tagNovels and NovellasAdventures of Nick Nelson Ch. 18

Adventures of Nick Nelson Ch. 18

byA.W. Root©

Nick began to slowly undress the squirming Julie, removing her blouse button by button. When she sat up to assist him in removing the blouse from her shoulders, she kissed him deeply at the same time. She wasn't wearing a bra so her breasts tumbled into view as the blouse fell from her shoulders. He gently pushed her back onto the bed, then dipped his head to kiss her distended nipples. His mouth gently surrounded her nipple and he teased it with the tip of his tongue. She moaned and arched her back, feeding her breast to him. He repeated the procedure on the other breast and she began beating his back with her tiny fists, demanding that he stop teasing and start fucking.

"Damn you, Nick, fuck me. I can't take any more teasing. Oh God that feels so good, I want your cock, damn you, fuck me, fuck me now, fuck me hard, you bastard. Oh, I love your tongue."

Nick trailed kisses down her belly and ended at the edge of her pubic hair. He hooked his thumbs into the waistband of her panties and removed them and her pants at the same time. He slowly slid them down her body and stood at the end of the bed when he finally pulled them off her feet, leaving the naked woman moaning in the center of the bed. He quickly disrobed then knelt between her feet and leaned down to kiss her clit.

Her hips jumped off the bed at this warm, wet contact. He slid his hands under her buttocks and grasped her ass cheeks to prevent her from bucking him off, then replaced his mouth on her clit. As his tongue lashed at her hardened bud, she screamed and bucked her hips off the bed. He kept his mouth fastened to her clit and continued lapping his tongue through the protective lips and across the hardened tip of her clit. At each motion, she exploded her hips upward and, on the third tongue pass, she peaked her orgasm and suspended her body in mid-air for seconds until the peak passed.

When she relaxed her hips, she blew out a huge breath and began gasping for air while he kept his warm mouth covering her clit. He moved upward, then, kissing her belly and her breasts until his mouth reached hers and his cock was touching the entrance to her hot, wet pussy.

She surrounded him with both her arms and legs and pulled him to her, wanting nothing more than to immerse herself into his being. He pushed his hips forward and impaled the moaning woman on his hard spike.

"Oh God, Nick, you're splitting me. Oh, it's too big. I can't take it. Oh you bastard, fuck me. Yes, yes, yes, fuck me, Oh My God!"

She repeated her chanting as he began pumping his cock into and out of her grasping pussy. Harder and faster he pumped. In a very short while, she came again and pushed him off the bed with the strength of her thrust. He continued pumping her pussy right through her orgasm and into the beginning of another buildup. This time he was nearing his own completion and she felt the heat in her pussy.

"Yes, Nick, that's it, give me your cum, come on, baby, I want it all, give it to me, now, Nick, now fill me, finish me. Fuck me."

Her hot, grasping pussy virtually pulled the cum from his pumping cock and spurt after spurt blasted the back wall of her hot pussy. His cumming seemed to go on forever and he couldn't believe how long it lasted and how good it felt. Julie wailed as she felt his hot cum fill her pussy and immediately pushed herself to yet another orgasm, digging her nails into his back as she climaxed again. They were both gasping for breath and he moved to support his weight on his elbows to allow her space to breathe. As his breathing returned to near normal, he began kissing her face, the light kisses that he knew she adored.

"Oh, Nick, that was fantastic. That was better than ever. I can't believe that sex could be so wonderful. Thank you, darling, thank you oh so very much."

"I told you before that you are the fantastic lover. The fact that you wanted this session to be better than ever, and it was, just proves it. I'm only as good as you want me to be. As for me, you are fantastic as well. I couldn't believe how hard I came today. You tasted better than ever and your pussy just sucked the cum out of me."

"Oh, I love you, Nick. But tell me the truth, is Sarah really good in bed?"

"Yes, she is. I think it was because she believed that she would enjoy it, she did. It might even be hereditary."

"Are you suggesting that Sarah is a good lover because I'm a good lover? Nick, that's absurd! Sarah wasn't even born when I started fucking and I didn't really teach her about fucking."

"Not hereditary that way. What I mean is, being a good or great lover is all about attitude and you certainly have had a hand in forming her attitude. If it hadn't been for your teaching, she wouldn't have come near me. Remember, the folks up there call her Ironpants because they think she doesn't like men at all. How ironic!"

"Yes, her nickname is certainly wrong, isn't it? Sarah seems to really like sex and now it seems she likes it both ways. Maybe you're right and there is something hereditary here. Do you think the three of us can get along for the long term? Really, Nick, it would be terrible if one of us had to choose, don't you think?"

"Choosing one over the other would be a capital crime in my book. We just have to make sure that everybody is satisfied and that nobody feels left out. With all we have going for us, I think we can manage that, don't you?"

"I certainly hope so. Especially if you fuck me like this when you come back to Brisbane. OH, you're growing inside me, I can feel it. Oh, Nick, I think I'm going to get even right now. Oh, hold me, I'm cumming again, Oh, OH, MMmmmmmm, Uggggghhhhh. Oh, my, that was lovely. Thank you."

"You're welcome, madam. If your satisfied, at least for the moment, how about a ride down to the hotel for a drink? We can sit on the patio and listen to some jazz for awhile before we go back."

"That sounds great. But that means you have to get out of me and I don't like that idea at all. Oh, you bastard, you slipped out. Damn you, that's not nice."

"Sorry, you pushed me out. I don't have a lot of staying power after I've cum and you made sure I came tonight."

Both of them were grinning broadly at this exchange and they began to clean up and get dressed. Twenty minutes later, they were seated on the patio of the Manly Hotel listening to a jazz trio and sipping their drinks and holding hands. An hour later, they mounted the bike for the leisurely ride back to Julie's where they discovered a sleeping Sarah on the sofa.

They quietly decided to let her sleep, although Julie insisted on covering her with a light blanket. Nick and Julie went to bed in Julie's bed, cuddling up together very tight. They slept through the night almost without moving. In the morning, Nick was the first to awaken and quietly slipped from the bed. He visited the bathroom and brushed his teeth then crawled back into bed.

Julie felt him get into the bed and reached for him. She kissed his cheek and wrapped her arms around him, whispering in his ear.

"You just stay right here, lover, I'll be back in a minute."

He nodded and patted her ass as she rose from the bed and padded towards the bathroom. In a very short time, she was back in the bed, kissing and hugging him. She pressed her breasts to his chest and her clit to his hardening cock, moaned lightly with the contact. He pressed her to him and began kissing her neck, causing her to sigh and hold him tighter.

"Oh, Nick, I missed you. Fuck me, please, I want you right now."

He rolled her onto her back and slipped between her outspread legs. His cock was poised at the entrance to her pussy as he held his weight easily on his forearms and knees. She wrapped her legs around his waist and began to press him to her, causing his cock to touch her cunt lips with more pressure. He took the hint and pressed his hips forward.

His cock pushed its way into her hungry pussy, causing her to moan in delight. He pressed forward until he was completely imbedded inside her. She locked her ankles behind his ass and tightened her legs, forcing him even deeper into her warm, wet cavity. As he moved within her, she began her chant at a whisper.

"Oh, yes, Nick, I love your cock. It's so big it fills me up. Oh, god it feels good. Fuck me with that big cock, please, Nick, fuck me hard, fuck me deep, Oh, yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me."

At her insistence, he began pulling back and re-entering her pussy with his hard cock. He moved his hips forward and back in a steady rhythm, which she soon joined, pressing her hips forward to meet his every thrust. Her moans rose higher in pitch and volume as they continued their fucking and he covered her mouth with his to keep from disturbing Sarah who was sleeping just outside their door.

It didn't take long before Julie stiffened in climax, followed by a huge release of breath. She gasped for air as he continued fucking her, driving her to another orgasm on the heels of her first one. She moaned and joined in the rhythm, pushing herself to orgasm again and again before he gushed his hot cum deep inside her grasping pussy.

They both paused, pressed together as hard as they could be, while the peak of their respective orgasms hit them and began to subside. As their breathing returned to normal and they lay basking in the warm glow of their love, the bedroom door opened and Sarah peeked in.

"OH, my, have you started without me?"

"Yes, Sarah, I just couldn't wait. But there will be time this weekend for everybody, I promise you. Now come over here and join us in the bed for awhile. I think we all need a cuddle this morning."

Sarah eagerly jumped at the chance and was under the covers next to Nick in seconds. Although he was still technically inside Julie, he leaned over and kissed Sarah warmly. Sarah wrapped her arms around his neck and returned his kiss, then turned to Julie and repeated her actions. His limp cock slid out of Julie's wet pussy and he rolled between the two naked women, wrapping an arm around each of them and pressing them to him.

Sarah slid her leg over Nick's and let his cock feel the warmth of her thigh. His cock responded with a light twitch and Sarah realized that she just might get fucked this morning if she played her cards right. She reached her hand down and grasped his almost limp cock and held it tenderly, massaging it lightly with her fingers.

Julie's hand brushed lightly across Sarah's fingers and she instantly realized what Sarah was trying to do. Julie moved to rest her body on Nick's at an angle that didn't interfere with Sarah's manipulation of his cock and kissed him with tongue, lips, and teeth. Sarah felt the resulting stiffening of his cock during this episode and mentally thanked Julie for helping her.

"You two relax while I shower and get breakfast started. I'll take my time so there's no rush." With these words, Julie slipped from the bed and flounced into the bathroom, positive that Nick's cock was jumping from the view of her swinging hips and ass.

Sarah noticed the reaction in Nick's cock and quickly tightened her grip to ensure that the buildup would remain long enough for her to have that cock inside her. Sarah kissed Nick, a warm, tongue lashing, open mouthed kiss and moved her body against his at the same time. He responded in kind and didn't object when she began moving down his body with her mouth. She kissed his chest and belly, then lowered her head to take the head of his cock into her warm mouth. He groaned as her lips enveloped his cockhead and began ministering to it. She continued massaging the length of his shaft even as the head disappeared into her hungry mouth.

Sarah slobbered over his cock, making little mewing noises in her throat indicating her joy as she administered to him. He groaned in response to her sucking and massaging and prayed he would be hard enough to satisfy her so soon after satisfying Julie. After a short time, Sarah deemed his cock hard enough for penetration and shifted her position.

She moved her leg over his body and straddled his torso. She leaned down to kiss him and rub her breasts against his chest. He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tightly, then slid his hand down to cup her ass cheeks. When Sarah sat upright, he moved his hands to her breasts, cupping them and lightly running his fingertips across her taut nipples.

Sarah arched her back and sighed loudly at this attention, closing her eyes and rocking back and forth slowly.

Finally she could take no more of his teasing and raised up, creating some space between their bodies. She reached down and gripped his hardening cock and placed the head at the entrance to her pussy. Still supported by her hand, Sarah began to impale herself on his cock, forcing it inside of her. Inch by inch she sank onto the hardening cock, filling herself with the tool that just recently filled her mother's cunt. The very thought excited her beyond belief!

Nick continued caressing her breasts and toying with her nipples as she impaled herself on his cock. When he was completely inside her, she leaned back to feel him moving inside her pussy, touching her cunt walls in various places as she changed her position. She was in heaven with a warm, hard cock inside her yet having the freedom to move about as she desired. This was indeed the best of both worlds.

Sarah churned her hips side to side, forward and back, around in tiny circles, feeling his cock strike the inside of her pussy in different places with each move. Her fever grew hotter and hotter and finally boiled over as the first of several orgasm hit her. Sarah howled out loud as the orgasm peaked, so loud in fact that Julie quietly opened the door to see what was happening.

After watching for a few seconds, long enough to realize that Sarah was indeed enjoying herself, Julie quietly closed the door and pushed a finger into her own still wet cunt, toying with herself for a moment before returning to the kitchen. She was filled with a special kind of joy from knowing that her precious daughter was truly being well taken care of in every sense of the word.

Sarah pushed herself to several orgasms on his cock before falling forward in near exhaustion. He caught the tired Sarah and gently laid her on his chest, loving the feeling of her warm breasts on his chest. He caressed her back and her buttocks while she rested with his cock still inside of her, feeling the growing need within himself. After a short while, he rolled Sarah over and while maintaining himself inside her pussy.

She raised her legs and wrapped them around his waist as he assumed the classic pushup position and started a slow fucking rhythm, pushing his cock in and out of her grasping pussy. He quickly increased the pace of his actions and Sarah began to wail as his cock struck the back wall of her pussy. Faster and faster his hips flew in an effort to relieve himself.

Finally, he gushed his hot cum into her hot pussy. Sarah cried out and he covered her mouth with his as they climaxed together. In moments, they were huffing and puffing against each other as they fought to regain control of their breathing. He was exhausted but elated. He had fucked both of them in the same morning, even before breakfast. He was on top of the world and hoped they shared his joy.

"Oh, Nick, you are fantastic. Do you realize you have fucked both of us this morning? And magnificently, I might add, at least as far as I'm concerned and I'm almost positive Mom would agree."

Just then Julie poked her head in the door.

"Well, if you two are quite finished, I have breakfast almost ready."

"And, yes, I do agree that Nick is magnificent but let's not give him too big a head or he won't even get through the door. Come and get it, you two, breakfast won't come to you this morning."

"Well, Sarah, I didn't think I could handle both of you but you proved me wrong with your technique. It wasn't all me, you understand, you and Julie had a lot to do with the success of this morning. You two are the amazing ones. I can't think of another mother and daughter who would even consider fucking the same man let alone in the same bed."

"We are unique, that's for sure. But let's go eat, I'm starving."

Nick and Sarah disengaged from each other then quickly cleaned up and joined Julie in the kitchen. The breakfast smelled wonderful and Nick surrounded Julie with his arms and kissed the back of her neck.

"My God, you are fantastic. You feed both my body and my soul in one morning. Turn around here so I can kiss you properly."

Julie turned in his embrace, grinning widely, and planted a warm, wet kiss on his mouth. Sarah was just to the side and quickly moved over.

"Do I get a kiss too? I've been a good girl this morning."

"Of course you have, sweetheart, and I'm sure Nick will agree. Here's your kiss. Now sit down and let's eat before this gets cold."

At breakfast that morning you couldn't have found three happier people in the world. After the breakfast dishes were cleaned up and everyone had showered and dressed, the women told Nick he was on his own until dinnertime. They decided to go shopping in the city and since he was playing golf at noon they thought a little time alone was in order. He kissed them both goodbye and watched as they walked toward the train station with their asses swinging almost in tandem. Yes, indeed, it was a magnificent morning.

Julie and Sarah wore grins that couldn't be erased with dynamite. They had just passed the first test in this new relationship. During the course of the afternoon, Nick brought his playing partners up to date on the status of his new job and his new relationships. They couldn't believe the events of the morning and were green with envy. He assured them that the women were in control of things and only time would tell how things worked out but for now, it was great.

Sarah and Julie said very little to each other on the train ride into the city. Once they began to walk by themselves, the conversation really got started.

"So, Sarah, what do you really think about my Nick now?"

"Oh, mother, I think he's grand. Somehow I just knew you would pick a winner. He's kind and thoughtful and I like the way he touches me. And Oh, the sex! Do you mind terribly if we share him?"

"No, I don't mind, Sarah, I just want to be sure that you will appreciate him as much as I do. It isn't every day that you find someone who will handle a situation like this as well as he seems to. I can only hope that it continues to be the joy that it is now."

"I don't think you'll have any problem with that. He seems to really love both of us and that's the key. Do you think he'll mind sharing you with me? How will he react when he sees us together?"

"I'm not sure but we'll certainly find out tonight. You don't think I'd give you up, do you? We have to have our time together of course but for tonight we'll also have to share the time with him. Do you have any ideas about getting together tonight?"

"No, I basically thought you were in charge of things. I wondered how we would pull it off but I haven't really thought about it. I suppose we have to have a plan of some kind or we risk having the evening fall apart. What do you have in mind?"

"I just have a simple idea. After dinner we could play some cards, strip poker or something, and open a bottle of wine. I haven't really thought much beyond that because I want it to be natural. You know, let things happen as they will. None of us have any real inhibitions so I think once the idea is introduced it should take care of itself, don't you?"

"Mmmmmm, you're probably right about that. Maybe we could find some sexy underwear for tonight. That would certainly get things moving in the right direction. Do you know what his favorite color is?"

"No, but if you and I are wearing it, I think don't think it will matter. Have you experienced his tongue yet? Oh, my, what that man can do with that tongue."

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