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It started out so innocent, I wanted to spice up our love life a little. So I went and bought a fairly large dildo. It was the kind you could hook up to a harness, but I didn't know that at the time.

I took it home and later on that night as I was eating my wife's pussy. I pulled it out and started rubbing it on her clit, as I sucked her pussy. She started responding by grinding her pussy down on my tongue. I licked and sucked on her cunt lips slowly sliding the 10-inch cock up her. When the head of the dildo popped inside her, she sank down and buried the dildo all the way up her cunt. She let out a big moan and said, It's about time I felt a real man cock in my pussy.

She fucked that dildo till she was pouring cum out of her gapped pussy. I had never seen her cum so hard. The next night was about the same. I fucked her with the dildo and sucked on her clit but she surprised me with another dildo that she had went out and bought earlier in the day.

It was bigger than the one I bought. She ask me to fuck her pussy with the bigger one. I got down between her legs and started licking her from asshole to the top of her clit. I started sticking the John Holmes cock she had bought up her cunt. As I was licking her, I caught myself licking on the head of the fake cock too. I even wrapped my lips around it one time. She ye'lled out, what the fuck are you doing sucking on the dildo.

I looked up and she was watching me in a mirror. I freaked out and started sucking hard on her clit as I slammed the fake cock in and out of her pussy. I quit licking on her clit and started tonguing her asshole. As she started to loosen up I started sticking the other dildo in her ass.

Before the night was over she had cum 4 times and was so sore, she didn't have enough strength to help me cum. I am only allowed to cum when she allows me too. So needless to say I went to sleep horny as hell.

The next morning I was awaken by a nice pair of lips sucking and licking on my balls and cock. My wife has never done anything like this before so I was totally baffled at what I was feeling. Just as I was going to cum she stopped and grabbed my balls, she lifted them high as she stuck her tongue deep in my asshole. I shot a wad of cum that would choke the nastiest whore.

I just keep cumming as she fucked my asshole with her tongue. I had cum all over me as she climbed up on me, and we rubbed all of the cum into her tits. As she fed it back to me. It wasn't the first time I had tasted cum. A couple weeks earlier my wife saved some in her mouth and as I was kissing her she spit it in my mouth and told me to swallow it. But it was the first time I licked my cum off of her and it made me feel nasty and kind of horny.

She got out of the bed and she was walking like she had been riding a horse. I started laughing at her. She turned around and told me to get in the shower and clean up. As we were in the shower she started rubbing soap around my asshole. I lost total control over myself. Five minutes later I had two fingers sticking in my asshole and I was begging her to stick another one in. She started rubbing around inside me and all of a sudden, I started cumming all over as the shower washed my sperm down the drain.

We stepped out of shower and dried off. She than took me into the bedroom and had me get on my hands and knees, she got behind me and pulled my ass cheeks apart. She than grabbed some vaseoline and started massaging by asshole as one by one her fingers disappeared into my horny ass. She reached around and pulled my cock between my legs at first, I thought she was trying to fuck me with my cock.

She finger fucked me till I was loose enough to take the end of the smallest dildo. She started slipping it up my asshole at first it hurt like hell. But she kept talking to me and encouraging me take a little more. I was so horny, I did as I was told and before it was over I had the whole thing buried in my ass and was liking it.

She fucked me and fucked me with the dildo. I begged her to stop and she kept pounding my ass. My cock had cum so many times nothing would come out. Totally drained, my balls were aching from the beating they were getting from the balls of the dildo slapping them. Every once in a while she would pull out and show me my asshole in a mirror, it was so big it was scare.

She finally decided to quit, she pulled out of my ass and I reached back there and my asshole was still two fingers gapped wide. I got up to go to the bathroom and she Laughed out and said, that I looked like I had been riding a horse. I walked like that for two days.

After my asshole healed up. I came home early from work getting there before my wife. I went upstairs and got naked, laid down on the bed and lubed up my ass. I worked the dildo up my ass and it was loosening up. I had the smaller dildo stuck up my ass but I had the bigger one laying there with a harness hooked up to it.

My plan was to have my wife fuck me for the first time with a strap-on. I was so horny I had to quit or I would have cum. So I got up and got a cotton rope out and tied my balls off so it would be harder to cum. I reached down and got the dildo that was mounted to the harness, and started working it up my hungry asshole. It hurt a little, these were the biggest things I had ever had up my ass.

But it worked out and I had the whole thing in there when I heard the door open. I started moaning real low and I could hear her coming up the stairs. I opened my eyes and my mother-in-law was standing there, looking at me fucking myself with a strap on dildo. My ass tightened up so much,it slide out and shot across the room. It hurt real bad.

Linda my mother-in-law started laughing at me. She told me, that all you fucking men are the same and that she wanted to watch me finish myself off. After that she told me her husband likes the same thing. I told her that I was waiting for her to come home and was planning on her fucking me with a strap-on. If she wanted to watch, climb in the closet and watch her daughter fuck me with a strap-on.

Linda pulled her skirt off and her pussy was as slick as her daughters.

I had the strap-on already up my asshole and I ask Linda if I could suck on her pussy a little. She was hesitant at first then she sat down on my face, locked her legs around my face and said that she was full of cum from my father-in-law.

He had just fucked her before she came over. I started gagging thinking about eating my father-in-laws cum.

When Linda got off my face she was as clean as could be. And that cum wasn't to bad ether. She kissed me and climbed into the closet. My wife came home she came upstairs, and when she saw me laying there with her strap-on wedged in my ass. She stripped her cloths off, slipped into the harness and fucked me good. She was so happy that I liked anal sex and it made her so horny thinking that her lover will do anything she wants.

She pulled the strap-on off, jumped up on the bed and wanted me to fuck her. I got on top of her, I haven't fucked her in over 6 months. I stuck my cock in her and started fucking her, I had already stuck it in 3 or 4 times when she ask me to start fucking her. I then realized that I had stretched her pussy so much with her toys that my little cock wasn't big enough any more.

I panicked, and then I told her that I would love to fuck her asshole, for the first time. It's funny but before we started playing with dildo's she always said anal sex was to nasty.

Now I'm fixing to fuck her ass for the first time. I lubed my cock up and slid it in. I looked over at the closet and seen my mother-in-law fingering her cunt. My wife's asshole was so hot and tight I pumped and pumped.

She turned around and told me that this is the only hole I will be getting from now on. Because my cock is a joke in her pussy.

She than slipped a dildo in her cunt and started fucking herself, while I was fucking her asshole. I could feel the dildo deep in her cunt it was massaging my cock head, deep in her ass. She told me that if I cum in her asshole I will have to clean it up. I started shooting cum as soon as she said it. Cum ran out of her ass. And she kept fucking her pussy till the cum had worked into a white lather.

When she stopped, I had a fucking mess to clean up between her asshole and her pussy. Her mother watched every move as her whore daughter laid there drenched in cum. And her son-in-law was cleaning it up. Then my wife told my mother-in-law to come out of the closet. I had been set-up by a mother daughter team.

To be continued

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