Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 59


"Courtney Cox?"

"The very same" she said as she took another sip "She's always been into real estate stuff and she talked me into investing too."

"Uh-huh...forgive me for saying this but it sounds like some big money."

"Yeah, a little, but not as much as you'd think" she said as she sat back on the couch with me

"Then are you getting like, an apartment there?"

"Not necessarily, but I think you'd be perfect there."

"Huh?" I said as I nearly choked on my drink

"What would you say to an apartment there?"

"Uh, I'd say I appreciate the thought but I doubt I can afford something like that."

"But!" she said with a finger raised for emphasis "you COULD if you had a generous discount, right?"

"I suppose..."

"OK, what are you paying for your place now?"

I told her

"OK, that's what you'd pay me." she said in a straightforward tone, like she'd already made up her mind.

"You? What are you talking about?"

"If I owned the place, you'd pay rent to me. And you could always buy the place outright if you wanted to."

"Whoa!" I said "What are you talking about?"

Jennifer seemed to like the confusing scenario she'd started

"OK, relax, hot shot" she said "Courtney and I are investing in this place and I'm gonna buy an apartment there, as an investment and I'll rent it out to someone, and I couldn't think of anyone more deserving, so whaddya say, hot shot?"

I was speechless at this moment

"Uh, I'm not sure..." I said as a thousand different reasons to buy or not to buy went through my head

"You don't have to give me an answer now, just consider it, when I get back from New York we can discuss it further and you can get a look at the place."

I was still trying to process all this info she'd unloaded on me, sure it was a great idea, but this was a pretty big step from the little comfy condo I'd called home since arriving here in la-la-land.

"If you're not interested I won't be mad. At least take a look at the place, how 'bout that?" she said with that look of "please" that could get her anything she wanted

How could I resist her charms?

"OK, I'll at look at it when you get back."

"Great! Let me refill your glass."

Jennifer returned with a new glass of wine and sat closer to me on the couch. Her left arm was draped over the top and she was leaning against it, an easy smile on her face, that same look the world always saw in photos.

"So, hot shot..." she started

"I'm sorry to interrupt" I interjected "But you always call me hot shot, why is that? Not that I don't appreciate it and all, it's kinda funny when I think about it, but I can't recall how that came about."

She laughed

"Well, I don't know, it just seemed fitting for you. Jim's a nice name too,, hell. You're a hot guy!" she said in an exasperated tone before smiling "So sue me!"

Now we were both laughing

"OK, that explains it all." I said

Things got quiet between us now as I looked at her.

"You really, um, believe that?" I said in a lower tone than before, like I wasn't sure what I'd heard her say

Jennifer looked at me now

"Uh-huh." She said as she nodded

I moved closer to her now, she did the same and we kissed.

"Thank you." I said softly as our lips parted

"No, thank you." She replied "Thanks for just being you."

We kissed again and our arms wrapped around one another. I slowly pushed her down onto the couch cushions and our tongues began to touch, she kissed so nicely.

I now boldly began to caress her body, her belly felt so nice and smooth and she breathed softly, my touch was just right to her. My hand now worked its way inside her tank top.

"Oh, yes baby..." She cooed

I kissed her neck, her eyes were closed and she was breathing more sharply.

"Uh-huh baby...yessss..." she breathed

My hand had now reached for her shapely breast, and it felt so soft and wonderful in my hands. Jennifer gave a satisfied moan in return as she felt my touch. I had worked her shirt further up her body.

"'s slow down a bit." She said to me

"Okay...I'm sorry if I was moving too..."

"No, it's not that...come with me." She said as she stood up and took my hand

"Let me show you another room." she said as she led me across the floor.

Jennifer opened a pair of doors to show me her bedroom. It was dominated by thick white shag carpeting on the floor. Her bed was atop a small platform in the middle.

"I guess a bed this low makes it easy when you've had a little too much of that wine, huh?" I said

"I never thought of that." she said as she turned to me and we embraced.

"It's been too long, Jim." She said softly "I missed this."

Jennifer's soft lips oozed of romance as we kissed.

"You know..." she said softly as our lips parted "...I haven't lived here very long...been traveling..."


"Well...this bed (kisses)...has only been slept in, you know."

I looked at her and she had a look that, well, I just couldn't describe.

"So, this bed (kisses) only been slept in, huh?"

"Oh yes (kisses) only been slept in."

"Maybe we should change that?"

"How're you gonna do that, hot shot?"

"How would you like me to do it?"

She kissed me long and lovingly.

"Any way you want, honey..." she said in a soft sexy voice "...any way you want."

My hands reached around to her beautiful ass and gave it a loving caress, then a generous squeeze.

She was startled a little but then smiled.

"Oh, that's nice, baby"

"Nice, huh?"

"Uh-huh...but I want more."

"Oh, does this feel?" I said as I slipped a hand inside her cutoffs and now felt the smooth and warm skin of her ass. Jennifer's eyes widened then showed me a satisfied smile and a soft sound of pleasure.

"That feels good, babe." She said as we embraced and swayed back and forth.

I slowly moved my hand around to the front of her cutoffs. She looked down at where my hand was and then at me with a little smile that told me to keep going. She responded by caressing my ass the same way.

"You like that, too?" she said

I smiled and nodded.

My hands now reached for the sides of her tank top and began to pull it slowly up and then off her.

Jennifer Aniston was topless in front of me.

She had gorgeously round breasts with penny sized nipples. She pulled my shirt off me and feeling her skin against mine as we kissed was very erotic to say the least.

Now I felt her hands on my belt as it was loosened. She looked up at me as my pants were now unbuckled too.

"I wanna get naked with you, Jim." She said softly

I nodded as she stepped back slightly and unzipped her cutoffs, she looked incredibly sexy in them and now I saw them drop to the floor and reveal that she'd been naked underneath the whole time. She'd gone "commando" as the term goes. I tried not to seem overeager as I let my pants fall too and we were both naked. My dick was already twitching itself erect as I saw Jennifer Aniston in all her naked glory.

" look beautiful, baby." She said

"You do, too." I replied

We embraced now and my dick was definitely at "full staff". Our tongues were merging with one another's and my hands were all over her, she seemed to go limp in my arms and give in to me as I kissed her neck.

"Oh god, yes!" she moaned

My hands moved down to her beautiful ass and I caressed its cheeks, they felt so soft in my hands. She giggled at my caressing touch.

"Sorry, it always feels weird being touched there." She said

"No, I understand."

She kissed me again

"My turn, now." She said as she slowly sunk down to her knees and I felt my dick slide into her warm, moist mouth and her tongue caressing the head. Her head began to bob up and down its length before letting it be held by her tongue, its wetness felt wonderful as she slowly came off it, she then looked up at me again and her tongue did little flicks all around the head.

"Like that, hot shot?"

I held my dick, wet with her saliva, close to her mouth

"Do you really need to ask?"

She smiled as she enveloped my balls then licked all the way up the length of my dick.

"So nice." She said before giving it a quick kiss and standing up

"Come on..." she now said softly as she took my hand and we lay upon her bed.

Jennifer's toned and tanned body felt great as my hands softly caressed it. All those workouts she was notorious for really showed. As I cupped her breast, she breathed in softly, when I kissed it, and then licked her nipple, a gentle moan came from her.

"Oh yesssss...that's it baby." She moaned

Her breasts felt so soft and nice as I kissed them. I now began to kiss her softly down the length of her body. Her belly felt so warm as my cheek lay upon it and I kissed her belly button. My right hand slowly drifted further down until it was between her legs. Her skin felt ultra smooth and soft and my finger slowly dipped inside her warm and wet pussy. She breathed in slightly as she felt it penetrate her. I turned back to look at her and her eyes were slightly closed, a look of pleasure was on her face. I kissed further down and she opened her legs further as she felt my movements. Her pussy looked beautiful, the skin around it completely bare. I kissed the top of it and she moaned softly. My tongue now penetrated her and she moaned somewhat louder.

"Oh baby...that's it...oh god so good..." she moaned

She tasted wonderful as I probed her. My eyes were closed too. I was more enthralled hearing her sounds of pleasure. I looked up and could see her back arching as she held her tits.

" good...oh my god...YES!" she cried out

It almost seemed like she was thrashing in the bed as my tongue performed its magic, whatever that was.

"Oh god...oh god...uh-huh...ohhhhhhhhgodddddd...YESSSS!" she cried out.

I could feel her climax on my lips and tongue, it felt fantastic.

I slowly sat up and we embraced, I kissed her deeply.

"Please baby...I want you so much..." she said softly

I sat up and opened her legs further, folding her legs back so her ass was just off the bed. My dick was sticking straight out and it easily slid inside her, we both moaned as we felt her warmth envelop us. I stated to fuck her slowly now, holding her legs apart, her breathing was soft and sexy. I did her harder and her breathing only increased as she felt everything. Here tits were bouncing as I fucked her, and it looked sexy as she held them before reaching behind her to grip the pillows.

"Yeah baby! Oh my god yeah!" she excitedly said to me as I fucked her.

"Like that, babe?"

"Oh yeah babe! Do it! Fuck me good!" she said quickly "Come on, hot shot!"

I fucked her harder but knew I wanted to make this last, so I slowed down and let her legs relax so I was atop her, she seemed to know what I was doing and eagerly kissed me deeply.

"Roll over, let me be on top." She said softly to me

I rolled over and Jennifer Aniston was atop me.

"Oh yyyyeah...oh this is good." She said as she began rocking back and forth on my dick "Like that, hon?"

"I love it...I get to see you like this."

"You just wanna see my boobs...whaddya think, babe?" she said as she held them, caressing the nipples as best she could "You like my boobs, huh?"

"Oh yeah, they're nice..." I said as I felt her wonderful body atop me

Jennifer leaned down and we kissed again

"This is so good, good." She said "I feel so good...please do me some more."

What was I supposed to say?

Jennifer didn't need to ask, she slowly got off me and started licking my dick.

"Oh, this is so hot!" she said with a smile as she sucked my dick like before

I slowly sat up again and moved her so that I could do her from behind. As I entered her again, her back arched and she let out a sexy sounding groan.

"Ohhhhhmygodddd..." she moaned as I gripped her hips and fucked her

It felt so hot to be fucking this TV star from behind, she had a cute ass too that I couldn't help but give a little smack to.

"Yeah! Spank me!" she said

I smacked her ass hard now

"Oh, yeah!" she said excitedly "do it again!"

I smacked her again

"Oh, yeah!"

I slowed down now and softly caressed her ass.

"Want me to kiss it and make you feel better?" I whispered in her ear

She laughed

"Just hold me, babe...just hold me."

I reached around and brought her up so I could hug her from behind and kiss her neck. She moaned softly in response.

"I want you on top of me, hon." She said softly

My dick slipped out of her and she turned around and lay back on the bed, I knew what she wanted. I kissed her again and slipped back inside her and began to steadily fuck her again, she held me close and I could feel her legs wrap around the back of my legs. This felt so good that I seemed to find more energy and did her steadily. Her breathing became rapid again as we were close together.

I could feel it coming.

She could feel it too, and she urged me on

"Yes, babe...oh god yes...oh yes...ohhhhhhhgoddddddyesssss!" she cried out as I exploded inside her.

I collapsed atop her and she held me close like before, we were both breathing heavily now. I somehow slid off of her and she immediately pulled the bedcovers up over us and wrapped herself around me.

"I missed that." She said softly

"I missed it too." I replied

We looked at one another and smiled.

Sleep soon came over us.

I was awakened by soft kisses and licks on my cheek, but it was not from Jennifer. Sophie had climbed on the bed and was eagerly licking my face.

"Well, Jennifer you've changed a lot..." I said sleepily

Jennifer came into the room wearing a loose terrycloth robe, she couldn't help but laugh at the sight before us.

"Come on, Soph...come on..." she said in between giggles as she led her dog out of the bedroom.

"That's the most unique wakeup call I've ever had." I said as I sat up

Jennifer joined me on the bed and handed me a cup of coffee.

"I wish I had my camera for that." She said as she sipped her drink

"Oh yeah, a Kodak moment for the ages." I said "What's on the docket for you today?"

She looked at her watch

"Mmmm, I'm supposed to meet my trainer, I'm actually running late." She said as she quickly got up and hurried to a chest of drawers for workout clothes.

"I'm actually a little late too." I said as I looked at my watch and went for my clothes.

"Aw, You've gotta go?" she asked

I nodded

"OK, well don't forget to think about my offer." She said as she grabbed a duffel bag and we headed for the front door.

"I'll see when you get back from New York?"

"It's a deal." She said as she kissed me at the doorway

As I drove away I thought about her offer. I liked my condo but an offer like this was at least worth a look. For now though, I needed some breakfast.

Although I was traditionally a Dunkin' Donuts guy, I had to admit a place like Intelligentsia looked intriguing as a place to get my caffeine fix.

"Oh, what the hell." I thought as I pulled into their lot

As I came out of the coffee shop and headed for my SLK, I heard a car pull up alongside me and the sound of a power window rolling down.

"Excuse me." I heard a male voice say, making me turn to my left "I was wondering if you knew where I could find...Ah! Just the man I was looking for." He said leaning slightly out of the window a large black Lincoln limo "My name is Pat Geary, Senator Pat Geary." He said with an emphasis on 'Senator' "I was wondering if we could chat for a moment?"

"If it's my vote you're looking for, I'm not registered in your state."

"Aw, don't worry about that. Shoot, half the people who voted for me were probably dead to begin with!" he chuckled

"What's this about, then?"

"Well, step into my office, son." He said with smiling, good 'ol boy relish as he opened the door to the limo. Normally this would've produced flashbacks and images of "stranger danger" from childhood, but this seemed different.

Still, I hesitated for a moment.

"Aw, don't worry son, I don't bite."

I climbed inside the cool, dark interior and we pulled away from the curb.

Senator Geary seemed like an imposing figure on television, in person it was magnified times ten. In his dark pinstriped suit he must've stood at least 6' 6" and weighed over 200 pounds. It was certainly befitting a man who'd been a star football player at the Naval Academy and runner-up for the Heisman Trophy. Now with his slicked back hair, he looked like a Wall Street version of the Marlboro Man with a voice like J.R. Ewing.

"How 'bout a little drink son? I think it gives the morning an extra little kick."

"Uh, no it's a little early in the day for me."

Geary chuckled as he refilled his glass.

"James, if I may call you that?" he began "You and I have a mutual friend, maybe more than one." He said "Mary, could you hand me that file in my bag?"

I now noticed the assistant sitting next to him. She was a slightly older redhead in a gray suit and white shirt that did little to hide her enormous tits. She actually reminded me of the girl from "Mad Men" now that I thought about it.

"Thank you, darlin'. That's Mary Delaney, officially she's my assistant," he said before leaning in close "but she's really my own Liz Ray." He chuckled as he sat back. Mary smiled, and tried not to blush "Hell for a youngster like you that name's probably way over your head."

"No, I studied American History, and not just the kind that's in the textbooks too."

I remembered reading about the scandal back in the seventies where a prominent Congressman had his mistress on the congressional payroll. I also remembered discovering her layout in a vintage Playboy issue. She had a killer body and nice blonde pussy as I fondly recalled.

"Aw, that's nice..." he said with a smile before his face and voice grew more sinister "...then let's cut out the bullshit and get down to business."

He opened the folder and examined a series of 8x10 glossy photos, then handed them to me. These photos appeared to come from the same Villa Del Sol security tape as what the press had shown. But these were higher quality, and my face was much more visible, as were my companions'.

"I think I recognize this little senorita," he said as he pointed to one picture "she's that coochie-coochie girl on TV. What's her name? Sofa Vegas or something?"

"Sofia Vergara." I said apprehensively as I looked at the photo showing us stumbling through the lobby towards the elevators.

"That's right, I knew I'd seen her somewhere before."

Then I saw the photo of me at the bar, and who I was with.

It was Laura Austin, still in her Roman-style toga as we ordered drinks.

"Ah, now she's the one I'm more interested in. She's the one we're really trying to find."

"Who's this 'we'?"

He smiled

"Oh, some friends of mine. You seem to be rather close to her in that one."

He was right. It was probably when she was wishing me a happy new year in my ear.

I handed the photos back to Geary

"I'm sorry, but I don't know this woman." I said calmly and firmly "I've never seen her before in my life."

Geary gave me a hard stare in return before chuckling slightly and leaning in close again.

"Son," he said slowly "don't you try and shit me. You know who that lady is and playing dumb ain't gonna help you right now."

A chill circulated throughout my body. The Senator leaned back in his seat and took a sip of his drink. It looked like whiskey or bourbon.

"Helping us out could be very beneficial to you. As I said before, we've got mutual friends."

"Like who?"

"Oh, like , Chuck Tyler...Marty O'Brien."

Hearing that name sent another chill down my spine.

"See I knew him," he said as he looked out the window "he was a good man. And like I said, I have an interest in finding this girl." He now turned back to me "I think it would be in your best interest, too..." he said before adding in a dismissive tone "Mister Holly Wood... I've heard you're often called by that name."

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