tagSci-Fi & FantasyAdventures of the Cohort Ch. 03

Adventures of the Cohort Ch. 03


Mikael cut the pear with a sharp knife, dropping the pieces into the bowl that he had in front of him. He put a segment in his mouth and chewed it slowly as he finished, enjoying its flavour. Its cool wetness proved refreshing, too, a welcome relief in the stifling heat. Mikael had already removed his shirt due to the warmth; the feeling of cotton hanging on to him in the high temperatures was not to his favour.

He placed the knife to one side when he was finished and walked over to the small cupboard where the Cohort kept perishable savoury goods. Opening the door and reaching inside he pulled out a small block of cheese wrapped in waxed paper that Lucinda had brought back the last time she had visited the local town. He cut this, too, placing those cuttings into the same bowl. It was a small meal he had learned to prepare in his days working in a tavern. It was cheap yet filling, and when quality ingredients were used, surprisingly delicious.

As he sliced the cheese he puffed his cheeks. It was too hot, and he did not particularly enjoy it. He had never felt the Sanctuary this warm before but, he supposed, he had not been here long. Perhaps his Sisters could shed some light on the heat or at least confirm that at certain times of year it was something he'd need to get used to.

He wiped his brow, reaching for the large cup of water he'd filled slightly earlier, and took a swig. It slipped down his throat, pure and refreshing, and he as he put the empty mug back onto the table he sighed with contentedness. He could not prevent the heat but he could at least try and stay cool.

He'd not even exercised properly today, the air too cloying for him to work up much of a sweat in the training room. He'd enjoyed a quiet swim in the early morning before any of his Sisters had been awake but that was more in an effort to keep cool rather than build his athleticism. He supposed that he could ask Quintia for further instruction in the sorcerous arts, which would at least help him hone his fighting skills, but he couldn't bear the thought of being around so many fireballs.

He finished cutting the cheese, wrapping the wax paper back around the remaining block and returning it to the cupboard. Shaking the bowl, he ensured that the cheese and pear were properly mixed rather than layered on top of one another, and then took a small bite and appreciated his handiwork. Remembering then that his cup was empty, he moved to refill it.

The small well that was situated in the corner of the kitchen made this easy and Mikael lowered the cup into the bucket of clean, fresh water that he pulled up. Had he not been in the Sanctuary he would have worried about the water drying up in this heat but he felt no concerns about its supply when he was here. He had never known the water to not be at its maximum level, even when the shores of the lake outside receded slightly. Clearly, this water was from a supernatural source.

That done, he was reaching for a loaf of bread to complete the meal when he suddenly became aware of someone walking towards the kitchen, their feet padding softly on the stone floor. He turned as the curtain was pulled open and smiled at Kristine as she walked in, and she smiled back.

"Hello," he said pleasantly, slipping some more cheese and pear into his mouth.

"Hello Brother. Preparing a meal? I didn't know you represented the Gods of food, too."

Mikael laughed at that and turned to face her, allowing his eyes to quickly rove over her body. She wore a loose cloth top and a linen skirt that fell to her knees, and although both did a good job of concealing her figure Mikael knew well what lay beneath. Her blonde hair was down but swept forwards over one shoulder today, and her piercing blue eyes were creased in amusement.

"What can I say? I'm talented."

Kristine laughed. "Well, I was going to get some food for myself, but I think now I'll just steal yours."

"I suppose I expected no different," he said with a wry smile as she reached into the bowl, withdrawing her hand with a small slice of pear. She giggled as she slipped it into her mouth, her eyes rolling back with pleasure as the refreshing fruit washed over her tongue.

"It's nice, isn't it?" Mikael grinned, taking out a slice of pear and cheese. He ate the two together, enjoying the taste. "Especially in this heat."

"Indeed," Kristine nodded. "I came originally for a cup of water."

Mikael smiled as he handed her his own and she thanked him before gulping back the entire contents of the mug.

"I didn't mean for you to drink it all," he laughed, taking back the cup from her.

"You know me. Offer me something nice and I'll take it."

"I know. I've experienced it."

She grinned again, her gorgeous face lit up with mirth, before leaning forwards to take another slice of pear from the bowl.

"This is nice," she beamed, eating another slice. "My compliments."

Mikael shrugged. "Well it's a light meal, and in this heat that's all I wanted."

"Understandable," Kristine nodded. "I've not known it to be this hot here before. It's actually rather worrying."

Mikael furrowed his brow. "I wanted to ask you about that. Whether this heat was normal or not."

"It is not," she replied, shrugging her shoulders to signify her lack of answers. "I don't entirely know what's causing it. I asked Quintia to see if she could divine anything out of the ordinary in this place but she found nothing. If there's a direct cause to this heat then it is away from here."

"Interesting. If there is something individual causing this then it must be powerful indeed to affect the Sanctuary, surely?"

"Oh, yes," Kristine agreed. "This place is well protected from spells. If something is breaking through those barriers, even if it is not targeted directly at us, then I would not be surprised to see us tasked with its removal by the Gods."

"Well, whatever we have to do I hope it cools down soon," he sighed. "I feel like I might melt."

"I wouldn't want that. Though if you did I might be able to eat all of this."

She reached out to take another slice of the pear but Mikael snatched the bowl away. She looked up at him with a smirk as he moved it behind his back, holding it away from her.

"My food," he grinned, and she laughed, her eyes twinkling. She lunged forwards and Mikael wrapped his free arm around her waist, pinning her in place against his body. She reached out to grab the bowl but it was just too far away.

"Give me some," she pouted, looking up at Mikael as her arms strained to reach the bowl. He stretched out, just keeping it out of her reach, and poked his tongue out.

Suddenly, she stopped struggling, instead turning to Mikael. She was still pinned against his body and her arms dropped to her sides. With a mischievous smile on her face she leaned forwards, pressing her cheek softly against his.

"I'm sure we could come to some arrangement here," she whispered in his ear, pressing her body against him. Mikael grinned as one of her hands began to lightly trace around his cock. "There must be some favour I can give you in return."

"I'm sure there is," he replied, beginning to relax his arm as his member twitched.

"How about..." she breathed, pressing her palm flat against his cock, "I help you work up an appetite?"

"Sounds good," he agreed, pushing his hips against her hand, enjoying the feeling.

"Tough!" she laughed, breaking free of Mikael's now loosened grasp and grabbing the bowl from his hand. Before he could react she had darted away and stood leaning against the counter, her body shaking with amusement. She giggled at the look on his face, before slowly raising a slice of pear to her mouth.

"Mmmm..." she moaned teasingly. "This is very nice."

"You know, if you're going to steal my food at least eat it properly. You're supposed to eat the cheese and pear at the same time," he said wryly, stepping towards her. "One is sweet and the other savoury. The contrast between the hard edge on the cheese and the sugary pear compliment one another."

Kristine swallowed the pear and flashed a smile at him.

"Is that so?"

He moved forwards, plucking out a piece of cheese and a slice of pear from the bowl, holding them delicately between the fingers of one hand. Then he stepped close to her, feeling the contours of her body through her top against his naked chest, and lowered his head to within a few inches of her own. She opened her mouth, her eyes shining into him.

Mikael dropped the pear and the cheese onto her tongue and watched her intently as she chewed. He positioned his head so that it was directly in front of hers, her breath sweet over his face, before he let his hand drop to her waist. She smiled and swallowed, pushing her body into him.

"You're quite right," she sighed. "That was delicious."

"I hoped it would be," Mikael breathed back.

The corners of her lips twisted impishly. "But suddenly I'm not hungry anymore." She reached out and placed the bowl at arm's length away on the counter.

"Now there's a surprise."

He slowly moved his head forward. Kristine's eyes glittered and her free arm wrapped around his back as she pressed herself more tightly against him.

"I suppose I did promise to help you work up an appetite," she said quietly, a seductive smile on her face. "Would you like to do so now?"

"I don't think you need to ask," he breathed, leaning in. Kristine grinned mischievously and Mikael pushed his tongue into her mouth as their lips met. She responded in kind, meeting his tongue with her own, and they kissed passionately.

He pulled her to him with both hands, fervently kissing her as their bodies crushed together, and grasped her ass firmly. She let go of the table and wrapped her other arm around his back with a moan, her nails scraping faintly across his bare skin. Then his hands drifted lower, hooking underneath her shirt and starting to gently tug it upwards, Kristine allowing the kiss to be broken as he pulled off the garment, her large breasts falling free.

Instantly, Mikael's hands were on them, slowly kneading them and gently playing with her nipples. Kristine's breath caught in her throat and Mikael lowered his head to suck a nipple into his mouth. She moaned as he teased them with his tongue and grabbed the back of his head, pulling him closer.

After a short while, he stood and kissed her again, his right hand reaching up and brushing her golden hair away from her face. The piercing blue of her eyes seemed to shimmer with lust as he took hold of the top of her skirt, gently pushing it down. She kissed him again, their tongues dancing as her skirt fell away, leaving her totally naked.

His hands were soon on her hips and he broke the kiss, lifting her clean off the ground with a smile and placing her on the wooden table beyond them. He stepped towards her and Kristine smiled wickedly, leaning backwards and opening her legs. She knew what was coming, and Mikael grinned as kissed her stomach, slowly tracing his way lower with his tongue.

He placed his hands on her calves, gently pushing them further apart, and allowed her legs to rest over his shoulders as he stroked her inner thighs. Kristine trembled slightly with anticipation and Mikael kissed around her pussy, feeling the warmth caressing his face, before he gently flicked out with his tongue.

Kristine gasped with pleasure and Mikael moved his face closer, allowing his tongue to roam over her folds. He ran it the full length of her snatch before pushing it inside, enjoying the way she tasted. Mikael moved to her clit, sucking it into his mouth and gently teasing it with his tongue. His fingers parted her pussy lips as they sank into her, Kristine moaning loudly.

He lapped at her clit before returning to running his tongue over her folds. Her wetness ran over his mouth and her opulent scent filled his nostrils. The flat of his tongue pressed against her womanhood before he teased her entrance with it, then slowly slipped inside. She moaned, and began to writhe slightly in pleasure as Mikael gently tongue-fucked her.

At length, he stopped, returning to her folds. He lapped at them for a few moments, every so often flicking her clit with his tongue, before he returned his full attention to the little bud. He sucked his mouth around it, lightly tracing his tongue over her clitoris and causing her to inhale sharply each time. He reached up again and pushed two fingers inside of her, allowing her tunnel to relax around them before slowly pumping them in and out. Kristine was moaning loudly now, her legs tight around his head as he worked on her pussy. Her body had started to tense.

His tongue was lightly caressing her clit and he slowly pressed harder, swirling his fingers around inside her. Kristine gripped the side of his head tightly and Mikael looked up to see her piercing blue eyes staring at him, a look of pure ecstasy on her face. Her moans bordered on shouts as her orgasm crested, her face taking on a look of pure animalistic desire. She bucked her hips in anticipation of her climax.

"Mmmm... yesss... fuuuck..." she moaned, her face screwing up with rapture. "Ahhhhhhhhh... yeeeeesssssss!"

She cried out as she climaxed, her snatch visibly trembling as her walls convulsed inside her. Mikael continued to push his fingers into her as her moans continued, a powerful climax tearing through her. He kissed her thighs as it faded, keeping her aroused, before standing up. Kristine grinned and leant forwards again, wrapping her legs around his back and placing her arms on his shoulders.

"Holy fuck, Mikael," she whispered with a grin. "That was good. And I mean good. I remember you eating my pussy in that tavern the first time you fucked me. Do you remember that?"

He grinned. "Of course I do. One of the best nights of my life."

"Good to see you haven't lost your touch," she said as she pulled him closer.

Mikael leaned in and they kissed, his arms wrapping around her back, feeling her smooth skin. Her lips parted and he pressed his mouth against hers, their tongues thrashing against one another. Kristine's arms reached down for Mikael's buckle, unclasping it and pulling free his belt. His pants fell to the floor and he stepped out of them, before kicking them away. They stood there naked, both enjoying the sight of the other. Kristine ran her finger lightly down Mikael's chest as he stroked her thighs.

Eventually, Kristine leant backwards onto the counter once again and Mikael lined his cock up with her entrance. He slowly rubbed the tip against her folds, eliciting a faint gasp from the blonde spread out on the table.

"Don't make me wait," Kristine moaned as his cock brushed her clit.

"Sorry," he moaned, before pushing inwards, gasping as her hot, tight tunnel swallowed up his member. Kristine moaned, her face contorting with the intensity of the feeling.

Mikael reached up and grabbed one of her large breasts, gently squeezing it whilst his other hand stroked her blonde hair, then her cheek. He pressed a finger against her lips and Kristine started to lightly nibble the end, his cock motionless inside of her. The paladin's lips were twisted into a wicked smile as she sucked on his finger and her blue eyes stared straight into his.

Mikael slowly began to thrust and Kristine shut her eyes in delight, opening her mouth and letting his finger drop free. She moaned as Mikael's cock eased in and out of her depths, her velvet walls caressing his shaft.

"Mmm..." she moaned, a smile on her angelic face. "That feels gooood."

"I'm glad," he grunted back, his cock sliding into her hot snatch slowly, every inch caressed by her silken tunnel. His pace was controlled, deliberate, and Kristine clearly enjoyed the sensations that sparkled through her.

He gently squeezed the breast that he cupped, before letting go and moving the hand to run delicately over her soft thighs, her legs still wrapped around his back. Mikael let his fingers stroke smoothly down her stomach, feeling its flatness, before he leaned forwards and placed his palm flat on the surface of the counter.

His new angle caused Kristine to gasp as his member pushed in deeper than it had been previously. Mikael grinned wickedly as she opened her eyes to stare at him and his other hand left her breast to rest on the table, too.

The blonde beauty beneath him now arched her neck slightly as Mikael's cock truly worked its magic, pleasure shivering through her each time it slid into her eager pussy. He slowly thrust harder and deeper, watching as her body bounced with each movement, his ass bumping into her heels every time he withdrew. He leant down and kissed her neck, his hips moving increasingly quickly.

Soon he was thrusting with vigour, Kristine shuddering beneath him as his cock slammed into her. Her entire body faintly glistened with a slight layer of sweat, their fervent lovemaking not helping them cool down in the stifling heat. His hips were a blur and Kristine writhed in delight.

She was a picture of passionate desire, her blonde hair spread messily over the table, and her sparkling blue eyes flitting in and out of focus at the force of her pleasure. Her stunning face reflected the growing feeling inside her and Mikael could see her slowly grit her jaw as her muscles tensed. She unwrapped her legs from behind his back and Mikeal stood up in order to allow her to straighten them. He leaned forwards again when she had, her lean thighs pressed against him, her calves on his shoulders.

"Fuu... uuck..." Kristine moaned, as her eyes fluttered between open and shut. She writhed from side to side, her flawless skin reflecting the natural light that poured in from the high windows. Mikael pressed his lips against hers, their tongues briefly touching before Kristine withdrew hers and cried out. Mikael pulled his head away, her muffled noises suddenly becoming clear.

"I... ah... almost..." she panted, her body slowly tensing. "Ohhh... Mikael... fuu... uck..."

"Feel good?" Mikael grinned at her, watching the orgasm build.

"Ohhh... it feels... fucking... fantastic...." She panted, her eyes closed and her neck arched. "I'm... nnggghhhh... I'm... I'm... I'm COMIIIIING!"

Mikael slowed his thrusts as Kristine came beneath him. She had arched her back, her face displaying her pleasure and her eyes tightly shut. Her mouth was slightly open and her breathing came in ragged gasps as the orgasm exploded inside her. Her snatch tightened around Mikael's cock and he slowly continued thrusting as her walls shuddered around it.

Eventually, she lay back down and her eyes fluttered open. She grinned and sighed loudly, her body relaxing. A mischievous smile, however, remained on her face. She took a deep breath as her eyes sparkled with delight, her mouth twisted in a huge grin. "Wow. That was just... wow."

"Glad you enjoyed it," Mikael smiled as his cock still gently eased in and out of her depths.

"I more than enjoyed it, Mikael," she said, before gasping as his cock grazed her walls as he withdrew it. "Mmm... but there's more to come yet, I hope."

With that, she grinned and lifted her legs. Mikael stepped back, allowing her to sit forward, and her feet touched the ground. She stood up, leaning into Mikael and kissing him, his erection pressing up against her naked body. Her breasts squashed against his chest and he enjoyed the feeling of her smooth form against him. He placed a hand on the back of her neck and pulled her closer for the kiss, their tongues duelling as Kristine's hand dropped to his cock, lightly caressing its length.

After a few moments Kristine stepped back and placed her hands on Mikael's shoulders. She turned, guiding him round until he the one leaning backwards against the table. He smiled as she dropped to her knees, her fingers tracing down his body.

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