tagInterracial LoveA Wife's Awakening Ch. 02

A Wife's Awakening Ch. 02


(Continuation of Chapter 1—reading it is recommended)

Val is now owned by Blacks, and offered on the net for fucking.

Well, it had happened that people had seen my wife naked, as I wished, but my God, much more. She was now Black-owned. She had been fucked in all holes by eighteen guys so far, and for God's sake, many more to come.

I was incredibly torn. I had really only wanted other guys to see my wife's tits and bald pussy (now cunt). I just wanted to show her off. That was until she was used by her now owners, Keith and James; two huge, Black guys, with very large cocks, which Val seemed to adore.

I had done as I was told, and put pictures of my wife, Val, being Black fucked on the net, our address, and our telephone number. This was on sixteen, not fifteen, interracial sites, as I was told to do because I was mad at Val for offering herself the way she did. Yet, I was stuck.

Now we waited for five more Black guys to come fuck her, whom I got in touch with on one of the sixteen sites on the net. This was to happen the next day. My stomach was churning at the thought, but Val seemed fine about it. She even shaved her cunt.

The following day we heard a knock at the door.

Val: You better answer, Hun!

I took a deep breath and opened the door.

My God! I was met by a sea of Black faces-- some smiled, some frowned, although there were only five men. Three of them were huge, and two of them had to bend over to get inside our house.

Hi I'm Charles this is my crew: You, the cuck one.

Me: Yes, sir.

Charles: Where your bitch?

Me: She's waiting.

Charles: K, let me see what I'm going to fuck.

God, it strained my neck looking up at him.

I took them through to where Val was.

Charles said: Stand up you White bitch.

Val rose.

Charles: What you think, boys? (Looking at me) strip your wife cuck boy. We want to see how she looks.

Fuck, the times I had wished for this to happen. But my God, to five Black guys?

Val stood, waiting.

Charles: Nice and slowly, now cuck. Her ass first. "pull her skirt up"

Mm, no panties.

Val: My owners have banned them.

Charles: Good. A good fuck slut should never, ever hide her cunt from Black cocks.

Val: Yes, sir.

Charles: Bend her over. Let's see that asshole and cunt.

My God, Val did it all on her own. She was showing herself off. Holy fuck, my wife wanted to do this. Fuck, my cock was hardening.

Charles: Nice, bald cunt she got, cuck.

Me: Thank you, sir.

Now lets see her tits.

Before I could assist, Val was unbuttoning her blouse. Oh fuck, she was a Black-owned, White slut now. She even pushed them out.

Black Man: Nice rack, bitch.

He came up to her and took hold of both nipples. He pinched them violently, and turned them 180 degrees.

Charles: This getting you wet, slut?

Val: Yes, sir.

Val groaned a bit out of a pain.

Charles: Bit of a pain slut i see

My God, Val was naked in front of other men. My dreams, yes, but this was different. She was about to be fucked by all of them, in any way they saw fit, no matter how degrading or humiliating.

Charles: So, boys, are we going to fuck this White bitch? She got all we want.

The Rest of the Black Men: Up to you, sir.

Charles: Cuck, go get us some drinks. We need to talk to your wife about charges. She's gonna get herself fucked for sure.

Me: Yes, sir.

Charles: You boys can use her, but no fucking her yet. We do have plans.

Val was surrounded by Black hands touching and probing her cunt and tits; and having every orifice violated. Black cocks were shoved in her face. Fuck, why did this make me so hard?

Over the next fifteen minutes, Val explained that due to her lack of experience, her owners would charge £500 per person (total for five people = £2500). This would increase if reports were favorable.

Val: And others, if you so wish, could fuck me as well.

Charles: Sounds fair, cunt. So, if we get you fucked by say, twelve guys at £250 each, we in profit and we get to fuck you for free?

Val: Yes, sir.

Charles: Just might be interested in owning you, cunt. You seem to be up for Black cock.

Val: Thank you, sir.

Charles: Ok, boys! Fuck her face; we need to get this cunt ready. But no cumming on her face-- inside the slut's mouth only.

Rest of Black Men: Of course, boss.

For the next thirty minutes, I watched my wife, Val, sucking Black cock, and taking every drop of cum down her throat. My God, I needed to jerk off.

Other men were seeing her as I wanted them to-- naked as the day she was born. My gorgeous wife was being used hard. It was the five Black cocks fucking her throat in turn that I wasn't sure about. Size ranged from average for Blacks (around 8"-9"), but two of them were huge (at least 12"-- maybe 14"-- and fat). They seemed to like Val sucking their balls as well.

But as this made Val happy, I was happy for her too. I loved her so much.

Charles: Sam, get the package.

Sam: K, boss.

Sam came back carrying a small package.

Black Man: Stop fucking her face, boys. We need to get this cunt ready.

Sam placed the package down.

Black Man: Come here, cuck boy.

I approached.

Charles: Now then, cuck. We sure gonna have some fun with your wife. She is going to wear these clothes for all of us; then we going out for a meal, got it?

Me: Yes, sir.

The package contained black 'Fuck Me' 5" heels with gold edgings, a black skirt with a slash cut bottom so that part of her cunt could be seen at all times, and a black button spaghetti strapped top that was semi-transparent, so tits and nipples could be seen. Fuck, how long I had wanted to see her dressed in these clothes. Last, but not least, a rather expensive, gold necklace, with the words 'Married Cunt' emblazoned on it.

Charles: Keep this on, cunt, until you're marked up. And wear it in front of your daughter .

Val: Yes, sir. Thank you.

Charles: Make-up is to be that of a slut, Val. Understand? (she nodded) Now fuck off and get ready. Come here, cuck. Understand this. When we go for the meal, you are to do everything we ask of you, no matter how demeaning you think it is. If not, you going to get your puny White face kicked in.

Me: Yes, sir, of course.

Charles shouted: Come on, cunt. We not got all day. We need to get you fucked!

Val came out looking a million dollars-- now well over 6' and dressed like a whore. Her cunt and tits on show if she moved correctly. And with that necklace, my God, she looked like a real slut.

She had done her face with black eye liner flicks at the corners of her eyes, and black mascara with bright red lipstick. She even twirled so all could see her. She looked a true Black cock whore slut.

Fuck, this is how I wanted others to see her.

Charles: Val, you in the back with me and the others. Cuck in the front, you drive.

Val was made to sit in the middle-- one guy on either side of her, and three facing her, as the car was a stretch limo. This was easily done.

Black Man: Put this in the navigation, cuck. Take us there.

The journey lasted fifty minutes. During that time, Val was fucked by all of them for everyone on the open road to see. She had her tits out, her ass in the air, and she was being fingered like crazy. God, she was well used.

Me: Sir, I think we've arrived.

Charles: Cuck, take your wife's hand. I want all to know you're married.

You got your rings on, cunt?

Val: Yes, Sir.

Charles: Two of us in front of you, three behind.

In that fashion, we entered the restaurant.

Upon entering, a lot of eyes went to my wife. After all, she did look like a slut. There were lots of scowls from women, and a lot of smiles from men. Her cunt could be clearly seen, and with five Black guys accompanying us, not a lot had to be said. The necklace said it all.

While we were shown a table, Charles told me to unbutton three buttons on my wife's top, which I did.

Charles: She is to sit in the aisle. While she's sitting, you will raise her skirt so her cunt can be clearly seen. From now on, all here will address her as 'cunt.'

Fuck, that included me. Apart from her being called a cunt, I had wished for this to happen for years. When I seated my wife, I raised her skirt up. Val offered no objections.

Charles: My, Val , can you see all the guys in here looking at you, knowing we will be using you tonight? You really are a Black cock slut.

Val smiled.

Charles: So, how many of them will you fuck today, Val, my little cunt? There are at least six Blacks in here. Shall we start with them?

Val: That is up you, Sir. I have no say in the matter.

Charles: Good answer, cunt. I like you.

When the waiter came over, he, of course, could see Val's cunt and tits on display. It took a long time to order, and yes, we all called Val 'cunt,' as ordered to by Charles. The waiter looked shocked, but he said nothing. And neither did I, as usual.

Charles: Hold her hand, cuck, and get her fucking legs wide open. Bend over and do it, cuck. Let people see you doing it for us. Show your fucking wife off. With that i stood and opened Val's legs wide lifting her skirt a little more, making sure all in there could see

I was pleased to follow these instructions.

Charles: (snapping his fingers to the waiter) Bring cunt's drink in the bottle. She likes to play with it. (laughing) You ready to earn us some money, cunt?

Val: Yes, Sir, I am.

Charles: Right after the meal, you will be taken to the male toilets with Cuck holding your hand, and you will fuck with him holding your hand at all times.

Val: Yes, sir.

Charles: Sam and I will fuck you first. The others will afterwards. You will take all five of us in turn. Cuck will watch and take pictures.

I nodded. At least I would see her get fucked this time.

Charles: The others will go around drumming up fuck partners for you. However many is up to them. Then we change places. Remember, today you're our whore. We paid, so we own you. But as I like you, I'm not interested in making a profit. Just enjoy taking Black cock. Don't let them wear you out; we got a lot of fucking planned for you when we get you back home-- our money's worth, so to speak. Now go be our fucking slut.

Val rose, and so did I. I had accepted that Val was a whore that needed hard fucking, but had I lost her? Time would tell.

For the next three hours, I watched Val get fucked in every position possible. In her cunt, ass, mouth, and some guys even double penetrated her. I took a lot of pictures when the guys gave permission.

But one said to me: You make me fucking sick. You can't satisfy your wife, so you let her act like a whore. What kind of man are you?

He was white. Perhaps he was right?

In total, Val was fucked by eleven different guys, and I came three times in my pants. So, at £250, like Charles wanted, he had made £2,750, which isn't bad, considering he and the others could fuck her for the rest of the night.

Even though Val was being fucked, I knew Charles wanted to belittle me, being the cuck that I am. He wanted to show others that I was not worth having a wife like Val. Perhaps he was right?

Charles: You doing a good job, whore. But now, my little whore girl, it's time to go back home. Cuck, you drive. We all going to fuck her in your matrimonial bed.

We left the restaurant, much to the dismay of many guys. Val still had her cunt and tits on display.

During the fifty minutes' drive back, I saw Val being abused, not fucked, but defiantly abused, by all five. She was put on display for others to see while they fingered her and pinched and twisted her nipples. This was generally humiliation for my benefit. They degraded Val.

Upon arrival at our house, Val was naked, of course. She was told to get out and hold my hand again, and she did as she was told. She offered no objections. She stood there, in plain view, with me and five Black guys.

Charles: Bring the other package, Sam.

Sam: Yes, Sir.

While we entered the house, I was informed to get the camera, as well as video equipment.

Charles: Now the fun times. (looking at Val) I'm proud of you, cunt. You've done well so far-- all I was hoping for, and more. How you take pain is what I want to see now. (the others laughed, but I didn't) I'm hoping to put a good report about you in to your owners, so don't disappoint me.

Val: I'll try, Sir.

Sam opened the package, and inside were a set of clamps-- one for each nipple, and one that appeared to go to the clit area. Each one had a set of vicious crocodile teeth, plus the one for the clit had both teeth, and two prominent, silver, diamond-shaped balls attached to it.

Charles: Cuck, start the video. (I did, with a hardening cock) Now, go to your wife, and offer her right tit to us. (I did as instructed) Now, bitch, this is going to hurt. Be brave. (he then attached the clamps to my wife's right nipple, teeth digging in. Val groaned, but took the pain) Now, her left tit, cuck. (the same was done to her left tit, but Val still took it, shuddering this time) Now, lay your wife down and open her legs.

I, of course, did, saying nothing as usual. She was left like this for awhile to let the blood rush into her now prominent nipples.

Charles: Ready, bitch? This will really hurt.

He then attached the clamp to my wife's clit, pressing the teeth in-- not to the hood, but the actual clit. Val groaned like Hell and actually came.

Charles: Sweet, bitch. Now, I'm not a sadistic man, Val, but I do like to see my bitches squirm.

Val just lied there, opened-eyed.

Charles: This, my little White cunt, is going to be the best fucking you will ever have. You will experience pain like never before, and this will cause you to cum a lot. Enjoy! Now then, cuck, open your wife's cunt lips. I will fuck her first, and the others will afterwards.

With that, he undressed. His large, 13", Black cock seemed to glow.

Sam: Make the cuck suck you off first.

Charles: (laughing) Good idea, Sam. You heard the man, cuck; get to work. Get it nice and wet for your wife. I was hoping to dry fuck her, but why should she have all the fun? (the rest laughed) Your turn to not disappoint me, cuck.

With that, I let go of Val's cunt lips and knelt before Charles.

Charles: No hands, cuck, just mouth.

This caused me to bend and scoop Charles' huge, fat cock into my mouth .

Charles: Good boy. Now suck like you never sucked before, and raise them hands up like a dog, cuck. (he patted my head) Make it nice and thick for your wife, cuck.

Some even laughed at me. As hard as I tried, I couldn't help but gag. Fuck, did I gag when a torrent of his cum was forced down my throat.

Charles: Not bad, cuck, but your wife is better. Now, open her up.

Still choking from Charles' cum, I did as I was told, and opened Val's cunt lips again.

Charles: Now, my cock, cuck. Take hold of it. I want just the head in your wife's cunt... Let go now.

He waited for what seemed like an eternity, and then plunged his cock straight into Val, causing the balls to dig into Val's clit. My God, Val's eyes opened wide in pain, and she immediately came.

Charles: Yes, you dirty, White, fucking whore, wife! Take it! Tell me you like it!

Val: (crying out) Fuck, yes!

Charles: What are you?

Val: Your White whore, Sir.

Charles: And you only take Black cock in it; say it!

Val: Sir, from now on, I only want and need Black, nigga cock in this, your cunt, Sir.

Charles: You are a Black cock whore pain slut wife, Val. That's what you are.

Val: Yes, Sir.

Charles: And boy, we going to use you like one. This video is definitely going on the net. Let them all see what a fucking whore you are.

For the next five hours, I watched my beautiful wife, Val, get used worse than a dog. Her clit got all mashed up and bloodied, and the right nipple clamp was pulled off, causing blood to flow. She was degraded to the nth degree and at one stage Val has 2 black cocks in her ass at the same time. She was used, fucked in all holes, filled up with cum it even dripped from her body, and fucked stupidly, over and over. Afterwards, she was thrown away like an old rag. Of course, I had to tape it all.

Charles: Cuck, your wife gets top marks. Make sure she is marked up the next time we come. I plan to own her in time. She is a great fuck.

Val was then made to escort all five of them back to their car, naked, of course.

Charles: We got plans for her, cuck. (he winked)

To be continued...

By Steve "Cuck" Burrows

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