to kill. I also thought about her shaved pussy. Why would she go through all the trouble? Maybe to make me sweat a little. After all we had been fantasizing about her making me a cuckold and maybe this was part of the little game. At least I kept telling myself that, but I was also worried. I also kept getting hard thinking about Cindy out with this Randy. I sure would have liked to get a look at him and see what all the fuss was about. I was trying to picture him in my head. She said he was tall and he had a deep husky voice. Was he tall and skinny? What color was his hair? Maybe even gray! I laughed but I still had butterflies in my stomach.

It was approaching 2:30 when I herd a car pull into the driveway. I herd a car door and a moment later a second door closed. He must be walking her to the door. Good, maybe I can get a little glimpse of this guy. I had the lights off and with the door pushed open I could see right into the living room and the front door. The door opened, in walks Cindy. Cindy turns toward the door. "Come in Randy." I watch as this tall shadow starts through the door. This guy had to turn to his side as he walked through the door. He must be big. I couldn't make him out because the light was dim.

Cindy closed the door and walked over and turned another light on. That's when I could see Randy Brown. He was a black man! He was very dark, I would say he was a good looking man but black! I was trembling now thinking about my wife Cindy out on a date with a black man. The neighbors must have seen her leave tonight!

Cindy said, "Won't you sit down Randy." He walked over to the sofa and sat down. Cindy followed and sat next to him. I couldn't hear what was going on, they were talking low. My legs started to buckle when I seen this huge man put his arm around my wife and pull her closer to him. She was setting right next to him. His hand was hanging over her shoulder and she reached up and took his hand in hers. I noticed her dress was hiked up and I could make out most of her beautiful legs were exposed for this man to see. I still couldn't hear what was being said, I did hear Cindy giggle and say something about getting him trained. I think she was talking about me! They were looking at each other and I noticed Randy had moved his left hand over to my wife's leg and was feeling her thigh. She was making no motion to move away. I couldn't believe how huge this guy was and his hands looked twice as big as mine. Suddenly when I looked again Randy had his head tilted to the side and down and Cindy was stretched up and kissing him. Cindy practically leaped into his arms.

They kissed and then kissed again only the second kiss was a deep soul searching French kiss. My guts were racked with jealousy. She had finished off her “Hot” outfit with long dangling diamond earrings and was a luscious sight to behold. As the two lovers made out, I was treated to brief glimpses of her stocking tops as he held my sexy wife tight to his body. Their tongues finally separated and they both looked toward the bedroom with a smile. I bowed my head in shame as they both laughed. I guess they figured I'd be watching them make out. I couldn't help but have a hard-on at the same time my legs were shaking from the scene I was witnessing. Her slight moan caused me to look up at what was happening. Randy was sucking on Cindy's neck just below her diamond choker and was obviously trying to leave a hickey. Her head tilted back as if to give him more room to put his mark on her. She never protested at all. His arms folded around her torso. One hand went up to fondle her breast, the other snaked under the short hem of her dress.

Her eyes were screwed shut and she used her tongue to wet her sexy red lips as Randy toyed with one of her hard nipples. “Oh! fuck,” she panted as Randy fingered her panty-covered pussy. Her left hand held his head to her neck and she reached down with the right and pulled her black satin panty crotch to the side. She orgasm as Randy worked two then three fingers into her tight married count. Just than, Cindy pulled away from her lover. Something was said I couldn't make it out. Cindy got up from the sofa and was on her way into the bedroom. Hi honey walking over and kissing me on the lips. She still smelled of him. I could smell her sex along with the scent of her perfume.

"Did you enjoy the little show," laughing and stroking my shoulders. "How about getting undressed for me I have a little surprise for you." I didn't understand exactly what she meant. Come on...its getting late and I don't want to wake the girls with Randy out on the sofa. I unbuckled my pants and they fell to the floor as Cindy did the buttons on my shirt. "Get your under pants off little cocky." I never herd her say that before. She kissed me again and said, "I'm going to make your little fantasy come to life tonight.." Walking over to the dresser and pulling out the chastity tube from the drawer.

Lay down on the bed while I put this on you. Cindy slipped the tube over my cock and fitted it in place and pulling the metal strap around my balls and locking it in place. I had pre-cum leaking from my cock but Cindy wasn't going to do anything about my excitement right now. "I want you to sit over in the chair while I go get Randy."

I don't know how to explain how I felt right now, excited but very nervous. Here was my sexy wife telling me to sit in a chair while she brings her lover into our bedroom. Maybe she plans to tease me and Randy is in on it. She must have told Randy about our little fantasy we play.

Cindy walked out of the room and I just sat there waiting for what was going to happen next. I could hear them coming into the room, God he was a big man. As tall as he was he had his arm around my wife cupping her breast in his hand as they walked in. Cindy closed and locked the door not wanting the girls to wake up and walk in. "Randy, I want you to meet my husband Bob," He reached over to shack my hand.

His hand felt like a giants hand. One of his fingers looked the size of my own cock. What a thought going through my head but that's what I was thinking at the time. I saw Randy look down at my chastity tube and smile at Cindy. Cindy took his hand and moved him toward our bed and motioned for him to sit down facing toward me. Cindy sat down on his lap putting her left arm around his neck and pulling his face toward her for a kiss. She looked like a little girl sitting there. I started rubbing my cock because I was so excited watching my wife set on this huge black man. All I could do was touch the metal sides of the tube. My cock was starting to hurt a little because the tube restricts your cock from getting a full hard-on. Cindy raised her right hand and held his chin as she kissed Randy. She made sure I could see her tongue running inside his mouth and his in hers. Cindy started to play with the buttons on his shirt, the tie was next, sliding everything off and through them over by me. Cindy stood up and got his pants down while he stepped out of them along with the shoes.

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