tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAfrican Safari Ch. 01

African Safari Ch. 01


English is not my language – so be nice when it comes to grammar – be honest when it comes to the story.

This is just the beginning...

Sometimes you just sit there, staring without seeing, your mind somewhere else than present time and place. I had to admit it would have looked that way as I sat waiting for the airline to call us to the gate, my eyes locked on the gorgeous ass just a couple of meters away from me. Clad in a short, loose, chequered skirt and a tight red top, the woman stood impatiently tripping from one foot to the other, a movement that made the shirt lift and swirl to and from. It was not the worst of ways to wait for the gate to open.

"Earth to John?" My sister Christine laid her hand on my knee and looked me in the eyes with a hint of a smile. "Too much work and to little play for my little brother the last year?" she grinned.

I smiled innocently back. "Hmmm? What do you mean?" She just snorted and gave me a accusing but humorous smile before she returned to her magazine.

It had been a long year. The newspapers continued to cut their staff budgets, and for freelance photographers like me, that meant more work. Even if they sacked their own photographers, they needed pictures, and I had been working seven days a week for almost a year now. The upside of it was the money. Feeling I couldn't take much more work without some time off, I decided to take three weeks in the African bush. I had it all booked when my brother in law decided it was time to reveal he preferred cocks to pussy. My sister and he had been married for three years, and the rest of the families thought they struggled to have a baby. It seems my sister's struggle was to get him to get it up when she was around. If I knew he didn't had a hard on around her, I would have called his bet a long time ago. My sister is not the kind of woman you ignore if you like tits, ass and pussy. At 26 she is still young and firm, but a woman in every aspect. She's 172 cm tall and slim, but not too slim. She got the necessary fat on her body, but for some reason The Creator has decided all her fat is to be placed on her ass and tits. I am 24, and like every younger brother I have checked out my sisters underwear. Now nobody believes me, but this is absolutely true: She is a 75H, or a 34E in US terms. Getting the right size bras is a pain for her, and she hates guys staring at her rack – so she normally dresses in baggy clothes. But her husband must have seen her nude, and if your cock doesn't stand to attention when you see her in a bikini, you probably prefer cocks yourself. Yes, even I – her brother – have to hide my erection around her when she wears skimpy clothing.

As my ex brother-in-law decided to leave Christine in favour of a guy named Manuel, she was heartbroken. She stayed indoors for weeks, and the first time we managed to get her out of their house, her eyes welled up every time she saw a couple holding hands or showing affection. My mother is a pretty strong willed woman, and she pretty soon decided my sister needed a break from her familiar surroundings. So here I sat at the airport, heading for my much needed vacation, with my older sister tagging along. Luckily we aren't that different – we both love the outdoors, and she is a pretty good photographer herself. We had been talking about the vacation for weeks now, and looked forward to spend some time together – far from work and people pitying my sister.

Ten minutes delayed the gate opened and we were allowed to board the plane for Johannesburg. My sister always prefer the window seat, while I prefer the aisle seat. I am 187 cm, almost six feet one, and long flights kill my legs if I can't stretch out.

Trying to make it as comfortable as possible, it wasn't until the security message I noticed Ms Chequered Skirt sat in the seat next to me. She and another man had a four seat row all by them selves, and I have to admit I envied them the luxury. But most of all I envied him the possibility to sit next to such a hot woman. I had only seen her ass in the queue, but her tits were just as nice: positioned high on her chest, perky and with obviously big nipples. They weren't as big as my sisters – but not many can compete with her when it comes to size. I was more than happy with less – if I only could get my hands on them. But this woman was not for me, so I settled down to just grab a peek whenever I thought I could get away with it.

A couple of hours later I had to take my first stroll around the cabin to get my circulation back in my legs. The crew had turned off the lights, and most passengers were sleeping. As I returned to my seat, I noticed that Ms Chequered Skirt lay with her head in the lap of the man she travelled with. Of the four seats on their row he sat on the furthermost, while she had curled up with the airline blanket over her shoulders and barely covering her fabulous round ass.

On the other side of the aisle my sister had found the eye covers, the pillow and the blanket provided by the airline company, obviously already on a date with Mr Sandman – and by the smile on her face it was a good date. I sat down next to her and tried to sleep, but I never sleep well on planes. I kept waking up. Each time I woke I had to grab a peek at that fantastic round ass of Ms Chequered Skirt. One of the times I peeked I saw her rolling her hips, and I smiled, remembering one of my ex girlfriends who did the same thing in her sleep. She was a wild thing. Maybe Ms Chequered Skirt was as well? I soon found out.

The next time I woke I heard faint, slurping sounds. I glanced over at the couple on the four seat row and saw her head bobbing up and down in his lap. She was blowing him! He sat there with his head tilted back, closed eyes and open mouth. He could have been sleeping, but his left hand was busy stroking her ass, and the stroking had already made the skirt ride so high on her thigh that I could se all of her ass: no panties! I could see everything: anus, outer lips – the lot. Each time he grabbed her ass her outer lips would open up and show me a glistening opening. My cock was rock hard, and I had to shift my cock to make it less painful. Why did I wear jeans? Too little space for having an erection!

I couldn't see his cock, but she was doing a good job, by the look of his face. My eyes rarely drifted away from her pussy, but one of the time I looked over at him, he had opened his eyes and looked straight back. I froze, but he just smiled and winked. Then he open up her pussy for me to see again. After a couple of minutes he tried to reach her pussy with his hands, but the way he sat he just couldn't reach. He looked at me again and gave med a "come here" motion with his hand. Did he want me to join?

I looked around and tried to decide if he really did and if I dared move. Everyone else seemed to sleep, and the flight attendants seemed occupied in the aft. I silently slipped out of my seat, and sat down on the half way empty seat next to her ass. She continued bobbing her head up and down his shaft, but now I could see she had pushed her top up and her bra down, and was kneading her beautiful breast, pulling her nipples with one hand, and jacking him off with the other.

I sat there watching the action – not knowing what to do. But as she continued to roll her hips, I guessed she wanted her ass and pussy played with. And with my cock so hard and in control of me, it didn't take me long to start to stroke her ass. On each stroke I let my hand get closer and closer to her pussy lips. As I touched them for the first time she let out at moan around his cock, and my own cock twitched. Man, this was unreal! I glanced over at my sister, and thanked God she was still asleep.

My fingers now concentrated on the pussy lips in front of me, sliding back and forth along the wet slit. Her bobbing sped up, and the breathing of the cocks owner followed. Where they close? This could end almost before it ended for me, but what could I do? What I wanted – no needed – to do, was to feel the insides of this very wet and horny pussy.

I slowly wiggled my finger between her puffy lips and felt her pussy almost suck it in. I heard another muffled moan from her. She must have known that another person was fingering her, as the guy she was blowing had both his hands on her head now. Still she didn't care. She loved my finger sliding slowly in and out of her slick pussy. I let another finger enter her, and then a third. Her rolling of the hips turned into a desperate fucking against my fingers, and her hand was doing things to her breast that would hurt if she wasn't as horny as she was.

She had stopped bobbing her head, and was now concentrating on sucking what was in his balls out of the cock. My own cock really started to yell its pain out to my brain. I ached to take it out, but with so many people around me I didn't dare.

Suddenly she was successful with her attempts to empty his balls. I heard a groan, looked up from staring at her delicious pussy, and saw him sitting there with head throw back, open mouth and hips jerking up and down. Her throat worked swallowed a couple of times, and then they were silent. Now movement. No sounds.

I had stopped fucking her with my fingers, and felt it was time to retreat my three digits. As soon as I did, she slowly tucked his cock into his trousers, sat up and pulled her top down. The way she had been laying, she now sat right next to me. She didn't look at me, but kept staring at him. I didn't know what to do. Something didn't seem right, but I just couldn't get myself to return to my seat.

After a couple of minutes I could hear slow snores form him. That's when the most amazing thing happened. She turned towards me, looked me in the eyes, and then down on the bulge in my jeans. She wet her lips slowly, and then placed her hand on my thigh. I just sat there frozen. Was this real? Would I soon wake up?

Her hand didn't linger on my thigh for long. She started working on the buttons in my jeans, open my belt and trust her hand down my briefs. Two soft moans were heard, hers and mine, as she grabbed my cock. Then she pulled it out and started jacking me off. I couldn't keep my hands idle anymore, and on pure instinct returned three fingers into her slit. Another two moans. She slid further down in the seat, pushed her pelvis up, and started fucking my fingers eagerly while whimpering.

I felt I was close to coming, but my jeans pressed hard against my cock, and kept my juice in the sack. We sat there, pleasing each other and stared into each others eyes – hunger for more evident in hers, and probably in mine as well. This was incredible and frustrating. My brain worked hard to find a way to tell her I wanted to fill her up with more than just my fingers. The toilet! That would be the solution! But just as I was about to invite her with me, she let go of my cock, removed my fingers from her pussy, and sat up. She shivered, and then leaned over to me. I nearly came when I felt her hot breath on my ear and her whisper reached me: "The toilet! Now!"

I have never managed to pack my cock into my trousers that fast before – at least not while having a hard on. But it took me no more that 30 seconds to get from my seat to the toilets behind us. I opened the door and stepped in, expecting her to follow right behind me. When she didn't, I felt like an idiot. She just played me!

I waited for a couple of minutes, and were about to give in and return to my seat when the door opened up, and she stepped in. Without even caring to close the door, she mashed her lips against mine and grabbed my ass. A bit flustered I managed to handle the door, and slide the lock in place before my hands copied hers. She tasted like red wine.

"I needed to clean up after he came," she whispered. I smiled at her, but didn't get any smile in return. She had her eyes locked on my groin again, and in a few seconds she had my fly opened again, and hard cock in hand.

"Can we do this silently?" she asked, as if to my cock. I just nodded – as did my hard on. She giggled softly and started to stroke me slowly.

"How?" my voice croaked. She pushed me backwards towards the toilet seat. Just before I sat down she grabbed my pants and trousers and pulled them down to my ankles.

"Just sit back," she said, before she started to lift her skirt. She straddled me while still holding my cock, and slowly started to slide down on my cock.

"God! I have needed this for so long. That jerk of a husband of mine prefers me to blow him, and then he always falls asleep!" she moaned. I was mesmerized. How did I get in this situation? Sitting on a plane with my cock in a wonderful, extremely tight and wet pussy? This was a dream I never thought I had – but it just came true.

She started to rise and fall on my dick. Slowly in the beginning, but rapidly faster and faster. I had my hands on her hips, but the movement behind her top caught my eye and I started to lift the material to se them properly. She had her hands on my shoulders to steady herself while impaling herself on my cock harder and harder. She had started panting and moaning, but managed to keep the noise down. "Fuck, your cock is good! Fuck! Its big!"

I smiled at her again and could keep my question to pop: "Better and bigger than your husbands?" She moaned louder in response, digging her nails into my shoulder. I got her top over her breasts and started mauling them.

"Fuck, yeah! Sooo much better than him... yeah... uhn... sooo much bigger than him... uhn. Fuck me."

I felt my balls was starting to boil, but didn't want this to end just yet. "Get up and turn around," I ordered.

She jumped off my cock, turned and rested her hands on the sink. That lovely ass looked really inviting, and knowing it was inviting as well, I didn't wait to line my cockhead up against her pussy lips.

"Ready?" I whispered, and grabbed her hip with my left hand. I let my cock sink just far enough into her to make sure it wouldn't slip out when I let it sink all the way in. As I let go of my cock and put my right hand on her hip as well, she groaned and nodded.

"Do it hard," she urged me. So – what can a man do? I slammed my cock in, all the way – and in the process slammed all the air out of her. A loud "whooh" came from her, before she steeled herself, hands gripping the sink hard, and shivered.

I started banging her fast and hard, making sure to hit the bottom of her with every trust. "Yeah! That's it! Give it to me... hard! I hope.. you have all... of that cock of yours... inside me!... If you don't..., you may end... in my WOMB!" she grunted.

I just grinned. Trying that would not help much to keep this silent. "You like cheating on your husband?" I teased as I reached for her tits.

She looked at me in the mirror and smiled wickedly. "You are not the first one... but I would say you are the biggest..."

The situation and her dirty talking made my balls boil, and I worked hard not to come before her. It didn't take much to bring her over the top, though. Two active fingers on her clit was enough to make her go rigid, before she started to shake and squirt all over the floor. With one last trust I let my first spurt coat her bottom from a short distance, and then just continued to fill her up. As that first spurt hit her, she went over again, shaking and whimpering.

With all the sexual tension out of our bodies, the fact that we didn't know each other hit us with full force. Nervously we started to get our clothes in order, saying nothing. Just as she reached for the lock, she turned towards me and smiled. "You... you have the most amazing equipment I have ever seen. I hope we are taking the same flight back..."

I grinned and touched her cheek. "So do I. But I would prefer a bit more time, and a possibility to really see if I could enter that womb". She winked at me, unlocked the door and checked if the coast was clear. Then she slipped out of my sight.

When I returned to my seat, she sat with her feet tucked up under her with a blanket wrapped around her and with her eyes closed. My sister still slept, and the cabin was quiet. But just as I was about to sit down, an air stewardess approached me and whispered in my ear: "Next time: use the ones in the aft. They are almost sound proof..."

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