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Adventure in Longwood Day 05


I wake with the sky, the birds making noise to greet the light sounding a bit anxious. I get up and look out the window to see nothing I look above to see a nest and a bird coaxing the little birds to fly. I sing a prayer that the birds fly, all but one take off and swoop about. The one that does not fly almost has it, still falls toward the ground the wings out trying then just before hitting the ground gets it right. I am smiling as I pull back in to the room to see Dan looking at me.

"Emptied the nest?"

"Yes all made it, today is a good day I must ask the captain how long it takes to reach the reservation."

Dan doesn't say anything I move past him to the dresser and get into my track clothes. While I am getting my belts on Dan comes up puts his hands to me and kisses at my neck. I turn and kiss him proper then get my holsters tied. While I am getting the knife and tomahawk Dan goes and sits on the bed.

"Let me guess, no roll for the husband this morning."

I'm all set besides the Winchester and boxes of ammo so move to Dan. I grab him in a hug kissing him before pulling back and looking at him.

"There is no better day to get my son a gal, Apache or not today is a good day and he deserves a good one on his arm. If you're desperate I can give you the bleeding time relief."

"No I'm fine, three times yesterday was more than enough to hold me through the day. Do not forget poison day for the whores that are taking it."

I have to groan at that, I had forgotten. I go through the bath to Chun's room to wake Amanda up Chun sits up when I start poking Amanda.

"Oh heavens what happened this time?" I look over at Chun and smile.

"Nothing yet bird emptied the nest above my window, all flew so it is a good day and best time to get Chad a bed sharer. Also poison day so need all whores awake, before morning vittles is best."

"Janet I am going to block your window off." Chun starts to giggle as Amanda sits up. "Today I suppose you have good timing, church day we go in about two hours."

"Get dressed and go cook, wake up everyone on your way to stairs. I will get Chad, Wanda, and Celeste."

I leave them to get dressed, Amanda and Chun kissing each other as they get up. Not seeing the attraction for this I move to the next door and go in to see Wanda and Celeste intertwined and asleep. Wanda wakes easy, one poke and she wakes looking about then sighing.

"I was having a good dream about my folks you poked me just like ma always did."

"It will not happen from soldiers again, the captain will organize visits for the single to buy time with us." I say poking at Celeste.

Celeste does not wish to wake she turns out to be not ticklish on the feet. Finally Wanda leans over and starts kissing her getting a reaction from Celeste until she opens her eyes.

"That was uncalled for." She sits up while wiping at her mouth.

"You would not stir, poison day before vittles." This gets Celeste up, Wanda with her both dressed still.

"This is my second day at whoring and nobody has said yet, what happens when I get to that time?" I look at Wanda Celeste turns and looks as well.

"You use your mouth as down there, do not worry it is enjoyable. If you are willing some men will not care and want down there, use a towel on bed then clean both after with towel."

"I have a question, why are you dressed to hunt?" I look at Celeste and smile.

"It is good day I will take Chad on wife hunt."

I have to exit Chad's room when I go in he was in middle of enjoying himself. He pulls the door open when he is ready, at least halfway, his pants are on.

"Sorry to interrupt, today is good day after morning vittles and poison I will take you to reservation. I may not want Apache for you but we will at least find a good one."

"What if none come to us, even I'm a little nervous looking at you?" Chad asks as he gets a shirt on.

"There will be one who will, just to put mind at rest you may go to the one you like. After dressed get horses, I need to speak with captain."

I leave Chad to finish getting dressed collect my rifle and boxes from Dan and find Candice standing outside her door smiling.

"He was amazing, last night and this morning, he woke before the sky and rode me."

"Well that sounds very fine. Why are you out here?"

"He wanted to get dressed and I wanted again. I don't know if I could marry him but he is a man whore's dream of having." I have to giggle at this.

I tap on the door a couple times I get a word of wait, shortly after the door opens.

"Ah Janet I thought it was Candice wanting another roll, I'm not sure I could again, I'm not that young."

"It is good day I will take Chad to reservation for bed sharer. I wished to ask you where and how far."

"Well if you wait for after vittles I'll go with you, my men should be here anytime, it's only three hours at a horse walk from the hills. I told them return fast."

"That suits me fine, Candice are you wanting the poison?"

"No need for me, I can't produce babes, tried and failed only took six months for him to give up. Hurt me more to lose him than not giving him a babe."

Chad walks up and collects my Winchester and ammo boxes on his way down the stairs.

"I never understood this part of round eyes, when choosing bed sharer it is for life babes or not. There is no stopping because of no babes."

"Part of our religion, you have parts we do not understand. To be honest I do not understand it either." The captain says getting a hug from Candice.

As we start going down the stairs I stop remembering I had not grabbed the bottle of poison, Dan whistles then waves it at me. I collect all of the whores and take them out to the outhouse with a spoon.

"Wanda you are first, I will give you two drops on spoon. You will feel ill soon. Best to go sit in outhouse after getting it, once you feel up to it and not bleeding come out for next." Amanda holds the spoon for me as I get two drops onto then hand it to Wanda.

"Supposing I am carrying, how long will I bleed?"

"Like it is bleeding time all at once. Round eyes have a name I do not recall. It will happen shortly after feel ill if you are."

"Miscarriage," Sally provides the name for me.

Wanda takes a deep breath puts the spoon in her mouth gets a bad taste look on her face and goes into the outhouse. She comes out again faster than she would if she had been carrying. Celeste comes forward to take the poison Amanda holds the spoon again until I realize she is the cook.

"Amanda if you are out here who is cooking?"

"Ishmael is keeping it warm I only did eggs and sausage with biscuits, cooks fast."

"Did we get milk today?" Wanda asks looking a little worried.

"Yes and a note, Chad is going to come back later today about midday if he can and collect the roll."

Celeste takes the spoon gets the face and goes into the outhouse. When she groans everyone looks at me.

"Celeste are you bleeding big?"

"Yes, Sally if you could run up and collect my shorts. I might be on my knees for a bit." Sally giggles and goes.

Chun looks undecided for a moment then follows Sally. When they return they are both carrying bleeding garments.

"Just in case, for me mine is coming soon." Chun explains as Sally opens the outhouse door and tosses in the shorts.

"It occurs to me I just started whoring again after two years and my time just ended a week ago. Do I want to take the poison now or wait for the next time?" I look at Sally.

"In your case it would not matter, you can wait or take now, best to wait but up to you."

Celeste comes out of the outhouse looking a little pained. Chun moves up to the outhouse while I get her spoon ready. After making the face Chun goes into the outhouse, Wanda looks around then moves closer to me.

"Is Candice not using the poison?" I shake my head.

"Candice tried and failed to produce babe, man gave up and went away."

"I don't know, this is the first time I had anything past a scare on getting a babe in me, can I get another after I stop with my time?" Celeste asks getting everyone to look at her.

"Yes if you really wish you can get a babe as soon as time is right again. The poison only works on what is inside of you. If time is right tomorrow for anyone they can get a babe in them."

"I suppose two swelling whores is fine, they tend to get a number of men every day. Celeste are you sure? We were always so scared of having one in us before." Sally says looking at Celeste.

"Yes I'm sure knowing that I had one and lost it is not nice. I might be asking for to much, I just can't do that again."

"I didn't have one, I might be like Candice." Chun says coming out of the outhouse.

"Since Chad I've had four and lost to the poison, I've only wanted to in the last years, had two before this one in that time."

"Well that makes me feel better I think we should eat unless Sally wants to." We all look at Sally.

"No I have no chance of it yet, let's eat."

In we go to find six soldiers talking to the captain looking a little agitated. They get more agitated when they see me until the captain explains it to them. Dan comes over taking my arm and leading me to the table. Amanda hurries into the kitchen as we sit down.

"Captain is there a problem?" I nudge him as I speak Dan sat me next to him.

"No, these are newer men, not good at spotting friendly injun. In that get up I don't blame them for being nervous. I'm just glad they didn't bring their rifles in, hate to be putting more men in the ground."

"I don't have enough ready for all six soldiers. I can make more if they are ready to eat." Amanda says as she comes out with the laden tray.

"No that is fine they ate before they arrived, if not there is a stockpile of jerky for them."

"Janet if you happen to spot a deer could you bring it back?" Amanda asks as she is handing out the milk glasses.

"I was going to get the captain to show us at a gallop, I do have needs of a not food nature. We skipped this morning I wanted to go soon to the reservation to be back in time."

"At a gallop it is only two hours, if we spot a deer we can pause to let you shoot it and cut it."

Feeling better about this I go to my vittles until Dan leans over.

"Janet I'm going with you." I have to stare at him and wait for an explanation. "I remember what you told me about the Cherokee reservation." I have to giggle at this getting everyone to look at me.

"I would not with an Apache, unlike Chad I was taught to avoid. I let him because he wishes and he is old enough to decide for himself. The Apache know I am with you, you should stay and go to church."

"I was going to show Janet to the chief's and explain she will track the run aways. Won't be a man there who would approach Janet then, speaking of that Janet you should take Dan with you on the hunt for them. Your need is of importance to you and the sergeant is married." Captain says at the end looking at me.

"If they walk it would not take long to find them or does it take you days to notice?"

"Days, we only make a head count every few days and never walking among them. We aren't there to interfere with their lives beyond keeping them there."

"I wanted to not take Dan to keep someone here, if it will take that long I better then." I can't help but sigh at this.

"Don't worry Janet we can do well enough minus the sheriff and deputy for a week or two." Sally says with a smile.

With the morning vittles finished we head out to our horses. The captain saddles his horse before we get going. The soldiers settle in around Chad, me and the captain with me in the middle.

"Captain why am I in the middle?" I can't help but ask this one I'm supposed to look about for deer, hard when there are riders all around.

"Apologies it is standard cavalry practice to surround the women." Chad is chuckling next to me, I look at him.

"Sorry it's just you seem to be the least in need of protection of anyone."

The captain gets the men to fall behind leaving me with a good enough view about. I do not spot a deer I do spot two riders coming toward us on the path we are following. The captain notices as well he calls out a command getting the soldiers to pull their rifles out.

"Also standard practice, produce guns until the person's are identified." This one makes sense to me.

As we get closer we see it is two Apache, a man and a woman. This is met with another command, the soldiers array out then put the two Apache in a net. To their credit the soldiers do not aim at the Apache. The captain moves closer I follow figuring he will need a translator Chad follows as well his eyes on the woman.

"Well hello you must be the mighty Cherokee that is the talk of the tribes. Captain I got permission and a slip from the sergeant I wanted to speak with the priest in the town. My daughter wanted to come with, said she had a feeling she needed to come." I'm a little surprised at his ready understanding of the round eye language Chad and the daughter are making eye contact of a singular nature.

"Well let's see it just to be sure the sergeant has not gotten into my whiskey again."

"Why did you wish to speak with the priest?" I can't help but ask as the captain looks over the note.

"Because I have fallen for the teachings of the lord Jesus Christ, the priest at the fort doesn't have anything more to teach, I wish to learn more from the one in the town if possible." His daughter speaks to him in Apache. "Bonita wishes to know if this young man here is yours."

"He is my son he wishes to find a bed sharer. He is old enough to decide for himself on who, I'd prefer not Apache he just is not patient to wait for us to go to a Cherokee reservation." The captain is looking at Chad and Bonita he turns to look at me.

"Not Apache they are Choctaw. Benjamin and Bonita were sent to us at his request, apparently not doing well with finding her a man there."

"Bonita is Apache name and she speaks Apache." I'm a little lost here.

"We renamed her on the way here the priest at the reservation we were at was Jesuit. He encouraged me to seek out other followers so this is the second reservation."

"I rather like Bonita the best, flows off the tongue quite well." Bonita says with a soft voice rather like a gentle spring.

"Do you know Tsalagi?" I had a thought perhaps she can get Chad to know it better than I can.

"We both do, that was the first reservation we went to." Benjamin says with a smile.

"Chad go with them back to town, Bonita teach him Tsalagi he does not listen to me as well as he will you." Bonita nods with a smile, Chad looks over at me.

"Are you sure? I thought you had all sorts of tests for my prospective wife."

"That was for Apache, Choctaw are not Apache. Unless the captain wishes to hold them longer go on, unless you are not sure about her."

"Well I'm not sure, I think she's very pretty and I'd like to get to know her better." Bonita is smiling at him.

"I'm all done go on Benjamin these two can catch up soon as Chad decides if he is going or staying."

Benjamin does go smiling at me, I smile back quite happy to not have an Apache joining my little tribe. Bonita looks after her father then looks at Chad, he looks at me then follows after her and her father. The captain urges us into a gallop again he keeps looking over at me as I wipe my eyes.

"Your not losing him your gaining a daughter."

"It is tradition for the man to join the tribe of the woman. It likely does not mean anything to Benjamin and Bonita I reckon she will ask for a round eye marriage."

"I did not know that, so fathers hope for daughters?"

"No, the men hope for men, the more warriors the more live through a war. Traditional marriages call for the men to live with the women wife raid marriages are different."

"I think no more questions on your society, just when I start to get an understanding something new appears." I have to giggle at this.

"Your society is no different. We injuns are not as simple as you round eyes think." When I look over I have to pull back on my horse and slow.

The captain follows suit as I pull out my Winchester urging my horse off the trail into the grassy ground. We plod along for a little while before I am close enough to get a shot. It is a beautiful animal, quite thick at the chest with a nice covering of brown fur with a white tuft. One horn is broken off, the other is standing tall I am aiming when the needing a cleaning strikes me. Whispering a prayer for the ability of my gun, not quite the gun itself a weapon is a weapon I hold my breath and fire.

The deer jerks and falls over before trying to stand, cursing the pain I have caused the poor animal I reload and fire again. This time it falls flat and stays as I ride over I sing the song as befits a fine animal such as this. Seeing the poor deer twitching still I hop down quick pulling out my knife and end it. I apologize for my poor aim as I cut it up, one of the soldiers losing his food as I do it.

"Captain is there a sack, there is much meat." I ask as I get the fur peeled enough to get pieces of the meat cut.

One of the soldiers comes over holding out his pack, I have to look at him he nods so I load it with the better pieces. I ask for a second this time I snap out sections of the ribs on this side get them into the pack before flipping it over and peeling the fur back on this side. I fill this pack put the heart atop then stand up cleaning my knife on my leg.

"You are leaving a good amount of meat, and why did you get the heart and ribs into the second pack?" The captain asks as I get back in my saddle.

"The first pack is for me, the second pack is for the Apache, the heart is a treasured part of the kill. It also would not be used if I took home. I am leaving meat on the deer for the wolves and birds they are a part of the earth just as much as I."

"Do you think the Apache would like to go on paired hunts with my troops?" The captain asks as we reach the fort.

"You should ask them. Likely yes, they are trying to figure out how to get land to grow with not much success. See if you can get a farmer to come and teach. If they can grow they can sell what is not need and buy what is."

Anything the captain would have said dies with the appearance of the sergeant from yesterday. He staggers a little as he comes over smiling and looking a little on the full of drink side.

"Ah captain there you are, and Janet as well. Isn't this a day for glad tidings, or was that happy reunions. No matter I sent Benjamin and his daughter off to speak with Father Darren, though I suspect you knew that, you would have passed the other on the way."

"I see why you want to send him with me." I got a smell of the sergeant, he is full of beer.

"Besides his complete willingness to find the bottom of every bottle and barrel around he is a very good soldier." The captain says with a laugh.

We leave our horses in the hands of a private the sergeant grabs hold of and move past to the doors on the other side. When the doors open there is a crowd, I look at the captain he shrugs in confusion. Round twenty men and women start talking at once in a mixture of Apache and round eye until I whistle and speak back. One Apache steps forward and bows to me.

"Apologies our chief has fallen ill. The men on the walls refuse to open without the captain, we wish to send him to town for the medicine man there ours can do nothing."

Captain whistles and sends the man who runs up for a wagon and escort of four.

"Why can your medicine man do nothing?" This is rather on the alarming side of things.

"He does not have the plants he needs, he can wander there is not everything in the area for him."

"Captain you must give the medicine man a horse, send a soldier with if you must." The captain looks at me for a moment then walks away yelling for a corporal.

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