tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Wife's Bitter Sweet Revenge

A Wife's Bitter Sweet Revenge


I was ready for his arriving home, it was a Friday, and I was all set. This had been in the planning for several months and tonight was the culmination of it all, it just had to go right. I had written everything down, gone over every detail ten times over, nothing must go wrong. Nothing would be allowed to go wrong.

As the saying goes, the devil is in the detail; well this was detailed all to hell and back. It was his birthday today, and now it was approaching 6.30, I heard the car on the drive, one last look in the mirror. I was looking as good as I ever had, in fact I looked better than I ever had, and let me tell you that's no mean feat.

My shoulder length auburn hair was brushed and parted just the way he liked it. My make up was perfect, just the way he liked it. I was dressed exactly the way he liked me to be, short snug skirt, matching top accentuating my boobs, bare at the waist, stockings, high heels. I was ready to knock him dead.

We were the 'envied' couple; both of us were good looking, me in the nearly beautiful department, and he in the stud range. I had prepared dinner, it was almost ready and in he came, my terrifically good looking sexy husband of 5 years, we have been together since I was eighteen, I am now twenty eight, he is twenty nine, he is constantly propositioned by other women be on holiday, work or elsewhere, as I am too by his friends and indeed his enemies.

When we met I had no idea of what he did for a living, I was under the impression that he worked in an office or something, he never really talked about and I never pressed it. But as we moved in together and later married I became aware of more and more nefarious dealings, he was in the 'mob,' drugs money, laundering and the like. The police visited us many times but always went away with nothing. I accepted our way of life but was never very comfortable with it.

What kept me in line more than anything was our life style; we had money coming out of our ears as life moved on. He had a bank account in my name with over three hundred grand in it, the house which was valued last year with five acres was valued at over seven hundred, I had a Mercedes for myself. I had everything.

We also had a very secure safe hidden away that the police and no one else knew about, the company we bought it from had installed in 2ft thick reinforced concrete and was unassailable. Only myself and he knew the number to open it. In it was tons of cash, all sorts of papers that meant nothing to me. But it also held all the jewellery he had bought me over the years; he often bragged to me that there was over two hundred grand's worth there.

And my task this night? To seduce him beyond redemption, and helplessness, and I was more than up to the task. This night had been a long time coming and I was looking forward to it with great anticipation and bated breath. As he came in I ran to him and kissed him seductively. I had warned him we were going to have a very special night, and I had also given warning that he was mine all weekend, no exceptions, no interruptions; the phone would be off the hook.

I toyed with his emotions and fiddled briefly with his hardening cock as I let it be known that this was going to a more than a special evening. I ran him a bath, scented oils and candle light. I washed him, washed his hair, dried him all over, combed his hair and made him wear a brand new bathrobe I had bought him, a huge white towelling one. I caressed him and had to fight him off me. This was my night, he was my love target.

I left him reluctantly and went down to serve dinner. It was his favourite, a prawn cocktail starter with oyster on the side for us to share, Lamb casserole, followed by his all time best, apple strudel. Yes I know it's an every day kind of meal, but if that's what he wanted, that's what he got.

We had a very expensive bottle of wine that was consumed quickly so I got another, I wanted him happy. I was all over him at dinner; I fed him, loved him and made him sink into my ways for tonight. I played footsie under the table, my eyes hardly left his. We repaired to the sofa, I wanted it all slow and easy before I got him upstairs, we had erotic foreplay, we were both hot for it, but I held him off until I had him where I wanted him, he was mine!

At around nine thirty I led him up, teasing him all the way. When entered the bedroom candle were already lit, it was a woman's boudoir, he was my prime attraction. I undressed him kissing and touchy feely, he was hard all the way waiting for his present. I got him on the bed; I was still dressed but had kicked my shoes off. I looked at him with slatted eyes.

"I want this to be our night Mel, just ours." I told him.

"I'm all yours honey," he replied, "all yours." That's when I picked up the already fastened to the bed corners, a soft but strong rope, I eyed him, "you know what I'm doing babe?"

"It looks like I'm going to get it, wanted or not Michelle," he smiled at me, it was the right answer.

I had him tied down more than securely, he was utterly helpless, he really was mine now. I knelt at his side and picked up his cock, and jacked him off, he was as hard as I had ever seen him, I stroked his balls, and then asked him.

"How many other women have you seduced and fucked since we have been together and married Mel?" The look on his face was priceless.

"What are you on about babes? There has only ever been you, you know that."

Wrong answer!

I had prepared for all contingencies. I had my bits and pieces ready, on the side dresser there was a bowl of scented oils, in it was a strip of soft silk cloth; it was laden with the oil. I slid it out, and hooked his balls and tied them with it. I didn't tie it tight, there was no need to. I just wanted them to be prominent. With the two loose ends I wrapped them around the base of his prick pulled him up and tied them off to support them and keep them raised up.

"What are you up to Mich," he asked me.

"You'll see Mel, you'll see." I told him. My persona had changed and he knew it. He had a concerned look on his face.

"I think you had better untie me now."

"No chance Mel, you are here for the duration." I think it was then that he realised that this wasn't a game for some reason. I taped his prick to his stomach to keep his balls high.

"Now, I'll ask you one more time, how many women Mel?" I knew already there had been a lot. After I got my suspicions I had hired a private investigator; I had him followed over the last two years on and off. I had photos, places, dates, times, hotels, motels, houses, you name it I had it. Mel was a sex addict in my opinion. He would fuck a brush from women's hairdressers floor if he could.

What hurt me the most was he had seduced my own sister, three of my best friends; he had even had a go at my own mother. I hated him for that. He was a serial seducer and very good at it too, not many women or girls could resist his charms. And what had brought me to this was the fact that lots of people must have known he was doing it. Lots of my friends, his friends, acquaintances, the humiliation, the embarrassment was mine. I was the last to know syndrome.

But he was my husband, he should have kept his self to me, for me and only me. The way I had, until this month anyway, I had kept myself for him and only him. But enough was enough.

"Mich, I have always been faithful to you baby, you know that, know one could have my heart the way you have honey, what's wrong Mich, tell me hey?" I looked at him sadly; he really was, for a clever man, very stupid!

I had bought a sturdy fish slice, made of stainless steel; I had put it in the vice in our shed and straightened it out. Now I picked it up and waved it at him.

"Now's the time to spill the beans Mel," It was a warning he never heeded. He just laughed at me and called me a 'fucking stupid idiot,' and if I didn't let him go I would suffer the consequences. I smiled at that.

Then I slapped his balls with it, and did that get his attention or what! I didn't slap them hard, there was no need to, I wanted him to feel pain, bad pain, but I had no intention of damaging him badly. He yelled out in what for a man was sheer agony. I had expected that, a man's testicles are a very tender part of their anatomy aren't they?

He screamed at me, "I'm going to fucking kill you Mich, let me go right now, or else!" I slapped them again; this brought utter disbelief and rage to his handsomer face.

"You bastard, you fucking bastard!" he roared at me. I smiled and slapped them again. He was getting the picture.

"Now Mel, how many over the years?"

"Fuck off you dead cunt!" More slaps rained down, like I said, I didn't him them hard the fear and realisation did the work for me. I picked up the ball gag and plopped it into his wide open screaming mouth and fastened it. Now he knew he was in serious trouble.

I have to admit I was amazed at his pain level, and also I found it fascinating that he was still hard, he still had a great erection. I had bought some steel clothes pegs to fasten on his nipples, but I knew they wouldn't work; I had gone into the garage to find something. And there on a shelf was a car battery charger, and they had those teeth things to clamp on a battery, I cut them off, and now they were in my hands.

He stared in horror at them he knew what I was about to do. He screamed behind the gag. I tut tutted him and blew him a sweet pouty kiss. I fastened one on and then the other. I stroked his cock and balls, then flicked at a clamp with one with my finger. Oh he howled and howled, I almost felt sorry for him. His humiliation was total, tears were streaming down his face, he was begging me with his eyes.

"I have put up with your philandering all this time Mel, and I've had enough. I tolerated it until you seduced and fucked Sandra," his eyes widened at that, he obviously thought I didn't know. "Then," I said, "and this is the thing that tipped me over the edge, you tried it on with my own mother! You rotten fucking bastard, well tonight is payback time Mel! Got it!" I yelled at him.

"You have humiliated me for the last time, tonight it stops here, and you can take that to the fucking bank!" I shouted at him.

I climbed over him and sat on his chest and also the clips on his nipples, he cried behind the gag again. And I slapped his face many many times hard, very hard. I wanted to hurt him the way he had hurt me and broken my marriage. I got back off and returned to my task. I picked up the thick but plug and oiled it. I showed it to him, waved it in his face. I looked him seductively, then slid it under him and forced it up his ass. He cried more and more. I can't say I was enjoying this really but? It was all about payback and retribution.

And there was a lot more to come, he had no idea. Humiliation was the name of the game here. I slipped the gag out.

"Want to talk to me yet Mel?" I inquired. He was hurting and I liked that bit.

"Fuck off you cunt, you are dead when this is over, I promise you!" He screamed at me. Won't he ever learn I thought? He had hurt me more than I had ever been hurt, the pain I had felt over the years was unbearable, I had loved him with all my heart. I had given him me, what more had he wanted, I had never ever said no to him. I was always at his beck and call. I was the loving faithful wife. I waited on him hand and foot, was always there.

I popped the gag back in and slapped his balls some more and waited, with eye brows raised for the confessions. I knew then I wasn't going to get them and maybe I didn't want to know really either. I got off the bed but not before giving his bright red balls a few more slaps and flicking the clips on his nipples. This elicited more screams.

Now for part two of my plans.

I checked myself in the mirror, tidied myself up, making sure I looked the way I had when Mel had arrived home. I put my heels back on and picked up my phone.

"Yes it's me, hi, right now okay?" I said into it. I closed it and smiled at Mel, shock number two was on its way.

It entered the bedroom in the shape of a tall man, dressed in tight leather jean, a tight cotton top short sleeved. He was very well built, good looking and powerfully made. And he was black! My husband is a total racist, he hates anything black, except women of course, but that's a different matter as far as he is concerned when he fucks one of them. I had hired this guy through an agency. I had interviewed him and told him what I wanted; he wasn't sure until he saw what I was offering him. I was offering him me, and five thousand up front and five to follow. He graciously accepted!

I saw the look of utter astonishment and confusion on my husbands face. But then he suddenly knew what was about to take place when I stepped to him, reached and we met in a loving kiss. I rubbed my hand down his front and moaned while looking ready seductively at Mel. He cupped my breast, he was staring at Mel intently, I had told him to do that.

My clothes were slowly removed, then his, soon we were both naked and fondling each other, he played with my nipples; they were fully erect, and very responsive now. I gave out lots of moans from me. I dropped to my knees undid his pants and pulled out his big hard cock and sucked him off. I glanced at Mel, his eyes were popping out of his head. His beautiful tame wife was sucking black cock and it was driving him nuts.

Then I was picked up and plonked on to my dressing table as planned, my hands behind me supporting myself. My feet went around his slim strong waist. Then he drove his black prick right up me. I went for it. I gave as well as I could from where I was. But this was all for Mel not me.

And I came too, the nights excitement was too much for me. I had been play acting, but not now. I came with a huge bang and explosion. He kissed me, kissed my neck, felt my nipples; it was all too much orgasm followed orgasm. He gently let me down, loving me all the way, he had been magnificent, well worth the money I was paying him.

I managed to stay on my feet when I slid off the dresser as I recovered from my unasked for climaxes. He loved me and let me get over it. He whispered into my ear, "next time, it's for free, I promise you." There wouldn't be a next time, this was it, over and done with, but I just smiled and kissed him passionately.

He dressed and left after much kissing and loving from both of us. Mel was absolutely horrified. His wife, his dutiful beautiful wife had let a fucking black man fuck her right in front of him! His humiliation was almost complete. Not saying anything I got ready; it was time for me to leave with my real love. The one I had met six months ago in the library where I had started going for peace and quiet, we had started chatting, then coffee, then an afternoon out, then the odd evening, then our first love.

It was tender soft and real. I knew I had met someone more than special, and it was also then that I had formulated my plans which had progressed with time. He knew nothing of all this and never would. All he knew was that tomorrow I would be his forever.

I had all the things I had wanted to take already packed in three suitcases under the stairs ready to go. All the jewellery in the safe had been sold, all the cash taken and banked. I dressed properly, occasionally twatting Mel's balls in between. I stood there in front of him and told him the news.

"I'm leaving you now Mel, you will never see me again, never, so don't even try finding me because you won't." I had moved all the money I could lay my hands on into an offshore bank.. I had also sold the house we were in. It was in my name, it was mine, but I didn't tell him that. So I had got nearly six hundred grand in cash, and seven forty from the house, well over a million. I was as happy as I could have been, tomorrow I was on a plane to Spain and then beyond with my guy.

"I've left a letter downstairs for you, you need to read it. And oh by the way," I pulled out four video tapes from my dresser. "You had better watch these, you might find them enlightening," I smirked, I had set it all up secretly.

"They are numbered one to four; watch them in that order okay?"

What he didn't know was, number one showed me in our bed with his youngest brother, who he loved. I had seduced him easily, no contest. A young guy like him was no opponent for a woman who looked like me. We made manic passionate love all over, he fucked me every which way, it had been great. Especially while I was leering smiling and moaning facing the camera when he fucked me from behind. I gave a very lascivious wink.

Number two was with his father, my father in law, this would cause him real grief I knew it, but he shouldn't have fucked my sister should he. He had always liked me, I knew it, he knew it and his looks at me over the years had been easy to decipher. We spent hours together, I was moaning and groaning all the way. I looked at the camera from my knees as I sucked him off, I made him fuck me in the ass. Was Mel in for a surprise.

The third I wasn't really happy about, it was again in our bed, but with his sister, she is a timid, easily led woman I actually liked her. But she was a part of my master plan for my wayward husband who would learn lessons, maybe. I had seduced her too, it took me a while but she gave in eventually, and it was a first time with another woman for me I have to say it was quite good, I had enjoyed it.

The fourth though was the best. It was with his hated and fiercest rival, the gangland boss from across the river. Mel hated him with a vengeance. And here he was with me in our bed fucking the life out of me. And on top of everything else he was black! Mel would go ballistic when he saw me on my hands and knees getting fabulously rutted his big hated black rival. The parting scenes were of me on my knees servicing him with my mouth and cum dripping off my chin.

I paddled his balls some more, I taped the knots around his ankles and one wrist, making it very difficult to remove. Then swiftly cut one rope from his wrist and shot off. I surmised it would take him a long time to free himself and start to recover from the pain I had given him. In the letter I informed him that the house no longer mine. I had sold it, the new owners were moving in the next week and he had better leave. I have the money and everything is legal you bastard, I had written. But if I knew Mel his own shame, embarrassment and humiliation would never allow him to advertise what had happened this night. I was home free and happy.

Also in my plans were children with my lover, I would never be able to marry unless Mel divorced me, but that wasn't going to be a problem, we were going to be man and wife anyway.

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