tagNovels and NovellasAdam Martin - The Pupil Ch. 03

Adam Martin - The Pupil Ch. 03


Edited by Sherry


DISCLAIMER: Please read and abide by the DISCLAIMER posted on the first chapter.

"Adam Martin - The Pupil" is an erotic story, with some parts containing graphic sexual scenes. If erotica is illegal in your area by local, county, province, or national law, please stop reading now and go elsewhere.

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Chapter 03 – Bed and Breakfast.

"Adam, baby, wake up!"

Slowly I started waking up and drifting out of my dream state. I felt a soft warm hand caressing my face and a sweet, loving, angelic voice calling my name. With my eyes still shut, I saw a vision of a memory from my childhood when I had been running a high fever and my mother had lovingly woken me up exactly like this to give me medication. I shifted my body slightly and felt achy and hot like I was coming down with something, but then I soon realized I was not sick and it was not my mother.

"Adam, Adam... baby, wake up," the sweet voice repeated.

When I opened my eyes, they locked into Liza's mesmerizing gaze. My lips smiled at the woman whom I had just met one day ago but had already grown to hold a special place in my heart.

I took her hand in mine, and kissed her palm, snuggling and caressing it against my face, cheek, and neck. I wanted to tell her that she was a vision of beauty to my eyes, but I was lost for words. I just held her hand and returned her loving gaze.

"I will miss you," she said, true sadness showing in her eyes as she held mine, looking into them as though she were searching for something deep inside me.

"So will I Liza... you are truly a beautiful woman," I said as I leaned closer to her and gently grazed my lips against hers.

When our lips met, they instantly melted together. We locked passionately, tongues in a non-stop search, wanting to taste and explore each others mouth. I reached over and slid my hand down the front of her track pants, wanting to feel her soft warm mound. I palmed her heat, feeling the fleshy folds that had offered me so much pleasure just hours before. She spread her legs open a bit wider, giving me better access to the hot lips of her vagina. My fingers began rubbing her up and down, and sometimes, flicking the tip of her clit with my thumb, making her shiver and softly moan in pleasure.

Sounding husky and muffled, she mumbled the words, "Baby, rub my clit more," into my mouth in between her urgent kisses as she pressed her hand against mine and forced it deeper into her hot core.

I moved my hand to position it better and roughly but slowly rubbed above her hardening clit while sinking the rest of my fingers into her hot wetness.

"Yes! Rub my clit nice and slow baby boy. Give me pleasure and make my body tremble for you," she softly moaned, as she reached her hand towards me.

She placed her hand on my lower abdomen, slowing feeling my warm flesh and inching her hand down towards my cock. She gently caressed me, petting the soft skin of my shaft and then reached even lower to delicately fondle and massage my ball sack. My erection became hard and ready, trying to get her attention as it bobbed up and down against her arm. I needed her to grab me already and stroke the shit out of me. Just playing with her pussy and feeling her wetness on my hand turned me on like no other and I now needed my hard aching cock to be paid attention too as well.

"Liza, please, grab me and stroke me hard baby, make me cum," I whispered roughly in her ear.

She bent her head down into my lap and placed her luscious lips on my cock-head, and started sucking the tip as she placed her hand around the base of my cock and stroked it hard from the bottom of my shaft till it hit her lips and back down again. She coated my cock with saliva as she sucked it hungrily, then slowly pulled down my foreskin exposing my gland, she tickled the hole with her tongue before taking the full length of my cock back into her mouth in a deep throat movement.

I don't know what got into me, but I started finger fucking her with force. I wanted no foreplay, no tenderness. I just wanted her to make the itch in my cock go away. Damn her pussy felt so deliciously good, clamping and squeezing tightly around my fingers with need. If only I could swing her over on top of my lap and slam my throbbing hard cock into her hot wet cunt... if only we weren't still on this damn bus.

She moved her free hand down her pants and rubbed her clit feverishly as my fingers slammed deep into her. I could feel her hot folds closing in tighter and tighter around my fingers as if they were being squeezed together by a strange hot moist rubber-band trying to prevent them from moving any further. I heard her catch her breath for a second and then she released gentle moans from her mouth, sending sound movements of vibrations against my dick as her pussy tightened once more and then relaxed, covering my hand in hot slippery cream.

"Please hard, harder... harder." I whimpered to her, as I felt my sack tighten. I knew I was cumming soon. I tried to relax myself a bit against the seat as I rubbed her hot juices over her swollen and spent tender parts, feeling her body shiver in my hand as her head furiously began to bob up and down.

"Yes, suck me like that, hard... suck it!" I said leaning down towards her head and playfully blowing in her ear. She removed the hand she had been stimulating her clit with out of her pants and slid her juices all over me. She was using her warm slippery juices to better lubricate my cock as she stroked and tugged harder. She devoured my gland with her silky, moist, warm mouth and I felt a flow of endless pleasure turning my knees to mush.

She moaned in delight as I hoarsely breathed words of endearment into her ear, licking and sticking my tongue deep in her earlobe.

"Suck me, harder... harder, I'm almost there."

Upon hearing this, she firmly grasped the base of my shaft and brought her mouth up to the tip of my cock and sucked it hard. She looked like she was taking a breath and preparing herself for something. A few seconds later I felt her hot mouth plunge back onto me, sucking and taking me in deeper as I felt the tip of my cock hitting the back of her throat. She slid her mouth back up and plunged down on me repeatedly, opening her throat up as best she could to take in my entire length.

Excited, I pushed my pelvis up hard and grabbed onto her head for support as I felt the cum about to shoot out of my cock. She swallowed my cock deeper and sucked harder urging me to shoot my load. I felt the tightness of her throat as she gagged a bit and quickly recomposed herself as I released myself. I felt each shot leaving my sweetly sore cock as jolts of ecstasy ran through my body like tiny electrocutions. As soon as I was fully unloaded, I felt her mouth and tongue relax around me.

Slowly, she inched me out of her mouth and quickly swallowed the remains of my juices before cleaning my cock with her tongue and lips as I cooed in her ear and attempted to catch my breath. I told her that I loved when she did that and then blurted out, "I love you" to her in the heat of the moment.

She lifted her head and I snuggled close to her as we kissed again. I tasted slight traces of my cum in her mouth as I shifted my position to have better reach to her still dripping wet pussy. I turned her body towards me and swung her legs over my lap while slipping my one hand into her blouse and playfully pinching and pulling on her nipples while I finger fucked her with as much rough friction as I could muster with the other.

She was swearing, and begging me to finger fuck her faster, "Oh, please lord, fuck that cunt, it craves; craves your cock so bad!"

Her body tensed and froze as if in slow motion, and moaned in my mouth as she came. Our kiss communicated our feelings for each other, that of need, lust and growing love. Or, at least, that was what I was feeling.

She told me she came hard and that it was one of the best orgasms she had ever had as we held each other in a tight passionate embrace. Our kiss became more relaxed and warm after the intensity of our explosively orgasmic, lustful lovemaking. We kissed as I imagined lovers should. Our mouths softly tasted each other, as we broke the kiss to sometimes look into each other eyes.

"I love the way you make me feel," I told her, hugging her close as the bus began to slow its speed.

The bus driver announced the next stop, it was her time to get off. I got up to help and escort her out, but she just leaned in and kiss me softly on the lips before gently pushing me away.

"Please don't, I'm not good at goodbyes. I don't want to cry, and I feel the tears building inside of me already."

"Come with me! I don't need to be in school for a few days, we can relax and spend them together," I told her wishfully.

"I would love too baby, but I have to be in court tomorrow and I'm afraid I can't put that off."


"Yes, I'm a lawyer Adam," she said smiling sweetly at me as the bus came to a full stop.

She sent me a air kiss and briskly walked away. I watched her ass sway, thinking that I was so lucky to have met such a fine woman and befriend her, let alone make love to her. These past couple hours have just been mind blowing for me, since my only other coupling was with a drunk, inexperienced teen who gave me a sloppy blow job just to get back at her boyfriend. Actually, it was not even a blow job, I had just jerked my dick on her lips till I came.

Liza had actually taken my virginity in the truck stop. Maybe one day I would let her know. I looked out the window and saw a black limo pull away and wondered if that was Liza's ride.

I was too restless to sleep, even though I was dead tired. I took out my mp3 player from my backpack in the overhead storage and tried to relax while listening to some music. I noticed the bus driver kept looking back at me, and I think he was smiling.

Finally the last leg of my bus ride was over. I got up, took my backpack and bags and went out the door. I waited for the bus driver to give me my luggage and guitar out of the underneath compartment. There were some people being greeted and welcomed by others upon our arrival and I felt a bit lonely as I watched warm loving hugs and reunions taking place. Since I had been the last in line, everyone else was already walking away as the driver handed me my stuff. I placed the bags in the backpack and fastened it onto my luggage.

"That was quite a show there tiger," he said laughing and patting me on the back, "that lady was real hot... Next time if I see you on my bus, I'm charging motel room rates."

"Next time I come on your bus, I'm charging you sex show rates," I retorted and we both laughed at the exchange.

He laughed harder and introduced himself. He told me his mother lived in Jarvis and that it was a good town. We talked about the school and chatted a bit since there was no one left on the bus. He started to give me some pointers about the town. After a few minutes, I thanked him and asked for directions to the Renoir. He told me it was only three blocks away so I decided I would walk instead of calling a taxi. He gave me his card as we said our farewells and parted ways.

Clickity click, clickity click, the wheels on my luggage sounded so loud rolling against the sidewalk. Everything was so quiet. I wondered if this was a ghost town, since I saw no cars or any other living soul around. I got shivers at the total silence. As I reached the next block, I looked to my right and finally saw signs of life and lights further on in the distance.

When I made the final turn to where the Renoir was, I saw a huge gated property with three very large Victorian buildings which were outlined in strings of small white lights. There was a grand spotlight that lit a marble fountain in the center of a well manicured lawn. I was too amazed at the buildings to notice any other features as I walked up to what seemed to be the main entrance.

I walked into the lobby. Instantly the decor gave me the feeling of home away from home. It was very warm, adorable-looking and inviting. The air smelled fresh with hints of the aromas from the beverages and peoples fragrances. There were clusters of lounge chairs with tables that looked really comfortable, and intricate. People were sitting & chatting, while some had drinks at the bar and others sipped on coffee or tea by the large warm fireplace. It sure was a large, beautiful elaborate lobby... heck, this was more than a lobby. It seemed that it also served as a bar-cafe. The classical music that filled the room from an impressive sounding stereo system, gave the room a peaceful feeling.

My gaze fell on the wall as I walked by spotting several signed pictures dedicated to the owner and the hotel. The pictures were of well-known composers and musicians as well as famous celebrities that flocked to Jarvis every year for the annual Jarvis Classical Music Festival. The musical event was one of the largest of its kind in the world. There were other walls with pictures decorating them, but I made a mental note to check them out at a later time.

I made my way to the back right side of the large room, towards the reception desk. As I walked, I slowly saw heads turning and glancing in my direction. It was awkward and I felt like the new kid in town, but that was to be expected I guess since I was. However, I don't think my truck stop clothing helped my image at the moment. Nonetheless, I glanced back and scanned around the room, looking at all the new unfamiliar faces.

There was one girl that stood out. It must have been her larger than average breasts peeking out the top of her pale red-velor V-neck blouse, perky like they were waving "hello" to me that caught my attention. Even though I had so much sex today, my penis responded to her exotic beauty.

And of course I managed to make a fool of myself. I had been looking at her cleavage so intently that I tripped over the edge of a area rug and almost fell on a terrified looking older couple that thought I was about to plow into them. I heard gasps from all around, but regained my balance at last minute and managed to stay standing.

A little girl who was with the older couple, burst into tears and started crying loudly. She was probably their granddaughter and looked no older than five. The grandmother took her in her arms to comfort her and quiet her down. I turned red with embarrassment. This was the first time I had made a little girl cry. Usually kids like me, but I guess I would also get scared shit-less if someone four times taller and bigger than me was about to crush me.

I smiled sheepishly when I regained my composure and reached the receptionist who was staring at me with her mouth wide open.

"Reservation for Adam Martin," I said looking into the big brown eyes of a very good-looking, twenty-something smartly dressed girl. Damn... all these beautiful women in one place. The very thought of it was making me excited with the possibilities.

"That was some entrance you made Mr. Martin," she said chuckling and giving me a friendly wink.

"Area rugs are evil," I said shrugging. She laughed at my attempt at humor. I appreciated that.

"My name is Catherine. Welcome to the Renoir Bed and Breakfast," she said as she handed me a form to fill out. I searched around for a pen and found one after following her gaze on the desk. The room had resumed its cheery chatter since my display of aerobatics, and was quite relieved that the little girl had finally calmed down and stopped crying.

"Sorry to ask you, since I already know who you are, in fact, I have always looked forward to seeing pictures of you every year. But I need to take a photocopy of your ID, government rules you see."

"You have seen pictures of me?"

"Your grandmother always brings me something when she visits for the festival every year, but it's the pictures of you I enjoy the most, especially the ones when you were ten years old on a Caribbean vacation."

"Oh my... the ones when I was nude also?" I asked turning red.

She nodded her head and smiled.

"She is in so much trouble now, I will get her a present from the dollar store this year just for doing that. I am so embarrassed, my mother should have never sent those to her. And grandma had no right to share those."

"Nothing to be embarrassed about," she said, "they're very cute."

I was just shaking my head, mouth agape, ears burning as I wondered how many people had seen those pictures. Wanting to change the subject, I pushed my drivers license towards her and tried my best to ignore her look of amusement at my discomfort.

"You are on the second floor, in room C # (sharp). Do you need help with your luggage?"

I thought the way they named the rooms after notes was smart and told her I travel light and I didn't any need help. She asked me to follow her so she could show me my room.

I told her I was at a disadvantage, for we both knew each others names, but she had the advantage of seeing me nude. She replied while chuckling that she thought I was a bit forward and was naughty but cute. We exchanged some chit chat as we made our way to my room.

I followed close behind her, taking peeks at her fine ass as it jiggled and her hips swayed with every step. It was a nice size, not too small not too big. The tight knee length skirt with the small slit in the back that showed the top of her nylons and garter belt with every step she took... I was hard again.

This was the first time I had had so much sex in one day and still wanted more! As we neared the room, a maid wearing a classic black maid uniform with a white apron and bonnet and a very revealing short skirt, greeted us in the hallway.

"Goodnight Ms. Catherine," she said in an exotic accent, while looking at me and sizing me up.

When she was finally finished with her assessment of me, she looked into my eyes and added, "Goodnight sir."

"Are you done with all the rooms Miranda?"

"Yes Ms. Catherine," she replied as she started to walk toward the exit, while occasionally looking and stealing glances at me.

"Goodnight Miranda," I said flashing her a big goofy smile, because I was happy that I knew her name. Trying hard to keep my eyes on her face and not letting them wander on her breasts or long sensual legs.

"Watch out for the area rug!" exclaimed Catherine.

Startled, I stop in my tracks and looked on the floor but there was no rug, the joke was on me. I think she did it because I was flirting with Miranda.

"Is the staff allowed to harass the guests?" I asked amused.

She shook her head and laughed. Her smile and laugh were contagious, I laughed with her.

At the end of the hallway was a sun room, filled with plants. I was about to ask what that room was, when Catherine told me it was a Jacuzzi with sauna rooms, and then she informed me that clothing was required at all times. I looked at her with a cute smirk on my face, wondering if she could see the wheels turning in my head.

"Do I look like a nudist to you?" I asked amused, then I remembered she had seen those embarrassing pictures. "Don't answer that," I quickly added before she could give me a smart ass reply.

We reached the room and she pulled a card key from her pocket. Catherine opened the door and led me in. I wanted to whistle, but held back minding my manners, this room was amazing! There was a king size bed, a dresser, desk with leather chair, and a table with two chairs near the window. It even had a walk-in closet that lead to the suit bathroom with a shower and his and hers vanities.

Across from the bed was an accent table against the wall, and a 50 inch flat panel LCD TV. Over-sized imitation Renoir paintings decorated the walls. Real plants clustered in one corner, gave the room a more natural feeling. There was no expense spared when they designed this room that was for sure. I asked if there was internet. She went over to the desk and picked up a package and handed it to me.

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