tagCelebrities & Fan FictionA Wizard of Ooz Ch. 03

A Wizard of Ooz Ch. 03


Dorothy soon tired of her burlesque act, and started walking normally. She even put the ruby-red panties back on. Toto, once the discovery of his age reached Ooz Magic Central, reverted to a normal dog.

Things looked a lot like home for Dorothy as she trudged along the endless road, surrounded by miles of cornfields.

"This is really starting to suck," Dorothy said, as her sweat soaked hair and clothing all hung limply.

"Arf," said Toto.

A mile later, Dorothy started walking with her hand extended, and her middle finger sticking up. It suddenly got much hotter, the faint breeze stopped, and the humidity went up to 113%.

"All right," Dorothy said. Her hand dropped to her side, and she stood there panting through her mouth.

The heat and humidity remained high.

After only a few more yards, Dorothy started clawing desperately at her clothes. A few moments later, she was walking in just her bra and panties.

A faint breeze picked up, and the temperature went down a degree or two.

"Thank you," Dorothy said, looking skyward. "You won't regret it, I promise."

"Arf," said Toto.

"Look, Toto, a forest," Dorothy said. "Shade!" she added, picking up her pace.

"Arf, arf, arf," said Toto, running ahead.

Dorothy stopped ten yards from the forest and pondered the fact that the road branched out in three directions.

"Now which way do we go?"

"That way is very nice," said a voice.

"Who said that?" Dorothy asked, jumping half out of her skin.

Toto ran into the cornfield and started barking at an absurd looking scarecrow with a stalk of corn sticking out of its pants.

"Come here, Toto. That's just a scarecrow."

"That way is nice too," the scarecrow said.

"That's funny," Dorothy said. "Wasn't that stalk of corn pointing the other way a moment ago?"

"Of course, some people go both ways," the scarecrow said, and his butt suddenly impaled itself on the stalk of corn.

"That's the trouble," he went on. "I can't make up my mind."

Dorothy drew closer, and waited patently until the scarecrow finished screwing its own ass.

"How can you be so good at that if you don't know if you're gay or not?" Dorothy said.

"Lots of people don't care who they screw," the scarecrow answered.

"Oh, are you a politician?" asked Dorothy.

"I don't think so."

"A lawyer?"

"No," the scarecrow said, suddenly offended.

"Sorry, that was uncalled for," Dorothy apologized. "Do you want me to take you off that pole?"

The scarecrow was still a little put out about the lawyer crack, but decided that getting off the pole was worth swallowing his pride. "Yes, that would be nice," he said.

"Weren't you just screwing this ass?" Dorothy asked, as she looked at the way he was impaled.

"I was just using the cheeks," he said, detaching them and demonstrating.

"All right, knock it off," Dorothy said, and started lifting him off the pole.

"Ah," said the scarecrow, and corn oil started squirting out its cornstalk.

"I think I have a good idea which way you swing," said Dorothy as she lifted his light body off the pole.

There was a loud sucking pop when the end of the pole came out, and Dorothy wound up entangled with the scarecrow on the ground when it was over.

"What way would that be?" asked the scarecrow as his cornstalk poked rhythmically at the crotch of Dorothy's panties.

"Gay, of course," Dorothy said, trying to get out from under him.

"Oh, thank you. I've been so confused," he said.

"Sure, if you get your biggest kick out of having your dick up a man's ass, you've got to be gay," Dorothy said.

"But I haven't got a dame," said the scarecrow.

"Is that music I hear?" Dorothy asked.

Scarecrow was straightening his throat, so Dorothy knew that a song was coming.

"Oh, I'm a failure, because I haven't got a dame. Now if I had a dame…" scarecrow started, as an unseen band tuned up. (sing to the tune of "If I only had a brain" from The Wizard of Oz.)

"I'd be bonin' every minute, my groin-cup always in it, screaming out her name. I'd be suckin' on her tit, while I'm rubbin' down her clit, if I only had a dame. I would whip her with a lasso, make her little ass hole, making sure she came. I'd be playin' with her boobs, while I'm shaving off her pubes, if I only had a dame.

Now I, can tell you why, my dick would be so red. 'Cause for hours and hours she'd be givin' me head, and then I'd come, and come again.

I would lick her little twat, hit the G-spot, make her go insane. I'd be always penetrating, even when she's menstruating, if I only had a dame.

(If anyone knows who wrote this parody, please let me know so I can give the author credit)

Dorothy tried to sing with him, but the scarecrows corn dick kept sliding past the edge of her panties as he bopped along with the beat. It was very distracting, and his dick was firmly embedded in her pussy by the time he had belted out the last words of his song.

"Ah," Dorothy gasped. The cornstalk was very large, and had amazing ridges. "Careful," Dorothy said, holding her breath. It felt wonderful, but it was so close to being painful that it made her nervous.

"Careful of what?" the scarecrow asked. He was looking around, looking for danger, and oblivious to the fact that his ass was going up and down at an ever increasing speed.

"Oh my God," said Dorothy. The tingles from row after row of kernels vibrating in and out of her pussy were spreading further with every stroke. She had to put a stop to this before her entire body was twitching. Each of his strokes was going fractionally deeper, and there was entirely too much corn yet to go.

"What, where?" the scarecrow asked.

Dorothy twisted around, regained her feet, but the feather light scarecrow was still in her.

"Stop," Dorothy said, trying to push him away. She had no trouble pushing him, but the important part kept doing her without pause. "Stop!" she screeched, locking her hands around the huge stalk of corn itself.

Between the liberal coating of corn oil, and copious quantities of her own lubricating fluids, she wasn't able to slow its progress in the least.

"Ow, oh," Dorothy said as it reached new depths. "That's it. I can't take any more," she said as her legs got weak.

With desperation, Dorothy threw the entire scarecrow aside, only to discover that the corn kept fucking her all by itself.

"Help," she said in a small voice.

Saliva dripped from her open mouth as she sank to her hands and knees. She tried to stay in that position as the frightful waves of pleasure washed over her, but her arms gave out and her head sank into the cool grass. Face down, ass up, she moaned uncontrollably as the scarecrow rejoined his appendage, and fucked her from behind.

"I can't take it," she moaned over and over, but her pussy burned for more.

Her orgasmic howls startled birds into flight for miles around, and just when she thought she'd get through this thing with her mind in tact, she felt something pop inside her.

"What was that?" she asked.

It happened again.

"Oh no," she wailed, tears bursting from her eyes. "Anything but that!"

She was lost, her last hope gone. She was loosing her last remnant of self-control, and becoming a mindless animal.

The corn had started to pop.

On the far side of Ooz, the Evil Lawyer of the East cackled with malicious glee.

"Yes, my pretty, enjoy, enjoy. What good is a movie without popcorn? Muhahahahaha!"

Her evil laugh stopped in mid-ha-ha when she noticed where Dorothy's ruby-red panties were. They had somehow slipped down around her knees, and each thrust of the scarecrow's pelvis was sliding them further down her legs. At this rate, the powerful panties would be completely off that little bitch, and hers for the taking while Dorothy lay senseless after her supernatural screwing.

"Get my chopper ready," Evil East screeched, and ran to the helo pad.

Finally done, scarecrow meandered around aimlessly. He knew Dorothy would flop around for a while. He'd never done a human before, but the crows that got too close to his stalk always flopped around like that for a long time after he'd nailed them.

He took no interest in her heart-shaped ass sticking up in the air, the sheen on her flawless skin, or the way her pussy lips were slightly parted and beckoning to a pair of unseen eyes a universe away. This essence of female lust was lost on the scarecrow, but was creating turmoil in the unseen one. So intense was this turmoil, that a different story erupted.

The Magic Computer, part 2 by Katnipper

Kat stared at her computer screen. Once again the flesh of the characters she'd been writing about had replaced the words. She couldn't tear her eyes from the display of Dorothy's womanhood, and downed the entire water glass full of Long Island Iced Tea with her eyes glued to Dorothy's pussy.

"I'm not a lesbian," she kept repeating in her drunken slur.

"You say something, hon?" Bill called from the other room.

"Just talking to myself," Kat called.

He mumbled something back, but Kat's mind was on Dorothy. She could smell the girl's musk, along with the strangely sensual aroma of popcorn. Her breath came quicker as she reached tentatively into the computer screen. Just like before, her hand went into the land of Ooz.

"Holy shit," Kat said as Dorothy materialized on the floor next to Kat's computer desk.

"I'm hitting the rack," Bill called. "You coming?"

"Just a sec," Kat said, quickly closing the office door behind her. "Let me fix you a night-cap."

She ran to her medicine box, found the small bottle she'd been saving, and fixed Bill a drink that would have him out 'till morning.

"Hi, Kat," Dorothy sighed, an idiot grin plastered on her face. "I loved your scarecrow."

"Keep it down," Kat said, half carrying the beautiful Dorothy to her bedroom.

"Who's that?" Dorothy said, pointing to Kat's unconscious husband.

"Bill. Don't worry about him."

"He's kind of cute," Dorothy said, pulling down the front of his shorts. "Nice pecker," she added, "but it ain't no corncob."

"Leave him alone," Kat said, slapping her hand away. "You're going to make up for what you did to me last time."

"Sure, sweetie. Anything you want."

With that, Dorothy kissed Kat full on the lips.

Kat melted. It was as if everything sweet and gentle that she'd been missing in her life was coming through Dorothy's lips and into her soul.

"I love you, Dorothy," Kat said, a tear forming in her eye.

"Of course you do, sweetheart. Have you seen my ruby-red panties?"

Kat looked around, but didn't remember seeing them. "Don't worry, I'll write you another pair. Better ones, twice a powerful."

"You're so good to me," Dorothy said, and kissed her again.

They started making love, and even in her drunken state, Kat was on the verge of orgasm at Dorothy's every touch.

"What are you doing?" Kat demanded as soon as she noticed.

"Nothing important," Dorothy said. "Just playing with his dick while we make love."

"You can't touch him, he's my husband," Kat said.

Kat couldn't understand why she was so upset that Dorothy was playing with her husband's dick. He was out for the count, so it wasn't as if he'd know anything. Was she just upset because Dorothy wasn't giving her her full attention? Or was it an infringement on her property rights? This was all so confusing. And how had she given him such a hard erection so quickly?

"Don't be silly," Dorothy said. "We have a perfectly good male going to waste here. Think of him as a living dildo, here for our pleasure."

"That is kind of sexy," Kat said, looking at her husband in this new light.

"Sure it is. Tell you what, climb up on his face and rub yourself on him while we kiss. I have a little trick that will make it delightful for you."

Dorothy got off Kat, and got on top of Bill. Smiling into his slack face, she forced his mouth open and soon had both hands in it as she did something. The gagging and twitching of her unconscious husband was starting to alarm Kat when Dorothy finally sat up with a look of satisfaction. Bill was now lying there with his tongue sticking out.

"It'll stay like that for quite a while," Dorothy said. "Hop on and we'll get started."

Kat got astride him and opened her pussy lips as she lowered herself on his tongue. Dorothy was right, there was something sinfully sexy about this. She looked up in time to see his cock disappearing into Dorothy's cunt. Even with the pleasure between her own legs, something about that still bothered her.

"He's just a dildo," Dorothy said, seeing her expression. "Just think about all the pleasure he's giving us without getting anything for himself."

That made it better for Kat, and she started moving her pussy up and down his tongue. She didn't even mind the look of euphoria on Dorothy's face as she rode her husband's cock.

"Suck my tits," Dorothy said, squeezing her breasts.

Head thrown back, eyes closed, Dorothy whipped her hips back and forth while Bill's dick thrashed wildly in her cooze. A sticky sweet odor was emanating from her body, and the smell was affecting Kat every bit as much as her husbands tongue. Kat's eyes fell on Dorothy's protruding nipples, and she wanted nothing more in the world than to comply with the order.

"Yes," Dorothy cooed as Kat's lips closed on her. "Suck hard."

The auroras had puffed out as Kat drew near, as if in anticipation of the coming lips, and the nipples had elongated just like little peckers. Dorothy's shiver of pleasure was instantly echoed in Kat's body, and the woman suckled at Dorothy's breast with tears of joy streaming down her face.

Milk was coming out. Kat couldn't understand why, but it was sweet, delicious, and she sucked it out greedily.

"Yes," Dorothy said, kissing the top of her head. "Now the other one."

Kat felt a twinge of dismay when Dorothy pulled the nipple from her mouth, and a wave of carnal pleasure when her searching mouth found the other one. She could almost feel the juices of love start flowing from her pussy when the life-giving milk from Dorothy's breast started flowing.

"Drink, my sweet," Dorothy said, moving Kat back to the other nipple and pressing her face deeper into her breast. "You love me, remember. You'll do anything to make my life better."

"Yes," Kat said. She was in pure heaven, and would do anything for Dorothy.

Kat couldn't see the smile that crossed Dorothy's face or a cloud might have passed over her joy. The fingers that started tugging at her own nipples drove the last of rational thought from her mind, and she started a long, slow orgasm that would leave her a vegetable for hours to come.

"That's my girl," Dorothy said, helping Kat stretch out on the far edge of the bed. "Why don't you just rest while I finish up on your Billy boy?"

Kat just smiled as the aftershocks washed up and down her body.

Dorothy's face was set with grim determination as she found Kat's discarded bra and used the strap to tie a tight knot around the base of Bills cock. She stroked him back to full erection, got him back inside her, and rolled so he was on top of her. Cupping his chin in both hands, she straightened her arms, locked her elbows, and started thrashing her hips while his arms dangled limply on either side of her.

"You're so sexy," Kat whispered as her rag doll husband flopped helplessly in Dorothy's grasp.

"Yeah, thanks," Dorothy grunted, eyes glued to the man she was using.

"You're so magical. Every move you make is poetry," Kat sighed.

"Whatever," Dorothy said, and jerked Bill's head further so his cock would go deeper.

"I love you more than anything in the world," Kat said, and started kissing Dorothy's shoulder.

She kept kissing Dorothy's shoulder and arm until her husband's body came crashing down. Dorothy was starting to come, and now had both hands digging into his butt, holding him close as she bounced him between her legs.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah," she growled as he flopped around on top of her.

Neither of them saw his eyes flutter open, nor the telltale flex of his hands as he tried to regain control of his body. Too much of the drug was still coursing in his veins, so he could only watch with dreamlike detachment as his wife professed her love to the woman who was raping him.

"You're amazing," Kat said dreamily, fifteen minutes into Dorothy's orgasm.

Kat drifted off to sleep and missed Dorothy's contemptuous look.

"Can you hear me, little boy?" Dorothy whispered into Bill's ear. She turned Bill's head to her and smiled into his dazed eyes. "How would you like to have a woman like me at your beck and call for the rest of you life?"

Bill's mouth dropped open, but he couldn't answer.

"You'd like that, wouldn't you? I could make all your nasty little dreams come true. Want a blowjob while you're watching football? No problem. Wake up with a woody? There's my ass on your dick before you're fully awake. Wouldn't that be perfect? Hot sex whenever you want without all that foreplay crap?"

Bill's eye stared blankly back at her, but the words were reaching his mind.

"I'm your dream girl, Billy-boy, the answer to all your prayers. Now listen carefully, here's what I want you to do."

THE END OF MAGIC COMPUTER, PART 2 Back to Wizard of Ooz, chapter 3

"What happed to my ruby-red panties?" Dorothy asked.

"Some lady in a helicopter landed and took them," the scarecrow said.

"Damn," Dorothy said. "Oh well, I'm sure I'll find and even better pair."

Dorothy's mood had improved immensely. The temperature had dropped to a delightful eighty-five degrees, humidity ten percent, and a balmy breeze was blowing.

"Okay, scarecrow, let's see what we can do about your problem. I know that I'll have to take you to the Wizard of Ooz so he can fix it, but other than being a horny bastard, I'm not sure I know what we're supposed to fix."

"I think it has something to do with brains," the scarecrow said.

"Good enough," Dorothy said. "Let's go."

"We're off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Ooz," they sang as they skipped down the road.

What warm and fuzzy creatures will next present themselves to the beautiful and gracious Dorothy as she strolls through the idyllic paradise of Ooz? How will each one vie to make her their princess and tend to her every need? Tune in next time when Dorothy discovers the Luxury Health Spa of Ooz, and the entire staff falls all over themselves to make Dorothy's stay a heaven on earth.

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