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How do I explain? What is an affair, and what isn't? All I can do is start from the beginning and let you decide.

My wife Rachel and I lived next door to our very best friends and neighbors for several years. In all that time we'd never even discussed, nor approached the possibility of doing anything outside our marriage, let alone with anyone we knew. As friends, we were certainly comfortable discussing and talking about anything and everything of course. Including sex. But that was always as far as it went. And besides, we were after all, 'best friends'. And you didn't fool around with a buddy's wife. Nor did he (usually) fool around with yours either.

Brad and Cindy were certainly no prudes. We had on some few occasions gone on camping trips with them, "tent camps" as we called them, and had listened to the two of them making love inside their tent next to ours. Obviously, it wasn't all that difficult to hear pretty much everything that was going on. Which of course always got Rachel and I feeling rather randy ourselves, and of course we'd end up getting it on, knowing full well that they could hear us too!

And so it was, on and on over the course of a few years time with titillating discussions from time to time, the occasional 'boff in the woods', but nothing more than that.

One of the few hobbies that Brad and I shared, and enjoyed doing with one another periodically, was exchanging X-rated movies whenever one or the other of us got a new one. We didn't sit down and watch them together as couples or anything. Neither one of the wives was really up for that, which was something else we both felt was a shame. But at least our wives usually did enjoy watching them with us from time to time.

Brad had just gotten several in the mail and had informed me as such. I gave him several blank tapes so he could make copies for me, and waited anxiously for a weekend of perverted pleasure on tape. As there were some things my wife didn't enjoy watching, I always did a quick preview of whatever Brad recorded for me so I could skip over those parts whenever Rachel and I were watching them together.

Just before leaving the house one Saturday as Brad had some work to do at the office, he dropped by handing me several tapes to watch later on that afternoon.

Rachel and Cindy had made plans to go out shopping together, so I knew that I would have several hours of uninterrupted viewing pleasure ahead of me. I was already sporting a hard-on just thinking about it when Cindy dropped by to pick up Rachel. Admittedly, Cindy was attractive. And I'd harbored those secret naughty fantasies about seeing her and Rachel together. Again, something that was never going to happen of course, but it was fun to think about.

Two attractive women, my wife a shorthaired brown-eyed brunette, and Cindy a typical blue-eyed blonde, licking one another's cunts. Oh yeah...definitely a nice fantasy. Already horny anyway as I looked forward to watching a few movies, I answered the doorbell when it rang, knowing full well whom it was. What I wasn't as prepared for however was seeing Cindy standing there in a tight-fitting halter top that outlined her full rounded breasts perfectly.

"Hey David, is Rachel ready yet?" she asked stepping into the house.

Just because I'm not the type to fool around, doesn't mean I don't get a lusty thrill out of semi-innocent opportunities either. Stepping back just enough to let her in, Cindy still brushed against me as she stepped in through the door. Though I admittedly made it nearly impossible for her not to have done so in the first place, feeling her breast brush against me as she entered. She cast one of those knowing looks at me without saying the obvious. Which was just as well. It was another one of those rare games we all played from time to time. Keeping things innocent enough to keep all of us out of any real trouble, but just naughty enough to make it fun.

"Should be down any time now," I told her following her into the room. "Would you care for something to drink while you're waiting?"

"Nah, we'll stop and get something a bit later during our shopping," Cindy informed me. "By the way, what's on your agenda for this afternoon?"

I knew full well that she knew her husband had just given me several X-rated tapes. Still in a randy frame of mind, I didn't mind telling her the truth of what my personal plans were.

"Thought I'd go sit in the den, watch those new movies your husband just got, and get nice and horny," I admitted

Cindy laughed, and I even think I saw her face blush with the knowledge of that. "I'm sure you'll do a lot more than simply get horny."

I grinned back at her. It was enough, as she blushed even more.


"I'm surprised," she began. "I wouldn't think with you and Rachel getting it on all the time that you'd still enjoy masturbating?"

Admittedly, she took me by surprise with that comment. But as I think she was now feeling a little frisky herself, I decided to play along and keep the conversation going as long as I was able to.

"I'm surprised Rachel hasn't already told you. But I still masturbate nearly every single day. And I wouldn't be surprised if Brad does too. Just because I do, doesn't mean I'm not ready, willing, and able to make love with my wife any time she's in the mood."

Turn about was fair play perhaps. As I caught another one of those looks, though this one was a bit more curious. Though I was somewhat disappointed when Cindy didn't follow that learned bit of knowledge up with another naughty little question or two. And maybe she would have, but just then Rachel came downstairs from the bedroom, purse in hand and obviously anxious to go.

"Be back in a few hours," Rachel said leaning over to give me an affectionate kiss. I of course took the opportunity to grab a handful of my wife's breast when she did, knowing once again that Cindy had watched me do it. Which had been my intent in the first place.

"I bet I know what you're going to be doing this afternoon," Rachel said pulling away from me, thus forcing me to release her. "I hope you don't spend the entire afternoon watching movies. There's still that light fixture in the bedroom I'd like you to put in."

"Yes dear," I said playfully. But when Rachel shot me one of her patented looks, it wasn't quite the same as the two I had previously gotten from Cindy. Almost conspiratorially, I watched through the front room window as the girls walked arm in arm out to the car, whispering to one another nearly the entire way.

I wished momentarily that I'd somehow been able to bug my wife's bra or something so that I could hear what they were talking about. I half-guessed it had something to do with my favorite past time, which I was dying to know if Cindy was actually confirming with Rachel or not. Either way, it was another one of those nice naughty, semi-innocent fantasies to stand there thinking about. Which of course also reminded me that I still had a hard-on, as well as several movies to preview before they got back. That, and a light fixture to install in our bedroom.

Grabbing the first unmarked tape out of the sack Brad had given me, I inserted it into the VCR, sat back unzipping my jeans, removing them, and prepared for at least an hours worth of self-pleasuring. The first thing I noticed was that the quality of the tape was far from perfect. Especially the lighting, and figured that Brad had ordered several of those amateur home videos we both enjoyed watching from time to time, and that I actually preferred viewing.

The second thing I noticed however was that the inside of this bedroom looked familiar. And as Cindy stepped into view, I suddenly knew why.

"Holy shit!" I exclaimed. As Cindy walked into the bedroom wearing one of her sexy negligees, I realized that the person holding the video camera was obviously Brad. The fact that he'd zoomed in on his own dick a moment later caught me as funny. But I also knew in that instant that my having this tape was an obvious mistake. Somehow he'd gotten one of their private videos mixed in with the ones he'd recorded for me. I wrestled briefly with that sudden knowledge wondering if I should eject the tape and somehow return it to him, with the assurances of course that I hadn't watched it. And then I thought the likelihood of his believing me as nil. Which is what I would think had our situations been reversed. Under those circumstances, I would eventually return the tape to him without saying a word, and let him wonder if I had, or hadn't seen it. Having come to that decision, I now settled back to enjoy a rather unexpected treat, enjoying my afternoon, even if I didn't get that damn light fixture installed.

Watching as Brad focused the camera in and out on Cindy would have been almost laughable had we been watching it together. But under the circumstances, his amateuristic attempt at photography was easily overlooked. Finally positioning the camera on a steady surface, pointed towards the bed, I now watched as the two of them began engaging in much more intimate acts. I still had reservations about watching. But with dick in hand, it was two votes to one in favor of watching as opposed to "ejaculating" the tape from the VCR as I jokingly told myself. I continued to stroke, getting off on the very nasty, erotic little voyeuristic movie I was so enjoying.

Although I got a sort of sadistic, twisted kick out of watching my best friend getting a blow-job from his wife, it was watching her as she began to literally spank his monkey so to speak, when things really got interesting. As Cindy hand-slapped Brad's dick, I suddenly got more aroused and excited than I'd ever been. Which included watching any other X-rated movie I'd ever seen before. There was something about the way she did it for one thing. But the other, was the pleasure-pained look on my buddy's face that did me in. I'd never seen anyone look like that for one thing. And for another, I'd never seen anyone look so devilishly wicked while doing it. Cindy looked absolutely crazed. And I loved it!

I'd already shot my wad, joining them both in a nice long drawn out cum-wrenching orgasm that had me seeing stars, when I looked up and saw the blue screen on the TV. I figured the show was over, careful not to trip out of my pants as I made my way over to rewind the tape. Just as I was about to hit the button however, the screen changed. Suddenly, there was Cindy lying on the bed all by herself. Taking two steps back, I repositioned myself on the couch finally locating the remote control, which had fallen between the cushions and turned up the sound.

"Hey baby..." I heard Cindy's voice begin saying. "I thought I'd surprise you with this naughty little video for you honey. I'm going to put it in the VCR where you can find it tomorrow night after you get home from your trip. Along with a note on the door telling you to watch it first of course before coming upstairs to bed. I want you good and horny when you get here! Now, sit down, relax. You can even play with yourself a little if you want to. But NO cumming baby. I want you to save all that fuck juice for me honey!"

"Oh fuck!" I thought as I began watching Cindy begin to spread her pussy and begin playing with it. And the best part was, she did it slowly, really working up to the grand finale as I realized later.

I watched as Cindy started out with a single finger, slowly teasing herself, lubricating that pink-pearled button she exposed with the fingers of her other hand. Just watching her rubbing her clit was arousing as hell. Seeing her doing that, while simultaneously fingering one of those rose-tipped nipples I'd only fantasized of ever really seeing was the second hottest thing I'd ever witnessed.

"Hmm baby. I'm imagining this is your tongue baby, licking my swollen little clitty. Can you see it? Am I close enough to the camera that you can see my nipple-clit as you call it honey? Oh feels good. Do you know I love masturbating for you? That I love it when you watch me doing it? And how much I love watching you when you play with yourself for me?"

"Oh fuck yeah baby!" I was thinking to myself. Wishing to hell that Rachel enjoyed masturbating even half as much as Cindy obviously did.

I watched as she slipped two, then three fingers inside herself. Still pulling on her nipples, pinching and squeezing them as she did. I sat mesmerized as she began pummeling her cunt in a furious attempt to get herself off. That, or cause her hand to totally disappear somewhere up inside herself. And I wasn't at all sure which one was really happening.

"You like it when I sometimes squirt too don't you Brad?" she asked the camera.

Though I found myself nodding my head in eager agreement as though she had directly asked me. I'd heard of women who could squirt, slash...ejaculate, but I'd never seen it. Up until now anyway.

"OH fuck yes!" I threw out a moment later. "Do it Cindy! Do it!"

She had picked up a fairly good-sized vibrator; a large pink one with all sorts of knobby little bumps on it. Treated to the sight of her not only inserting it inside that glistening wet pussy, but watching again half-paralyzed as she twisted it around inside herself simultaneously was driving me crazy with renewed desire.

"Oh baby. I wish this was your big fat cock fucking me now," she said teasing the camera. "Sucking my titty's, fucking my cunt with that big fat thick prick of yours!"

Her expression defied description. Wanton, lusty...even vulgar, all those and more, many of which I couldn't put words too.

"Wanna watch me cum honey? Wanna watch your wife's pussy squirting all that nice hot pussy juice in the air for you baby? Well, you're going too. Soon baby, soon. I'm so fucking hot, and so fucking horny for you honey. And you know how much I love having you watch me play with myself!"

"Me too kiddo. Me too!" I thought somewhat guiltily, though unable to tear my eyes away from the screen, nor my hand away from my cock for that matter as I continued to squeeze it, milking as much pre-cum "fuck-juice" as she'd called it as I could, in order to better self-stimulate my prick with.

Picking up another large sized wand-like vibrator, she now applied that directly against her clit while continuing to stroke that fat-pink toy in and out of that sloshy wet opening. I didn't even need to turn up the sound to hear all that squishishly delicious pussy juice as she continued playing with herself. Even the gentle hum of the wand couldn't compete with the eroticism I was listening to. Until of course, her own moans, groans and wails began to drown everything out.

"Almost there now baby," Cindy said purring away like the contended pussy she was. "Gonna come hard....really, really hard for you. Hope it's as nice a squirter as you like them to be," she added.

I watched as Cindy's face screwed up into a grimace that bordered on the bizarre. Orgasm can truly make a person vulnerable in appearance anyway. Which is probably a good reason why most of us never look in the mirror when we're cumming. It would embarrass the hell out of us for one thing. And ruin the orgasm of course, for the other. But watching Cindy as she obviously began to experience hers was like watching the most erotic, sensual experience any person could ever have. Which was followed immediately by a streamer of pearly-thick liquid that couldn't have been anything but one of those liquid female ejaculations I'd only heard and read about.

Half tempted to turn the sound down on the TV as her scream suddenly bumped the sound up two octaves, I refrained from doing so as my own climatic release suddenly joined hers. Watching ribbon after ribbon of my ejaculate exploding from the head of my cock, I pointed it towards the screen, pridefully, if not somewhat sheepishly pleased when a long thick streamer of it actually hit the TV set, smearing her image slightly. Which was still ok, as she'd finished climaxing at that point too.

Lust abated, for the moment anyway. I quickly wiped off the screen, rewound the tape, and sat there pondering how the hell I was going to get the tape back to them without their knowing I'd ever watched it. I finally decided that wasn't going to work, deciding to stick with my original idea. I'd simply hand it back without any explanation or comments at all, and let them wonder. Which had it's own unique little naughtiness to it. Besides adding to the already lusty smile still spread across my face.

The only downside was. I had a light to install. But the upside was. I was going to fuck my wife's brains out after she got home.


As it was the first Sunday of the month, Rachel as always went to spend the day with her mother who lived well over an hour away. It was also Brad's monthly golf outing. I had sometimes filled in on their foursome if someone couldn't make it. And although I enjoyed golf, I wasn't anywhere's near Brad's ability to play neither the game, nor with the guys he usually played with. As such, I filled in whenever I was needed, which wasn't all that often.

By the time Rachel had left, as she always got up and left early, the coffee was fresh, hot and waiting for me. Pouring myself a cup, I wandered over to the kitchen window. Brad was just leaving. I watched as he tossed his clubs in the trunk, turned waving...blowing Cindy a kiss, who I couldn't see at this angle. Though in my minds-eye I could. And, she was naked, lying on her bed, playing with herself.

"Shit! The tape!" I said remembering I'd left it sitting in the VCR. It was at that very moment that I realized if I returned it, along with two or three others that I had borrowed previously, neither one of them might ever know I'd even seen it. Taking my clever idea with me upstairs to shower, I planned on heading next door as soon as I had dressed, handing them off to Cindy who I was sure would never think to even inspect them. Not without Brad's being there at least. And, it would also afford me the opportunity to secretly undress her, now that I had actually seen her in real life. "A nice way to start out the day anyway," I thought smiling.


Leaving through the back door I crossed our property to theirs, entering via the simple gate in the fence separating our yards. As I passed by the back of our neighbor's house, I glanced up through the window, which I knew was their bedroom, and froze. Though the blinds were partially closed, they weren't drawn fully, leaving a two to three inch gap at the bottom of the window. Standing as I was, I could see Cindy lying in bed, but even more importantly, I could also see she was nude, and playing with herself! Movement across their yard had also alerted her to my presence, so that she saw me at nearly the same moment I had seen her. Caught, without really intending to have spied on her, about all I could do was smile and continue on towards their back porch. I didn't wait to see what her reaction was, or what she did, suspecting she would meet me nevertheless, though I was grinning from ear to ear when she opened the door just as I was about to knock.

"Morning David," she said in greeting. Though her tone of voice seemed a little more strained than usual. I noticed a rosy-red blush had spread across her cheeks. "We're certainly up early this morning aren't we?" she added, sounding a little more like her old self.

I was still smiling as I entered holding out the three tapes to her as I did. "Wanted to drop these off before I forgot about them," I lamely explained.

Taking them from me Cindy glanced at them briefly. "New? Or are these some you need to have Brad copy for you?" she asked looking them over. I watched as she glanced at the private tape, and swallowed. By the sudden change of expression on her face, she somehow recognized the tape. Obviously I had missed something. And then I saw it, a small white dot on the corner of the cassette.

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