A Wild Need To Cum


I was thinking several orgasms? God I had waited so long for this. He gently pushed me back and my knees hit the edge of the large bed. As I fell back he stripped off the rest of his clothes and moved up next to me and began to kiss my neck and shoulders.

I watched as his fingers moved to my bra and unhooked the front clasp. I was going to try to cover myself, but didn't. He slowly pulled it open and then off my arms. He removed it completely and freeing my breasts. Then he stopped to looked at them. I felt funny letting him see them but he kissed me and as his hand cupped one he said, "God Lisa, your breasts are so nice."

Now I don't have huge breasts but I think they are nice. They sit up high and they're firm with long red nipples. Nathan smiled as he saw my nipples sticking out hard already. He used his finger to flick over them making them jump and bounce like a rubber band when he released them. With one of his hands he softly cupped a breast and squeezed it while his mouth and tongue moved over the other one and worked on it. He pushed the two together so that he could lick and suck both nipples at the same time. He licked up between my cleavage and kissed me again as his hands worked on my tits.

I kissed him and as he told me, "I can't believe how beautiful you are Lisa and that you are still a virgin. I am a very lucky man being here with you tonight. Go Lisa, you make me so hot and so hard!"

He then moved back down between my tits and again made love to my breasts for a long time. As ran my hands through his hair and across his back I told him, "This is further than I have ever gone before Nathan. Please be gentle with me."

He looked up at me and said, "You know I will baby! You know I will."

God I loved it what his mouth was doing. His wonderful mouth was sucking and licking and sucking and licking all over my tits and nipples. Over and over again he sucked them making my nipples as hard as small rocks. He even bit them gently. I just laid back and moaned and moaned and moaned.

He looked up into my eyes and said, "Are you ready to go to the next step Lisa?"

I softly said the word, "Yes!"

As I was saying it, he was moving his lips down my body and kissed my stomach and around the bottom of my breasts. He licked under them making me wiggle. "That tickles", I told him.

He licked around my stomach and into the belly button hole. I giggled again as I let my hands slid down still holding his head gently.

Further down he kissed. My body was moving from the feeling of his lips and tongue on it. Then he licked over the top of my bikini panties. As I felt him hooking 2 fingers in the waistband on each side of them, he started pulling them down my hips. He said, "Lift Lisa, lift up so I can get these off."

Now I was starting to worry again. My mom had always told me that once a lady lets a man take off her panties, she has no more defenses. She has more or less decided to give herself to the man taking them off. Why I did, I don't know for sure, but when I heard him tell me to lift, I did.

I lifted my ass up about a foot off the bed so he could remove my panties. They were very wet between my legs and stuck a little against my pussy. I looked at him and started trembling like a newborn kitten as he removed the panty off of each leg. He kissed each of them as he removed the panty off each of my feet. Then he looked directly at me as he put my panties to his face and inhaled deeply. He moaned as he dropped the panties on the bed. Nathan then came up and kissed me as I felt his hands move my legs apart. He said, "Now little one don't be scared. It will be OK Lisa I promise. You will love this I guarantee it. Now open your legs wide for me. OK?"

As I watched him I separated my legs and he said, "Hmmm a virgin with a shaved pussy! You look so beautiful Lisa. So lovely! You look good enough to eat and that's what I am going to do." He smiled at me as his hand slowly rubbed the smooth skin all around my pussy and he said, "Maybe you're not as innocent as I first thought Lisa."

I smiled shyly and tried to close my thighs in embarrassment only to have him hold them apart. "I have a surprise for you" he said, as he reached for something on the side table.

I soon saw that it was strips of silk fabric, which he used to tie my wrists and bind them securely to the underside of the bed somehow. But what was more surprising was that I didn't protest at all. I just looked at him helplessly watching him do it. He was going to tie me up and deep down inside my brain I knew I wanted this! I wanted to be bound! I wanted to be held tight so I couldn't resist. I was just going to let him have his way with me now. I had resolved to do this and I really felt I would never go through with it unless I was forced a little some how. But! I didn't protest at all as he moved between my spread legs

As he moved around between them, I opened my thighs wider for him, He used his hands to gently but forcefully pushed them open even more. "Trust me" he said as his face lowered and he kissed first the skin of my inner thighs and around and up over my stomach again and back down to my inner thigh.

Then as I moaned loudly, I arched my back and closed my eyes as he finally began to lick my pussy. It was wonderful, unbelievable. His lips gave me a shock that went into and over my entire body. He was my mentor, my teacher and he was licking my pussy, my shaved virgin pussy! I had never felt anything like it before. It was a feeling, which can't be described by words. You have to experience having your pussy licked for yourself ladies. But please! Experience it! If you haven't had it done yet, get someone to do it to you. Trust me, you won't forget it and you'll thank me for telling you. A pussy was made for licking first before fucking. If your man isn't doing that, find another man.

Nathan's mouth and tongue drove me wild within seconds. "OH NATHAN, OH GOD! OH GOD!! I CAN'T TAKE IT!! AHHHH!!!!!!!" I screamed at just the first few touches of his smooth soft tongue against my shaved pussy.

But he didn't stop. He relentlessly licked and sucked my pussy while I thrashed and moaned under his mouth. My hips were now rocking my pussy into his face as he sucked and licked me. He would lick from the top of my slit to the very bottom, and then used his fingers as he pushed back the hood of skin over my clit and he began to softly suck my clit into his mouth. I screamed with rapture!

At the same time he massaged my virgin hole with his fingers. I buck my hips up pushing against his face feeling myself loose all control. He had me! I was gone and the pleasure was driving me higher and higher. All I wanted now was more, more stimulation. He didn't disappoint me.

He raised up off of me then to look at my wet pussy so close to his face. He rested his head on one of my thighs so that he could watch his fingers play with my clit which was now sticking out from its covering and getting harder and harder under his touch. He applied the gentlest pressure around it without touching it directly for a time. I was pumping my pussy trying to fuck his face. I whispered, "Touch it Nathan. Touch my clit baby! OH GOD Nathan I'm going to cum! TOUCH IT!!"

Then he pressed directly on my clit, then released the pressure for a second before applying it again. As he pressed again the electric pulses seemed to travel from my clit all over my body. I tensed as his finger once again pressed and release again and as his other hand and fingers massaged and slightly entered my virgin hole.

Nathan said, "Don't worry Lisa you will cum hard many times before I fuck that little virgin hole."

He licked and sucked me teasing me and kept me from that final step that would make me cum! He spent so much time pleasing my body I was drifting and drifting in a world of bliss. And then, he finally let the orgasm I wanted, and which had been so close all along, to finally overtake my mind body and sole. As he sucked directly on my clit I arched my back and moaned as tears sprang to my eyes, "OH YES NATHAN! I'M CUMMING, OH YES I'M CUMMING! OH GOD YES! NOW! OH GOD!!! OH GOD!! OH YES! NATHANNNNN!! I'M CUMMINGG AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!" And I did! I had back to back orgasms!

I screamed as he continued to suck me even harder. I felt the strange sensation of muscles tightening uncontrollably inside of me and then contracting and as I felt my cum almost running out my hole he still continued to made love to my pussy. I felt like I was peeing but I knew I wasn't. My orgasm seem to go on and on and on as Nathan continued to love and stimulate my pussy and body with his fingers, mouth and tongue.

I had my ass elevated up off the bed and as he sucked, my body was fucking on his face. I was cumming and someone else for the first time was getting me off. It was my first time and I fucking loved it! I knew right then that I had to have more of this, a lot more. I don't know how long he continued to work on me but slowly I began to come down from my first real set of orgasms given by another person.

I watched Nathan untie my bindings, and helped me up allowing me to come into the embrace of his arms. We sat facing each other and my legs were over his. I could see his enormous cock inches from my wet and opened pussy. I signed and said, "Oh Nathan that was so wonderful!"

As he held me stroking my hair and kissing me tenderly, all inhibitions I had were gone. I was his and only wanted to show him the joy and pleasure I had felt. I kept looked down seeing his hard cock throbbing with his excitement. I kissed him briefly before saying, "My turn. Tell me and show me how to do you with my mouth."

And I lowered my face between his legs now and let my mouth and tongue taste his cock. As he leaned back on his elbows I looked at him and asked, "What do I do first?"

It was another first for me tonight. Nathan's cock was the first one I had ever touched and now I was going to taste it. First I licked the tip and then I sucked the tip into my mouth and continued to suck more and more of his long hard shaft in my mouth. As I pumped his cock in and out of my mouth he gave me direction. I pressed my lips against my teeth and pressed my mouth gently around his cock as I fucked his cock with my mouth. As I did, I got so excited that I felt a wild need to cum again. So I reached between my legs and started to rub my pussy with three fingers.

I moaned and as I sucked him and parted my thighs as I began to finger myself. He saw what I was doing and moved my fingers away and started to finger my pussy with his hand and fingers. "Oh God Nathan that feels so good. You have suck a touch!, I moaned between sucking his cock.

As I continued to suck his cock he was pushing more and more into my mouth. I now felt the tip of the cock head touch the back of my throat as my lips stretched around the fullness. He said, " Can you take it down your throat?"

As he fingered my pussy, I tried to take his cock head down my throat but choked too much and we stopped trying. I made a mental note to learn how to do that since it was something this wonderful gentle man seem to like and wanted. He pulled it out all the way and told me, "Lick it right here."

He showed me that part of his shaft just under the mushroom head, on the underside of his cock that is the most sensitive. I did as he instructed and he then told me to feel his balls too. That they had to be handled gentle but were a big part of his sex organ and should be sucked and licked too!

I had one hand holding his cock up towards the ceiling as I licked the underside of his cock and the one hand squeezed his balls lightly. I ran my hand up the shaft now and rubbed the pre cum dripping out the hole in the cock head over the tip and around the head. Then I licked the cock head.

He moaned and said, "Suck it Lisa! Suck it some more baby. Harder suck it harder!"

As he held my head with both of his hands now he pushed my mouth down over his cock and I began sucking it again harder as he began to pump himself in and out of my mouth faster and faster. He continue pumping until he groaned "MMMM!! YES BABE! YES! OH FUCK!! SUCK IT LISA! I'M GOING TO CUM! I'M GOING TO CUMMING! I'm GOING TO AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! GOD YES!!!!!!!"

I looked up into his eyes and could see the lust in them. He held my head and told me quickly as he pumped fast, "I'm going to cum in your mouth Lisa. I want you to swallow all of my cum . Don't spit any out swallow it. Understood?"

I shook my head yes with his cock still in my mouth getting thicker and harder. I continued to suck him as the first spurts filled my mouth and I swallowed it. As more and more cum filled my mouth I couldn't take it fast enough His cum filled my mouth quicker than I could swallowed. I pulled my lips off his fat cock head gasping for air. His hand covered my hand he was jerking my hand up and down as fats as he could go. I squeezed his hard shaft as I pulled my mouth off his cock head! The last few shots of Nathan's cum splashed on my chest and ran down over chin and tits toward my stomach.

I continued pumping his cock until the cum stopped. I lowered myself again to lick the tip clean not enjoying the taste as much as I did before. I would have to acquire this new taste so I could take more and please him. But, I knew I would take his cum whenever he wanted me to suck him off.

Surprisingly, his cock didn't soften but seemed ready for more. Gently Nathan lay me back on the bed and spread my legs very wide again. "I will be as gentle as possible Lisa, but I need to be inside of you now", he said as he began rubbing my clit and slit once more with his hard cock head. I knew this was it! This was when I stop being a virgin! He was now going to fuck me.

"Oh Nathan! I'm ready, you won't hurt me. Fuck me! Fuck me now."

I pleaded. I wanted it so bad and now I had the one man who I felt would take my cherry as gently as he could. As I spread my legs wide he held my legs wide with my knees bent. He told me to guide his cock into my pussy hole. I did. I moved his hard cock head to my opening and told him, "Fuck me now baby! Please Nathan, take me now! I ant you now."

He rubbed the tip in my juices and then gently pushed the head between my fat cunt lips moving it past the lips and inside my hole. I watching as it inched its way into me. He stopped often to see if I was OK before going any further. As he met the barrier, he backed off and asked, "Ready?"

I moaned yes and he thrust forward and broke my cherry. I bit my lip as a sharp pain hit me followed by waves of unbelievable excitement. As I whimpered slightly he asked, "You OK Lisa?"

I said, "Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me now!"

He smiled and told me, "The worst is over Lisa. Now we can make love. Now I can show you what you have been missing all these years."

As he told me that, he had pushed all of his manhood deep inside me and held his cock almost completely still inside me. As he buried it all the way now I moaned from the thrill, which had taken over the little pain. Oh God he was all the way inside of me. I looked into his eyes and told him, "Yes! Do it Nathan. Now, fuck me. Fuck me and give me your love. Fuck me and show me what you promised."

As I pushed my hips up to meet him he began to move his beautiful, lovely, sexy fantastic cock in and out of my pussy! Oh God everything he told me was true. It felt so wonderful. Much better than masturbation ever did. Much better than oral sex did too. As he pumped away I rocked my hips trying to match his movements and give him the same feeling! Oh god. So this was what fucking was, pure rapture, pure passion and pure lust! I felt the need to rock my body and fuck him as hard as he was fucking me. MY need and lust had never been higher. I screamed. "OH fuck yes Nathan fuck me faster! Harder fuck me harder!"

Soon I was completely filled with his cock every two seconds he would slam it into me again, and again and again as my juices flowed and it became easier for him to pump and pump in and out of me. I arched my back and lifted my hips as he pumped into me. I wrapped my legs around him and squeezed his body as my pussy squeezed hi shaft internally. As I rocked my hips in time with his thrusts, we both began moving closer and closer towards an orgasm.

Oh God how I enjoyed the feeling of my first cock, his cock, so hard, so long and so dam thick inside of me. When I felt another orgasm approaching I screamed out with my joy and arched my ass up as hard as I could. I used my hips to rotate on his cock as the muscles of my pussy automatically clenched around his shaft milking it. My orgasm had taken control of my body and was fucking him hard and fast!

He moaned as his cock began to cum. When he shot his load into me I could feel his warm thick cum fill me and overflow as he pumped himself harder and harder into me. He cried out with his own lust as we slammed our bodies together again and again and again and when we peaked, we held our bodies tight against each other as we rocked together finishing cumming. Finally, our joint climaxes began to drift away. We held each other for a very long time.

Later after taking a shower and holding each other close we finally got around to eating that dinner we took home. He made me sit with him nude and I didn't care now at all now that he could see my tits or pussy. Hell I would have bent over and showed him my tiny little ass hole if he would have asked me. I was truly his to do with as he felt. I would do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. This was the beginning of a mutually satisfying sex life for one young woman who was previously pure and completely inexperienced. It was the older man who had shown her the way. I knew he wanted more of me and certainly wanted all of him.

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