tagRomanceAdventures as a BBS sysop Ch. 01

Adventures as a BBS sysop Ch. 01


This is a true story but it is from memories almost twenty years old. I will not give names as they are not needed. In my life I have been sexually involved with 39 women at different times I never cheated on any of them,never saw two at the same time, and that's not a great number to some people but I never tried to rack up a score card, I was just looking for the right one and had to kiss a log of frogs in the search, but figured what the hell I might as well have fun looking, I am pretty much a one woman type of guy unless that woman wants to share, but have never found one that really wanted to share me and have been told I wear my heart on my sleeve by a number of women I was never involved with, but this is a story about one I loved and loved deeply and still brings feelings of joy and great pain when I think of her she was my greatest love of all, there are two others that come close, one I never had sex with but always wanted to, none of the three women are my ex wife and not just because she is my ex I just never had feelings for her as strong as I had for the three I consider my greatest loves and never realized that until after the divorce and met the three ladies in mind. I consider myself lucky that I found three women I can honestly say I loved and loved me even if the love didn't work out in our favor at least we had it when so many never find love


When I was in my early forties and working on a BBS as a sysop, one of the lead sysops asked me if I would give a new user a hand and install some software on her pc for her so she could use the BBS easier. I had often installed software for new users and had in fact been online when she first signed in and did a "who" which listed everyone on the BBS except sysops is they were in invisible mode which quite often sysops are so they can watch what is going on, on the BBS and avoid pms from users.

When I got messages whenever someone logged into the BBS the handle (in the early days of people getting online nicknames were called handles a carry over from CB radio lingo) of the person that logged in or when they logged out and got the message new user logging in and waited and waited for the message saying a person with a handle I didn't know had logged off for verification, when I didn't get that message I used the command that let me view the new user to see what they were doing and if they ran into trouble trying to set up an account, if the new user was having a problem I would pull them into a private chat and introduce myself and offer help and then release them from chat and walk them through a quick log on and when they logged off to wait for verification, I would call and verify them and talk to them about the BBS a bit. Found out she was an AOL user and was tired of the crap on AOL(AOHELL) and was looking for a friendlier place for her and her two teenage daughters to use and I guess I pretty much sold her on our BBS. Back then high speed internet was a thing of the future, hell the internet was only available to the government, big business and Universities, not available to the general public, all the GP had was land lines and modems, I was lucky enough to have a 14400 baud modem but most people only had 2400 baud modems and most people had Windows 3.1 and had to use telcom software (If any of you have ever tried to use the telcom software that came with the early versions of windows it was a pain it the ass to use and had no phone book you had to use command line instructions to do almost everything. I didn't own a windows machine or IBM clone as we called them back then, I had an Amiga computer and the BBS was run on an Amiga at the sysops house but most the users had IBM clones. So when the lead Sysop asked me to install better telcom software for her I said yes and called her up and set an appointment and got directions to her house. I am a big guy, 6'1" and about 230 pounds a lot of men tend to be intimidated just by my size, and when they find out I am not a dumb jock it gets even worse but I am usually very easy going and very quiet until I get to know people, I get along better with women than most men even though never dated in high school, I started working in the woods with my father just before my 12th birthday and brother started working with us shortly after me, he wanted to make money too, a big 25 cents an hour from dad going to school coming home to work in the woods all week and all day on Saturdays, didn't leave much time for girls and dates or anything else for that matter :) until I got a job as a dishwasher when it came time for the prom and time to graduate I was working so I did not go to either one of those, didn't do sports and almost always shy around the fairer sex, got out of the navy at 23 and married an older woman at 25, she was 33 and divorced 6 years later and never re-married though I attempted to a few times. (Though at the time of writing and posting this story I am 60 and probably never will re-married, but you can never tell, I am just hoping for a friendship with benefits with a woman at least 40 or to willing bifems of that age, at this time in my life I can always dream can't I.)

So I show up at her house and meet the lady in person I almost met her husband and 2 daughters. She took me up to her computer which was her bedroom, her husbands bedroom was down the hall. I sat at her computer and got busy downloading the telcom software we recommended from the BBS and she asked me if I wanted something to drink, I asked her if she had Coke and she bought me one and then sat on her bed back against the wall legs on the bed fully dressed, smoking a cigarette and watched me work. Now downloading software in those days took time with the slowest modem setting the speed of the download. I am a smoker but only had a couple cigarettes with me and they didn't last me long, she notice and gave me a pack of hers we didn't talk much I didn't feel a connection with her I was there doing business as normal, I did explain to her that the BBS had different levels of access let we were a free service but also had contributor accounts, free accounts only got so many minutes a day, the contributors accounts got more time depending on how much was contributed, we weren't out to make money just needed help to pay the expenses and add more phone lines when we could, keeping a BBS running 24 hours a day 365 days a year as a hobby and none of us getting paid for it can put a drain on everyone. She said she would think about contributing. While I was working on her computer her husband sticks his head in and looks around and leaves guess there must have been a commercial break in the game he was watching, she told me they had separate rooms so he could watch sports without keeping her awake and she could use the computer without keeping him awake.

Finally the software finished downloading and I was able to start the install, when the install finished I called her over and showed her how to use the software, I logged her on to the BBS, saved the phone number in the telcom software's phone book and set up an automatic login for her then gave her a brief tour of the BBS, then logged off and had her do a login and try things out. I'd been there a couple hours and said I should be going home but I would be on the BBS shortly after I got home and would check on her then to see if she needed any help. She asked me if she owed me anything and I said no I didn't charge to help new users, but as I got my coat and was ready to leave, she handed me 10 dollars, I tried to give it back to her but she wouldn't accept it so I said thank you (I was a bit broke at the time and needed gas money so I accepted the money) and went home.

As I mentioned earlier we had different levels of contributor accounts, some people donated money every month, but the highest level of contributor account was reserved for a few people that donated phone lines, some phone line went to adding more lines to the BBS so more people could be on at the same time, others were set up some people could dial in from a town outside the local calling area, like the line I had in my house, it was paid for by a person on the BBS but in my house because I could call the town the BBS was in and the town on the other side of my town for free but it would have been a long distance call between the two towns, so we set the line up in my house and call forwarded it to the BBS so if they called the line in my house they didn't have to paid for a long distance call, they other side of call forwarding was I could still use the line to make out going calls without interrupting the call that had been forwarded I just couldn't receive calls on that line, so it was great for me to use for the computer, I could call the BBS and stay online as long as I wanted and people dialing the line would still be forwarded to the BBS and I didn't tie up the house phone.

So when I got home I got on the BBS and saw the lady I had just installed the software for online, I was in invisible mode and sent her a pm asking how she was doing, and watched her as she tried to figure out how to respond but because I was in invisible mode she couldn't, so I pulled her into chat with me and said sorry I forgot she couldn't pm me while I was invisible and we both had a chuckle over that. Tehn we just started chatting, she was just a regular user with limited time per day but since I was a sysop I kept giving her time as we chatted without her realizing it until finally she said "I thought I had only so many minutes per day?" I told her i had beeen giving her time because she was talking to me." We talked over four hours straight that night, about the BBS her daughters, her husband just life in geral and we talked about four hours every night she was on for the next week or so, every time I got the system message she logged on, I would pm her and say give me a minute to say goodbye to anyone I was talking with, then I would say my goodbyes and go into invisible mode and pull her into chat, it was just friendly chat but we were enjoying ourselves and the company. I may not be much of a conversationalist in person until I get to know someone but in chat using the written word with time to think about what I am going to say I feel comfortable and am better one on one most of thet time. In one of our chats I meantioned that I wouldn't be on till very late the next night because I had been invited to attend a native American circle being held by some new friends of mine, she asked me if her and her daughters could go also,I told her I needed to make a phone call and see if it was ok, made the call on my house phone and my friends said no problem the more the better. I said thanks and hung up and let ther know everything was set. I asked her "Where do you want to meet me so you can follow me to the circle?' we arranged to meet near the end of a bridge a few miles from my house.

The night of the circle I went to the meeting spot she and her daughters were there in her car and her husband was there in his truck. Her husband had come along to check me out once more before he turn his wife and step daughters over to almost a complete stranger then he got in his truck and went back home. I told her to follow me, that where we were going was off the beaten track way out in the country. She was a brave woman to follow me there with her duaghter, to a place she had never been in the middle of no where, down dirt roads and a long driveway that was more of a wagon track than a real road, but we finally got there and saw all the other cars and the bonfire. We parked the cars and I went over to help the three ladies (the mom and her two daughters and we made our way to where everyone was gathering, think there may have been about twenty people there mostly white people wanting to learn about native American culture or learn more about it and a few native Americans mostly as guest speakers. After introductions were made we formed a circle and were asked not to speak unless were had the talking stick in our handand that the first time around the circle just to say one word, a word we thought was important to live by and then pass the talking stick to the next person. I can't remember what the others said but I said "Honor" and after the cicle was finished one of the guest speakers come over to me and said "I knew your were going to say that" and smiled. Then we were all invited to share in the meal that had been provided, the ladies and I spread a blanket, got so of the food and came back to sit on the blanket to eat. After we were done eating the two girls left us alone while they went to look around, it was a clear night lots of stars and a very comfortable atmosphere and I looked up at her and saw her clearly for the first time and fell deeply in love with her, but didn't tell her sothen, I was to afraid to say the words to her. We picked up the blanket and took it back to her car, her daughters come back and we all went home.

At home I got back on the BBS and waited for her to sign on and we talked again for hours and I got the feeling that she had feelings for me also, (Sometimes in private chat, I can sense things better than I can in person I call it keyboard telepathy, its like I can touch the feelings of the person I am chatting with through my hand on the keyboard and their hand on their keyboard) and I told her "I am not sure how you feel but I fell in love with you tonight." and she said "I love you also.". Up to that point in our relationship we never talked about sex or anything to do with sex. I found out her daughters liked me and hated their step dad for the way he ignored their mom. We found out we used to go to the same bar on the same nights before she married him. I used to go the with my friends the woman I learned to eat pussy with (she is the same age as I am and I learned by doing with her when we were teenagers) and her husband (but thats another story), we would usually sit at the same table with my mom and her friends it was a good time for us all, I never have drank much, I went there to have a good time with people I knew and dance not to drink. I told my love I wish I had met her then before she got married but we guess that neither of us was looking then for more than what we had just a night out with friends, it would have been so much better if we had met then as we both were single. The more we talk the more we fell in love. She canceled her AOHELL account and contributed to our BBS for her daughter but she was my lady now and I got permission form the lead sysops to set her account up with as much time as I wanted, at the time my people skills were very much needed, I also arranged BBS dances as fund raisers to help keep the BBS going and growing, the lead sysops didn't want to or could not handle public relationship they were more on the technical side of things, even when I was a regular user they knew I helped people and people jioned the BBS to talk to me, I was out of time one night and sent a request to the SYsop to see if I could get more time, aand was given infinite time and shortly after in the weeks to follow They made me a sysop because of the way I handled people.

One night as my lady and I talked, I say "I bet you are wet right now"

She says "How do you know that?"

I say "You are aren't you, I just know."

She says "Yes I am but how did you know."

I say "I just know, I can't explain it other than I can tell you are. Have you ever had cybersex?"

She says "No, whats that?"

I say "It is sort of like phone sex but done in private chat with text on the computer, would you like to try it and see if you like it?"

She says "I'l give it a try not sure if it would do anything for me, but I will try it," (When I have cybersex I do most of the typing and the woman will mostly hit the "m" key mmmmmmmmmmmmm, so I don't get to do much one handed typing, but get to enjoy my words pleasuring them).

I say "Make sure your have privacy and wont be interupted, make your self comfortable and be able to touch your pussy and breast."

She says "OK give me a moment."

She says "OK I am ready."

I began to weave a fantasy of words to touch her and bring her into the fantasy to make it as real as I could possibly make it for her.

I say "You are standing in a field, looking at me. we are both naked, but not touching we are about ten feet apart just staring into each others eyes, its warm enough to be comfortabole naked, when suddenly a wind comes up and I turn into a cloud of what looks like snow flakes and swirl your naked body, as my flakes touch you they aren't cold, they genlety caress you touching every part of your exposed flesh sending tingles up and down your spine. my flakes touche your ears, your face, your lips and neck, gentle tender caresses" she moans, "they swirl around you touching your sides, your breast, your nipples and your back" she moans again, "you can feel gentle caresses up and down your arms, hands and fingers. now the caresses start to move on your hips and ass.", she moans "Oh god"

I say "you feel the careses move down the out side and back of your legs to knees then onward to your feet, your feet", she moans "This feels soooo good."

I say "the caresses start back up the backs and insides of your legs, slowly moving up towards your pussy, the caresses on the inside of your legs travel up the back of your legs and up your thighs, the caresses on your inner thighs stop just before they reach the lips of your pussy so close but not touching and feel the wetness running down your legs, but continue up the backs to your ass. the flakes stil caress you everywhere but your pussy and I take on a more solid form, part flakes caressing you but mostly solid." she moand "damn you Regg", "I kiss your eye lids, I kiss and nibble your ears and then stick my tongue in your ear cannal, nibble your lobes, I then kiss your lips and or tongues dance against each other for a long kiss and I hold you tight against me."

She moans "damn you Regg, I am going to have to clean this keyboard after this is done its all sticky now" I laugh

I say "We break the kiss and I continue down to the side of your neck, nibbling,and kissing down to your collar bone and nibble there and kiss and lick in the hollow between your collar bone and shoulder close to the neck then move down to your breast and squeeze them, and play with your nipples, taking them into my moth one at a time to suck, nibble and lick, I push your breast close enough together so I can get both your nipples in my mouth at the same time and suck on them together and twirl my tongue over both and betwen both and lightly bite them both."

She says "Damn, damn, damn"

I say "The I kiss and lick my way down to your naval and run my tongue around and in your naval, I take my hands and put them on your hips and roll my thumbs over your hip bones with increasing pressure triggering the nerve clusters there sending shocks through your pussy, I kiss and lick my way down to the top of your pubic area them move to the back of your knees and kiss, lick and nibble the back of your knees, and move about half way up your inner thigh and start kissing and nibble and licking your juice from your thigh until I can feel the heat of your pussy on my cheek and stop and do the same to your other thigh, untill i can feel the heat from your pussy on my other cheek, then suddenly I grab your ass with both hands, open my mouth wide and cover yor entire pussy with my mouth and suck it into my mouth."

She moans "OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Goddddddddddddddddddddd, yesssssssssssssssssss"

I say "With your pussy in my mouth, I suck as much of your juice and swallow it as I can, I love the taste of your pussy, then I press my tongue through the out lips and lick from the bottom up to your clit, releaing your pussy from my mouth Iuse my nose to spread the lips apart and press my mouth inside to captur just the inner lips in my mouth and run my tongue over them and gently nibble on them with my teeth and release them, then I stop long enough to lay you on your back and reverse position on your pussy and lick some more, driving my nose as deep as I can inside you and taking your clit in my mouth and holding with my teeth I twirl my tongue around the tip and then suck on it."

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