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African Adventure Ch. 02


Copyright Otto26

Thanks to my editor, snooper, who puts up with my eccentric punctuation. Thanks also to those of you who read these stories and send me constructive feedback. If you haven't read the first two installments of this you're going to more than a little lost. Take a look at them at my profile page.

The catamaran raced across the blue waters of the Gulf, running before the steady wind with taut sails. The occasional gust would momentarily lift the starboard hull out of the water and cause Sonia, standing at the wheel, to whoop in unadulterated delight. Robert, the least nautically inclined of the group, sat back into the sling that let him lean out on the starboard hull to provide additional weight.

"She's going to dump this boat one of these days," he commented to Shin.

The young fisherman, sitting in the harness next to him, nodded in agreement. "But the trip will be fun," he replied in the thickly accented Creole English he spoke.

Shin was one of the two crew-members of the Dancing Girl. A member of the Chinese minority in Punta Gorda, Shin was the youngest son of a fairly prosperous businessman; his father owned a very small fleet of fishing boats. Faced with the prospect of inheriting next to nothing, and wanting a little adventure, Shin had found employment with Robert. More precisely, he had found employment with Sonia.

Dancing Girl had been a birthday present from Robert and Sara. Robert had decided to buy Sonia a sail-boat and put Sara on the task. She had found several prospects and they had purchased the Dancing Girl, victim of a cabin fire, for cheap and then had it refurbished. The new boat boasted the state of the art in civilian electronics and had a crew space. They used it occasionally to haul tourists from the village out to diving spots, and Robert considered it one of their escape routes, but mostly it was Sonia's toy.

The villagers had resented the boat and the two outsiders hired as crewmen at first, but the resentment had faded over time. Sonia was in the habit of having Shin and Wei help out with the fishing chores when they weren't occupied on the Dancing Girl. The two young men had a great deal of experience with fishing boats, having grown up working on the boats owned by Shin's father, and were experienced mechanics. They were also outgoing and hardworking. Then, too, there was the fact that Sonia had adopted a proprietary attitude when it came to the well-being of the village boats. If there was a problem getting something fixed, the fishermen had learned, go ask the Patron's dark-haired lady. She had also pushed hard for the aquaculture pens. The submersible pens moored out in the deep water of the Gulf had already produced a crop of Red Drum and another was growing rapidly.

Robert shook his head in amusement at the comment and looked back at the boat. Sonia had a hold of the wheel and was directing Wei and Sara. The slight woman, wearing a bikini so small that it didn't even fully cover her, was scampering about the boat like an excited puppy. Looking at the smiles on their faces Robert had to admit that he wouldn't regret a penny of the cost of repairing the boat when Sonia finally capsized it.

When they got closer to shore and the wind began to die down, Sonia ordered the sails furled and turned the wheel over to Wei. She and Sara joined Robert on the netting strung between the forward portions of the twin hulls.

"I never get tired of that!" she exclaimed, "Thank you both so very much!"

"Thank you, Sonia," Sara replied, "That's the second best ride in Belize."

"La kacego de Mastro being the best ride?" Sonia asked.

Sara grinned wickedly.

"Kompreneble," she replied.

"Of course," Sonia echoed.

"We have visitors," Robert announced.

Sonia swiveled her head to look at the flags flying from the top of the 'apartment'. Sara, still more experienced and inclined towards intrigue, kept her gaze on Robert.

"Danger flag?" she asked.

"Neutral," Robert replied.

"Sonia, tell Shin and Wei to have the boat ready for a fast exit," he ordered, "Probably unnecessary, but better safe than sorry."

"Jes, sinjoro," Sonia answered and then clambered back to pass the order on.

"What do you think sinjoro?" Sara asked quietly.

"I think my scars are itching," Robert told her after a moment of contemplation, "Things have been going very well, time for life to dump on us."

"You're being cynical again, sinjoro," she admonished him gently.

He nodded his head.

"That's because cynicism is a survival trait. Plan for the worst, hope for the best, survive each moment as best you can."

They rode the rest of the way into the harbor in silence.

Luke met them at the dock with the news that two men from the American Embassy were at the house; one in civilian attire, the other in a uniform. He also contrived to indicate that the Land Rover, another escape route, was down the street. Robert considered his options before deciding to be optimistic, to a degree; he could still run away if he didn't like the message the men were bringing him.

He wasn't sure his decision had been wise when he saw the men. One of them he recognized immediately, Colonel Gutierrez, the Military Attaché from the US Embassy in Kinshasa. He walked over and offered his hand to the wiry, leather-skinned little man.

"Congratulations on your promotion, Colonel," he said, "I trust we're meeting under more favorable circumstances this time?"

"That depends entirely upon you, Mister Taliaferro," the other man replied, "I'm Mr. Smith. I'm with the Agency and we have a proposition for you."

Robert nodded thoughtfully and took a seat across from the men.

"Would either of you like a drink?"

"I hear the rum is good," the Colonel replied.

Mr. Smith shook his head.

"Two Panty-Rippers, Sara," Robert said.

"'Panty-Rippers'?" Gutierrez asked.

"Coconut rum and pineapple juice," Robert replied, "Guaranteed to lower the inhibitions of maidens and result in a crushing hangover if you drink too many. But one or two are nice, particularly on a hot day. What's the pitch, Mr. Smith?"

"Obviously we know where you are. We also know about your escape. All about your escape. In return for not starting extradition proceedings and indicting your two female friends we want you to help us with a project in Africa," Smith said.

Robert regarded him thoughtfully.

"What's the job?"

"They want you in place with some troops in case they decide to eliminate some of the Congo faction leaders," Colonel Gutierrez replied, "The peace is holding, for now, but the UN won't increase the number of peacekeepers. So the President has to ignore a certain level of lawlessness. If he takes action against individuals, their factions will perceive this as a move against the faction as a whole and the peace could collapse. If action could be taken without government involvement, it would help keep a lid on the pot."

"So it's the Phoenix Program. And you want me because of my contacts and because I'm expendable; if the program gets blown you can leave me hanging in the wind and believably deny any knowledge of my actions."

Smith started to demur, but Gutierrez interrupted him, "Exactly."

Sara came over with a tray of drinks. She set it down on the table and handed one to Robert and then another to the Colonel. She knelt on the floor next to Robert.

"She's a pretty little bitch," Smith observed.

Robert felt his face coloring and swallowed once.

"Sara," he said quietly, "would you please go get Sonia? This concerns her as well, she should be here."

"Jam nun, sinjoro," she replied and walked towards the door.

Robert watched until she was out of the room and then his head swiveled like a turret to face Smith.

"Dickless, you're not going to establish a rapport with me. You've read my file, you know about my proclivities, and you've done some research. Sounds like you focused on the Gor crap. But you don't understand the first thing about the drives and emotions that motivate my relationships. So don't try and play the 'fellow dominant' with me. Don't pretend you view me as anything other than a disposable tool. And if you are ever rude or insulting to a member of my household again I will have you impaled. Think very carefully before you say another word, because that is not a threat, it's a promise."

The color slowly drained from Smith's face, whether in rage or fear Robert wasn't certain, but the man clearly understood that Robert had not made an idle threat.

Robert waited in silence until Sonia and Sara had returned and were kneeling on either side of his chair.

"You told her?" he asked Sara.

Sara nodded.

"I agree, in principle. But I want pardons, from the President, for Sara, Sonia, and me. I want them up front. Leaving me dangling in the wind when things go wrong is par for the course, I can handle that, but you don't get to blackmail us for the rest of our lives," Robert announced.

"No way," Smith responded, "Pardons okay, but not until after the project is over. I don't trust you any further than I can throw you."

"Then you're not as dumb as you look, but I won't do the job without the pardons because I don't trust you, the CIA, the Army, or the US Government," Robert retorted.

"Perhaps," Colonel Gutierrez interjected, "a compromise. Immediate pardons for the ladies and a pardon for Captain Taliaferro six months after the project has commenced. After all, by then he will have set up the infrastructure and will be almost superfluous. Even if he runs with the pardon in his pocket we'll still have the organization we need to accomplish the task."

"That's a dirty trick, Colonel," Robert said quietly.

Smith nodded, "That could work."

Robert nodded in resignation.

"Fine. BOHICA. Who's my support contact and who's my operational control?"

"CIA will send the orders to me and I'll send them to you," Colonel Gutierrez replied, "I can coordinate any support you need."


"Two million," Smith replied, "for twelve months. Anything more than that will have to come out of your pocket."

"Okay. I'll put together a plan. Will you gentlemen be staying the night?"

Gutierrez shook his head, "We'll head back to Punta Gorda so we can catch the morning flight. Welcome back, Captain."

"Thank you, Sir."

Robert turned away from the balcony where he had watched the rented car pull out of the village.

"Tell the boys I'm in the mood for hand to hand practice," he said in a clipped voice.

"Mi petegas vi, sinjoro, fiki mi," Sara said.

"Volas sucxi via kacego," Sonia whispered.

"I said ..." Robert began angrily.

"Better us, sinjoro," Sara interrupted him in a patient tone of voice, "We'll enjoy your frustrations. You might hurt someone in this mood."

"Ni petas," Sonia continued.

Robert growled in frustration and drew back his hand. Sara and Sonia remained still, waiting for the blow to fall, but it didn't. Forcing every last ounce of air out of his lungs, Robert exhaled and lowered his hand with visible effort.

"Rampuj al mia lito, sklavinoj. Jam nun," he ordered.

"Jes, sinjoro," Sara and Sonia replied.

They both turned and crawled to the bed and up on to it. Robert was upon them a moment later. He flipped Sara onto her stomach and shoved his hand between her thighs, lifting her ass into the air. His free hand fumbled with his fly, pulling his cock out and placing it against Sara's sex. He thrust hard into her despite the fact that she wasn't yet well lubricated and she hissed in pain and bit down on the thin comforter that covered the bed. He pulled out almost all the way and then pushed deeply into her, again and again. She was wet now and pushing back against him each time he pushed into her. Sonia had positioned herself behind Robert, kneeling slightly behind him. One hand unbuckled his pants, loosening them sufficiently to allow her to slide her hand down the crack of his ass and lightly grasp his balls. Carefully she caressed them and pressed her breasts against his back and her lips and tongue against his neck.

"Pli, pli, pli," Sara moaned repeatedly until he reached down and pulled her upright by her braided hair. Then she came, gasping her pleasure and trying to maintain her motions even as she felt her control over her body slipping away.

Robert came then, stimulated by the spasms of her sex and Sonia's fingers kneading his balls. He slammed his hips forward, slapping loudly against Sara's ass and jetted into her.

Sara, breathing deeply, ground her ass against his belly and squeezed with her vaginal muscles. Robert released her hair and placed his hands on her ass, abruptly pushing her forward and off of his cock. Turning, he pulled away from Sonia and pushed her down onto the bed. He stepped onto the floor and rolled Sonia onto her back; hands upon her legs he pulled her to the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide. She reached down to open her cunt to him and he rammed home into the soft pink wetness of her. He released her legs and ran his hands roughly up her body, squeezing her full breasts.

"Sara, tenu sxia brakoj super sxia kapo," he ordered.

Sonia quickly threw her hands above her head, where Sara grasped the wrists and pulled back. Robert rolled a nipple between his finger and thumb and Sonia gasped, arching her back and pulling her knees back towards her chest. Robert frowned and pinched hard.

"Sternu, sklavino," he commanded.

Gasping, lower lip between her teeth, Sonia extended her legs, spreading them as wide as she was able. Robert released her nipple.

"Bona," he commented.

While one hand continued to toy with her breasts, his other hand slid down her belly and began to tease her clitoris. Sonia gasped and arched again, but kept her shaking legs outstretched and wide.

"Aah! Do bonega, sinjoro! Do bonega!" she exclaimed.

Robert thrust forward and held himself inside her as his hands continued to play upon her body. Sonia knew what was expected of her and began to rhythmically squeeze his cock even before he commanded her to do so.

"Premu mia kaco, sklavino."

"Jes, sinjoro. Via mastra kacego. Dankon por via kacego. Dankon por fikanta mi. Oh! Oh!" she cried out as her body clenched and she tried to keep squeezing and her legs properly positioned.

Having pushed Sonia to orgasm, Robert came shortly after she did. Then he pulled out of her and lay back on the bed. Sara crawled up to him and nuzzled at his neck, working her lips down his throat and to his chest. Sonia, still panting, crawled up to his other side and began to suck at the nipple closest to her. Robert placed a hand on her head and pushed it further down his body.

"Sucxu mia kaco, Sonia," he said.

Sonia attached herself to his cock, taking it deeply into her mouth and laving it with her tongue. She worked slowly up and down it, rotating her head to allow her tongue to reach every inch of it.

Robert took a hold of Sara's hair and pulled her up to him, kissing her deeply and sucking the air out of her body.

"Aren't you afraid I'll lose control and hurt you one day?" he demanded when he let her up for air.

"Never, sinjoro," Sara gasped, "You'll always be rough, but you'll never injure me."

"I hope so," he replied. "Iru al via dorso, Sara. Fingrafiku via bella picxo."

Sara kissed him quickly and scrambled onto her back, legs spread so that her cunt was displayed to him. She began to rub herself slowly, using her fingers to display her wet sex, peeling aside the flushed petals of her rose and the moisture-covered hood of skin to reveal the swollen pearl of her clitoris. Robert pulled some pillows beneath his head, propping himself up to better view the two beautiful women obedient to his desires. Sara continued rubbing her clitoris as her free hand snaked a finger inside of herself.

"Vi estas farinta mi malsekega, sinjoro. Mi estas kacxa con via cxuro," she purred as the finger worked in and out with a faint squelching that was only occasionally audible above the sounds of Sonia noisily lapping at his penis.

"Cxu mi petas gustumi gxi, sinjoro? Mi petas?" she wheedled.

Robert smiled.

"Jes, sklavineto, vi petas gustumi gxi," he replied.

Sara withdrew her finger and brought it to her lips. Eyes fixed upon Robert she slowly sucked the finger, coated in their fluids, into her mouth. She moaned and her body jerked once.

"Mia kojonoj," Robert ordered as he rapped Sonia on the head.

Sonia pulled her mouth off of his cock and transferred it to his scrotum, carefully sucking one of his testicles into her mouth.

Sara rocked again and her eyes rolled back up into her head for a moment. She took her finger out of her mouth and returned it to her crotch, industriously stroking back and forth into herself. A minute later she came, squealing in delight. Robert felt his cock, semi-flaccid even after Sonia's lavish attentions, become rock hard. He pushed Sonia away from him and sprang onto Sara, burying himself with ease inside her. She wrapped her legs around him, pulling him into her even after their bellies were firmly pressed together. She arched her body, rubbing her breasts against his chest, and then attached her lips to his neck like a limpet, biting and sucking and screaming at his flesh. He drove hard into her, his hands firmly grasping the demi-globes of her ass, rocking his pelvis against her clitoris and sending her into a second orgasm that, in turn, pushed him over the edge.

Gasping for air he rolled over onto his back, pulling Sara with him. They held each other as their bodies bled off the sexual tension and the adrenaline was replaced by waves of languor. He lifted Sara off of his cock and pushed her head down his torso.

"Puru mi, sklavinetoj," he breathed.

Sara and Sonia both applied their mouth to his cock and balls, taking turns at licking him clean. Robert watched them for a few moments and then lay back and closed his eyes, drifting away on the soothing sensations and the blissful absolute certainty of his control of them.

"When's the last time I was that mad?" he mused aloud.

"The Anaconda, sinjoro," Sonia replied, "When they showed you the room they were keeping the women in."

She bent her head back to his crotch when she had finished speaking.

Robert nodded.

"Yeah. I was fairly pissed off. You were right, Sara, better to take out my mad this way. I can't really hurt either of you."

"We know, sinjoro," Sara replied with an impish grin, "And this way is more satisfying."

"I can't argue with that," Robert chuckled.

"Why were you so mad, sinjoro?" Sonia asked, "We always knew they were going to find us and want something sooner or later."

"In the first place," Robert responded, "They threatened you and Sara. I was unaware how deeply this would affect me. In the second place I despise the CIA. In the third place, that damn Colonel pushed buttons I thought I had buried."

He saw the expressions on their faces, sighed, and motioned for them to cuddle next to him. When they were each nestled in the crook of an arm he explained.

"I was a soldier. It was all I had ever wanted to be. I enlisted in the US Army, I went through infantry training and after that I went to Airborne school and then I qualified for Ranger training. Then I took a couple of tests and qualified for Officer Candidate School. I loved it. I had an infantry company in Gulf War One and it was mostly a matter of letting Iraqis surrender. We were tasked with guarding an impromptu prisoner holding area. So there we are, sitting around in the hot sun watching guys who just wanted the war to be over, when an air-conditioned Land Rover pulls up and disgorges a bunch of guys in khaki and sunglasses. They hand me some orders identifying them as CIA and tell me they need to interrogate a couple of prisoners.

"I thought it was bullshit, so I called Battalion and they confirmed what the CIA guys said. 'Give them whatever they want, Bob, and they were never there.' So they borrowed a squad and took a couple of prisoners behind the latrines. A few minutes later I heard gunshots. Everyone was going ape-shit trying to figure out what had happened. I ran over to the latrines and the CIA guys were handing a rifle back to one of my guys and there were two dead Iraqi prisoners on the ground. 'Clean it up', one of them said and then they got back into their Land Rover.

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