tagHow ToA Woman's Guide to Getting Married

A Woman's Guide to Getting Married


Let me start with saying I do not believe that all women should get married or that all women want to marry, this is meant to be a guide for those females that have a desire to have a husband. With that said let me also point out that I am not a female so the only perspective I have is from the man's point of view.

I started dating my future wife more as a fluke than by design. I had tickets to a show and at the last minute my date canceled out, in fact it was so last minute I couldn't find anyone who was free to go with me. I had just started a new job and I hardly new anyone there. During a coffee break, I happened to sit next to a girl I had spoken to before but I couldn't even remember her name. She turned out to be a lot of fun and we talked and laughed so much our ten minute break turned into a half hour, when she noticed the time she jumped up worried about getting into trouble for being late so on impulse I blurted out a invite to a last second show explaining about my date canceling. As she ran back to work, she shouted an OK over her shoulder. I immediately starting having second thoughts about my rash decision and began to worry about the consequences of dating someone at work.

I really enjoyed our first date, although I think she was rather nervous she didn't object to coming to my place for drinks after the show. We ended up spending the night together more from falling asleep after making love than from making love all night. In the morning I took her home and that is when I found out she lived with her parents, of course that meant they hated me right from the first date. We started dating pretty steady after that, going out after work two or three times after work, at first we weren't exclusive as I was still dating some other girls I knew but I just found I had more fun with her and we evolved into a relationship.

The only snag being I lived in Hollywood while my work was in West LA and my girl lived in Santa Monica. Commuting became a real problem; if we stayed in West LA after work, we ended up in bars and then maybe parked on some quite street. If we went back to my place, we usually ended up falling asleep after making love and then a long drive back and forth to take her home. Finally, I had enough and looked to rent on the West side. Within a month of living in my new apartment, my girl was living with me much to her mother's dismay.

I was not happy about her moving in yet it was so gradual that she was in before I noticed. I had recently divorced and was not looking for any kind of commitment and now here I was living with a girl. I say I wasn't happy yet I have to admit I enjoyed having a girl around who helped with the cooking and cleaning and then of course there was the sex, which was great.

It looked to me that our relationship was headed for problems as we each had a different opinion of what we wanted. My girl was committed to love and a long lasting relationship, I was committed to lust, and as much sex as I could get. My girl decided to not to pressure me into anything and instead made a plan to fuck my brains out until I surrendered. We fucked night and day not even leaving the apartment some weekends barely stopping long enough to eat. I would be tired and so sore that I would swear I'd never fuck again, and then she would start to tease me, pulling up her dress to show off her panties having me watch her rub her pussy while telling me how wet she was getting. All of a sudden, I would feel my cock start to grow and before you know it, we would be at it again.

After about five months of this she told me she was pregnant, I told her, I wanted to do the right thing and that we should get married even going so far as to buy a ring. She called me at work to tell me she started her period so she either wasn't pregnant or maybe had a miscarriage, much to both of our relief. I felt like I had dodged a bullet and it made me wonder if this relationship was something I wanted to commit to for the rest of my life.

Like the heel that most men are, I bolted. I left her a note saying something like; I didn't want to do this anymore and moved out. I went to stay with a friend back in Hollywood, he was glad to see me and told me he already had a wild weekend planned and we would have a ball. This is what I needed, some wild sex with girls whose names I didn't know, I planned to go crazy and just let it all hang out. There was just this little snag, I kept thinking about my girlfriend, or should I say my ex girlfriend. What a louse I was, too chicken shit to face her and I was worried about how she was feeling. I tried to party her out of my mind, the whole weekend was nothing but sex, booze and drugs and yet it didn't help, I couldn't keep the thought of her sitting home crying out of my head. Finally, I called her Sunday night, just to apologize, maybe if I was lucky I would just get the answer machine. She answered on the first ring, her sad voice broke my heart, and the only thing she asked was, are you coming back. I knew right then, there was nothing I wanted more and I moved back that night.

To her it was as if I had never left yet to me all I felt was guilt. How could I do that to her, how could I leave without talking face to face and even more how could I leave the day she had maybe miscarried? All she would say about the whole incident was that it was over and I was back. I already knew she loved me but that was when I knew I loved her and wanted to be with her forever. We went to Vegas on her twenty-first birthday and while we were there I said let's get married. She turned me down at first, saying she knew I didn't want marriage but in the end she accepted. We might have started out shaky but we have been married for almost thirty-nine years now and I love her as much now as I did then.

So then my advice for the women out there who want to get their men to commit to their relationship, is don't cajole, don't demand, just fuck their brains out and in the end they will beg you to be their partner for life.

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