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A Wife's Abused


This is my story about how I was used by my husband. At first I didn't have any idea he was using me and I simply did everything he asked me to do. I love my husband and I am sure I would do anything he asked me but he destroyed a little of my faith in him when I explain how this story unfolds.

My name is Abby and I am 25 and Aldo and I have been married for 3 years next month. I am reasonably pretty, rather tall and I have a good figure - I know because everyone tell me that. My breasts are reasonably large although they are certainly not floppy but I do have nice nipples which become very hard when I am aroused. My waist is very slim and I know I am the envy of lots of other girls. My legs are very long and although I say it myself they are really nice legs. My hair is very dark, almost black, and I have dark, soft hair on my arms, under my arms (if I let it grow long) and a very black pubic bush. I have a treasure trail from my belly button down to the level part of my bush and this hair is not as dark nor as wiry as my bush. I also have very fine dark hair growing just above my belly button and there a number of dark hairs growing around my nipples. I always keep my legs shaved because the hairs on my legs are quite dark and very noticeable.

Well, now you have a description of me I had better get on and tell my story. Aldo and I met at a party when I was 20 and we have been dating off and on since then. We became serious just after my 21st birthday and we were engaged when I turned 24 but we had almost lived together since I was 21 and we loved to fuck - I am sure every couple like to do that.

We had a rather small apartment but we were happy and enjoyed our life together. Aldo worked as a delivery man for a large electrical store and although his work wasn't hard he often had to work overtime to give us a little more money when the bills started to come in. I hadn't been able to find a job although I did a lot of looking in the newspapers and the employment offices. I had a couple of part-time jobs which lasted for almost a year but for the last 9 months I haven't had a job.

One afternoon Aldo came home from work very excited and told me he had a job for me but I had to be very nice to my boss otherwise the job wouldn't last. I didn't know what he meant by being nice to my boss but I thought I was nice to everyone.

The job was in a video store and although it was a rather large video outlet the boss and I were the only people working there. The first morning I started there I knew I would like it here. The boss was very nice to me, he was polite and helped me with some of the customers I had trouble with because I was so new to the job. At lunch time Demos (my boss) told me to go and have some lunch and he would look after the store and when I returned it was my turn but I managed quite well and the day ended very happily for me.

As soon as I saw Aldo after work the first question he asked me was - were you nice to your boss? I replied I had been nice to him and told him about what we had done and all about the customers. He kept asking me each day if I had been nice to and looked after my boss. I didn't understand what he was getting at but simply told him what had happened during the day. Aldo seemed to be frustrated with my answers and told me when I go to work tomorrow I shouldn't wear a bra under my blouse and make sure Demos could see I wasn't wearing one! I never go anywhere in public without my bra because my tits are just too big to be unsupported and they tend to sway around as I walk making everyone look at me. I complained this wasn't fair but he insisted so off I went next morning without my bra. I had to catch a bus to work and I was standing up as the bus wound it way along the street and by tits were bouncing everywhere and all the men (and some of the women) were looking at me and my breasts.

Demos greeted me warmly and immediately complimented me on my breasts and told me he was glad I wasn't wearing a bra. I was a bit surprised he said that because I didn't think he had seen I wasn't wearing the bra but he mentioned that Aldo had rung him and told him I would be much nicer to him today.

The day passed uneventfully despite my embarrassment when my tits swung around as I rushed to the various customers but I became used to it later in the day and didn't take much notice of the scene I was causing. It must have been about 4pm in the afternoon when Demos came over to me, when we had no customers in the store, and he told me he liked the look of my breasts. He asked me if I would undo a couple of buttons on my blouse so the customers would be able to see a bit more of my breasts. I didn't expect him to ask me to do that but never-the-less I undid the top three buttons and this let my blouse swing open and showed a fair bit of cleavage between my tits. There were no other customers in the store at the time so he went around to the customer's side of the counter and told me to lean over as I picked up the videos from under the counter. Naturally my blouse swung apart and most of my tits were visible to Demos! I got a bit of a thrill letting him look down the front of my blouse and I had a sudden spasm of excitement between my legs - I had never done anything like this before. Sure I had been fucked by a number of boys before I started going with Aldo seriously but I had never exposed myself to anyone like I was doing now.

Demos stayed on the other side of the counter for about 20 minutes asking me to continually bend over and let him look at my tits. He kept telling me it would be very good for business because the young lads would come into the store to get videos and once they saw my tits they would come in more often. I was very excited by all of this and, although I knew this wasn't right, I was getting a thrill from it all.

When I reached home, Aldo was waiting for me and made me tell him all about undoing my buttons and letting Demos look at my tits. He asked if Demos could see my nipples and I told him no - it was only the flesh between my tits. Aldo was a bit aroused and told me to come into the bedroom where he fucked me and made me tell him about Demos looking at my tits! I had to get up and get our evening meal after such a lovely fuck while Aldo stayed in bed and rested.

As I was preparing to leave for work the next day Aldo inspected me and told me to take my bra off at once! I had put it on out of habit but he scolded me and told me never to wear it again to work! I took off my bra and replaced my blouse and walked with my breasts flopping as I hurried for my bus. At work, Demos smiled at me and told me he like the way by tits bounced around as I walked. He also asked me to undo the buttons like yesterday and so I did this feeling rather naughty as I did it.

It was the same as yesterday - as soon as we had a slack moment he was around the other side of the counter looking down the between my breasts. Suddenly it started to rain very heavily and Demos said we were in for a very slack afternoon because no-one seemed to come out to borrow videos when the weather was bad.

We were having a cup of coffee in the back room because we hadn't had a customer for about an hour when Demos asked me if Aldo had told me to be nice to him! I said that was the case so Demos said, "Well Ann, I want you to take your blouse off while we are sitting here in the back room. If we only get one customer at a time this afternoon I will attend to them and you can remain topless but if we get busy you can slip your blouse on and help me. I felt very naughty when I undid the remaining buttons and slipped the blouse off my shoulders. Demos just sat there and looked at my breasts and nipples - he was mesmerized by them! As luck would have it we only had one customer for the rest of the afternoon and so I was topless all the time. Demos went out to serve the customer and I just sat there wondering if this was really what Aldo wanted me to do for Demos.

When it was time to close the store Demos came over to me and leaned over and kissed me without touching my body at all. He looked at me to see how I reacted to his kiss but I was a bit surprised and certainly didn't complain. He leaned over and kissed me again still without touching me at all. After 5 of these increasingly passionate kisses he asked me very nicely if he could touch my breasts. I simply nodded again feeling very excited that he liked me enough to do this to me. He handled my breasts nicely and eventually he started to squeeze my nipples which makes me very excited when Aldo does this and certainly no less exciting now that Demos was doing to. He must have played with my breasts and nipples as well as kissing me for about 30 minutes before he stepped back and told me it was time to go home. I didn't realize I was as excited as I was until I started to walk away from the shop - my panties were really wet and were making some of the dampness run down my legs. I was extremely turned on - more-so than I could ever remember before - and I wanted to get home quickly to let Aldo fuck me to rid me of the sexual tension.

Of course Aldo asked me how my day had been and although I didn't want to tell him about sitting with my top off he asked enough questions so that I eventually had to tell him. He seemed delighted and told me I was doing the right thing! This surprised me but I let it pass.

For the rest of that week I didn't wear a bra and worked with my buttons undone. It soon became apparent that we were getting a lot of lads in to borrow videos and Demos was delighted and told me it was all due to me. Each day he would play with my breasts and kiss me a lot but I didn't mind too much because Aldo had told me it was alright. When I had my first pay I just couldn't believe how much I collected! It was almost double what should have been paid to me. I couldn't wait to get home and tell Aldo my good fortune. Although Aldo was paying a lot of attention to me he was making it very obvious anything I did with Demos was alright with him and this began to disturb me a bit. I eventually asked Aldo if he enjoyed hearing Demos had been playing with my tits and nipples and he surprised me a lot when he said, "Of course - every man likes to hope his wife will fuck another man!" I had no idea he had any ideas like that and I wasn't too pleased. However Aldo continued to fuck me often and I was satisfied he loved me.

At the beginning of the new week Aldo told me I had to be different this week and I could start by wearing blouses which didn't have any sleeves on them! He also forbade me to shave under my arms but I was to continue shaving my legs. He also told me I was not to wear a bra anymore to work and from tomorrow I wasn't to wear any panties! This really upset me and we had a rather nasty fight but in the end he won and so off to work I went with no sleeves in my blouse, no bra and worst of all, no panties! I was terrified my short skirt would blow up and let people see my bare ass but I managed alright.

At work that day Demos asked me if I had any hair under my arms yet! I knew then that he was planning something with Aldo and they must be talking between themselves at my expense! I had to lift up my arm and show him that there was a short black stubble growing under my arms and he was very pleased and told me not to shave there until further notice! He also told me I wasn't to remove any of the hairs which were growing around my nipples - I usually pulled some of these out each day trying to keep my breasts hair free - so I agreed I would let them grow. At our coffee break he asked me to remove my blouse and he inspected me closely and told me he thought I looked lovely. He inspected my breasts and nipples and looked closely at the hairs growing there. He also looked carefully at my armpits and became quite excited when he was able to touch the stubble. He licked my armpits and I became aroused before he started handling my breasts and kissing me. For the first time this afternoon he licked my nipples! This turned me on terribly and I wished Aldo was here to fuck me.

At this time I was sitting down on a chair and Demos was sitting adjacent to me where he was able to reach and play with my tits. He continued to kiss me and I was getting more and more turned on until I almost came with excitement. He then surprised me by placing his hand on my bare knee and then he slid his hand right up my leg under my skirt until he touched my cunt! I yelped with shock and tried to push his hand away but he kept it there and started to play with me. He played with my clit until I couldn't bear it anymore and I had an orgasm brought off with his fingers on my clit and in my cunt! Now I felt terrible - I had allowed another man to play with me and bring me off! What would Aldo think of me now?

Demos left me alone to recover and went back to the store counter. Eventually I composed myself and went to join him. He blushed when I stood near him and he thanked me for being so kind to him. We didn't talk much more that afternoon and I just couldn't wait to get home and tell Aldo what this terrible man had done to me. Aldo was excited and told me I was wonderful and next time I should take out his cock and play with it because I had to be very nice to Demos if I wanted to keep my job.

Next day during the coffee break I was sitting topless alongside Demos when he again played with my tits and kissed me and then ran his hand up my leg again and played with my cunt. As much as I didn't want to do it, I reached over and undid the zip on Demos's pants and pulled out his very long and hard cock and commenced playing with it. I was getting more and more turned on not only by him playing with me but also because I had his cock in my hand and I was stroking it. Soon after I had my orgasm, Demos came all over my hand and I had his cum everywhere. He left me and headed to the bathroom and washed himself but left me sitting there with my hands covered in his cum. As soon as he was finished I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up. When I told Aldo about this he was delighted and told me to fuck Demos next day! I couldn't believe my ears and told him that was disgusting but he told me if I wanted to keep my job I just had to do it!

Next afternoon at coffee break when I had removed my top and the playing with my body started I took his cock out and began playing with it. This time, instead of running his hand up my leg he pulled my skirt up around my waist and bared my pubic bush and he traced my treasure trail with his fingers. This excited me even more and, when he told me to stand up, I was just about totally in his power. He quickly bent me over the table and, with my skirt pulled up around my waist, he played between my legs from behind and started stroking my clit when I moved my legs apart enough for him to reach around and touch me. I started to tremble and then he moved closer to me and I just knew he was about to fuck me! I wanted to scream for him to stop but I didn't so he rubbed his very hard and long cock against my cunt lips before he pushed his way inside me! I was very wet and so he slipped in without any effort. He fucked me hard from behind and I had to admit to myself that I really enjoyed this and started to cum almost straight away. Eventually he shot his load of cum deep into my cunt and then held his cock inside me until it wilted and he then pulled it out. His cum started to run out of me and down my legs but he thought that was wonderful and watched as the stream of cum slowly found its way down near my knees. I was glowing but knew what I had just done was wrong. Aldo told me, when I was home and confessing everything that I had done right and should allow him to fuck me any time he wanted! What had happened to my loving husband?

Over the next month I was fucked by Demos on a regular basis except when I was having my period and it was during that time that he told me to suck his cock instead. I didn't mind sucking him because I love sucking cock but usually I haven't allowed men to cum in my mouth but he did and I swallowed his cum - it didn't taste too bad!

Aldo was pleased with me and for a time I was being fucked twice each day by the two men - my boss and my husband. This whole business deteriorated further when Demos told me had arranged a competition whereby the winner (based on the number of videos taken out) would be allowed to fuck me! I told him no but he said I had better talk that over with Aldo. Of course Aldo, the shit, told me I should do anything Demos asked of me so I became the prize and a rough looking lad won me first and was allowed to fuck me in the back of the store! He was a bit rough but I enjoyed being fucked by him.

By now I had become so accustomed to being fucked by Demos, Aldo and other men in the store that I became quite blasé about the sex. Demos made some alterations to the store and built in a couple of rooms at the rear of the store. These had TV screens and seating where people (singles or couples) could watch porno videos! It was also set up so that anyone buying me could take me into one of the room and fuck me! I didn't like this too much because I was in the room by myself and I felt vulnerable being alone. Demos was making a lot of money with his store and I was getting bonuses every week and earning a huge lot of money.

Demos also installed holes in the walls of these rooms at just the right height so that a man could push his cock through the hole and it would be sucked by anyone in the adjacent room. Needless to say I was in that room on my knees waiting for a man to stick his cock through the hole so that I could suck him off. I really loved this because I had no idea who the cock in my mouth belonged to! I usually swallowed their cum much to their delight. I was, by now, such a slut I could be fucked by just about anyone and occasionally Aldo would come to the store and watch me suck off a customer. I couldn't believe he would subject me to all this sex but he did and privately I have to say I became a real slut to sex and just loved sucking and fucking men of all types and kinds. Aldo didn't fuck me as much at home as he used to but I was being satisfied enough at the store not to worry about him.

Demos was fucking me on a regular basis and I particularly enjoyed this because of the size of his cock. It seemed to go into me further than any other cock. By now I had amassed quite a fortune from all the money I had been paid, mainly in the form of bonuses each week for my good work.

Things changed suddenly when I was in one of the rooms sucking a man's cock through the hole in the wall while another man was fucking me from behind. Just as the man in my mouth came the man in my cunt came too - just as the door opened and in walked several policemen! I knew we were in trouble but I couldn't stop the man shooting his load in my mouth as the other man came in my cunt! I was being fucked from both ends and the evidence was obvious by all the cum in and on me! I was taken to the police station and charged with all sorts of offences and ended up in prison for 6 months during which time Aldo disappeared completely and I haven't seen him to this day. Demos was charged with all sorts of offences and received 7 years in prison with hefty fines. I had a very bad time in prison having to stand up to the lesbian assaults from the bad women and also the constant fucking by the nasty guards. It was necessary to give in to the guards because they made life in prison either good or bad and we certainly didn't want a bad time of it.

On my release I moved completely away from this city and began a new life far away. I took me a long time to get a divorce from Aldo but eventually it came through and was finalized. By this time I had found a very quiet man who was a perfect gentleman and he looked after me all the time. I still had some of my money which I had saved so I didn't need to work immediately. Some would say my new man, Ted, was a bit of a sissy but he was very kind to me and I loved him for it! He was the type of man to ask if he could have sex with me before he even touched me - even after we were married. I never told Ted about Aldo, Demos or the sex industry I worked in and he never asked about my past. I guess I could say I am very happy now and have settled down to a totally different life to the one I led before! It is possible to escape from a rotten husband's clutches but there is a terrible price to pay on the way.

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